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Video games suck now

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Is it me or are video games getting harder and harder with each new console? I can cream the cpu at Mario Kart 64 150cc but always come in dead last in 150cc in Mario Kart Wii. Please tell me what the hell is going on with video games becoming more difficult as time goes on. I wish it would STOP. How do they expect people to beat video games if they make them impossible to beat? Defeats the purpose of even buying them if they're making them too f-ing hard! I thought I was supposed to enjoy video games, but I can't if I can't beat them. Are people really this stupid that they like video games they can't beat? Why can't we go back to games that are easy but NOT TOO F-ING IMPOSSIBLE HARD, like Super Mario Bros. The Wii version is again, too f-ing impossibly difficult.

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They're hard when you're not used to them. There was a time I couldn't get more than 1000 at asteroids, but now I can roll the score. Just keep practicing, BTW I pwn at the new mario kart!

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There's a fine line game creators must walk. Make a game more difficult and new players complain it's too hard, but if the difficulty doesn't increase then experienced players complain it's too easy.


Practice does help, but sometimes you need to change tactics. I remember trying multiple times to beat WizPig in Diddy Kong Racing 64. But then I changed from using Diddy to the Mouse and focusing on keeping ahead of WizPig and I won the race after only a few tries.


That being said, there are a few levels in Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 which I have no desire to try again.

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Are there shortcuts in the new Mario Kart? I remember one of the things that made Mario Kart 64 easier were the awesome shortcuts. The CPU opponents wouldn't use them, but you could.

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Shortcuts - I think there were only a few (through the waterfall on the island was one) but they tended to be risky. Much easier to simply stay on the track; although if you had a boost or a star you could cut the corners in a few places.


What did work really well in SMK64 was the slide/boost. It wasn't difficult to pull off (after some practice) and it added an extra bit of control & speed. SMK64 also got the start boost right. Again, with some practice the timing wasn't tough to get right most of the time.

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