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Caesar's Palace Advance

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Finally I got my hands on Caesar's Palace Advance. I wrote down what games it had, but I lost the piece of paper, and I'm too lazy to turn the game on just to see what games it has. I know it has video poker, because that's what I spent most of my time with so far. You win an unusually large % of the time. On the Jacks or Better video poker machine, I earned about $20, which is a LOT considering the amount of games I had played. Way better than Lynx Casino for the Atari Lynx (or just about any other gambling game for any system, save Golden Nugget Casino for the DS.) There was also roulette, which was hard to get the hang of moving the cursor to make a bet, but I finally got the hang of it. Also, there was Blackjack, but you have to know a lot about the game to play it (I thought I did, but as it turns out, I know very little about the casino version.) There was also craps, but I didn't play that either. A lot of these games I surmise are just random number generators with spiffy graphics. Well the graphics are good, especially for a GBA game. There was also video keno, but I don't know how to play that either. I've always wondered how people can get addicted to losing money. LOL. I went into a casino once. I gave them 25 cents on the video poker before leaving. After years of playing gambling video games, I wanted to experience the real thing. It wasn't really too satisfying, and nothing I could say I could get hooked on. I know there's a Caesar's Palace for the NES, SNES and Game Boy, but this one is a lot better because there's more games for it, although I could well be just as happy if there was only video poker.

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