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  2. i havent tried that. all that stuff is inside my arcade cabinets. there is a usb port. When i get some time, I'll see if I can finagle a way to test them.
  3. Did you by chance park it under the foam pad again where Lotharek sticks it when he packs up the boxes for shipment?
  4. 0 means unknown device name. Were you typing in lower case? Everything is uppercase on the TI. As for complex, yeah... it's pretty up there. Back in the day, most software shipped with an Extended BASIC loader as the least common denominator - liked especially because it would auto-boot (and it was the only auto-boot on the system). But we were all perfectly comfortable using Editor/Assembler #5, too. The lack of directory always sucked, though. Almost everyone had a printed listing tucked in the sleeve with every diskette.
  5. How to get good at Shmups:

    It should be a good primer.

  6. Burning Force is a high score challenge for the month on the Evercade Fans Group (along with Mappy and Ninja Golf) and it's really excellent.
  7. I support the Amico and the values!

  8. If it was, I lost it. But that is hard to believe since I have not really been in that box but maybe once. I'll find one...
  9. Bought VS Super Mario bros and Solomon's Key. The arcade versions weren't something I played as a kid. The price was good enough. Capcom, on the other hand.. I *just* want to play Commando but I must buy a whole "pack" of games for $15 bucks. No thank you!
  10. Yes, pin 5 on each controller port is connected to +5. Unfortunately I don't have a 7800 that I can test with, but I'm eager to hear about everyone's test results, and I'll update the document as we go.
  11. R.Cade, you're right. Maybe I shouldn't delve into this system after all. BTW, I just tried Space Quest and got an I/O error 0.
  12. Thanks for including my TK-II on your list . The AKI, KRH (which is a blatant copy of the original AKI circuit), and the TK-II will not work with modern day USB keyboards. Only the very early ones that had Dual Protocol, meaning that with a passive keyboard adapter they could work on a PS/2 port. However the days of Dual Protocol USB/PS2 keyboards being manufactured has long since past, and were not even in effect when the wireless USB keyboards we see today came into being, which is the whole point of wanting a true USB to Atari keyboard adapter. BTW, this is similar to what Steve Carden's keyboard was likely using to give him a wireless keyboard on his KRH adapter. The same thing would work on the AKI and TK-II. And this is modern day. But that won't work on a PS/2 port even with a passive purple USB to PS/2 adapter. BTW, that USB cartridge you referred to is not the same as an actual USB 'keyboard' adapter, which is what Lotharek is selling. What we are actually talking about is something that doesn't require any drivers, and doesn't hog the cartridge port.
  13. The TI99 is the most complicated system I know of for using disks. It seems like you need one program to list the disk directory, then you have to scribble down what you want, then restart and use another program to load it. That, and there are several ways needed to load different types of programs.
  14. I've got some spare Mattel Aquarius items available for sale. Here's what's currently available (list will be updated as items are sold): Software Astrosmash CIB Biorhythms CIB but missing cart tray BurgerTime CIB except missing controller overlays (has keyboard overlays, manual, cart and cart tray) Nightstalker CIB Snafu CIB Utopia CIB 16K Memory cart + box (no tray or manual - not sure if it even came with a manual originally?) Hardware Mattel Aquarius Computer (boxed) Radofin Aquarius Computer (boxed) Mattel Aquarius Computer (loose) Mini Expander with two controllers (loose) Please send me a PM with interest and I can get pics and pricing over to you. Thanks!
  15. You guys are posting some killer scores. I've had a hard time breaking through my previous best, especially on fast. Parker Brothers (fast): 15,380 Parker Brothers (slow): 61,850
  16. Thank you! 🙂 A first batch of 5 PCB has been ordered, I think that I'll receive them in about a week. I made a last update of the PCB before sending it for production: You can see the V9958 footprint, this VDP became the default VDP that will be delivered with all TIny-99/4A v3. But you can also see a cabled DIP 40/600mil footprint. It will permit to install a TMS-9918A/29A VDP based daughter board for those who will prefer the original VDP or a the F18A or F18A MK2 for those who like the modern VDP 🙂
  17. I thank all of you for your information. I have to look for the docs online as mine are in a disk image file.
  18. After much deliberation, I am starting the software plan for my first 7800 game. Once I get through the design period I'll be sure to make a thread for updates. Excited to finally be doing this.

  19. To be clear : we can't include games other than colecovision's, we can't include games other than colecovision's, but we're trying to make sure that people who own other Côté Gamers "products" can still have the game under certain conditions.
  20. WIP Binary Updated: Vroom! (4K) by Thomas Jentzsch @Thomas Jentzsch | WIP Binary (20210308) PLAY ON JAVATARI | Updated: Mar 8, 2021
  21. In the normal game, you start with 3 enemies arriving so that is three possible doors that can be jammed. In battle mode, there are up to 4 players, so that is only one additional door that can be jammed open... Not so much more. And that is assuming you can rustle up 4 players. If it is you versus one other player, then you'd always be starting with two possible doors to be jammed, so you'd start with less possible doors to jam compared to the normal game. what if you have each player always arrive from a specific side (example, red from top, white from bottom, blue from left, red from right), and you confirm that the arriving players are from doors that do not create a tunnel. You can also color code the doors, so the red guy arrives from the red doors and he cannot jam open the red doors. so this will prevent the arriving players from immediately jamming their own door. You can only jam the door from your enemy.
  22. You really don’t want to go down this road. Do a simple google search for the phrase “copyright infringement lawsuit” and select News as the category of results. Willful copying can net you a 5 year prison sentence in the United States and enormous fines per infringing action last I checked. Audacity Games is made up of career coders who know what it’s like to be cheated out of recognition and fair compensation for their work. They will no doubt have general counsel who agree and who will enforce their rights vigorously. And now for real, I’m done with this point. If you don’t get it, it’s on you.
  23. This is exciting! One mod I would suggest for the ROMs. Since 4K EPROMs are tougher to find, and 8K are plentiful: Change the EPROM footprint to accept 32-pin 27C64 type. Hardcode the LS address bit to 0 on the MSB, but 1 on the other. This has the benefit that both can contain the same 8K image, but each supplies 4K of either even/odd bytes. Easier to prepare the image for, and you can't get them mixed up during install. Burning the high bytes to one EPROM, and low bytes to another, annoys me.
  24. People finally getting it! About the awesomeness that is PlusCart. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  25. Nice! It turned out quite an addicting game, even when played alone against the AI.
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