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Chu Chu Rocket

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Company: Sega / Sonic TeamRelease date: June 2001 (launch title)Size: 32 MegabitsNP's Rating: 4/5 (v. 146 p. 116)ESRB Rating: EI bet this would be a blast using Multiplayer, but unfortunately, time goes on, and few people still play their GBAs, let alone Chu Chu Rocket. The object of this game is to lead mice (called Chu chus) on a grid into rockets using arrows they follow to blast them off to safety. In some puzzles, there are cats that try to catch the mice, but they too have to follow the arrows, so it's best to use this to your advantage, also. The snag is, there's only usually 1-3 arrows per level, so there's some strategy involved in placing the arrows. This is a thinking person's puzzler, and, beside from Super Mario Advance, one game I actually enjoyed playing. This game reminds me of Chip's Challenge for the Lynx and PC, and fans of that game should definitely have fun playing this one. This game is also available on the Sega Dreamcast console, but I don't have a Dreamcast, so I couldn't compare the GBA port. By the way, I'm putting this as a launch title even though it wasn't reviewed in Nintendo Power until the issue after the launch for reasons unknown to me.Up next: Namco Museum

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