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Pick-Axe Pete 2600

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I toyed a little bit with porting the Odyssey2 classic "Pick-Axe Pete" to the Atari 2600. I know this could be done now with the DPC+ kernel, but to me, that's like cheating. Some of the charm in programming for the 2600 is to see how low you can go. The controls are this so far: left and right moves Pete while Up jumps. Oh, and in this very early build (that is, if I decide to continue), Pete won't stop picking. And if there's a rock dispenser on the same line as the rock, you can look through the rock and see a little nugget hidden inside. That's what Pete is trying to get. And tomorrow is the big day. I'm going to tape the nationwide EAS TV test, that is, if I'm up. 11am Pacific. If I didn't visit this site, I wouldn't have even known. Nobody in the news I watch mentioned it.

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Nice work. I hope you can complete this. It's a great game and would be a great addition to the 2600 library. Thanks for working on this.

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