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No CGE for me



Nope, no CGE, but at least I'm working on this again. icon_smile.gif


I've been cleaning up the old entries and making sure they've got formatting (like... paragraphs!) and links that work, and pictures that load and movies that actually play.


If I feel like I don't have a big trailing mess behind me it may be easier to move forward. icon_mrgreen.gif


Oh, and is there any way to link someone to an old entry and then that entry displays links to the entries before and after it? when I go to an old entry it seems that's all I get, no connection to the rest of the chain. I'm trying to fix that by adding a <-PREV | NEXT -> link set on each entry, but if there's some setting I'm missing to allow that to happen automatically, I'd appreciate a heads up.


I hope you're all doing well, I have a lot of reading to do here to get caught up.


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bummer and congrats!


Haven't seen any settings like that. Was going to point out the calendar, but it's a bit wonky. Looking at April I can click the days w/links to get to each of my entries and it works. However May and June don't work - the dates for the blog entry doesn't match what's shown in the calender, so clicking on the day in the calendar results in "SpiceWare's Blog has no entries yet".

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Really happy your back, absolutely love this blog. I actually (rather sadly) chronogame alongside you via emulation, so whatever game you've just chronogamed I do the same game via emulation ( if possible ).

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