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Playing Twinworld (C64)



Hi there!


Time for some more jumping, running and shooting:




This is the game that got Blue Byte started, one of Germanys finest game developers. Nowadays world famous for the Settlers games, their first offering was just a rather standard platformer. (Actually with Great Courts they also released a Tennis game in the same month, but lets just ignore sports games as usual here :lolblue:)


The mission in Twinworld sounds easy: Collect a shard of an amulet and find the exit in each of the 23 side scrolling levels. There are obviously a lot of obstacles blocking the path and then there's the name giving Twinworld design: Each level actually has two different sides, which are connected through several doors within the levels.


This allows for some quite tricky level design, since you usually can't go everywhere on one side and the doors are often locked, so you have to find a key first.


Shooting in this game takes quite some time to get used to, since the player is throwing some sort of bouncy bubbles that require to be fired with the right timing and distance to enemies in order to hit, else they just bounce over/under them.


Focusing on the gameplay itself, the C64 version is a solid port of the Amiga original, albeit it looks somewhat unfinished: The game starts and ends (even when you beat it!) from basic (BASIC? :lol:) text screens, it has zero music and only about three different sound effects. And while the graphics are functional, they sure could've seen some more polish and color.


Some future day the playing series may see another Blue Byte game in the form of "Tom and the Ghost", but first it'll continue with something else.





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