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Where am I?

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Well isn't this a surprise. The readers of this blog suddenly increased, very fast. It got 3000+ views in a few days. I wonder why...Anyway, this isn't why I am writing this. Most of my faithful readers must have missed me so here I am. Well, good news, my CT63 is working perfectly, so is my ethernec and so I am online from the falcon. Bad news, after being cursed by either the jaguar "vocal" community or Candy Candy fangirls (don't ask, I won't tell :P) I lost my PC and laptop PC so my only online access is the falcon and when I get a pc available (like this one). That means that I can't login here since login uses ssl and highwire doesn't support that unless I use a web proxy, but the encryption there slows things down quite a bit.. So, you'll read what it's like to have an Atari (even a highly accelerated one) as your main machine in 2009 in the next issue of lowres ;). Why don't I buy a new pc, or at least get some pentium 3 or something for free? Well I don't want another old piece of junk and also truth be told, can't really afford a new new pc at the moment (400-500) euros depending on what I'll keep from the old) and I am kind of enjoying it. Using my falcon like that :). And I don't need anything more anyway (but youtube...is nice :P).

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