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You can't always get what you want...

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My wife saw Beatles Rock Band in the store the other day and made some "wanna have it" noises. Now, although when RB2 & GHWT we talked about buying one of them, we never did. My main problem with them (and B:RB) is they are, at heart, rhythm games. You aren't just rockin' along to some tunes you know. Nope, the game want you to do the right thing at the right time, or no cookie for you. I downloaded an Aerosmith demo and played through it using my controller. (Yes, not ideal, but enough to get the basic flavor.) And, let me tell you, it's annoying when the song ends part way through and your avatar hangs his head in shame because you couldn't keep up with the beats. I also don't relish the thought of having a bunch of plastic instruments cluttering up my living room.But, what about a karaoke game? Singing along with songs sounds a lot more fun than trying to play a plastic instrument. Unfortunately, the two PS3 karaoke games are both less than perfect. While it's possible to download additional songs for both, I'm not really interested in paying US$1.49 per song. Plus, both have released sequels with exclusive content. Again, it's paying extra for the stuff I want. I'm still debating this one, but it's not the slam dunk which I wanted.The other idea is to get a DDR-style game. Exercise to the beat! Unfortunately, the first PS3 game won't be out 'til Christmas - after my wife's birthday.

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