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    1. Atari 2600

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      The Atari 2600 is the system that started it all for Atari, and is by far the most popular classic gaming console. This forum covers all 2600 systems produced by Atari, as well as 2600-compatible consoles produced by third-parties.

    2. Atari 5200

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      The Atari 5200 was Atari's second cartridge-based game console. Based on the Atari 8-bit computer line and labeled the "SuperSystem", the 5200 was Atari's answer to growing competition in a market they were losing control over.

    3. Atari 7800

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      The Atari 7800 ProSystem is a contemporary of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System. Based on extensive feedback from Atari customers, the 7800 features a streamlined design, backward compatibility with the 2600, a powerful graphics processor, and simplified controllers.

    4. Atari Lynx

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      Lynx was Atari's first portable game system, and world's first color handheld. It was designed by Epyx and the engineers who created the Amiga. Ahead of its time, the Lynx sported a backlit color screen, stereo sound (in model 2) and an impressive range of games. Check out our rarity guide or explore many games listed on Atari Gamer.


    5. Atari Jaguar

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      Atari's last game console, the Atari Jaguar represented a huge leap in technology from previous offerings. Featuring a 64-bit architecture, the Jaguar had great potential, but its power was difficult to tap. Even then, many great games were released and the Jaguar has an avid fan base today.

    6. Dedicated Systems

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      Before Atari produced the famous 2600, they created many standalone consoles such as Pong, Speedway, and Stunt Cycle. Recently, Atari has been creating new dedicated consoles, such as the Atari Flashback.

    7. Atari 8-Bit Computers

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      Atari's original 8-bit computer line, featuring the Atari 400, 800, XL, and XE series of computers. Powerful and well-engineered, the Atari 8-bit computers are still popular with fans today!

    8. Atari's next generation computer line, the Atari ST computers were based on the Motorola 68000 series chips, the same as the Macintosh at the time. The ST would also be followed by the TT and Falcon.

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      Use this forum to discuss the plethora of classic computers outside of Atari 8-bit offerings. These include the Apple II, Commodore 64/128, Amiga, TI 99/4a, MSX, TRS-80 and others.

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      This forum is for discussion of all modern game systems, including PC games and browser-based online games.

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      Ever wondered about all those games that were announced but never released? Or games that have been discovered over the years that no one even knew existed? Or have you discovered a new prototype that no one's seen yet? Here's the place to talk about prototype games, led by Tempest of AtariProtos.com.

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      Many of us grew up pumping quarters into arcade games, and here's where you can discuss all your favorites. From Pong to Pinball to the latest arcade games, if it has a coin slot, then you're at the right place!

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      Emulators allow you to experience classic games on modern PCs (and other devices!) Discuss the latest emulator developments and ask questions about emulation here!

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      This forum is for discussion of hardware at a more technical level than you'll find in the other forums. If you have a hardware question you'd like to ask or have some interesting knowledge you'd like to share with others, post it here!

    7. This forum is for discussion of gaming related magazines, books, websites, and other publications.

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      Internacional - Internazionale - Internationaal - Internasjonal - This forum is for discussion of classic and modern gaming in languages other than English.

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    4. Spreading the Love with Free Games and other items.

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      The programming forums are technical discussions of programming various classic gaming consoles. The more popular consoles have their own dedicated programing forums, so please only use this forum for topics that fall outside of those forums.

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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Atarian7

      Woke up and looked at the clock.  It said 7:01.  Looked at it again and it said 7:38.  The 37 minutes felt like 5.
      1. carlsson

        I usually set the alarm to 2 hours before I need to get up. That way I can snooze for longer, and it feels like I'm on vacation when I finally get up.
      2. Rogerpoco

        I swear, every morning, I roll over barely awake and notice Wife asleep, then toss and turn for a second, and all of a sudden she's gone...
        I think she's a witch.
    • MegaManFan

      Iron Helix! Bo-gus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkbsONjXfFY
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    • Magmavision2000

      I'm at a thrift store right now and the amount of people not wearing masks is kind of concerning. Not even the staff is masked.
      1. Show previous replies  9 more
      2. BILLYonaire

        I have to go somewhere which is right beside a thrift shop soon. Normally, I would stop by the thrift shop to browse but I was thinking that looking through used items is the worst thing possible these days.
      3. amiman99

        Last week or so, our County Judge (sort of a Mayor for a county) was kind of assaulted for telling a customer to put the mask on.
      4. Magmavision2000

        Why do people feel so insulted when they're told to wear a mask? I saw some people on YouTube who were making up excuses at a Florida convention I think. If you can't wear a mask, then either don't go anywhere and have people get stuff for you, or use Amazon. And if you think it doesn't protect you, still wear it! It's not like it'll do anything worse! The reason why we have 3M cases is because of stupid people like the ones who refuse to wear masks.
        Now, in their defense, I understand of they don't wear masks because they can't find any. That should honestly be the only reason why you're not wearing a mask in public.
      5. zylon

        Survival of the fittest
      6. _The Doctor__

        The size of holes in the common 3 layer blue mask vs the virion itself is akin to throwing sand through a chain link fence... you can stop sputem, spit, and spray (big rocks) but you won't stop the virion aerosol... so this sand gets through no problemo. How about we use real masks that are ULPA class filters. You need eye protection to keep the virus out of your eyes, that means face shields, goggles / safetly /ski glasses and a real mask/filter and we might actually do something! If the masks worked all viruses would have been done for long ago... No cold- No flu... Many countries had folks wearing masks during cold and flu season long before this nasty one came about... it was ineffective. One only need to look as college papers and medical journals focused on viral studies to know any of this. While it may help a with shouting, spitting, loud people, and folks who are coughing / sneezing a good deal, it doesn't do much for normal folks. Keeping clean, shoes at the door, clean house, and washing clothes, as well as hands and so on as fastidiously as possible helps quite a deal as well. If you are worried, stay home, it's not worth the anguish you cause yourself or others. Be safe, be knowledgeable
      7. ProperRogue

        I think the saddest part of all in this scamdemic is seeing what some of you have become! Snitching on someone like a bratty child, or better yet, calling the police. Seriously man, have you gone mental? If you're that concerned about your fucking health, wear two masks! If you want total protection, put a plastic bag over your head! 😀
      8. amiman99

        My wife is a nurse working on those patients. At the beginning, there were few people with severe symptoms, and only 1/2 the floor was dedicated for them. Right now they opened multiple floors do to surge of patients.
        Few nurses, she knows, got it too, and their families.
        This thing is for real. Also, She works 6 days a week, so demand is there.
      9. KaeruYojimbo

        I know people I'm sure could get infected, spend weeks on a ventilator and when they were finally released from the hospital say "I didn't die. See, I told you COVID was a hoax."
        My girlfriend is a nurse. Her unit was COVID overflow during the initial surge of infections but has since gone back to treating non-COVID patients. A couple of weeks ago she was talking to her dad and he, knowing this, said to her in all seriousness that he wasn't concerned about COVID because it's just a hoax that was created to make the President look bad.
        Some of the measures I've seen places take are probably overkill, but pretending it isn't real is the reason we keep seeing outbreaks.
      10. _The Doctor__

        The good news is we know how to handle it! More than one therapy, best practices, positioning, quality of care, have brought the deaths per infected well below the curve you see for standard virus. The virus is real, the hysteria is not helpful, the PPE is inadequate. The number of beds are up for great reason. In the tri state area we are seeing people come in who were scared away from getting the care they needed for other issues as they were bombarded with inaccurate or misleading information fed to them on a minute by minute basis. This lead to the patients being in acute conditions that wouldn't have been otherwise. So now we have to deal with both. The neglect of these other conditions has been costing lives needlessly. I'm glad we now have multiple floors open and taking care of all conditions, not just covid-19 patients. We have started saving, helping, caring, and treating people for a multitude of serious conditions.
      11. _The Doctor__

        Please don't start with the whole I know people who I know would, theorized response methodology where you put words into the theoretical peoples mouths. All to make some political point. This conversation is about being well informed, protected, best practices, care and response.
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    • Keatah

      Mucophagy is a good thing. And adults could learn a thing or two from kids practicing this.
      1. Keatah

        Yes and yes because immune system training. At least virologists say so.
    • Tickled_Pink

      Anyone here tried running two broadband connections?
      1. thanatos

        I've done it at work for failover, but never at home.  But don't expect to be able to double your speed with 2 connections.
      2. amiman99

        Load Balancing?
      3. Tickled_Pink

        Just toying with the idea of installing a second line. A broadband provider currently has 6 months of free business broadband but we're tied up into another home broadband contract for the next 6 months. Dangit!
      4. thanatos

        Yes, load balancing is possible.  You would need to find a router capable of handling multiple connections.
        There is a software product called Speedify that says it can bond multiple connections on a machine, but I've never tried it.  Not really ideal if you want this for more than one machine.
      5. patroclus99

        Just out of curiosity, what is the standard residential BW there in the UK?
      6. _The Doctor__

        You could also use more than one router/wireless device more than one connection point half the devices on one half the devices on the other etc etc.
      7. Tickled_Pink

        @patroclus99 - It generally maxes out at 75mbps but it depends on how far you are away from the nearest exchange. The further you are, the slower it gets. Where we are, we get around 60mbps. There is no FTTP in my area, except for a couple of business parks. There are cities in the UK where you can get FTTP. We had it when we lived in Cardiff. I think the max residential speed for those is around 500mbps. Lucky bastards.
    • Unbeliever

      Stargate...incredible game for the Atari 2600!
      1. retrorussell

        I was very impressed as well.  Everything Defender should have been on the Atari 2600.
      2. Cobra Kai

        That's one of those games that I was always jealous a friend had and I didn't.
    • GoldLeader

      According to Google maps, I've been to 131 places, in 3 cities and in 2020 I have gone 18% around the world, traveled 4,381 miles that is...
      1. DuggerVideoGames

        I've been down to that store down the corner... there.  I want to do some actual traveling when life gets back to normal (hopefully sooner rather than later, but it is whenever it is).
      2. GoldLeader

        Mine's all been for work as a delivery driver.   But I do find it interesting.   It's kind of hard to tell how long they've kept the statistics...I think the places would be since March of 2018, but the mileage is just in 2020.   I just clicked on one of the emails they've sent and there it was   So all those miles were just here, but it includes 3 "towns" since our coverage area is large.
      3. Rogerpoco

        Haha, I used to work in a security role, one of my jobs occasionally was driving a vehicle around perimeter patrol, one of the "pride" goals people doing it was how many miles they could put on a vehicle during a shift-I could almost drive from Tennessee to Florida!
        I'm a bit of a hermit actually, but I often wonder, if you added up all the miles(Killometers, I guess) I had ran on tracks on Super Monaco GP and Ayrton Senna Super Monaco, on Genesis and Megadrive(PAL), how many it would be, I'm stupid bad with math, but hours and hours, at "high speeds", I'm sure I went enough distance to travel around the Earth...
        Ha, I also always joked, whenever I was working on a specific track, for instance, "Hey, Guys, I'm going to Italy, I'll let you know how it went!".
      4. DuggerVideoGames

        I haven't been out of Pennsylvania since 1996.  Been too damn long.
      5. GoldLeader

        I hear ya,  I've not left Wyoming since the pandemic...
      6. patroclus99

        Wow, you must have some crazy routes!  Good gravy. . .
      7. Atariboy

        I was addicted to the Papyrus NASCAR Racing sims on PC during high school and college. Always wondered what the total mileage ended up being. Basically three hours behind the wheel most every night, for about 5 years straight before moving on. Must've been quite a total.
      8. GoldLeader

        FWIW,  I'm kind of like a pizza delivery guy, but instead of pizza, it's Philly Cheese Steaks, BLTs, Chicago Dogs, Pierogies, Fries, Shakes, Malts, etc.,  but with a much bigger coverage area than say, a Domino's...
      9. GoldLeader

        But now, suddenly I'm wondering,...What would my mileage be if I added up all the miles spent on Twisted Metal games and added in the "Stunt Mode" from San Francisco Rush 2049 on Dreamcast? 
    • SlidellMan

      More autotune fun!
      1. This update has no replies.
    • thanatos

      Stay home if you want.  You can find me at the bar.
      1. This update has no replies.
    • Magmavision2000

      Beef Jerky is one of the few types of food where the store bought stuff is better than homemade.
      1. DragonGrafx-16

        HELL NO!
        You haven't had real beef jerky then... It has to to be tough... none of that tender crap.
      2. _The Doctor__

        You need the right recipes... home made jerky rocks!
      3. DragonGrafx-16

        Especially since all of that store crap has soy protein in it... ugh...
      4. _The Doctor__

        Yeah, yoo-hoo gives you man boobs! soy is terrible!
      5. DragonGrafx-16

        I legit can't eat the stuff with soy in it.. it makes my stomach churn. 
      6. Joe C.

        Kids just don't be knowin' about the good stuff.
      7. digdugnate

        no, just no. lol.  using a good beef roast (if you like beef) and a dehydrator at home is vastly superior to like Jack Link's-style jerky.
      8. Magmavision2000

        I gotta respectfully disagree with you guys. Every type of homemade beef jerky I've had tasted awful. 
      9. _The Doctor__

        I'd say you need new suppliers of jerky, tenderized and properly dehydrated jerky can fall apart in your mouth, any jerky left out in the air or a paper sack may dry out hard as a rock over time. Oil can be added to take the place of water in home made jerky for those who no longer have teeth there are just so many ways to make jerky and so many recipes.  Chances are your store bought jerky was a home made recipe at one time, might have some garbage in it to make you want more (MSG) or some moisture added back in, almost all store bought jerky is of lower quality these days... right down to the cut of meat used.
      10. thanatos

        There are at least two local jerky makers I know of that has fantastic stuff.  I would technically call it homemade because it is only sold in person in small batches.  Sort of like the old pickled egg jar at a bar.
        So I would have to disagree.
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