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Parker Brother's "Tutankham" for the 99/4A

dphirschler made an amazing discovery in his stash of stuff. The official, unreleased Tutankham cartridge from Parker Brothers for the TI-99/4A! While the graphics are not quite as polished-looking as the release for the ColecoVision, which uses the same VDP as the 4A, it is playable and enjoyable. I remember playing the heck out of the arcade game in the little mini-cafeteria at our BX, along with Time Pilot, Tron, Dig Dug, and others.

Thanks to Toucan, Video Game House holds game-play video and game images, as well as information on this game.

The sound is pretty good, and I apologize that this video lacks sound. CamStudio kept crashing at the end of the recording without saving anything, and this program I found will not record from internal sound. My video is not intended to be anything special, only to show that the files provided do indeed play.

Digital Press has a great interview with Steve Zedeck which covers his time at Parker Brothers and work on Tutankham.
By the way, Parker Brothers released what I find to be some of the best arcade conversions for the TI-99/4A. The only three cartridges I know of to exist are Frogger, Popeye, and Q*Bert, which are all fantastic. Tutankham would have continued that trend had it been released, and I wonder what other gems could have been produced.

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