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  1. Guys, please don't kill me. I want to get used to the XM (more specifically the Yamaha), so I've teamed up with @tep392 to do this. I figured it would be easier to take something I already know, and add the parts that I haven't worked with before as my first XM game. Having said that, this *will* work without the XM; it will just use TIA sound and a localized High Score that will be lost when you turn the machine off. No binary yet but I'm quite far along with this, here are some screenshots of what I have so far: The games are: - Ms. Pac-Man - Ms. Pac-Man Plus - Ms. Pac-Attack - Ms. Pac Random Mazes* - Pac-Man - New Puck-X - Hangly Man - Ultra Pac-Man - Pac Random Maze* - Popeye Pac-Man (with the Hangly Man maze, as that is the only way I saw it back in the day) - Largest Pac-Man** - Pac-Man Plus - New Puck-X Plus - Hangly Man Plus - Ultra Pac-Man Plus - Pac-Man Plus Random Mazes* You can select the starting level, and player speed. *I am trying to implement an actual random maze generator. I found one written in Java, so if I can convert it to assembler I'll have it here. **I reserve the right to take this one out if it becomes to complicated to implement. I've taken video to follow the differences between this an regular pac-man Please note, I had to take some liberties with the colors. The object most affected by this is Inky. Most of the time he is somewhere between blue and green, but sometimes he is brown or tan. This could not be helped. Blinky and Clyde are always the static colors, and Pinky can vary slightly. Some of the 'filled in' color of the mazes have been changed.
  2. I had some time after the Raymaze thingy and I used it to test some ideas "accumulated" in my head, after all these years. So be warned, long post ahead, with raycasting ramblings.. I had 3 things that I wanted to see working: - what I call the "line flicker" effect for APAC modes - an idea for a new (very fast) renderer, called Project X, that uses APAC over a char mode - and all the logic to have objects working APAC Line Flicker: The line flicker effect is basically having a normal screen in the "even" frames, and setting the screen one scanline down in the "odd" frames. So for an APAC mode, the GTIA 11 and 9 lines of one frame mix/merge with the GTIA 9 and 11 lines of the next frame. Then this is similar to interlace, but the idea is to reduce the dark lines product of using the GTIA 11 mode. Here.. a video is better.. (you need to set the quality to 720p50Hz to see it): In the middle of the video I activate the "frame blending" option in Altirra, so that's why the effect start looking "better". From what I understand some modern TV's do a similar effect. I'm a little undecided about this, but it could be an option. Probably I could give a final verdict if I see it running in real hardware. I think it would be a little better in NTSC also (30 Hz instead of 25 Hz). Implementing this with DLI's is trivial, but with IRQ's it was kind of a "side quest". First problem was that I was using one IRQ every two scanlines, to flip between GTIA 11 and 9 every line. Why?, because for 32 bytes mode lines, is faster to do a medium IRQ every two lines, than one small IRQ every line. Given that I was also going to implement this effect over a char mode, using one IRQ every two lines was "convenient", to skip the bad lines. But if you want to move your screen one scan line down, every "odd" frame, you will need to re sync the starting point of your IRQ's. That means touching SKCTL (15KHz clock) or STIMER (1.79MHz clock) every frame. And if you also want to play sounds or music, you don't want to write SKCTL or STIMER every frame, because they are going to sound wrong. I don't know if there is a way to do that.. maybe this is a question for phaeron In the end, I also needed to change the font every mode line, so with all those requeriments, the only solution was having one IRQ every line. Using the IRQ on channel 1, clocked to 1.79MHz, I can use the remaining 3 channels without any restriction (no need to force the music to 15KHz). Also you can sync the IRQ's to a point before the start of the badlines, so there is no conflict there (it still needs to be short). And you can move your screen one scan line down every odd frame, without the need to touch STIMER, just by moving the scan line of your DLI that init the IRQ's for that frame. Project X: The idea behind Project X was having a renderer with a processing cost near 0.. is that even possible?, without using all the memory?. Well.. yes. For starters one screen window uses 64 bytes, compared to the 4K per screen of Project M. So is kind of obvious that writing 64 bytes is a loooot faster than writing 4K (we are talking about the same screen resolution). I suppose this is a good example of the flexibility of the A8 to generate special "graphic" modes x) The big drawback of this mode is that you can only have very simple walls, so no complex textures. If you are smart you can have a good number of variations (more with a cartridge), but you have only a few number of different designs to use. The good thing is that they can be colorful, you win a nice and free depth cue effect, and you get back like 16K of ram (comparing it to Project M). Also, most of the processing time can be dedicated now to the "raycasting rays" part, and also.. objects experiments. Project M has a type of renderer that uses a block of around 14K for the scaling code (to scale up or down the textures). The scaling code points to a fixed 8K area in memory, where all the textures reside (and that would be one hell of a use for the banks of a cartridge). This is basically precompiled code, very fast, but still need to fill a 4K area for every logic frame. On the other side, Project X is the type of renderer that has all possible wall columns already scaled in memory, so it only needs to write 2 bytes to generate a final scaled wall column on screen (with background included). For this particular renderer it could be useful to use GTIA 10 instead of 11, to generate the color part of APAC, but I would need to see how that looks, because of the different offset of the GTA 10 pixels against the GTIA 9 pixels. Another advantage of Project X, is that it allows the camera/player to be closer to the walls, so is easier to move through doors. Also, the extra speed allowed me to increase the visual quality, using more precision on some of the raycasting data. Raycast Optimizations: After this, it was time to optimize the raycasting code. Now that the camera pivot is in the player position, there was a way to speed up a lot the camera rotations. It could have minor visual imperfections, but they are noticeable only if you are looking for them, so I tried it on. Then.. rotations were running at 54 fps in PAL ... yeah that's not an error (still NTSC was a little slower than 60). Because my frame rate was never that high and I use double buffering, I never needed a hard screen sync before. So it could happen that I render more than one logical frame per hardware frame. I added a "soft" kind of screen sync, so PAL don't go over 50 (softer than just waiting for a specific VCOUNT value, I wait for a VCOUNT "zone", so you can start rendering the next frame sooner, if the previous one was shorter than average, for example). After that, was the turn to improve all the raycasting that is done outside rotations. I had the idea, long ago, about interpolating most raycast info between 2 rays that were touching the same wall. The full idea means doing something like a binary search over the rays, and a general interpolation between any two rays. But there is a danger that doing all that could end up costing you too much time. So I decided to do a simplified version, that only check if ray N and ray N+2 touch the same wall, and then see if it can interpolate most of the data from ray N+1 (interpolation is also easier this way, with some specifics to the type of data you are interpolating). It was another good optimization. I would say in average 8 rays get interpolated (which is a lot faster than doing the raycast). So the speed up is similar to the one when you run Project M in the smaller window (starting the demo with SHIFT pressed). I can easily move these optimizations to Project M (fighting a little with ram distribution), so that's a low hanging fruit for the future. Objects: The implementation for this is another old idea. It was kind of surprising that it worked so easily and without major issues x) Basically, for every active object, I need to get the direction from the player, the distance and the screen size of the object. For every one of these I have a table that is accessed using the positive deltas between the camera position and the object position. Is little more complex, because there is also a "scale factor" involved, that is related to the distance between the camera and the object. If the object is closer to the player, then the tables provide more "resolution" for the data that they contain. The direction is transformed into a world angle index, that is later changed to a screen angle index, to see if an object is inside the screen. Then the distance is used to see if we need to clip some columns of the object, against walls that can be between the camera and the object. Finally the object should be rendered using the correct sprite frame, for an object of that size and with that orientation. This is different in the video, because for now I only draw columns of different width and size, and also change the color according to the distance. Right now the angle table uses 1K and I think it would look better with more resolution (that would mean 4K instead). The distance table uses 256 words (so 512 bytes), and it haves 7 bits of precision that I'm not using yet, but it works well enough. I was using a size table of 256 bytes, but in the end I don't need it, because objects also need the perpendicular distance to the camera (same correction as wall columns), so I'm using the same code used for the walls, to get this scale factor. In the video I implemented two "objects", one of them moving in a loop. They get activated when they are at a "visible" distance from the player (like 8 tiles away) and if they are disabled they should not cost much processing time. Probably two enemies at the same is a good rational limit for this engine, but I would have to test this more. Set the quality to 720p50Hz also for this.. For the future: (whenever that is..) For Project X, it could be useful to force a max frame rate of 25 in PAL (30 or 20 in NTSC), so it is a little more stable. Now it can go from 50 to a little below 20 (in very specific points of the maze, looking in specific directions and with 2 objects active.. but maybe I can optimize this worst case), so that variation may bother some people. In general I would say the average goes between 25 and 35 fps. So maybe locking the upper limit could be another option. Also, for any movement logic, is better to have a stable frame rate, but you can also solve this moving the logic to an interruption. The next step would be using better graphics for the objects, and that would require more complex clipping and lots of sprite frames . This can be done using P/M's, or char based software sprites in Project X (there is space for that), or just software sprites, in Project M. I also need to move the optimizations and the object code to Project M, but maybe it would be more productive to start migrating everything to a cartridge. Regards!
  3. Well, it's coming soon! Just waiting for a bunch of assets from @TIX and @miker @VinsCool updated the tunes from the previous demo but is no longer being able to work on the remaining ones so those will be done by Miker who also did the most of the SFX (a few where supplied by @makary too) (that's going to be a long credits list when it's complete!) It's not going to be the full release yet (but you'll get a couple of levels 😁) as I still need to fix the PMG priority which is the last big feature remaining. To be honest, bad PMG priority doesn't bother me that much... but it'd feel like cheating a bit if it didn't have it.
  4. Of course I do, if only for my own sanity I need to get this done 🤪 The last thing I want in the next build is dual PMG color, and it's already working for the player but it's pretty easy as it's only used for skin+blood: So it's only the enemy colors that require fixing because right now he's not wearing his pants!
  5. My wife made this for me in her art class!! We’re pretty stoked for the Amico here!! Hopefully everything is still going good with everything going on!
  6. How about some positive and happy news for the world right now! Intellivision is happy to announce that next Tuesday, March 17th we will be releasing a brand new 3 minute gameplay trailer highlighting 22 games! Almost half of which have never before been seen or talked about. Oh look! Here's one now!
  7. Good man! We got some amazing things on the drawing board right now. But next up... anyone interested in checking out a new 3 minute trailer that includes new footage from 22 games! 9 games no one has ever seen before (or I've talked about) and other things like more Astrosmash levels, 4 new Moon Patrol levels and 7 Skiing levels! COMING ON MONDAY!!!!!!! Along with a new press release! And then 2 more MEET AMICO videos by the end of the month! VIP Pre-Orders start March 31st!! ...and you guys thought that the E3 news would keep us down? NOT A CHANCE!!! Going to double and triple down on EVERYTHING now!!
  8. "Platform 3" is the working tile for my latest game project (I already had a "Platform 1" and a "Platform 2" folder). I posted the graphics here a month ago, but since then I have worked on making it interactive. The plan is to make a game that has more puzzles than action. I would like to implement a reasonably accurate physics engine where movement is controlled by forces (i.e. acceleration). For instance, gravity will always be present, but downwards movement is blocked by floors. It has taken a while to get it to work, but for now it seems pretty robust. The viewport of the map is uploaded to the VDP every frame (no matter if it's scrolling or not), so changes to the map in CPU RAM are reflected immediately. That makes it possible to make the moving platforms from characters rather than sprites. I also plan to make some enemies from characters in order to stay under the 4 sprite per line limit. The frame rate is currently 60 FPS, but this will soon drop to 30 FPS as more features are added. That's not a bad thing since the scrolling and the platforms are a bit too fast now.
  9. Yo! Starting at noon today we will be announcing 1 new game every hour. Complete with some short but new video clips not previously shown. BTW... just added a pre-order info page to the website. Includes the first images of the new renders in matte, etc. https://www.intellivisionamico.com/amico-vip-pre-order-info Will try to catch up on all the questions and posts (and drama) this weekend. Thanks!
  10. ok I have another story about this 7-11. It was about a couple years before the last story. So late 1970s. The 7-11 was just getting these new arcade games in, they were asteroids and space invader first wave type stuff. So anyway during the summer me and a couple of my friends are just goofing around walking about like you did back then. Suddenly we saw this older guy we knew, he was like 16 or 17, we were all like 11 or 12. So he said he was heading up to play some of the games at the 7-11 to make sure he still had all the high scores there. The guy was known to be a bit of a dork but he really was good at these games, so we said what the hell lets go watch him play. So we head off on our 5 block walk to 7-11, along the way we pick up a few more guys and so by now he has 6 or 7 of us following him up to the store. You could tell he was digging it having this little posse follow him up. SO we get there and he's strutting across 7-11 to get to the asteroids game which was tucked in corner with the other couple games they had there. So he gets to the game and he sees this little girl 10 years old or so playing asteroids and full of bravado he says "beat it kid, this is my game" without hesitating the little girl looks back without missing a beat and says " shut up and wait your turn loser" well hearing that we all lose it. We are laughing and mocking him, the lil girl told him off in front of everyone, it was classic. It turns out this girl was from a family of all girls with a marine dad and they really took no shit from anyone. So he basically got so embarrassed he just left, so we just all got slurpees and went home.... Cool story yes/no... oh but there is more. Little did I know at the time, but at this moment was the first time I ever met what would later turn out to be my wife. Yep I ended up marrying that lil take no crap girl and we are still happily married to this day. (fyi- she still plays arcade games to this day as well)
  11. Because it's a non-answer. I really don't understand why so many backers like yourself are so content on Atari's constant refusal to be straight up with you.
  12. Yo! Just wanted to let folks know (who have been waiting anxiously for the MEET AMICO video) that I still have some editing to do so I'll be releasing it tomorrow. HUGE day today with a ton of positive things that pulled me away from completing the video earlier in the day. It's 98% finished now... but would be dumb to launch it at night when folks aren't actively online. So will wait til tomorrow morning. Thanks! Sorry for the delay. GREAT interview with @OEB_Pete tonight! And he got some AMAZING exclusives!! I even told him some of the SUPER SECRETS off air. His video will drop tomorrow as well. Great day! Gotta go back to editing... I have a bunch of pages to catch up on. I'll get to everyone's questions eventually. Thanks for your patience.
  13. Here's another screenshot from a very unique and exclusive game we'll be showing in the trailer on Tuesday. And speaking of SAFE... our 4 company pillars at Intellivision are Simple, Affordable, Family, Entertainment.... spells S.A.F.E.! Intellivision Amico is something that parents around the world can trust.
  14. Not sure where this was written, but I, as the person in charge of the events organisation he claimed in his utter bullshit 'expose' to actually be the creator of, can confirm unreservedly that I've repeatedly made it clear he would never again be welcome at Revival. In fact even though old rivalries exist elsewhere, he is in fact the ONLY person to ever be barred from our events. I should introduce myself at this point and say that I am Craig Turner, joint founder of Revival Retro Events along with Chris Wilkins. Since Chris departed after just our second major event in 2014, I alone have single handedly been running virtually every aspect of these non-profit events, with the assistance of a small group of collectors and enthusiasts who simply volunteer their personal collections and their free time to help make Revival the biggest dedicated retro gaming event in the UK. I should also let you know that I'm in process of preparing my own document with ACTUAL evidence proving every single one of the points he dared to raise against me and the Revival team are complete lies, as well as the full reason he was told he was no longer welcome and the sustained attack he has been maintaining since early 2017 when I told him where to go, and in fact for a long time before that, which led me to take the action I did. It's going to take a while as tons has surfaced now former victims of his psychopathy have begun talking, I've been granted apologies and I've been given access to conversations he had confirming what we always suspected. For now though this is just a summary rebuttal to document my main problems with him. Whilst this cretin used to loosely be part of this team (brought in by Chris as another helping hand, before I even knew who he was), he was NOT a founder, the events or name are NOT based on anything he claims to have done prior, and he was NOT involved in ANY part of the organisation beyond providing a few consoles in the early days. He did NOT create the name, the entire concept of the event was conceived from Chris doing two minor events in 2004 and 2008, and myself carrying forward some opinions being relayed to me as a former helper to other events that pure retro gamers weren't happy with those events going more commercial and comic-con focused, asking us to instead create an event that kept the attractions purely retro-related. I came up with the name, created the logo and all associated branding, scouted and found all of the initial venues, sourced equipment and collaborators, ran all of the advertising, set up the YouTube channel and funded the initial event, along with money from Chris, to make the first event happen. Prior to the first Revival in 2013, I met him a total of 2 times - once at an early meeting when some of us were discussing contributions from the museums and other early collaborators (at which his contribution was zero) and once more when he accompanied Chris to the first venue, long after it had been secured and most of the details bashed out. He had zero input whatsoever, had no access to our social media or website control, and was not involved in any of the planning or advertising. There's dozens of podcasts, video segments, radio appearances and other interviews from me, Chris or both of us together, and we remained fully liable if the event bombed. After Chris left I rebuilt the events into something much bigger and he remained on the team, but his welcome was already wearing thin. On more than one occasion we received complaints about his behaviour with members of the public at the events, including an incident where he snubbed a request for help by the leader of an autistic youth group who I'd made special provision to attend our 2015 event, where he quite literally walked away from her face to face remarking he was "too busy to help", witnessed by other staff members who stepped in to rectify the situation, as well as some stunned onlookers. He was asked to admit people at a busy first event and was promptly removed from reception after failing to check numbers on a ticket against an excel spreadsheet. He came to reception repeatedly during busy admission time to complain loudly that his name lanyard was spelt wrong, and declare that he just wouldn't wear it unless a new one was issued immediately - in earshot of paying visitors. He would repeatedly berate others in our internal staff chat, rubbishing feature and exhibit ideas, scoff at private chat and announcements where we might otherwise be patting each other on the back, and generally be unproductive. He didn't join us on post-event meals and generally segregated himself. He would film the events for his channel's benefit, and speak of them as though he was an outsider, but as you see all over his numerous fluff pieces and profiles, when there is credit to be taken he exaggerates his input and significance to further inflate his ego and forgets the royal 'we', instead portraying himself as solely creditable for anything that is going well. You'll recognise this as identical to what he did to Chris and his book contributions, where if he writes something and gets into a publication, he is the reason it did so well. If it doesn't and it does well, he goes out of his way to destroy it out of sheer jealousy, as he did sharing free versions of those books online and doing his shitty 'reviews'. He even rubbished and reviewed publications he DID appear in.... exactly what he did with Revival. With increasing pressure with each event, I required more help to deal with some of the admin. With me and every member of the team having full time jobs, finding someone to do things wasn't easy as most folks were far too busy. With a rocky 2016 jump to a larger event we had to go bigger, and so I had to spend more time seeking minor sponsorship, promoting and seeking new help every hour outside of my normal day - if we didn't break even it was on my head and I couldn't afford to fund shortfalls. The simplest thing I could delegate was to have someone handle the detailed and structured announcement schedule, prep images and ensure all announcements were properly shared throughout groups, primarily Facebook where most of our demographic reside. In mid 2016 he stuck his hand up to volunteer which I knew was risky, but I had no one else to do it. He wasn't given access to the website, Youtube or Twitter though thankfully, as besides one way-too-long 'promo video' (basically a flipbook of console images about 10 minutes long) that he uploaded to HIS channel, (even though I wanted to approve it first and upload to our Youtube), his contact within the group was low, and after that all he did was post updated videos of his '50 xxx console games' videos with a Revival banner tacked on, upload them to his channel and then post them on the Revival page, not actually promoting the event and whenever I intervened to share a post, he would immediately follow it with his own videos, as if to shadow our announcements and to promote himself more. He said very early on he would likely 'be out' of the next event because of his upcoming wedding but flitted back and forth with interest. I largely ignored his comments in the group chat at this point because he had started so many arguments with different members of the team I was quietly relieved he wouldn't be involved, and out of politeness (read: out of a suspicion he would become hostile) I thanked him for what he'd done and then we just cracked on with plans and left his access in place. Every so often after that though he would continue starting arguments with the team outside of the group, and most of them spoke to me individually about how they felt they could no longer work with him. I let it ride and tried several times to keep the peace but he just kept at it every so often. After publicly posting on the Revival page several times using his personal profile about how shit he thought some of the guests were, over-analysing a light-hearted announcement and how terrible he thought our ideas were. I finally pulled him up on this and he didn't even reply to my messages. Things continued and it came to a head in March 2017, when after starting yet another argument with several team members privately, he decided to put up a public post on his own wall, tagging us all and the event page by name, which said something to the effect of "Cant believe the amount of abuse and bullying I'm receiving from x, x and x, Craig Turner it's lovely company you keep over there at Revival", intentionally tagging us all so everyone would see it, harming our reputation and dragging me and my events into an argument that was nothing to do with either. All this despite just a few months prior, my reputation and the names of Revival and others were thrown into the firing line again when I openly defended him when he was being accused of being a thief and misappropriating the funds of a different small event he claimed leadership of. This was the final straw and so I messaged him directly to tell him he was bang out of order, ask what his problem was and remind him that I had always defended him. He replied by steadfastly denying I'd done so, suggesting me and Chris had somehow wronged him in the setting up of Revival, and that he had never been 'thanked' for his contributions, so he had a right to be pissed off. This was all very shocking and so I reminded him of how outrageous this all sounded, and suggested he was having some kind of mental delusions. I'd already had a conversation years ago where he was losing his head over a minor argument and when I suggested he was seriously overreacting I suggested he should seek help professionally, and that was when he was a 'friend'. Now I told him outright he sounded simply insane to the point of being destructive. He repeated over and over again he was never 'thanked', despite him being publicly thanked several time more so than more productive members of the team, in team photos and had his room costs covered despite being claimed to be higher than that of other members of the team staying in the same hotel. He had a stroppy sulk after 2016's event where we were all going for a curry afterwards sitting away from everyone but within range in the bar, and when 50 of us were going out for food several of us kept going over to ask if he was coming with us and he'd just reply with a sulking "I have no money" remark. It's a phrase he's repeated so many times since to other people, and I finally got to understand it - he wanted paying for his contributions, no matter how insignificant, whether they were wanted, or whether there was any agreement to be paid or not. These are the same gripes he has had with Chris, Retro Gamer and everyone; he believes his mere presence is so awesome it warrants reward. At the end of all of this I told him in very plain words I was sick of lies lies and deviance, and told him in no uncertain terms he wasn't welcome, never to darken our door again and blocked him from any access to me or Revival directly. He then blocked most members of the team but it didn't stop. For years now, he had been spreading vile rumours to anyone who would listen about us, post public lies about things we had supposedly done or said, and interchangeably rubbishing me, Chris an Revival in any conversation he had about any of us. This, it now turns out went to an incredibly sociopathic level, as he accused me an Chris of saying some horrid things about youtubers and prominent members of the scene, created sockpuppets to start hate campaigns against his new found allies and enemies alike, then professing to them the sockpuppets belonged to me, Chris and members of the Revival team. He doubled down by going after individual members even after retaliation was inevitable, and even when one or two members told him it would get physical, he continued his barrage. The good news now is I have screencaps of all of these incidents, the sockpuppetry, and all the private conversations I had the foresight to capture over all this time. In anticipation of his 15-page monologue of self-aggrandisation those of us wronged got our heads together and now have the evidence exchanged to show the truth. It's so immense its taking me weeks to go through it and pick out all the relevant parts and organise it, and it's already distracted me from my last minute event plans as it is. Needless to say it's concrete and it's damning. Some even seen before, but much of it not. It will come out and I won't pull my punches or hide behind aliases. I will only be defending myself though to get the truth out online - anyone trying to use this to springboard themselves to more popularity or score a reputation of the back of because they've already buried themselves is on their own. Anyone still sitting on the fence is a coward, and anyone not sharing evidence or trying to go through me or others needs to grow some balls and speak for themselves. The bottom line is that any negatives said about me by him are utter bullshit, any negatives you've heard in passing rumours is created by him with the sole purpose of trying to spoil our events and the team's reputation, and he is a parasite of the utmost level of obsessive hate towards anyone and everything that is good or successful. People are not friends, they are commodities - and once he is bored with you he will begin the mental gymnastics and edit wars to support whatever narrative he wants to convey to the next fool. He is utterly beyond redemption and knowingly mentally unstable living in a small pocket of enablers, and will never allow the cycle to be broken so will twist the world around him to fit his narcissistic self image and infallibility. Quite simply the most reprehensible person I've ever had the misfortune to meet. If you try to be indifferent, you're an enabler. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem and the community should rightly banish you by association too. I don't have time for it - this fool has been ruining my hobby for years.
  15. Hi Tommy, I live in TRIESTE, in north-east Italy. Fortunately, our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia, is not a very affected region, TRIESTE which is on the border with Slovenia, even less ... But anyway we are all at home. But it's nice for me to talk to you. I know you have a lot to do ... but like all collectors, I would like to show you my collection ... yes, I know that you know Intellivision tapes and games well ... but I would like your opinion ... however, when you have time ... ...take a look at this link;). Do you think that just yesterday, on Ebay, I bought a mint game box from Space Armada, from Intellivision, INK that I was missing ... and I am in negotiations to buy a box of always Space armada, blue, but with ACTION written on the side NETWORK, and not SPACE NETWORK .... Simply fantastic that even after 40 years, I have "pleasure" to see the shelves of my Intellivision box room full .... more and more ... I also wanted to show you my art and my love, when I was a child ... I was only 11 years old ... hours and hours to draw magnificent screens of the games most dear to me ... I wanted your opinion on these mine drawings... ... I can't wait to buy the gray version of AMICO tomorrow at 10 .... What a beautiful word you have chosen! In addition, I will allow myself to send you a private message, because I wanted to bring to your attention, a game title that I own, and that I don't know ...... soon;)...
  16. hey, hope all are safe and doing well is this corona visrus challenging times. here is a progress update: wonderboy.rom the version is now running on mega cart 1MB, so when running this with altirra please select mega cart 1MB. you have welcome screen, title screen, get ready screen and level in place wonderboy is running around the level. this time the level is full length. wonderboy power is dropping down by the minute and when it reaches zero he dies with lingering effect, so make sure to ran fast to complete level collision also works (not 100% perfect) but still , if you fall from terrain platform - you die. when level reaches the ends (goal flag) it restarts with issue, so ignore. game work in 50 FPS for now and smooth scrolling. there are bugs, there are glitches, but hey, hoaxers are always progressing. next steps, revamp welcome screen, and a bit of title screen implementing game over screen implementing succesfull complete level screen and adding level objects (fruits, enemies, easter eggs, doll etc...) then level is ready enjoy and stay safe....
  17. Had to shorten Moon Patrol a bit. It's okay... still 4 levels. Yep. I'll tell you which one tomorrow. Hint: first 3 letters are AD&D. (drops mic) 😲 🐉
  18. Evil Hater Taco Trolls™ sounds like one of those Milton Bradley board games from the 70's. Just needs the Pop-O-Matic™ dice. (Kids shouting) "Evil Hater Taco Trolls! Evil Hater Taco Trolls!" (Narrator) "Those Evil Hater Taco Trolls are back! Can you stop 'em? Move your player around the board using the Pop-O-Matic dice! Land on the right square, and you can send those Evil Hater Taco Trolls back under the rock they crawled out from!" (Kid) "Take that Evil Hater Taco Troll!!" (Kid slams plastic "AtariAge" rock over the Evil Hater Taco Troll in the center of the board) (Narrator) "But don't land on William Shatner!" (Kid lands on picture of William Shatner wearing a Mariachi outfit, "Jarabe Tapatio" starts playing from a tiny little speaker) (Kid) "Oh no! Now I have to eat a taco!" (Other kids, laughing) "Oh no! Es muy mal!" (Kid, grimacing, picks up a fake plastic taco, and shoves it into the face of his player piece - a tiny, plastic Michael Arzt) (Kid) "Nom, nom, nom!" (Narrator) "Choose from all of your favorite AtariLand characters! Arzty-Farzty! Cheesy-Chezzy! Frugal-Feargal! And Hands-Down-The-Back-Of-His-Pants-Wyatt!" (Kid, moving piece, landing on a square, cringes) "Oh no! Mike Kennedy!! Now I have to start all over again!" (Kids shouting) "Evil Hater Taco Trolls! Evil Hater Taco Trolls!" (Narrator) "That's Evil Hater Taco Trolls!! Coming soon from Atari!" (Narrator, in fast, lower voice) "Evil Hater Taco Trolls requires some assembly. Evil Hater Taco Trolls will not work with the AtariVCS, but you can stream it for $5 and play it on a Raspberry Pi. Netflix not included."
  19. I love the Amico, I do indeed I love the Amico. It's what I need. I will play it in my house. I will play it with my spouse. I will play it here and there. I will play it everywhere. The Amico, the Amico is all I need. Yes, I love the Amico. I do indeed.
  20. I think I can speak with authority in saying that Atari themselves set that level for dumbassery on Reddit... I mean let's be honest... what kind of genius manages to get booted from a subreddit dedicated to their own project?
  21. I have been meaning to post this photo since it was taken on February 1st. David/Utopia on Atariage,on the left I met here on Atariage because of the Intellivision. He and his Wife were on a vacation visiting the Los Angeles area so my Wife and I picked them up downtown to tour around a bit and visit my house to play some intellivision. We both have preordered the Amico Founders Edition and are very much looking forward to the system coming out. We are in touch regarding the current worldwide events and since we all made great friends that day,hopefully we will stay in touch for life. Both he and his Wife are great people we had much in common with,even while being on continents far from each other. All because we are lifelong intellivision fanatics!👍😊 I thought I would share this here,and now,to hopefully brighten up everyone's day. Oh yeah,we played a little Frog Bog,Bi-planes and Utopia and visited the Griffith Observatory and the CBS Studio Center lot where I work for extra fun. If any of you Intellivision folks are in Los Angeles,send me a message and maybe stop by and play a couple games sometime!
  22. BOOM!!! In our challenging quest to try and stay as positive as possible during this most difficult time in the world, we hope our newest 3 minute gameplay trailer and upcoming VIP Edition announcement adds a little excitement and joy to your day. Thank-you for your incredible enthusiasm and support as we all try to stay safe and continue to face challenges ahead. We know that as a community, as people... we will overcome and flourish again. [PRESS RELEASE] INTELLIVISION REVEALS NEW GAMEPLAY TRAILER SHOWCASING 23 GAMES Legacy Video Game Company Announces March 31 Limited VIP Edition Amico System Pre-Order IRVINE, Calif. – March 17, 2020 – In anticipation of the Intellivision Amico family entertainment system launching later this year, Intellivision today announced a new gameplay trailer now available. Showcasing 23 games, nearly half of which have never been seen, the trailer offers enthusiasts a sneak peek at the reimagined favorites and groundbreaking original games that will be featured on Intellivision’s newest system Amico, launching 10-10-2020. Following a sold-out Founders Edition program – launched in January and selling out within hours – Intellivision is excited to announce a limited VIP Edition pre-order program for the highly anticipated Amico system. Beginning March 31, 2020, fans who take advantage of the pre-order will gain access to the Graphite Black and Glacier White consoles for the first time as well as a second chance to secure the Vintage Woodgrain model. Included in the VIP Edition program are a $25 RFID Amico digital game store gift card, a 25% off online merchandise store discount code, a lenticular Running Man trading card signed by Tommy Tallarico, and three digital video game soundtrack albums including “Earthworm Jim Anthology.” With a $100 refundable deposit, the pre-order bundle is $249 for Graphite Black or Glacier White and $279 for Vintage Woodgrain. Subscribed mailing list followers will receive an email invitation on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time with purchase instructions. Make sure to sign up at www.IntellivisionAmico.com # # # https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R2CRuQNBzk
  23. 23! The amount of games shown in the trailer tomorrow. JUST got in a super amazing SURPRISE that folks here are gonna FREAK over!! Didn't think it was going to be ready in time... but the developer kicked ass for us to get it in for tomorrow. Editing it in now!
  24. Lets keep this HAPPY and POSITIVE train going! Another day... another screenshot from our trailer! Yikes! Big jump! Lets hope this screenshot ends well!
  25. @Michael Garvey!! This one's for you! Made this yesterday. Hahhahaa! 0311201800.mp4
  26. Thanks Michael!! That really means a lot to hear you say that. Yeah... good advice. Sometimes I get caught up too much in the negative stuff... even though it's a very very small minority... But a lot of you have my back and understand a lot about whats going on and how we operate. Makes a big difference knowing folks are understanding what we're trying to accomplish. If it was just me fighting all the negativity all the time... it would drag me down and make it tough to want to interact at all. So THANKS to everyone!!!!!!!!! (except for you negative cock-knockers... you still SUCK!)
  27. Here are the close ups of the 3 in case you haven't been to the website lately... You can really see the difference the matte will make!
  28. Watch "Meet Amico™ - Missile Command w/controllers!" on YouTube Here ya go
  29. I've started the 1st and 2nd pass of updating the Atari XE section of Atarimuseum.com - new engineering memo's and technical documents from July through December 1984 have been adding, giving a much broader look into what the Tramiel Atari was originally planning for the XL series of computers, how the product designs changed by September into a cost reduction roadmap for the Atari 800XL and 800XLF series and how the lower cost 900XLF series would become the 65XE. How a 128K 800XLF prototype would then become the 130XE... Details on "MUFFY" a combination FREDDIE and MMU chip that Atari worked on through August of 1984 and details of the use of an integrated 8049/1770 disk controller originally designed for the cost reduced 1450XLD called the 800XLD were originally planned for all of the new XLF systems, but dropped at the end of August 1984... Much more coming in that whole section along with updated photo's and more memo's and documents, this really gives a much better window into what happens from the XL to XE series, though it is much more clearly understood that the XE's were just 800XLF's from the Atari Inc days renamed XE's... http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XE/xesystems.html
  30. Finally compiled everything and finally got all of the data put into a menu menu'ing hierarchy I've wanted to implement for a long time. RAINBOW page will be updated soon. Waiting for some documents to come from Kevin Savetz and I have a bunch of chip tape outs and other materials I'll add in. The AMY stuff is already up in the RAINBOW page. http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/aed/OMNI/
  31. The NDA that is stopping the Historian from telling his full story will expire before this thing is released.
  32. Yo!, I made the mistake of venturing over to the Amico thread on Reddit late last night and something caught my eye that was a bit disappointing. Here is the comment... LordRayken tommy has changed a lot of his answers in the atariage thread. i am on his side but its hard to defend him when he is now saying he may not even have 10 units for E3. if he cant even get 10 units by e3 how is he going to get thousands and thousands by september for an october launch? i dont think hes as trustworthy about this as he lets on anymore. A few things... 1. I wish if this person had a question or issue he would just take it up with me publicly in here. I would have no problem addressing his question or concern. But to basically call me a liar... is going too far. Especially when the question was never posed to me in here. 2. Yes... I change answers in here because everyone is seeing, hearing, reading all of this stuff in real time as its happening. Most people understand and appreciate this. I'm just surprised the concept of things changing isn't clearly understood by some people. But to basically call me a liar because of it? Really?!? I'm ALWAYS open and honest ALL the time. I guess... to a fault. Every sentence and word I say shouldn't be held to some kind of perfect standard that is never going to change. All of this is happening in real time and plans constantly change. Companies NEVER do this... for exactly this reason. Yet I continue to do it anyway... knowing that stuff will be used against me in the future. Sad. Yes... at one point I was hoping to have 50 or so machines on the floor of E3. Then Corona hit. But if we get 10 - 20 in a featured position with BIG TIME TV coverage... I'm happy with that. As if I could predict the Coronavirus? But whether it's 10 or 50 (or NONE if it gets canceled) the machines at E3 wouldn't be the ones that come off the assembly line anyway. They would be DEV KIT versions. So the phrase "he can't even get 10 units by E3 how is he going to get thousands by Sept/Oct" is 2 COMPLETELY different things. Anyway... I just wanted to point out how disappointing it is to read stuff like this when I've always been so honest and upfront about every little thing. For folks to now somehow use it against me is going a little too far IMO. Last comment about Reddit. I have never read so many ridiculous, uneducated and just plain STUPID remarks than from the user: paprium_fiasco. This guy really takes the cake! Literally EVERY comment I've ever read from this guy is almost completely the opposite. And you guys thought that Tony guy was off? Nah... this papsmear dude is on a whole different level. Another self proclaimed "genius" who pretends to know everything... yet knows nothing and doesn't have the balls to come here and confront me in a manner fitting of an adult. People need to understand that we're not going to pull the trigger on a $10 Million marketing/advertising budget if we will only be able to produce 100,000 machines. Why? Because we could sell that many on our own with very little marketing. This is business 101.
  33. It's been said before, but bears a repeat: Tommy, THANK YOU for continuing to hang out here and chat even with folks baiting you or openly misrepresenting your words and actions. The waiting till 10/10/2020 is excruciating, but it is sooooooo much better with you than without you.
  34. @Mikeee76, Wasteland's (KazKompo and Atari Homebrew Awards 2019 3rd place) programmer, has just released Angry Betty. The game has been programmed in Mad Pascal. The player must dig through dirt collecting money (gems) and spend it later to build a new house for him and his wife Betty. Every next floor costs $100. There is also a small store where items (pickaxes etc) can be bought. SELECT console key or joystick in port #2 to select pickaxe, bombs or ladders. Download (PAL and NTSC versions): https://www.mikej.de/game20.php
  35. I had a chance to disassemble the Dimension 4 and make some pictures. It is different from the parts I have, but the difference is not as great as I initially suspected. Like mine, the motherboard has very few components on it--including the video modulator. There is a switch on the left side of the console to select between channels 3 and 4. Like mine, the CPU and most of the logic is on a daughter board. I thought mine placed this board above the motherboard, but looking at this one, I may have been wrong (or this is just another difference). This daughter board is placed below the motherboard. The cartridge port connectors are the same in both versions I have. The attachment is quite different to the ones we use in production consoles though. The power supply is different too--it uses a 10-pin connector to attach to the motherboard. The exit from the console is just a cable from the power supply, so I suspect this was not how it would have looked when in production, as there was a space there for the external power supply connector we use now. This leads to another difference between the two part sets. The Dimension 4 has a speaker jack for sound. My parts set has a small board that replaces the internal power supply with one of the volume slide switches and connects to an internal speaker. All power comes into the console in the form of the required DC voltages. The parts themselves are also instructive. The chips in the Dimension 4 look to be made on or before the 44th week of 1978, whereas the parts in my loose parts set have chips made as late as the 52nd week of 1978, so these two board sets were probably made about 8 weeks apart, near the end of 1978. For those of you looking for pictures, download the attached ZIP file. Have much fun with these, Fabrice! Dimension 4.zip
  36. new welcome screen revamp: looking much better than previous screen... What do you think?
  37. You'll have 3 choices (and 2 different price points). Vintage Woodgrain ($279) Graphite Black ($249) Glacier White ($249) All will come with great value bonuses that are different from the Founders Edition (not as good... but still pretty cool). I have also decided to do something a little special for all of our Founders Edition folks as well!
  38. Sorry! We decided to wait until Tuesday as the news cycle on Monday is going to be packed with negativity and Coronavirus stuff from the weekend. So we decided to wait until Tuesday instead.
  39. You know, for the VCShills always claiming we're all so "angry," we sure do have a lot of laughs around here How can anyone be mad with Trek 'N Tacos?
  40. Bosconian 1.5f bosco64pal.xex - 64K pal Atari bosco128.xex - 128K pal/ntsc Atari bosco64pal.xex bosco128.xex
  41. Console color name change! Check it out... here's an Atari Age exclusive... We are changing the color names of the black and white consoles because we decided that we're going to do them in MATTE finishes (the main bodies) what satin highlights. They look SO COOL!!! So Obsidian Black and Glacier White didn't work anymore (because those things are very shiny/glossy, etc.). I wanted to keep it nature based for the black & white versions so the new names are... Graphite Black (love that one!) and Ivory White It will be in our press release on Tuesday... but thought I'd sprinkle a little info in here for everyone.
  42. Thanks BiffMan! I really appreciate that!! I really do! It's been difficult sometimes to keep doing this. But folks like you and the others make it worth it.
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