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    JagStudio is an advanced development suite for the Atari Jaguar that allows you to code using Assembler, BASIC or C and is based around Reboot's powerful RAPTOR API. Regardless of your programming capabilities, Beginners to Advanced coders can utilize this flexible package that will fully suit the needs of anyone looking to program exciting new games for the Jaguar. The benefits of using JagStudio are the Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs) and the combination of external modules available to use. This allows you, the developer, to get on with writing your games while taking advantage of the Jaguar's powerful chipset without worrying about tedious, underlying mundane routines. The same results that once took days or weeks to achieve can now be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to the power of JagStudio! You are one click away from 64-bit creativity! The current release of JagStudio along with any previous versions can be obtained at its homepage: https://jagstudio.reboot-games.com Some of the features of JagStudio are: Code in your language preference of Assembly, BASIC or C. (Assembly and C are currently in Beta... help us make them better!) Commands have been renamed (from rB+) to reflect the individual modules they control and prefixed as such: rapPrint, u235PlaySample, etc. RAPTOR API Debug Function brings useful program variable visibility to the forefront, aiding ease of game development. GameDrive support along with MRQ file creation. ROM builder now adds FAST GPU depack by default for quicker startup times. Ability to build and split ROMs up to 6MB into HI/LO for EPROM burning. Updated both RAPTOR and U235 Sound Engine APIs to current versions, bringing additional benefits of both in a single updated package. Added universal JagPad Input - A single call that works with either U235 or ZeroSquare sound engine so projects can be easily converted between the two should your needs change. Many enhancements and bug fixes to the original rB+ code (eg, you can now include files >4mb, all files unpacked using GPU by default) All documentation and examples have been updated with a simple rB+ to JagStudio conversion guide to bring your old projects over to the fully updated JagStudio. Includes project examples for all supported languages (Assembly, BASIC and C) for anyone looking to get started quickly. We plan on keeping this alive and active, with ongoing improvements and new features and look forward to seeing what you all make with it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this newly created sub-forum. Happy coding, everyone! The JagStudio Team. @CyranoJ @Sporadic @Clint Thompson A huge "Thank-You" to ggn for creating rB+ upon which all this is based. Please do not pester him with support requests for JagStudio.
  2. I just joined this forum to sort out some issues I was having with my flashback X but thought if any group of people would appreciate this life experience.. you all would. I was born in 1975 My dad worked for Parker Brothers in Salem Ma from 1972 till the day they closed the factory and sent it all to china in 1993. He ran the bobst ( sp) machine.. basically 50% of every game box made from 1979 till the day they closed went through my dads machine while he was running it. He can open any parker brothers game box 79-93 and look at how the corners are seamed together and tell you if he or Barry the night guy did it. somewhere in 82, 83 ish my dad started bringing home atari games. I never noticed it at first, I was like 8 or 9 but he would ask me questions about the games he would bring home.... My dad never cared for video games, so it always struck me a little odd... I had a really small black and white TV I won from cub scouts for selling candy.. EVERYONE loved my dad at Parker bros, so he took in the candy sales sheet and sold me enough in one day for the TV or the Bike prize lol ... I remember playing popeye on the B/W tv and finding a glitch in level 2 or 3 where the side shooting bullets couldnt be seen, or something like that and my dad told me that he told his boss, and they had 2 very old ladies in the office playing the game trying to get to the level to see the glitch.... I dont know why but that visual to this day still cracks me up. one day he came home with 4 games. Montezuma's revenge, and then these three has special instructions I could not 1. play them with friends, 2. trade them to my friends 3. Talk about them to my friends... Frogger 2, Qberts cubes, and a labeless cart that had the ewok starwars game. I had to give back the ewok cart almost right away.. but I held onto frogger 2 and qberts cube... context is king here, at the time the game crash was starting but it wasnt a " game crash " back then, it was just atari wasnt selling anymore. right around this time you could get an atari for about 50$ and raider or ET for 1$... my dad started coming home with huge boxes of new atari parker bros games he dumpster dove for. Atari800 computers, those nice Wico microswitch red ball white button controllers. I had stacks of unopened games, I would trade with friends for non parker atari games, lol I had a nice racket going haha Knowing then what I know now.... yikes, The stuff I should have kept that I lost or traded over the years. I remember being 9 or 10 with that atari 800 keyboard thing and nothing else , no drives, nothing, not knowing basic, and thinking, this is junk and giving it away to a friend lol .... and yes... we had every nerf thing you could think of ... i hate nerf ... those boomerangs never worked!!! and every version of monopoly made lol
  3. More info at: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1613313216 Download also from atarionline.pl, unfortunately - games don't work on NTSC ataris...
  4. Smash that Like button if you want to see a retro-reimagined Tron Deadly Discs game on the Intellivision Amico.
  5. (originally posted in programming subforum) It was suppossed to be christmas present but it end up as very late one Vaults of Nhyrmeth Demo featuring: - Cliche fantasy plot - One level with several enemy types - Inventory, stats and automapping system - State save/load anytime - Sounds - 48K Atari with floppy(or emulation) required I tried to balance things but beginning can be bit challenging. However when you get some equipment and increase health with constitution stat, it becomes rather easy soon. Any feedback is always welcome. nhyrdemo.atr
  6. Announcing something BIG! Just a few weeks ago, there was a unique opportunity to acquire a gigantic amount of software in Texas. Actually, scrap that, motherload would be a better definition! Lots and lots of programs, ultra rare titles both as originals and copies, you name it! The price was a bit crazy but Franck, the founder of our site and a huge collector himself, decided to jump in. The packages just arrived today and the best part is that the "Howling Houston Haul" will be made available on Atarimania soon. In other words, expect MANY scans and dumps in the coming weeks, including a truckload of one-of-a-kind, unseen titles! There are a number of people who we'd like to thank and the enterprise would've been impossible without them: @warerat for picking up the lot and taking the time to carefully pack all the items and ship the collection to Europe our friends of the Atari Software Preservation Initiative - @abbotkinneydude, @advfan, @Allan, @Atarigrub, @DjayBee, @Farb, @ijor, @luckybuck, @Savetz - who provided financial support and will be of great help to get the best dumps (as always) Again, remember that archival efforts are mostly in your hands. PLEASE transfer all your old Atari disks - copies or originals - and make them available on AtariAge or get in touch with either the Atari Software Preservation Initiative or Atarimania if you think you have something of value. Stay tuned for updates! -- Atarimania Team
  7. Well this came out OK. Thanks to Eric Nikolaisen on Facebook for sending me his Sys Check to model. This will be coming to a website near you soon.
  8. Hi Community! As many of you have surely noticed, there have been massive problems with the shipping of packages to the USA for about 3 months. But not only shipments from outside are affected, there are also many complaints from US citizens I know that their Christmas parcels - dispatched at the beginning of December – still have not arrived. And we're talking about shipping within the USA here. Shipping from Europe to the USA is also problematic. Several forums in Germany and elsewhere in Europe report on countless shipments that have been on the road for months and where the tracking status has not changed. I currently have 17 packages on their way to the USA, the oldest one has been posted at November 23, 2020. I have informed all recipients of the situation by email. Now an AtariAge user has accused me of unfaithfulness, of fraud and claimed that I had not even sent the goods. He's planning on filing a dispute with PayPal, which can seriously harm me. I'm appalled by that, as I've been serving the community for many years and - as far as I know - no one has any reason to complain. I can understand that one or the other is getting impatient and wants the goods they have ordered. For me the situation is just as uncomfortable - but unfortunately it is not in my hands to change anything. Of course, I will take care of an investigation after the waiting period has expired, but this investigation also takes several weeks. Only then, after a final check, the transport insurance will provide compensation. As a private citizen, I cannot simply send out new goods (which I also haven't finished at the moment) at my own expense. While it looks a bit like "fingerpointing," it isn't really what it means, but: the fact is, the persistent problems appear to only be with USPS. Myself sent 7 parcels to non-American and non-European countries in early and mid-January, even as far as Australia and New Zealand. They all arrived at their recipients long ago, the fastest package was there in 10 days. Although all carrier states issues due to Covid-19. Therefor I ask everyone who is waiting for a shipment from me to be patient. There is no point in filing a dispute with PayPal, because PayPal is also waiting for the result of the investigation. But it does me harm my reputation, and that wouldn't be fair. Thank you for your time. Best regards, Jurgen
  9. New logo... new game... new audio... new artwork... new gameplay... new levels... NEW GAMEPLAY TRAILER!! COMING SOON!! 🥰🦊
  10. Hi Atari 8-bitters Just a small update - Excel #6 will definitely be out soon - probably next month. Meanwhile, the first 5 issues are now free to download from the website... www.excel-retro-mag.co.uk Robert
  11. Hi everyone! Five years ago I saw this game made for Spectrum by The Mojon Twins, and I was so impressed that I asked for permission to port it. Well, life got in between, and finally Yesterday I started porting it, and here is the fully functional game freely available (as the original was also). Not only for Colecovision, but also for MSX. Enjoy it! zombie_calavera_msx_colecovision.zip
  12. You can now find the source code of my game Rock Runner on github. Rock Runner is a 4-way scrolling action/exploration/puzzle game written entirely in assembly. I wrote it in the 80s with the Mini Memory module, the line-by-line assembler, and a tape recorder. That means that I didn't have the resulting source code -- a lot of the original development consisted of editing hexadecimal opcodes. Now, decades later, RalphB's excellent xdt99 tools allowed me to disassemble the binaries and recover the source code. I've documented the code and refactored it to create a cartridge image. The game introduced the colorful half-bitmap display mode. The code is holding up pretty nicely. Feel free to explore it or just play the game; maybe create new objects, new creatures, and new worlds. Enjoy!
  13. Just wanted to show a small update while I'm still working on the Z80 -> 6502 conversion (which, if it works, I will be amazed). 😕 New title screen:
  14. Genius, is a new three part, 240 levels game released today by Daniele Liverani. He made it for Apple II then he ported it to C64, Plus/4 and now to A8, using the same code. Screenshots are from Altirra, NTSC mode with artifacting enabled. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/193784371026617 Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bco2hvd322fx73/GeniusEp1-2-3-Atari-8Bit-Version01.zip
  15. Finnigan Fox footage! Freakin' fatastic! 💖 🦊 A quick behind the scenes sneak peak at one of our upcoming launch titles.
  16. I submitted my first game for this year's contest: Patrol It is a playable improvement of an horizontal scrolling demo I wrote last year using the DLI feature of @dmsc's Fastbasic. (post)
  17. Here are some screen captures from a work in progress, Infiltrator My goal with this game was to make something with smart non-player entities that didn't just bounce about and require more than button-mashing. I wanted to make something that doesn't seem tile-ish so I made it so characters walk "in front" of trees, boulders, towers, walls, etc. and shots can travel "behind" them. I chose to make the sprites multi-color which compounded the challenges of flicker avoidance but hopefully you find the resulting character animation was worth the effort. I'm toying with the idea of making ammo not unlimited and requiring the player to pick up clips dropped by the enemies when they're shot.
  18. Thank you so much! Congratulations to all the developers this year who made a homebrew game, the nominees and the winners of the 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards! The show was a lot of fun, thank you everyone for tuning in and making it the most watched show of ZeroPage Homebrew in the three years we've been streaming! I've unhidden all the voting so you can all see the results of the voting and you can watch the full stream of the 3rd Atari Homebrew Awards on Twitch and tomorrow when it's posted on our YouTube channel. Time to lay down and rest for a day... Thank you for all your messages and I will answer them as soon as I've recuperated! 🙂 - James
  19. 1000+ downloads 🎉 Thanks to all of you who downloaded it 3 or 4 times (or from the afterlife!) 😀 here's a bugfixed cutscene to celebrate... introk2.mp4
  20. Posted by The Retro Bro on Facebook. "Just stopped into my local Gamestop. Manager said he will give me the poster when he switches over his marketing in 2 weeks."
  21. I added a background layer (parallax, because the map moves and the background is static) Thank you @CyranoJ for the tip on how to make all of this play together. I also changed the jump. It now displays the "crazy" leg pulling frame only when the player is jumping very far...
  22. Whose ready to BREAKOUT? Here's a little unfinished work-in-progress teaser showing a little bit more of our exclusive Breakout game ONLY available on Intellivision Amico. Developed by our extremely talented friends at Choice Provisions! Please make sure to check out some of their other amazing games like the Bit Trip Runner series! You'll noticed we changed the spelling of PEAK back to PEEK as it seemed that the play on words caused a bit of an uproar. We thought it was cute and funny and a fun way to title these segments. Some folks didn't get the joke so we decided to just keep the spelling correct to avoid confusion or having to explain.
  23. Graphic must be from one of the harder levels given the size of those mountains. 🤪 For those that may have noticed, I haven't been here since the end of December as I came down pretty hard with COVID. Had high fever at home for 10 days before needing to be hospitalized for nearly 3 weeks. Finally back at home 😁 and on my way to recovery. Getting stronger every day, but I’m told I will likely be closer to being in the 3 months camp, then the 6 weeks camp estimated for recovery (seems like there may be 2 trajectories for those knocked down like me) My wife and son caught this as well, all of us on the same day. My son was down 2 days and bounced back immediately, my wife was sick for about 2 weeks and is still fatigued from time to time but is generally doing well. She was fortunate to avoid the hospital. Happy to finally be back here and need to catch up on posts (over 30 pages worth) Stay safe all and take it from me; make that plan A, cause plan B sucks. One thing I did learn - My understanding was you head to the ER if you have issues breathing, which for me didn’t happen until day 10; but because I had been infected for so long before going in, they almost didn’t give me the anti-virals that I believe ended up saving my life (some of the docs felt it was too late to provide benefit). As such, my recommendation is to ensure you are SEEN for any symptoms lasting longer then 5 days to ensure you make the window I nearly missed.
  24. A rare glimpse of the Intellivision Running Man training at his home gym. He always keeps in tip-top condition.
  25. Thanks for trusting me to be your hands and eyes on the other side of the world to get this to you. Once I started unpacking and sorting through things to strategize how to best pack everything, it became apparent how special and one-of-a-kind this collection is. This was/is a substantial investment in software. I saw many titles I recognized but this was dwarfed by many more I didn't (some of them new in original shrink wrap, completely unaware they were now in the 21st century), as well as an extravaganza of cassettes. It was truly like stepping into a time machine and being transported back to that golden era. There are some real gems in this lot. On a comical note, this shipment of four boxes made quite a commotion at the UPS store. Apparently the clerk normally only deals with small domestic packages and packing up cable modems to ship back to their providers. This was the most expensive international shipment that he had ever handled and was affirmed with gasps of astonishment and curiosity from the other patrons behind me at the total cost (this weighed a little over 160 lbs) and the contents of these boxes that would warrant such an expense. While working my way through the stack of customs forms and singing away, it was reminiscent of applying for a large loan. The best was the amusingly sardonic exchange with the clerk that went something like this through out this long process: UPS Clerk: OK, I need to know... No. Sorry. CUSTOMS needs to know what is in these boxes Me: Old computer stuff UPS Clerk: Old computers? They don't have old computers in France?!? Me: This is a special collection that is 30-40 years old. UPS Clerk: No idea why someone would want to use a computer that old today, but we will make sure it gets to France; sign and initial here. Lesson learned: If you're shipping something UPS, especially internationally, beware of using their website to estimate the cost. I had exact dimensions and weight and it still provided a rather under-valued total when done in person.
  26. gauauu


    After a few years of false starts, and a lot of help from Camp Games, @ChildOfCv, @Danjovic, and others, the QuadTari is finally finished! The QuadTari is a multi-tap adapter that allows up to 4 controllers can be attached to the Atari. (It can also be used to allow 2 joysticks and an AtariVox, for example, to allow for 2-player games to also have voice audio). Currently supported games include Champ Games' Galagon, Wizard of Wor, and Zookeepr (2 joysticks + Atarivox), and my QuadGames (4 joysticks, but currently is rom-only). Champ Games has a number of upcoming games that plan to support it as well: Gorf Arcade, RobotWar:2684, Lady Bug Arcade, and Champ Sports Baseball. Additional information, including purchasing, is available at my Bite the Chili Website. I still have a few devices earmarked as giveaways for developers who are interested in making games for the QuadTari, so please contact me if you are interested.
  27. Another week... another TON of really exciting info and plateaus to share! First up... As a lot of you may already be aware, GameStop started promoting Amico in their retail stores! And this is just the beginning as we're still 8 months from launch! Here are the posters that are being put up all over the United States in thousands of GameStop retail outlets: And here is a 15 second video that is being broadcast in GameStop locations: And here are print and digital ads that thousands of stores have and millions of people receive via e-mail. Right in there with the biggest entertainment franchise in history (Pokemon) and side by side to Playstation 5, Xbox & Nintendo. Starting to get real enough for folks? p.s. It says Gamestop EXCLUSIVE on there.
  28. Thanks to the quick reaction of Kski, the author of the game "Albert", today we have the opportunity to publish a new version, marked 1.01, which has some significant technical changes: - when the game is loaded, a hardware test is performed, but differently than before. Instead of detecting whether the computer is PAL or NTSC, it checks if it is in 50 or 60 Hz mode; - the music speed is improved for the NTSC 50Hz systems; - the ESC key allows you to exit to the game menu; - with the key OPTION on the start page, in the menu, you can turn on or off both music and sounds (MUSIC ON / OFF, SOUNDS ON / OFF); - falling off platforms has been delayed. Now, while running, you can jump from the very edge (where the hero could no longer stand), it makes the gameplay easier; - minimal delay, when starting from a standstill, has been introduced, so the acceleration of the hero takes a bit longer, it makes the gameplay harder. Download of version 1.01 traditionally here: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=katalog&sub=A&tg=Albert#Albert PS. Is there at least one person who finished the game, and will show us the final screen photo?
  29. I'd like to introduce Bernie and the Cubic Conundrum, previously know as "Project 9". I started working on Bernie a couple of weeks ago and the project has progressed quite quickly. The plan will be for Bernie to be a 128K ROM + 16K RAM. No ROM yet, I'll be making a demo available soon when the project is further along. Inspiration Bernie and the Cubic Conundrum takes inspiration from Q*Bert and Pippo but changes up the main gameplay tropes with lots of additional elements. Features Bernie will have a lot of features, and as of writing a lot are already in and working (I did say this one had moved fast!). 50+ levels planned (maybe as many as 75) PAL + NTSC palettes and localisation out of the box. 1 and 2 player games, plus "Co-opertition" (idea from border lands 3). In Co-opertition, players work together to clear the round but the player who clears most squares wins the round. So it's kind of like a deathless deathmatch. Standard and Expert Modes Atari Vox support for saving scores Atari Vox support for speech (adult and kid friendly - nothing too "industrial", no hard curses so don't worry), or you can just turn it off. Visual instruction section for easy "pick up and play" Multiple enemy types with different abilities Power Pills to turn enemies in to tasty low calorie nutritious snacks Trap tiles, trapdoor tiles, hole tiles Timers, (have to have timers for speed runs! Actually more like MrDo's timers.) Game speeds up as you progress, enemies take less time to think, bombers are faster, freezers appear, traps appear etc. To Do A fair bit to do but the game is looking good enough to share some details. SFX & Music Bernie's movement animation (right now he's using the "suprised" Bernie frame and while that looks funny, wasn't the intended outcome!) More enemies Better level transitions. Tidy up collisions. Anyway, here is Bernie. My wife was kind enough to Crochet a real Bernie for me after she saw my sprites taking shape. (Why Bernie? well that's a story for another day). Some screen grabs : You Tube Vid : https://youtu.be/ywmXPiCZs9U Demo soon.
  30. An 800 I got sometime ago got mercilessly destroyed during transit, thanks to horrid packing... After getting a 100% refund, I salvaged all of its internals, including this baby (which ended up costing me nothing): It is a later-production Bit3 FullView, which after some down-time, it is finally repaired and restored to its former glory. Its CRT8021 (terminally ill) got replaced by a fresh one, including brand new 2KB static ram and assorted discrete-logic components (just preventive care). Also got spares 6545s but the one on-board seems working perfectly. Now with a stack of parts, it should work for years to come. Do not know about you, but I like closure... Always wondered how the "maligned" XEP80 (which I got a while ago) would stack against he almost-mythical BIT3 (which together with the Austin Franklin are rare finds, nowadays, not to mention their spare parts!). So if you ever really wondered too, you may like what's next. Not sure I could display its image, it turns out that my DVDO iScan HD/+ locked-on instantly on the BIT3... just as well as with the XEP80. But these two (unfortunately!) will not work properly on most CRTs out there, including some LCDs... Here's how they look on-screen with the short (but revealing) benchmark code I prepared for the test: First BIT3 and then XEP80: Notice that neither makes optimal use of 480p vertical-scan range, being the BIT3 the worst offender by far, and the XEP80 the most manageable, as it displays almost a fully usable 80x24 range, on PAL-mode (And ensuing font, which is optimized for that scan-range). Both will display 80 columns well, but the BIT3 miisses most of the last line, all of this while wasting some precious scan-lines at the top of the image. Next, is on screen detail and sharpness. Take a look, vis-a-vis, in the same order: Ignore global contrast and lighting differences, because they were captured at a different intra-day time... But notice how crisper / better defined the XEP80 output is... And the video processor is picking up the difference, clearly. Both viewed through Component Input #1 on the DVDO. Now about timing and speeds (all in Altirra Basic 1.57): Test #1 (240 lines, 80 chars. wide): BIT3: 23.8 secs. XEP80: 24.5 secs. (tried an Action-native compiled version, and results are almost the same) Test #2: full 255 chars. set dump, x10 times: BIT3: 12 secs. XEP80: 14 secs. Not a big difference in performance, on a typical E:-driver (console) session. There are, however, qualitative differences in the way things move and scroll on-screen, being the BIT3 more fluid (like pixel-by-pixel), whereas the XEP80 being more like char-by-char type of rendering. It is subtle but it is there. The XEP80 drivers are Avery's ULTRA drivers, running at 50fps PAL mode (best overall font). You will need a NTSC / PAL agnostic video-path to enjoy it that way. Now, as for NOTORIOUS differences between these two: The BiT3 has an on-board video-matrix, which is actionable with CTRL A/B keys... That is SUPER cool, because when enabling 40-col mode, it SHUTS-OFF its 80-col. video port, and my video processor picks that up and auto falls-back to Atari's s-video, all without me ever touching a single button! E: cursor-scrolling / moving on the BIT3 does not wrap around like the XEP80, which mimics better the OS behavior. The BIT3 destructs on-screen stuff by scrolling into nowhere? The BIT3 has NO discernible RAM footprint. All memory is yours, essentially. It does map and banks on most of $D600-$D6FF area, though. The XEP80 ultra drivers ran the 6502 red-hot all the time, giving you the best pure E: / "console" session performance of the pack. The BIT3 drivers does not strictly enforce SDMCTL, which means at times you will find yourself with ANTIC on, performing DMA just to display an empty Gr.0 screen. (UPDATE): As for installation, both are very easy to install (thanks to the 800's architecture) but you CANNOT run the BIT3 video-cable out of the expansion bay per the provided BIT3 instructions, as it will eventually damage it, or even slash the expansion-bay shield retainer-posts (plastic) due to the stress caused by the ribbon being trapped between the shield's cage and top cover. Instead, a simple and invisible modification of the top-shield plate will allow you to safely and easily extract the Bit3 video-ribbon: Well, that's all for now. The BIT3 is certainly a sweet, well designed piece of HW that remains entirely embeded on the 800, and chews-up NO ram, being pretty much transparent as the main console. It is ULTRA rare nowadays, but the XEP80 is, simply put, a solid, portable solution for ANY system or user, offering commendable E: performance, thanks to Avery's Ultra drivers, with a beautiful, sharp, analog-source signal to boot! Enjoy!
  31. Despite your little jab, I'll give a rational and hopefully polite reply, and that'll probably be the end of my participation. You are a newcomer to a community which has been running for over 25 years. I was there pretty much at the start, and I have spent (literally) decades working on this hobby to make it an interesting and fun place not only for me, but for others who share my passion for Atari. I don't see it as a money-making opportunity. Your very first action in the community is to spruik/brag on a manufactured collectible -- and put an arbitrary and absurd price tag on it. I consider this a complete lack of understanding about what drives most of us. You are clearly not here to contribute; you are here to profit from us and/or take whatever you can. That is evidenced by your claims about the number sold, the number surviving, the deaths of the signatories - all that. And the grading/box reeks most of all. You've set this up not only to never be played, but basically never to be touched. Yes, people collect things, and some things are rare and valuable. But for the most part this community is about playing games, having fun finding that rare item for your collection, plugging it into your machine every now and then and having a game, and most of all sharing with others the love of the machine and what it can do. Modern homebrewers are probably instrumental in keeping the machine and community alive, through the release of new and amazing games. This very site, AtariAge, is instrumental in bringing the community together and providing (literally) a forum where we can communicate. All of these people put lots of their time and love into the games and the community. You seem to have come here with $$$ in your eyes and little love for the machine. I see zero contribution, and a basic lack of understanding that this is not the right place to be telling people that your manufactured "collectible" sitting in a sealed container can be purchased from you for $70,000. It's clueless, crass, and as I said all that's wrong with grading/collecting/fandom all in one package. I think your actions are damaging to the community I care so much about. Bitter? I have better things to be bitter about.
  32. Just wanted to say thanks again to @ZeroPage Homebrew for arranging this, and for being given the lifetime achievement award. Honestly, my video didn't go as well as I would have liked. I had planned to say a few other things, but when I got in front of the camera, I got that "deer in the headlights" look, and forgot what I wanted to say. I can express myself much better in text. I just wanted to expand on my thanks again, to include the current Stella team (@Thomas Jentzsch and @DirtyHairy), as well as other contributors to Stella (Brad Mott, @SpiceWare, Eckhard Stolberg, Brian Watson, etc). And also to say that @Thomas Jentzsch was right; I was working alone for over 10 years. In fact, if the current members hadn't come along in 2017, I probably wouldn't have continued. So the huge increase in features in the past few years, and my continued involvement, are in large part due to them. And finally, to all other people that contributed code patches, hardware or monetary donations, feedback and constructive criticism, THANKS. I wouldn't have stayed at the project this long if not for all of you. There, I said what I wanted to say. Too bad I couldn't have done that in the interview 😔
  33. mr_me said: The sixth pack-in was revealed accidentally. It's not a retro title. The sixth pack-in title was revealed many months ago. This game really utilizes the lights on the console.
  34. I always found Major League Baseball to be a little odd because you could never physically get hit by a pitch. Apparently the new retro-reimagined version will be including the ability to throw chin music and bean balls at the batter.
  35. After reading several threads where both hardware and software developers are almost persecuted for their choices. I just want to say thanks to everyone creating new Atari stuff for us to play with. I'm afraid to name any of you cause I know I'll miss someone. So if I've missed you, I probably just haven't bought anything from you yet. Maybe the next person can add you to the list! Candle, I have several of your U1MB and a VBXE. Always great stuff!! and thanks to Lotharek for selling it to me! Mytek, i've built both 1088xel and XLD. Also some of your smaller projects. Lots of fun! Flashjazzcat, Great software to make these things all work! Bryan, I have a few UAV's in various machines as well. A couple always had crap output until your board. Simius, your Sophia2 has simply awesome output with a modern connection. Dropcheck, I've bought a couple things from you too. Eprom burner etc. TBA thanks for keeping stuff in stock here in the USA. Also giving us an alternative to Best. ClausB, I believe i've done one of your 48k upgrades to my 400. Who designed the Sdrive Nuxx? I've built one of these as well. You all just keep doing what you're doing. It's appreciated, even if it isn't exactly the way some of us wanted.
  36. Proud to announce our partnership with Topps! In other news, we also now have the Intellivision.com URL!
  37. This is Rev-L, sent to OSHPark last week. I hope this will be the last revision. Once the boards come in I will build and test. The TMDS header is shown with a bracket that can be mounted above or below the board. This is untested in reality (waiting on parts and boards), but seems to work in the virtual world. The audio jack was removed from the headers for two primary reasons: 1. It allows the boards to be smaller, and smaller is better when trying to mod a retro computer case. 2. You will get to decide what kind of audio jack you want on your system (3.5mm, RCA, or whatever). It does mean you will need to provide you own audio jack and cable that adapts to a standard 0.1" header pin, which should not be a big problem.
  38. just let me know your YouTube username and you shall never see my face again
  39. Yeah... I think some folks may have misinterpreted what I was saying in the video. Which is understandable. What I meant is that our games aren't built around being FRUSTRATING. So many times people are concerned with "hours of gameplay" and getting value out of $20 - $70 games. And some folks just like to play super difficult experiences. And all of those things are fine (I'm not putting any of it down). But for our experiences... we like the approach of "challenging" without being difficult or frustrating. I think our Moon Patrol demo on our Amico Club app is a perfect example. It's not "easy"... yet it's not difficult. It's challenging without being overbearing and impossible. You always feel you can reach the next area as you're learning as you go. I've had many conversations with the great Shigeru Miyamoto about this. You'll notice that almost all of his Mario games are like this as well. Super Mario World being a perfect example. Always feeling like your progressing and then eventually beating the game is a GREAT and POSITIVE feeling. Not being able to get very far in the castle of Ghosts n' Goblins because you need to be pixel perfect and have a bit of luck because frustrating and annoying to the point of putting down the game and never completing it. The average person clearly prefers Miyamoto's style of game design and I'm definitely in agreement. We'll probably stick to the 3 difficulty levels, but we are seeing if just 2 makes sense.
  40. OEB Pete Burgundy becomes the very first Intellivision Amico News Anchorman. However, his debut didn't go as well as planned. When the cameras went live he froze like a deer in headlights.
  41. Sorry to necrobump, but I just saw a video in my YouTube feed that they are now emulating Ms. Pac-Man Twin successfully in MAME. So, that means I can finally finish the 7800 version. I've already noticed a lot of differences between mine and the arcade... I need to finish Galaxian first, though... ...Ms. Pac-Man seems to have had some collagen implants for this version.
  42. Hi Everyone! As promised, here is our Amico Launch Update video. Thank you all so much for your continued support, understanding and patience. The team here is working tirelessly to bring you the best possible experience and product we can. We really appreciate everyone for taking an interest in what we're doing. Stay safe. ❤️
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