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  2. Right. Thanks. I bought the DRAM tester and the Freddie Chip. ++
  3. You would have to learn to program first but I think anyone can do that with study and practice. A lot of us here learnt programming when we were kids, writing in Atari BASIC initially, learning 6502 assembler and including some machine language routines in our BASIC programs, then finally writing programs completely in assembler. Obviously this took a number of years and as older adults we might not learn as easily as we did when we were young and your issues may not help. But it is a path you could follow, perhaps to start with spend a year or so learning Atari BASIC with the goal of writing a simple game and see how you get on with that, whether it is something you enjoy or not.
  4. After looking into the code, it definitely it is a programming error. The bug occurs if you hit the last alien just before it becomes invisible (so that the invisible flag is set during its explosion) and the next wave is with enemies jumping up and down. During the jumping wave, the invisible flag isn't updated (or reset) so that the invaders stay invisible forever. Here is the table which defines the waves: LFF64 .byte $00,$05,$0a,$0f,$90 .byte $95,$9a,$9f,$a0,$a5,$aa,$af,$90 .byte $a1,$9e,$af,$94,$a5,$9e,$af,$98 .byte $a9,$9e,$af,$9c,$ad,$9e,$af,$98 .byte $ad,$aa,$9f,$a8,$ad,$9a,$af,$ac .byte $9d,$ae,$af,$ac,$ad,$ae,$af,$ac .byte $ad,$ae,$af ; $9x defines a jumping wave ; $ax defines an invisible wave The bug can happen earliest in wave 13, then 15, 17, 19... The attached ROM should fix the bug. It resets the invisible flag during jumping waves. BTW: The game maxes out at wave 50 and stays there forever. Assault (1983) (Bomb) (fixed).bin
  5. Exactly what is this market segment, where not even Nintendo reaches?
  6. Tapes might be better for longevity and are ok on the Commodore VIC-20, but loading anything for Commodore 64 and such takes way too long. The larger the files size, the longer you have to wait. When collecting games I generally stick to cartridges. In fact I bought a C64C that came with an SD card loader (the SD2IEC) so I don't even have to bother with either anymore. Like if I were to start buying floppy or tape games again, it would just be to look at them and their boxes.
  7. Yesterday I added 14 new videos, mostly from the game "Son of Evil" : all elven bosses, the final boss & ending, and an ingame virtual tour of the Funtech offices. Super A'can (敦煌F-16) [HD]
  8. Aren't you splitting hairs now? I mean in that case something like Q*Bert on the Odyssey^2 also deserves to be mentioned: Good examples everyone, in particular those games which completely change the perspective or game style, sometimes due to hardware limitations but sometimes perhaps more due to time constraints.
  9. That's not really true. Strategy/RPG/adventure genres were very popular on the early micros, and A8 had many originals and ports from the Trinity. Stuff from Scott Adams, SSI, Epyx, etc, plus some innovative, brilliant games such as Ali Baba, Alley Cat, Star Raiders or Crush Crumble'n Chomp.
  10. 17. Diablo: Hellfire for PC. I had played and completed the original Diablo at least three times on PC and once on Playstation, but I had never tried the Hellfire expansion pack. I liked it even better.
  11. EM1 encodes its own color, and the RF section only has to modulate it to the channel frequency. If you still get B/W out of it, but otherwise get a clear picture, the fault almost has to lie in the TV (wrong standard?). The only other thing that could cause an issue is if the clock is running at the wrong frequency. But that should be apparent from speed of play, and sync/width problems.
  12. If you're going to call out others on attitudes, you might want to cut down on randomly comparing people to wife beaters. Just saying.
  13. Because whether it's 'only' Wolf 3D or not, it's still a PS3 game that requires a PS3 emulator to run. It's also a bit misleading to say that MS purchases have lasted for three generations - where was a huge number of Xbox titles that wouldn't run on 360, and I've got a 360 with a few dozen digital titles that have never been made compatible with X1. Not just forgotten stuff either - Sega Rally Arcade, Out Run 2 and Afterburner Climax are all on there. Did MS do a better job than Sony? Of course. But I'm kind of in the camp that never really expects true BC either. If they games are that important, keeping the original machine is the only way to be 100% sure.
  14. Actually most NES ports of Capcom's arcade games were a bit different, less arcade-y and more adventurous in order to adapt to a home console. Most of time it was quite subtle, though, like for Gun.Smoke; the level design was basically the same and it was rather a matter of changing a few "rules". Mercs on the Genesis also added some kind of new adventure mode on top of the arcade mode. It had several characters with different weapons that could be powered up, hidden items, etc. Light RPG elements. Speaking of the Genesis, Shadow Dancer and Eswat ports come to mind.
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  16. Do I remember him? As clear as an unmuddied lake, sir. As clear as an azure sky of deepest summer.
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  20. I had a good time with it! But YMMV, for the nostalgia glasses are pretty rose colored for me on this one. At that point I had Super Mario World, and 2 football games that were thrown in with my purchase; Got the SNES in box in Like New condition from an ad in the classifieds. So of course I was blown away by the graphics and music being such a huge step up from NES! It felt like I was controlling the Roadrunner in a Warner Brothers cartoon! So, I like it and will always remember it fondly, yet I can imagine others saying it's Good but not Great. If you don't have an EverDrive, maybe just watch a few minutes of it on YouTube, and I bet you'll know right away if it's something you'd dig. There's a bit of inertia (momentum) in the controls and Roadrunner doesn't stop on a dime like Mario does so it does play a bit differently, more Sonic than Mario I guess. I'd say watch 3 minutes or so of this to get an idea...
  21. Yup, far as I am aware only the Atari 800XLF boards and then XE models have s Freddie chip.
  22. New game: - Teid: read the description on TI99IUC page (Teid); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 383. [GAME] Teid (1984)(Luca Brentaro)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  23. Might be a programming error. E.g. a missed # for an immediate load.
  24. @oo7 Not to hijack but where u get the 16 x Samsung KM4164B-12 120ns ram and sockets? I need 8 badly No worries. I got mine on Ebay in the UK. You just have to search around. I'd probably get 8x of any one of these alternatives which I found out about here on AA courtesy of Level42's post (with the exception of the notorious Micron (MT) brand of course): 4164 RAM equivalents: HM4864(A) (Hitachi) µPD4164 (NEC) M5K4164 (Mitsubishi) MK4564 (Mostek) MSM3764 (OKI) MN4164 (Matsushita) KM4164B-15 (Samsung) HYB4164 (Siemens) LH2164 (Sharp) TMM4164(A) (Toshiba) TMS4164 (Texas Instruments) MB8264(A) (Fujitsu) MT4264 (Micron) (DO NOT BUY) MHB4164 (TESLA) KR565RU5 (Russian)
  25. Hi @juancho, yes the GUI works also on Nintendo Switch, I use it nearly every day, even if for some minutes 🙂 I just have to update it with latest version, hope soon. But what you've seen in the video was the pure port of jzIntv, prior to the GUI, and I simply changed the source code in order to force a particular game to launch. I created an executable file for every game. Now that the GUI is out, thoose executable are useless (I think I deleted them) I will send you a p.m..
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