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Men In Black: The Series

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Another one of those games. Yep, this one is really stupid, and one of the worst I've played so far. Everything, from the NES-quality music, to the gameplay, reeks of stupidity. The game play's main problem is YOU CAN'T JUMP. And most of the moves are with button combinations, like R+A equals shooting, while L+B equals running left. I have an idea, but it's far too late: Why not make the A button make your character jump?! Because of the jumpless feature, I fell some place where I couldn't get out of. And it really needs a jumping feature because the game is similar to Elevator Action. And, finally, to top the stupidity all off, the game uses passwords. Yep, if you own the game and google it, you can play the final stage, although when the game is this bad, who would want to? This game is so bad, you can't play it. If you ever see this game in a store, run away screaming like a little girl.

rating: broken

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For console developers, passwords make a lot of sense. It allows a player to "save" without having to put any non-volatile storage in the cartridge (not possible with a disc-based system) or require the player to have a memory pack. These days it's less of an issue as the cost of flash is fairly low (for cartridge systems) and most consoles have built-in storage.


The problem with passwords is they can only express so much information. One per level is easy, but is the game tries to encode more (i.e. life count / score) the password gets longer and players are tempted to "crack" it to do things like give themselves more lives.

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