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Created during the height of the PlayStation Portable, PSPMinis.com was the primary source of information about Sony's range of download-only PSP Minis and PlayStation Mobile games. As it enters its twilight, that site has successfully lived up to its goal to "become the largest and most popular site dedicated to providing news and reviews of PSP Minis and PlayStation Mobile games." This AtariAge club is dedicated to the memory of that site, preserving its coverage of these two Sony publishing programs, and providing a new home for its small forum community.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Here's one for Atariboy that I came across in an 80s group
  3. I was never really into punk, but I did like the Dead Milkmen. For some reason, these guys give me that same vibe
  4. I had a friend in high school who did that. Only no one else did, so he was basically just him.
  5. Well I thought it was funny. What's not funny is that too many record companies ignore their back catalogs, until they suddenly get popular because they appear on some TV show. Case in point, the Neverending Story. Took it being on Stranger Things for them to post the official video (as opposed to some random guy who posted it in VHS quality)
  6. The is a strange but very effective mash-up of two of my favorite disco songs
  7. I think pretty clearly, SNK peaked with Vanguard. I'm sure others will disagree.
  8. Not sure what the dotted lines are about, but I can't seem to eliminate them. Bringing our thread into its new AtariAge incarnation, I downloaded ACA: Ghost Pilots today on the Playstation 4. I hadn't played this much before this, with a brief fling on the AtGames Legends Flashback a few months ago constituting most of my experience. But I must say this has everything I like in a vertical shooter. Interesting landscapes, a challenging level of difficulty that at the same time doesn't feel unfair (This may change since I think it has a reputation for being a hard game), a choice at the start for what type of secondary ground weapon you want to equip, and some interesting powerups. And like usual, I like the fictionalized WWII theme like Capcom was famous for with their 194X franchise. And I love that the player's plane is a seaplane fighter. It wasn't a common type of fighter plane, but an interesting one none the less. I think the Japanese with a floatplane conversion of their famous Zero fighter for forward bases without prepared landing strips was the only power during WWII to deploy them in quantity.
  9. Another very relevant thread for AtariAge. This one is about the favorite genre for many a classic gaming fan. The vertical and horizontal arcade shooter. Click below to reveal the pre-AtariAge archive of this thread, reposted from the PSPMinis.com community forum. Part 2 of the archive will follow in the next post.
  10. Another thread relevant to AtariAge. This one covered the range of golden age arcade classics that Sony released via the Playstation Minis lineup for the Playstation Portable and Playstation 3 (Many are also PSVita/PSTV compatible, with Vanguard a notable exception). Feel free to discuss these still available digital downloads, the various SNK compilations and digital release programs such as the ongoing ACA Neo Geo line of downloads or the recent SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, the Neo Geo Mini plug and play, etc. Click below to reveal the pre-AtariAge archive of this thread, reposted from the PSPMinis.com community forum.
  11. You are right, I forgot about Data East Arcade Classics because it was never released in Europe as far as I know. 😕 Osman is Strider's spiritual successor!
  12. I can look into doing that since it sounds like a good idea. But keep in mind that clubs surely acts as an extension of the regular forum and thus will behave similarly. So after 25 posts, I have no doubt we'll roll over to a new page (just as our forum software over at our site would roll over to a new page after every 30 posts). So in a few more posts, the music thread's current activity will be taking place on page 2. So the archive of its earlier pre-AtariAge history will be on a page that will only be occasionally visited, rather than something that has to be annoyingly scrolled through just to reach the latest posts. I like your idea though. It's there if anyone is curious, but a newcomer isn't automatically bombarded with dozens of old posts the moment they open page 1.
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