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  2. Here is the other board that’s not displaying video either
  3. I can't believe "regular people" can understand this stuff, at all... The weirdest bug I've ever had was a Tailless Whip Scorpion, lol!!! Seriously, making a joke, but very impressed at you, or anyone taking on 2600 programming, WOW!
  4. You could also try something like TEST1, but instead put the IDE header in the middle of the board (right of CPU, and left of the 2 remaining glue chips). This would get it farther away from the front edge of the keyboard, and thus provide more room. That JLCPCB quote must be using the slow shipping option, which the last time I tried that it took 3 weeks. However on my last order with them I went with the DHL shipping option and got the boards in 4 days. Of course it cost a bit more . OSH Park is not fast when using their free international shipping option, but it rarely takes more than 2 weeks, and often I get things in about 10 days from them. So I find if you can keep the size of the board down so that the cost is below $20, OSH Park is pretty competitive. Well that is unless you are fine with waiting 3 weeks, then the Chinese fabricators can't be beat.
  5. Hi guys, SNK JAPAN @Switch版SAMURAI SPIRITS 12月12日発売 @SNKPofficial_jp 11月16日・17日の「太秦上洛まつり」では、SAMURAI SPIRITSのDLCキャラクター「風間火月」の先行試遊や「NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro」の試遊も開催! #SNK #NEOGEO https://snk-corp.co.jp/press/2019/102101/… #太秦上洛まつり http://joraku-matsuri.com Translated from Japanese by On November 16th and 17th, at the “Dazai Kamijo Festival”, a trial of SAMURAI SPIRITS's DLC character “Kazuki Kazuki” and a trial of “NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro” will be held! #SNK#NEOGEOhttps://snk-corp.co.jp/press/2019/102101/…#太秦上洛まつりhttp://joraku-matsuri.com 11:24 PM · Nov 11, 2019 Anthony..
  6. Hi guys, SNK JAPAN @Switch版SAMURAI SPIRITS 12月12日発売@SNKPofficial_jp 11月16日・17日に東映太秦映画村で開催される「太秦上洛まつり」にSAMURAI SPIRITS参戦! SWC JAPAN TOUR『SAMURAI SPIRITS』大会のエントリーは11月13日(水)23:59まで!ぜひご参加ください。 #SNK エントリーページ https://smash.gg/tournament/samurai-spirits-swc-japan-tour-uzumasa-1/… Translated from Japanese by Participated in SAMURAI SPIRITS at the Dazai Kamijo Festival held at Toei Dazai Film Village on November 16th and 17th! SWC JAPAN TOUR “SAMURAI SPIRITS” tournament entry until Wednesday, November 13th 23:59! Please join us. #SNK Entry page https://smash.gg/tournament/samurai-spirits-swc-japan-tour-uzumasa-1/… 11:19 PM · Nov 11, 2019 Anthony...
  7. I am not very well versed with the Atari 2600 yet (but I made a dvd screensaver and got a stable image so that's a start), only knowing 6502 from other projects. I was RTFM when I came across this quote: "The microprocessor stack is normally located from FF on down, and variables from 80 up, hoping the two never meet." I certainly ran into bugs during my first kernel, one of which was a misplaced org causing vars to be on the stack... Then I did a JSR. I was using a SetPos routine to set the horizontal sprite position, and thought the routine was broken when the sprite went somewhere completely unrelated but constant every time. I have solved the issue now, but I ask: What's the weirdest bug you have ever had?
  8. Hi guys, Bitmap [email protected]_books 8h OUT NOW! Metal Slug: The Ultimate History is the first officially-licenced book to document the lineage of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises – spread over 454 pages and presented as an A4 hardback edition. With worldwide shipping. http://buff.ly/2Z844Vo #metalslug #SNK Anthony..
  9. Yow! The anticipation of Secret Santa distribution is got me on pins and needles like a kid waiting for sunrise on Christmas morning. I thought I'd channel a little of that energy especially since it was a slow closing at work tonight. So... Here's a list is Christmas games that I wish existed, but don't. I thought I should share so we could all play them in out dreams... 1. Sinistar of Bethlehem 2. Little Defender Boy, The 3. Star Wars: Life Day 4. Tron Saves Christmas 5. Jingle Joust 6. Sim Office Christmas Party 7. Chase the Santawagon 8. Yuletide Tempest 9. Kid Nikilas Radical Santa
  10. I made the cut. YES! It's really just the original image, expanded with a HEX EDITOR. Still, it has been truly handy for me. It was a little tricky figuring out the largest size image possible. I'll upload that one later, but larger images take longer to load! 32k or 64k load pretty fast!
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  12. I just double checked mine, and it's set to 3.
  13. Good thinking! Yes, a better way to do it. Maybe I just like HEXADECIMAL too much. ROM pages are also switched by writing to: 24576=page 1 24578=page 2. 24580=page 3 RAM pages are also switched by writing to: 26624=page 1 26626=page 2 26628=page 3 Example: CALL LOAD(26626,0) Switches to RAM PAGE 2.
  14. I have a Commodore 64 Black magic cartridge with all three rom sets for sale. I'm asking $150 plus shipping. Only used a few times. Excellent condition. Comes with instructions, cartridge with ROM set #2 onboard, rom set #1 (4 eeproms), and rom set #3 (4 eeproms) Tested all three sets last night and everything works perfectly. Shipping from US 95747 (Roseville, CA) Will ship anywhere you are willing to pay. PM me if interested. Info on this item is here: http://www.sys64738.net/ddibm/ddibm.htm ROM Games List is here: Here are the games/program lists for the DDI Black Magic Cartridge ROM Sets: ROM SET #1: https://drive.google.com/file/...sp=sharing ROM SET #2: https://drive.google.com/file/...sp=sharing ROM SET #3: https://drive.google.com/file/...sp=sharing
  15. My local Dollar General Market grocery. 180 River Place Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42101 Ron
  16. Atari Control Picture tool modified with standard colors to test accuracy of colors in real hardware: Atari Control Picture Simple 1.1.xex
  17. You're fighting an uphill battle. It's sad, but online information is becoming generally less reliable as time goes on. Eventually, Google or Facebook or Amazon will buy Wikipedia and it will turn into primarily promotional material for wide consumption.
  18. Have you considered making Impossible Burgertime for the vegan crowd? You'll just have to ramp down the cruelty to the pickles and replace the egg with a sustainably sourced avocado.
  19. Mine did NOT come with an hdmi cable. I bought a second unit a week after the first. (already marked down) After reading your post I opened it and my second unit has the same info sticker as yours and the sd option functions. Here is the sd card I am using. (Gamestop) I formatted it to fat32 using my windows 7 x64 machine. I have had better luck with the older (smaller capacity) cards, 8 gb and smaller.
  20. The company who owns Burgertime can license it to whoever they want. We don't own it. We had our license about a year and a half ago.
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