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So, what have I been doing since April 30? Not really anything unusual or different. I don't know what happened, it seems like the first few days of May went so fast like a blur. Well, anyway, I got to working on Toobin' for the 2600 again. I've made it so you aren't stuck at the top of the screen any more. I played Toobin' for the NES to see if I could get some ideas, and that was a major one I got. Another change is I made the guy 8 pixels wide so he fits on the innertube better. With him being 7, he looked as though he was leaning to one side about to fall in the hole in the middle of the innertube. I'm not very good at the game, but what got me possessed to make a 2600 version is that Atari themselves didn't, which was I think weird because they did Klax (another Tengen NES game.) Come to think of it, is Klax the only "Tengen" game released on the 2600, or are there others?



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