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NFL Blitz 20-02

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Now normally I wouldn't review a football game for this GBA Chronogaming project, but I read about its minigames. I'm not a football freak, I mean I know enough to enjoy it, but I don't know everything about the game. I certainly wouldn't even get one question right in the trivia minigame, so I avoided it like the plague. Instead, I spent most of the time in the mini-game section's two playing football-related ones: Punting field goals (which is so easy a monkey could do it) and another one called "fourth and long", where you replay the same situation over and over: You are at the 50 yard line and it's the fourth down. Before each attempt, you can pick a team as well as the play, but I have no idea what plays even are (my, what pretty red, blue and yellow arrows.) so I just did my best not to get sacked and throw by pressing A to an open man. By the way, you cannot pick who to throw to, it does that for you. The defense is very tough, most of the time I get sacked before the 30 yard line, occasionally I get sacked between 30 and 1, and I remember only three touchdowns I made. And since I don't remember how well any teams were in 2002 (I bet the Seahawks sucked, though!), I was really flying blind. I don't think I'd want to play a full game of this, seeing as how I have no idea how to play defense, but I bet if I enjoy the mini-games and have a little interest in football, football fanatics would really dig this one.

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