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Jurassic Park III: Park Builder

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company: Konami

release date: 9/14/2001

landmarks: The first game released after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.


Well, here we have another movie-based game. Well, I shouldn't really say "another", this is only the second one ever released for the GBA, if you don't count TV-themed ones. Here, Konami did something really interesting: Instead of making ONE game out of Jurassic Park III, they made, well, III of them. This was the first one to be released. And there is a difference between this and other movie-based games in terms of gameplay: This one plays a lot like Sim City, where, well, you're a park builder. I am not sure how to play "strategy" games, so I'm going to leave this one alone. I can tell you that after the better-than-average introduction with various dinosaurs doing whatever dinosaurs do, once you get into the game, the graphics change dramatically for worse, The in-game graphics remind me of Chu Chu Rocket, a previously played in this blog section. And a disappointment, there is only one save slot. So if I had wanted to make my own park, I would have to erase the one already made. There is a cursor, where you can click on the people. Above them, Sim-style, are happy or sad faces telling you what they think of the park you built. If you click on people, they will give you a sentence or so of what they think. The trouble is, there aren't very many preprogrammed sentences in the game, so I got a lot of repeating ones. Clicking on dinosaurs gives you a menu about what to do with them. I suppose it would be kind of fun if I was into this sort of thing, but I still haven't watched the first Jurassic Park movie, let alone the Lost World, and I don't plan on doing so any time soon. So if you're into Sim City and/or park management, this game is for you. Otherwise, meh.

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