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  2. Not sure if it was sunsoft or not, but there were more sega games such as Shinobi and Alien Syndrome on those Tengen carts too. Famicom had also Altered Beast but it was legit. Since we're on Sega sending their goods off their hardware, let's not ignore the PC Engine as it got some stunning pieces of work there. Afterburner, Altered Beast (hucard and cd), Columns, Fantasy Zone, Outrun, Power Drift, Shinobi, Space Harrier, and Thunderblade. Not all of them were excellent, THunderblade was fairly bad, but others were handled very well. I own a few such as Afterburner, Outrun and Shinobi, but I did at one point also have Space Harrier and Fantasy Zone.
  3. That seller also has Battlemorph for $225, that seems WAY off.
  4. I agree you need an appropriate number. Just like that Amico poll isn't a representative number of anything. Not only do I have parenting experience but I work with the younger generation. There are differences overall but there are exceptions too. If the games and voice acting were utter crap I would say yeah redub it. Have you played the games? They are fine and the voice acting good. For an upstart company and console I would focus on polishing new games than fixing things on already okay games that don't need fixed. Voice actors on Sesame Street is not what needs fixing. I would spend that time on fixing the reasons why EK couldn't get a 3 star rating from users (which is a lower grade than the 7 out of 10 they want). Some of the other footage shown has looked a little rough on some of the games. The console was slated to be released already and I don't think we've seen a trailer for a fully complete game yet have we? And for the record we are all members on a site called AtariAge about retro games etc etc. I'm pretty sure we are/were all odd kids in our own ways.
  5. I wonder if that PSU is putting out a ripple current that’s affecting bus signal levels or timing. Do you have a scope or digital multimeter you can use to check for ripple or other noise from the PSU?
  6. I got a mini and the HDMI port isn't stable, need to prop it up juuuust right. Tested with an NES which only has composite and the display did look a bit better than directly connecting the composite. There is a vertical line on the left where the image starts, but isn't too distracting. To be honest I'm not too happy about the touchy HDMI connector.
  8. Wow. I remember in the past year or so seeing a working Jaguar with Jag CD posted to either Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp for $650, which I thought was a little insane. Obviously, I haven't kept up with prices. I'm certain at this point that I'll never own the CD attachment, and I'm pretty much okay with that (especially if the Jaguar GD does eventually support CD games). I somewhat regret not buying one when Best was still offering new, unboxed Jaguar CD units, but then again, I'm not sure I'm missing out on much by not being able to play Jaguar CD games.
  9. Here's a video of the SD DDP drive for the Coleco Adam. It emulates the ADAM Digital Data Drive (DDP) loading tape images from SD card.
  10. skunkboards are their own device and do not need other devices to make them work apart from a usb cable
  11. Thank you for the explanation Pat,appreciate it.
  12. Welp...I got it working....and how is somewhat annoying. I had purchased a new power supply from lotharek when I bought the U1MB and the SIDE3. The moment it came in the mail I switched to using it exclusively. When I switch back to using the original power supply from the mid 80s...everything works. Swap out to the power supply I bought from lotharek and the cart no longer is detected.
  13. I managed to figure out what it is! I got in contact with someone who worked at Xbox and supposedly they put together 20-40 of these game codes and gave them to some employees at Microsoft along with a drinking glass and one other thing they couldn't quite remember. So it seems to be a code with a few games on it given to the Employees at Xbox.
  14. BobTerm needs rewritten or hacked to make the phone# field long enough to accept four 3 digit numbers with a dot in between each one and a space slash space / and a 5 digit port number to accommodate all devices. I can't use the BobTerm directory with my UDS-10.
  15. Sorry about that! If we get one more person interested, you and that person could still swap gifts ... but it wouldn't be very secret, then.
  16. Question: Do I need a previous Skunkboard in order to run this? This would be my first Skunkboard to have.
  17. Whomp, there it is Loving this high score club concept. Gives me a reason to play these otherwise-medium-entertainment type of games.
  18. Why is "I" capitalized and "me" isn't?

  19. OK, here are the documentation files for GenPROG and for MDOS mode. The Bootmame.zip file should have the actual files on the MAME image in the MDOS folder is where I typically place those utilities such as the assembler, linker, and maker programs Beery GenREFDsr.pdf GenREFVideo.pdf GenREFUtility.pdf GenREFMemory.pdf GenREFKey.pdf GenMAKE.pdf GenLINK.pdf GenLIB.pdf GenASM.pdf GenREFMath.pdf BootMame.zip
  20. Too bad... I coulda got you as my Secret Santa. Great Avatar/Username, DecapAttack is on my want list! First game I ever bought with my own money, first game I got for my Genny besides the pack in Sonic 1! Regret selling that! It was even the multilingual Canadian version. (Something I collect nowadays)
  21. What saves? This is my problem. My cart has never saved any data.
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