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Playing Steel (C64)



Hi there!


Here's one for everyone who likes playing with robots, like me for example:




Steel is a neat little low budget action-adventure from Hewson. The emphasis is clearly on the action part, as the adventure bit is more or less reduced to either map or memorize 10x10 screens worth of hi-tech corridors, filled with computer terminals and doorways.


The little robot you're controlling this time doesn't differ much from his enemies. They usually swarm the rooms in groups of threes and about half of them are equipped with the same laser gun as your robot and the other half just tries to ram you.


The game is very playable, but there's not much strategy required to survive anyways. You're basically just firing into the direction you move and when your robot is running low on energy, you can refill it at several docking stations (Paying with your score! :o).


The main objective is disabling 8 security terminals, which is done by playing a little shoot'em up mini game and by finding and returning 8 cartridges into some kind of server room. It's pretty easy to do that, at least I had no problems since I used a map from teh internets :lolblue:


The end of the game is yet another disappointment: Once you return the 8th cartridge, the background color just flashes some and then end up on the title screen. Absolutely nothing else happens, you don't even get another "congratulations" message...


What I definitely still need to mention though is the outstanding title tune of the game, it's totally worth to launch the game just to listen to it for a little while :music:


Some future day the "Playing..." series may see another Hewson game in the form of "Maze Mania", but first it'll continue with something else.





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Now that you say it... I think I vaguely remember that movie. Isn't it the one with the boss battle, where the small droid drills a hole into some bigger, black droid with red eyes? :D

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