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Iridion 3D

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Company: MajescoSize: 32 MegabitsRelease Date: 06/01 (launch title)NP's rating: 3.5/5 (v.145 p.119)ESRB rating: EIs it just me or is this game unplayable? Not only are there too many enemies, some you can't dodge and run into and die. And then there are the shots that are almost utterly impossible to dodge so that hits you too. I lose all 5 lives before level 1 is over. Some may say "difficult", others may say "frustrating", but I think the word to use to describe this game is "broken." How in the world did this game go through playtesting and not one person said "This game is too hard!"? I guess they were counting on the graphics being nice to sell the game, but graphics alone do not a good game make. The Atari 2600 proved this over and over again.

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