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a cover.

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So I was looking for an inspiration for a cover to the song I just finished. You know, like a CD cover. Mom works downtown and she got me some pictures for an unrelated website, I wanted something green. I don't know, I just like different things in the series I do to have #1 be blue, #2 be green, and #3 be red. Sometimes I may mix things up a little and have a #2 be red and #3 be green. Well, anyway, I was looking through a few pictures, and found a mainly green patch of color among a mainly blue and red picture. (the sky was blue and the building was red.) So I copied the picture and cropped it and added "chris read - my butt hurts part 2" and this is what I came up with. Also, I have been working on a version of Donkey Kong 3 for the 2600. I got the idea after I noticed the 2600 had DK and DK Jr. but no DK 3. You can read all about it in the batari BASIC forum. Anyway, they said it wasn't gonna be hot today, but it's hot yet again in my room. I just want WINTER to come so I don't always feel like I'm trapped in an oven.

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