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  2. Wow.. does this mean only ten people pre-ordered Adventure II? And only THREE went for Scramble??
  3. Minter posted a pic on Twitter with a VCS. It was of Warren Robinette's famous Easter Egg in Adventure. Hoping that it's a sign that something Tempest this way comes....
  4. Thanks mate - it's a bit of a false/positive thing that pops occasionally within Windows Defender - if you just allow those as they happen it's all good. Frustrating for sure but nothing we can really do anything about.
  5. I wonder if this would run in Blassic (https://blassic.net/)... ... not instantly -- I don't think Blassic likes the SCREEN command, and appears to be reading it as an array.
  6. Another update! Here are the Jaguar games I was talking about yesterday.. First, testing the boards as I was soldering them. Then the boards were assembled into the cartridge shells. And finally after the carts were labeled (this isn't all of them, I just took one game of each color cartridge I had built, made it easier to take a photo). Assembling the other extra games into shells now, will have those labeled tomorrow. Still need to build some AtariVoxes, as well as continuing to box games. I'll post some photos of the boxed games once they are all done and ready to ship! Then you're not going to hear from me for a while as I will be focused on shipping all these orders. It will be one or two big runs to the post office every day for at least a week! ..Al
  7. It's conceivable that he bought the warehouse/land ages ago and outright owns it -- there was a retail space once, right?
  8. not for the first time you got confused 🙂 and not the last one 🙂 your standard
  9. Well, whether to indulge in mediocrity, equipment whose parameters do not meet the standard should be taken into account? it's like you have broken brakes in your car and you want a technical inspection certificate. Another thing is that there are extensions on the market that have flaws and nobody wants to fix it anyway: D
  10. Reproduction cartridge for like $70 each? I would still go for the HyperFlash32.. You can see the depth in the games. So the answer is: yes.
  11. ...hmmm.... South African stuff from the 80s... I have a song stuck in my head now: «I, I, I, I, I, I... ain't gonna play Sun City!»
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  13. Judging by how well it worked (since the pre bugs-fix release) on my 800/Incognito, 800XLs and Indus/GT, I would say the above is a false statement.
  14. Hey, Windows Defender found what appears to be malware in 7800filter.exe and 7800makecc2.exe. It may be something worth looking into.
  15. Clover? Where you from brother? Must be from around these parts... they were totally regional to Philly, I think.
  16. Fair enough. Weird Al is NOT funny. If you find his stuff funny, I don’t understand you. Sure, you’re free to find AVGN tedious and childish. Which he is, at least, at this point in time. Believe it or not, a 10-15 minute video can contain both jokes and facts. Like I said, I don’t have a 3DO so I couldn’t tell you about the legitimacy of his complaints, but from the previous videos, I know he puts in completely valid complaints here and there, mixed with the swearing. It is true that Simon’s Quest is cryptic, and it is true that the pits in ET are incredibly annoying, especially if you haven’t got the hang of releasing the button perfectly. Again, believe it or not, that calling everything is shit is the whole point of AVGN. That’s what’s supposed to be funny about him. Yes, obviously he’s on the terrible and cringey side in your mind. And he’s dangerously close to getting there in mine. But the thing is, it isn’t the case with a lot of other people. Who are you do judge what people think should be funny? Why should you decide who watches what?
  17. Not to mention the ability to mock them while they're trying to resolve a plethora of issues with no repercussions.
  18. As long as it's not just locked to the 5200. Anything on the 5200 I need on the 400/800. Anything on the 400/800, I have to have it on the 5200. Don't ask why - just demands.
  19. Well, after using the XEP80 regularly for over a year, now, I could say: You may consider working closely with Phaeron to improve and extract down to the last bit of performance (line-rate speed) out of the new PCB. Would it make sense to buffer inout and output lines with a simple improvement on the data-interface circuit (?) I don't know, but any improvement there may be simple enough, could be easily supported in SW, and will reverberate on everyone's day-to-day use of the unit. Avery's ULTRA drivers rock on the XEP80! Include a simple video-switch (on / off) addressable through SW or driven from NS405, similar to how Bit3 FullView works on the 800. Why? Because if the end user has the ability to turn on and off video output (while keeping the XEP main processor running), the CRT, TV or external video processor will quickly detect this change and switch to the next active signal, automatically, which will GREATLY enhance users with a single-screen setup, including cabling and interfacing (another way to solve this is a dual-screen setup, bit this may not be generally feasible for everyone). PAL / NTSC is switchable via SW command (in current XEP80). Could it be done on XEP80-II? Keep an eye power consumption and stability over DB-9 port, since each one of those ports is rated for 50mw, IIRC. The current XEP80 draws about 4-5 watts, as it is (although it is clear the new PCB seems more optimal on this regard). That's about it. A very nice project, indeed!
  20. Yeah - I would give anything at my job, to tell the other users "Tough shit - it works on my machine, you idiots need to get working hardware" any time a bug is reported. Would make my life a lot easier.
  21. It seems we have reached the mid-way point. I better start shopping😁
  22. No - adding colour is not easy, there's no chance for a blitter. If you want the untied cheeta, please buy a VBXE and help spread it rather than re-inventing a wheel and further segmenting a market with a few dozen people at best.
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