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  2. Glad this bitch moved away from LA, not a long drive to my house. Sorry for everyone left behind.
  3. I was trying to get the insert/delete char/line buttons added. Waited till the following day, and BTT stopped working, but still has 44 days left in trial. Removed all the files and reinstalled, started working again, then was recreating what I had, quit and restarted, and it stopped working again. I also noticed increased cpu utilization and some sluggishness while it was active, so maybe not the best choice. So I won't be posting anything about the setup, except for the 2 hours I lost to the initial setup....
  4. First, since I deal with autographs all the time, I can confirm that this is VERY LIKELY authentic for the following reason: Personalized Autographs tend NOT to be fake. People who fake autographs tend to fake the name and ONLY the name. Personalizations, while a great conversation starter for the owner, have little resale value. The only exceptions are historic letters.
  5. Hi friend. I did the above circuit exactaly as you sugest. I used a smd 74LS04 and the device works PERFECT with both 2516 and 2716 ones!! But I removed a HN482732AG-25 from a working RIVER RAID cartridge and did an UV erasing. After the erasing process I did a Blank Test and the software says BLANK CHIP OK! So I burned it in with the MOUSE TRAP NTSC ROM (I am sending it attached this message) and the programming process ran everything ok. When finished, the system checked the file and the eprom content match the file all ok! But when installed the eprom in my cartridge, it does NOT WORK !!! I tryed several times but it never works!!!! So I dump the file from the not working chip and try it in the Stella and the dump file works great!!!! What is wrong???? Why my device works with 2716 but NOT with 2732 ??? Please help me. Thanks friends! TESTE MOUSE TRAP.BIN
  6. Except for the final version the IDE+2.0 has a 44-pin connector for a 2.5" IDE HDD, compact flash card adapters can be connected instead. The main PCB actually has a 40-pin IDE interface, with a small sub-board converting this to the 44-pin connector. AFAIK the IDE+2.0 devices are no longer being made.
  7. Maybe the guy had too much coffee or something? What you suggest would be a nice upgrade!
  8. Tragic to say the least. My condolences to the girlfriend and Rudy's family that have to deal with this tragedy for the rest of their lives. . Anthony..
  9. Another updated firmware is available with the ALL NEW CONFIG program thanks to @tschak909.
  10. For those curious of the sound difference, attached is a brief sample of both TIA and POKEY. There is just one note that really sounds off for the TIA version during the background/main melody. Otherwise, overall it is very good: BEEF DROP TIA.mp3 BEEF DROP POKEY.mp3
  11. I don't know. One of the great thing about Amico is "firsts", so the game designers with more background than me might come up with something good. What I'm thinking of is the perspective just like Tarmin with maybe the characters at the bottom of the screen looking in, or maybe a 2.5d perspective view with all 4 players visible in a kind of formation/marchine order. Then when it's fight time each controller gets a turn and the monsters and etc. I think Dungeon Master on the IIGS/Amiga/others had a pretty good mechanic.
  12. Thank you for all the info. I just have an 800XL with UAV mod and a 1050 which I don't have an SIO cable or power supply. Got rid of my Atari stuff I had years ago just trying to get back into it. All I have is a joystick and MS PACMAN cartridge and a few other games on cartridge. Such a huge collection of aftermarket devices to get which is over whelming me. What I want is something that will allow me to save and load all the different types of Atari files. Sdrive Max is appealing but there seem to be many versions of it and I am confused even after reading all about it. Ultimate, Uno and Side 3 sound great too. It's a great dilemma to be in. Also the Ultimate 1MB is great too but only reason I can't buy is the dollar exchange and living in Canada the price is high.... Again I will stick to this website and do lots of research on my next step. I installed the UAV which is an amazing upgrade for cheap. Long live the A8!
  13. New consoles added. I just found a huge amount of games that I didn't know about. Those will be incoming tomorrow.
  14. Come on already Canada Post, give me something.....
  15. Updated install instructions in the first post.
  16. All legal aspects aside, when I missed out on the Jaguar version, "Well, at least I have the ROM for MAME." So, yay I guess.
  17. You can speculate on the world market based on your's and some gamers' opinions, while the Intellivision videos consistently show about a 9:1 like to dislike ratio*, but time will tell. * Except for the more hardcore gamer focused EWJ4, which is like 2:1.
  18. @MacRorie printed me one when I built a 1088XEL a couple years ago. Works great.
  19. Sure. On both sides of the aisle.
  20. It does look amazing! I think I was just in a grumpy mood when I watched the video.
  21. A request - in the C64 version, they use a "running" animation when he is moving (on-screen) at the pace of walking. Reminds me of Karateka (same problem). Would be great if either he could be moving faster using that animation, or use a "walking" animation if moving at that speed/rate.
  22. 👍 Thanks for clarifying for us, Al. It is appreciated.
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