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Mario Kart: Super Circuit

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There are two clear things I hate and love about this game. The thing I hate is: They brought the coins back! icon_mad.gif Why? Did people actually *miss* them or something? Luckily, we haven't seen them since, but having them in GP 150cc just makes the game worse and harder. The one thing I love, however, is the Quick Run option. This allows you to pick any track, but doesn't keep track of points, like the other later versions with one player vs. options (Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii.) I was also disappointed that they integrated a ratings system in GP mode (I have yet to get above a D in Star and Special cups in 150cc mode.) And the tracks that are unlockable are those in Super Mario Kart! I mean, if you wanted to play them, why not just pop in the SNES version? I wish they would make all new tracks instead of bringing back the retro tracks like they do nowadays. Imagine having something like 32 all-new tracks and no retro ones in the next Mario Kart. That would be cool! Anyway, Mario Kart: SC comes in 4th out of 6 in the Mario Kart series. But that's only because all the other Mario Kart versions are way awesome. This is a very good game, albeit frustratingly hard sometimes. If you love racing games and don't have this game, there's something wrong with you! Although Mario Kart DS is IMO better than MK:SC, SC is still a good game, and probably one of the best GBA games I'll ever play in this blog category.



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Mario Kart Wii also has a lot of retro tracks (although I can spot differences between it and MK64). I guess reusing the tracks means they don't have to spend as much effort building the game.

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