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  2. Get'em while their hot! Thanks for looking OSS Action! Manual (only) https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816408330 OSS BASIC XL Manual and Working Cartridge (missing the cart cover) https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816414111 DISKEY Manual with Original, Working Disk https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816363196 Manuals (only) for The Basic Compiler and DATASM/65 https://www.ebay.com/itm/401816420776
  3. I’m not a video game Joystick surgeon. I’m more of a video game equipment psychiatrist. I am currently hiring someone for my fight joystick. I think I understand the theory as long dfor buttons and digital joystick directions, as the signal is a a single input to a single wire, and all are in such a state, can remapping in the middle is going A In->B Out and B In->A Out. Only the 2 fire buttons are that way. Joysticks is 1 variable voltage analog per 2 opposite directions, because it’s analog., like adding a dimmer, so X is one pun and Y is one pin.A ls the 15 keys heard is not one-to-one but encoded so I can’t remap 2 to 0 unless I work on it on wires before a 3.5m hole for acting those buttons on a sacrificed stick. I just need to know the 2 pins to be swapped and he will connect them on the inside of the adapter as he builds so how does that effect mirroring before sandwiching it? I know the numbers of DBs Males are Females are horizontally mirrored when connected outside to outside. Are they both the same inside to inside, or are they both mirrored again, so that inside male = outside female?
  4. Well, it'll save the few games that use EEPROM and FRAM for saving as well. But yeah if Save States is what interests you then yeah you'll need an X7 or Mega SD.
  5. Please go with what was suggested, later in the thread he noted you will read... quote That's probably more complicated than the CAS-before-RAS circuit. In my 256K upgrade for the 800XL, I used an 8-bit counter to add an 8th refresh bit to ANTICs with only 7 bits. unquote it is a 7 bit available refresh antic vs an 8 bit available refresh antic.. make your life easier... just go with the readily available 8 bit antic... should you decide to add something later, whatever it may be you won't be building counter circuits etc or replacing it again... It is understandable to want to save a dollar, in this instance I'd spend the dollar. Easy now and possibly easier later.
  6. *Bump* since forum upgrade it's be neat for an official release from the developer @Albert shot you a PM
  7. And for All - if you have any Analog magazines you want to part with please PM me. Thanks!!
  8. i might be down to codes if you really wanna
  9. How are you doing now 14 years later? :-) Did you complete all 79 issues? I'm on a similar quest. Let me know if you have any doubles you would part with. Thanks
  10. Yeah. I can Google my username and pictures from my blog and my galleries will show up in the image results. Everything right down to my profile picture/icon are seen by Google, even retweeted images are shown. Hell even images that are related to thinks I've liked on Twitter are shown, you can't hide from Google.
  11. Greedfall is the RPG that shows exactly what happens when you get rid of fetch quests:




    "Greedfall uses a new tool called ‘nodal storytelling’ that remembers, well, everything. Imagine the game like a giant tree where each choice - or node - branches into different scenarios depending on the choices you make."

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Greedfall is the RPG that shows exactly what happens when you get rid of fetch quests:




      "Greedfall uses a new tool called ‘nodal storytelling’ that remembers, well, everything. Imagine the game like a giant tree where each choice - or node - branches into different scenarios depending on the choices you make."

  12. More fiddling, and I added another level... still just fiddling. Actually the prime motivation is more to get the source code into a releasable format with no IP issues. Writing Sokoban lets me carefully go through it all and decide what stays and what goes, while still having something that is functional. Hopefully in a week or two I can release the source for this and everyone can see the magnificence that is the tile engine soko2.mp4
  13. Task Force Harrier EX Grind Stormer (V-V) Truxton (though I suck at it) As you can see I prefer vertical shoot em ups, not to say I don't love the Thunder Force games (I do). YE GODS... those labels! "We strip the label from the old game and replace it with a label for the new game, so you are getting an authentic Sega Genesis game shell. Please note that the labels are intentionally designed in a way to keep people from reselling my reproductions as original games, so they will not look exactly like the original label." That's still not an excuse for the labels to look so bad. Just put reproduction on the label and print it on glossy paper not copy paper!
  14. Can you add me to the list SainT please, It will be to use on a model 1 lynx but from what you just said earlier, it wont matter now with your new redesign. Thank you Ricard350
  15. The same cat without the sombrero (except for the placement of tail is a bit weird) is on T-shirts at Amazon.
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  17. Sorry, but I don't pay attention to the [S]hit of [T]ramiel Commie types. Lorraine is hot, though. :)
  18. The one from the 400 would have worked fine. It's only the bigger memory expansions that needed the 8 bit refresh anyway. Atari saw a problem ahead and fixed it well before they ever needed to when they issued the 8 bit refresh ANTIC. Early XE is only using twice the bog standard 64k and their switching method between the two banks of memory doesn't require anything so special as 8 bit refresh. It's the 64k x 4 chips that sometimes need it depending on internal arrangements. Atari only used those at the very bitter end. It was never 8 VS 9 bit refresh, they have the numbers confused with 7 VS 8. ClausB is our very own resident ram guru. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/176772-how-to-fix-refresh-problems-dram/?do=findComment&comment=2208939
  19. Consoles were doing 3D long before the Jaguar. The stock Mega Drive had a number of polygon 3D titles (including a number of ST and Amiga ports) before the SVP chip based Virtua Racing and the SNES SFX chip games. You can go back as far as the Commodore C64GS and Battle Command for the crude and early attempts. The Jaguar controller was just a surplus design from an earlier failed Atari platform, so I have never viewed it as something designed from ground up,for the Jaguar. It and the overlays were attempts by Atari to get developers to bring more complex titles to the platform as things like flight sims has previously always struggled on.console when developers tried to map controls designed for keyboards onto a limited button controller set up. I would never hate on your opinions, the very fact your encouraging adult discussion should be appauluded. It's just the subject material has been covered so many times over the years now,it's hard to bring anything fresh to the discussion.
  20. If guests can see the images in your club, then, yes, Google will definitely index them. ..Al
  21. I used to have one but I sold it when it deleted my Super Metroid save. All I wanted was a quick way to refill my missiles right before Mother Brain. I didn't play it again for like year then started a new game and swore of using cheat devices on any games with save functions. Now I don't use a Game Genie for serious gaming but only for messing around (like with that acid trip code thing for Super Mario Bros. lol or the one that turns all enemies into toad).
  22. johhnywc: Actually... It's not bad on a CRT at all to rotate it so long as you degauss it correctly. I used to work in the arcade business and I still have a degaussing coil which really worked magically! When we would change out monitors in arcade games, the same monitor might go in either a vertical or a horizontal game so we would install it, turn it on, and then run the degaussing coil on it. Basically, it's a big circle magnet with magnet wire around it. You plug it in and hold it in front of the monitor. The colors go crazy and you slowly pull away while going in a circular motion. Voila! When you finish, the monitor will be "magnetized/calibrated" for that rotation and all the colors will be correct! If you don't do this, when you rotate a CRT monitor, the colors will go weird. I used to do this with my 1084s as well even! I had a 1084s stuck in my pacman cocktail arcade game for a long time as it's RGB was the exact same as arcade RGB so I could literately plug it right up and it would work. I was always rotating monitors back in the day! It even works on regular TV sets. Basically, I've never seen a CRT monitor/tv it doesn't work on. (Rotating then degaussing.) But I understand... Most people don't wanna do this! Also, I don't know how the new HDTVs work but I assume they don't need to be degaussed at all as there are many tv mounts that allow for rotation. I even have one, but haven't hooked it up yet. To me, it's a dream to be able to rotate my big TV so I can play stuff in the correct aspect ratio. It's really cool too playing something like the arcade version of GALAGA while standing in a living room and having it displayed on a TV that's over half your own height! Can't wait for the next demo version! Your work is absolutely magical, I am in awe.
  23. I just noticed something odd. He also replied my message. He updated the listing. Last pic. Where it says C3 on top right. To the right of that empty. And to the left is 8 resistors. Under that is empty. My link right above this post show it all filled up how odd. To the right of C3. And to the left 8 resistors like the other ebay link. But under the first 8 there are another 8 resistors. Not empty like the ebay link. How odd. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Game-Genie-V-2-0-Super-Nintendo-Entertainment-System-SNES-tested-works/123828159971?ul_ref=https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/e11051.m43.l1123/7?euid=cde199f1e3b74cc0b1af11afe967007f&bu=43183313764&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123828159971&sojTags=bu=bu&srcrot=e11051.m43.l1123&rvr_id=0&rvr_ts=fd99baa716b0ac7b4e66409cfffb5ba6&ul_noapp=true&pageci=e5c24ed4-9bbe-4477-94fa-e82a87e38f95&redirect=mobile
  24. This has been.covered to death time and time again but... People still seem to forget that Airolasoft were originally intended to be the UK distributor for the Sega Master System, until they pulled out of the deal. Rumour being they felt UK gamers would be unwilling to pay the prices Sega were setting for 8 bit cartridge software. And your unlikely to find UK 7800 sales figures as Atari lumped the 7800 in with the 2600 and referred to the market share both consoles had captured,rather than gave specific numbers for the 7800. Even now Ex-Atari UK staff like Darryl Still can only give vague statements like the 7800 sold well enough via home shopping catalogues etc..it did well in the less affluent areas..it never gained the consumer traction the 2600 did.
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