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Playing Scramble Spirits (C64)



Hi there!


So this is what do you get, when a lame programming team converts a lame arcade:




The main problem with this Sega conversion, which is immediately obvious, are the graphics. They're so bad, that even now after completing the game I couldn't tell whether this Xevious clone featured spaceships or aeroplanes :lolblue:


The best part of this vertical shoot'em up game by far is the nice title music. During play you only get to hear some constant mix of firing and explosion noise, using the same few sound effects over and over again. It reminded me a bit of listening to someone typing like mad on a typewriter ;)


On top of looking ugly, the game itself feels a lot like being made with the Shoot'em up construction kit, as it's as generic a Xevious clone can be. The six levels mostly look and play the same, and end bosses aside you're shooting one single type of enemy throughout the entire game. The bosses are all similar as well. They're basically big rectangular blocks with a couple of hot spots you're supposed to destroy with your shots.


Some attack waves in the game are very unfair, with foes crashing into you from the bottom of the screen, but in most parts the game isn't that hard, except maybe a few tight spots in the final two stages. The game ends just with another "Well Done" message, which I didn't bother to make a screenshot of.


Some future day the "Playing..." series may see another Sega Arcade conversion in the form of "Sonic Boom", but first it'll continue with something else.




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Can't you use a better pc gfx editor, i don't remember c64 games being that horribly pixellated (speccy/amstrad stuff maybe but not c64)


I seem to remember that most uk published 'official' coin op conversions for the c64 were okies to good (with the possible exception of outrun)

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