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  2. Well put. I didn’t know much about Swordquest until decades later (as opposed to Pac-Man and E.T. which I got soon after release), so I tend to think it was a later game and Atari should have learned their lesson by then. That’s not correct, because Earthworld apparently came out a couple of months before E.T. But I still think its failure is unique. With E.T., pretty much all they had to do was design and program the game. With Pac-Man, just program it. What stands out with Swordquest is how many other things they got right — the concept, the comics, the contest and prizes, the broad idea to base each game on a different borrowed mythology — and yet they still didn’t bother to make it enjoyable to play. Earthworld is okay for a couple of minutes but it wears very thin very quickly. The thought of finding all of the clues from the game seems closer to torture than play. It’s as if the game itself was just an afterthought, a trivial detail to all the promotion. I never tried Fireworld or Waterworld.
  3. Um yes... Please... I'll sign up now! My Vectrex dies after 5 minutes of using it. It's sitting at a friends house, He fixes these sorts of things. Full Disclosure, it's been sitting at his house since the PS3 was a new console. Not sure if he knows where it is. But I still have quite a number of carts! Including an original Multicart. I would love to see what Tommy could do with the Vectrex!!!!! Classic mode.. Full Color mode. TOMMY MODE!!!!
  4. I picture that scene in the 2nd episode of Walking Dead where Glenn is racing the car down the freeway with the alarm goin off.
  5. She gets 4 - 6p a word depending on what it is shes translating from or to Japanese.
  6. Unfortunately no one in the office! Remember... Zombie Apocalypse still going on! We are all on Slack giving virtual high fives and passing around super funny memes.
  7. Ok folks, what am I missing here? What can you shoot at? I'm only hitting things with my bombs. Do I have to be at certain altitudes? I feel like you fly faster when you're lower. I read the instructions, so I'm getting a good idea of the high point targets and I'm remembering to fly low on the runways. For our reference: https://www.gamesdatabase.org/Media/SYSTEM/Mattel_Intellivision//Manual/formated/Mission-X_-_1983_-_Mattel_Electronics.pdf 11,000
  8. Out of interest, is that per source language word or destination language word?
  9. My girlfriend just went to Harv's place for the first time. Her comment was "I'm pretty sure I saw this place in an episode of SVU."
  10. Why even bother at this point trying to convince folks that the version of our game is completely unique and different. Same argument folks try to make about Evel Knievel and yet none of them have seen our game design documents, have seen a completed game, don't know who has been added to the development team, doesn't know the timeline or budgets. Just that they are unhappy and disappointed by it. That's okay. They don't need to buy that game.... or the console. Problem solved! Yay! The rub is obviously that he doesn't want another Bomberman type game out there that isn't called Bomberman. Oh well. Ours is not even close or based on anything they've really done before. Especially since adding some of our superstar programmers, art directors and some audio dude that says he's pretty good.
  11. The freeways are wide open. He's probably racing around in his ferrari shouting that. (Racing around at the speed limit, because he's safe and responsible.)
  12. Nop90 I'm sure you of all people will come up with a cool idea! I like the sound of that Fadest! Side note - I've been very quiet on the forums lately getting this competition organised and working on website changes. I've still got more changes to the site planned, but I'll try to check in more often now that the competition has been announced.
  13. Well, on the A8 there were dozens of ATASCII animations, a lot of them were done for BBSes, but there were also programs and contests in some magazines (e.g. Antic or Analog). Some animations or movies can be found e.g. here: or here: At Fandal's webpage you can find e.g. demos and animations of "ASCII-Art", "ASCII collection", "ASCII girl" and "Atascii Movie showwer"...
  14. Bmack was a tad more insane than zaphro! Great job gentlemen! This round certainly was a learning experience for all of us in one way or another. Thanks to all of you that partook in this "unique" undertaking!
  15. Ahhh. Right. Social distancing and what not. I just imagine Tommy riding a scooter around the office shouting, "SUCK IT!!"
  16. Not going to continue debating the importance of what we're doing and how different we are with mobile. Lets just agree to disagree. Busy day... thousands of pre-order's coming in by the hour.
  17. Welcome Kim! Hah, remember that post from Craig actually, just saw it as defending Dave who wanted his own style on the show without condoning it in the process. Yeah we are nearly at 1000 posts now... anyone expect a celebratory tweet from a sock puppet when we hit page 41? Now I don't consider my own writing Pulitzer winning stuff (although people evidently seem to like it as part of various publications) but if I spend almost as much time proofing then I can obviously string two sentences together. Looking at some of the stuff that hasn't been mushed together into a resemblable whole by the likes of Chris W or Retro Gamer that came from Kieran... dear me. Dear deary me. The guy I used to work with who came from Hungary and had several years English learning as a child/teenager (prior to the Iron Curtain descending) wrote better English. I won't publicly quote my usual price per word rate but £1000 owed on the Thalamus book is taking the piss. I also wrote some stuff for the same Thalamus book iirc and did I get pissed it was put on hold? No. Then again I wasn't told what I'd written was shit either...
  18. is there an Intellivision Amico facebook group that's run by the members of this group?
  19. So Tommy, what's the mood like in the Intellivision office today? Is everyone excited, or too busy to even notice?
  20. Don't forget the Speaker Hats as well! We've almost caught them on Facebook followers (without spending ANY money). Still got some work to do on YouTube... But our YouTube is growing pretty good (again... without spending any money). Wait til the marketing kicks in.
  21. i guess it would be not that offtopic if i mention here an experience i started years ago, and shared in some smspower threads, like https://www.smspower.org/forums/14522-OperationTaiwanLateReleasesPart6 and https://www.smspower.org/forums/16445-MSXToSMSHacks - the task there wasn't that difficult, since there were msx1 games converted to sg1000/mastersystem in Taiwan and South Korea back in the 80's, that was simply a kind of msx1 bios converted to sg1000 hardware combined with the game rom - since the game rom kept pristine, it was easy to get the bios part combined with other games, and some of these converted games worked fine - as far as i know, i guess, some games acesses i/o ports directly instead of calling the bios routines, and situations like that, so that's why games like Alpha Roid, Tensai Rabbian Daifunsen, and etc., got more difficult to convert than Hyper Rally and Bosconian - and since sg1000 has no bios, and roms always start from 0x0000, it gets way easier than converting to ColecoVision, that has a bios (a crappy bios imho, but exists anyway...) - so i guess that's why msx1 games always needed to be disassembled, edited, and assembled back again, and having it in a constant iteration testing process until working? and perhaps converting an msx1 game to ColecoVision is simpler than converting to ZX-Spectrum? (King's Valley, converted from Retroworks, is simply amazing, imho, very very worth playing - http://www.retroworks.es/php/game_en.php?id=4 - - so i guess the method used on this conversion to ZX-Spectrum might be very similar to that used on the conversions from msx1 to colecovision, only considering that the ZX-Spectrum hardware is more limited, since there are no hardware sprites, having different colours, etc. )
  22. I've had fairly decent luck finding PS1 and Wii games along with the others people said just in the posts above at goodwill, standard pricing too thrown in with the CDs and DVDs as they really just don't care. But again, my district doesn't use the trashy website thankfully. IF a game has value they'll get a bit less friendly about it at times, or they hold stuff and pop it into a bed comforter bag with a console for a reasonable rate. That's how I got the 25th anniversary red Wii some months ago. $30 for the entire setup though one of the top doors had a bunged hinge I had to replace, spare chuk too, black classic controller pro, mario galaxy, cod3, new smb, wii sports, and around 10 crappy kids/kids sports/toys to life things with 2 pads. So it really just depends. I say don't give up, but don't put a big effort into it. 2 of them are on the way to my kids school so I just hit them on the way and whatever happens does, no loss of wear n' tear or gas so it's no biggie.
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