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  1. It took a long time, but here it is finally. Ever since I found it in the archive this summer I've been trying to find a way to get this ROM available. After many failed attempts we finally have it!! Special thanks to Thomas Jentzsch for all of his help in getting this done. This works in the latest version of Stella which should be available soon after you read this. After many years I can say it's about time this cat was let out of the bag!! Pursuit of the Pink Panther.bin
  2. Hi all. It's a quiet morning of the Halloween day, and your child comes announcing he collapsed the neighbor's house. Enough to stop your heart, but fortunately the neighbor isn't angry, instead he gave your kid a juju. Instantaneously your house is attacked by zombies everywhere (of course, nothing to do with the juju), but your family is so afraid of the zombies that they are freezed by chilling horror. You need to carry them to the outside on your head (your wife, your kiddo and your daughter), but you only can carry one at a time. If the zombies touch you, you'll become a zombie dad, but you'll be dead pretty soon unless you eat some human flesh. If the zombies touch a member of your family, well, he or she will disappear. The level is complete when your family is saved or all eaten, your choice. On each level the difficulty will be harder, the zombies will be faster, and I forgot about the banshees. Once in a while, a zombie will turn onto a banshee, it won't eat your family but can turn you into a zombie dad. With a little luck the juju isn't so bad and the curse could disappear, but you don't know when!!! Move with the controller, left and right, up and down over the stairs, and also press the side button to carry a member of your family or put he/she on the floor. Enjoy it! zombie0.zip
  3. Indirectly. As much as he's a cunt, there is fact behind his abhorrent nature and behavior. There's just so much involved when you start to try and do things at a larger scale, the more you look, the more you see. It gets to a point you just think "fuck it". It's not something I can tackle by myself. And to be quite honest, when you find people like that out there trying to actively fuck you over, you wonder why the hell you bother. As I have mentioned, as much as everyone seems to think it's a license to print money selling "super expensive" hardware, I earnt more a decade ago than I do now doing this. I've largely been doing this because I enjoy doing it and I needed a more flexible and relaxed way of life due to chronic illness over the last few years, and its nice being part of a community and contributing to what you enjoy. When you encounter people like cunt-face over there, it makes you wonder why you bother. I'm in a situation I can return to earning more and doing less and with considerably less stress via other means at the moment, so hence I'm looking at ways of both increasing production / availability and reducing the load on myself.
  4. Here are the final versions of these games. ENJOY!! Da Fuzz (Final).bin Lifespan (Final).bin Rockball (Final).bin Star Maze (Final).bin
  5. I've updated the store to make five different POKEY-compatible homebrew games available with the new PokeyONE board: Beef Drop VE (PokeyONE Included) Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (PokeyONE Included) Froggie (PokeyONE Included) Pac-Man Collecition (PokeyONE Included) Super Circus AtariAge (PokeyONE Included) You can also order POKEY versions of these games where you can supply your own POKEY chip or Ballblazer cart (which has a built-in POKEY chip we can utilize). ..Al
  6. I finally added a Jaguar to the collection plus a ton of new game releases. Shoutout to Albert and staff at the AA booth (as well as Songbird). Loving it so far! Gameplay shown using RetroTINK2x at 480p 60fps: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Fantasy World Dizzy Soccer Kid / Frog Feast Protector Special Edition Defender of the Crown REBootEROIDS Cybermorph
  7. Would you have a problem with more than one update before December?
  8. For those who haven't had a chance to play Arkanoid here are a couple of videos showing the current beta state of the game. Also I would like to again thank @Albert for displaying the game at the recent Portland Retro Gaming Expo and the effort he makes to support the AtariAge community 👏👏👏 Gameplay Level 33 Doh confrontation
  9. NotOutrun has a new name! Watch this video for a compilation of clips showing the game's progress, as well as a reveal of the new name. We're demoing this exciting new Jaguar title at this weekend's Portland Retro Gaming Expo!
  10. Batch of 10 SMD test boards, which are having the SMD IC's soldered on at the factory were ordered just now from PCBWAY. I'll update once that arrive.
  11. Albert

    Baby Pac-Man

    Hopefully by the end of next week. ..Al
  12. A few pics of the AtariAge booth. Al and the crew were working hard. @Albert I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t know how you do it, but I thank you, because (for me) PRGE would not be the same without AtariAge.
  13. Finished all of the lines into the QFP. Mark suggested adding in an IRQ and moving the CLK2 line to an standard I/O and not using the PLD GCLK2 input, so I made those changes. I also add several PLD I/O pin test points since there were several unused I/O pins on the left side of the QFP. Sent over the updated Schematics and Board files to Mark and Perry so they can give everything and 2nd and 3rd set of eyes before I run off the test boards. Be nice to run off boards without any further cut & straps and to move the design from its testing & development design to the final design.
  14. Gameplay: It's fairly straight forward, you need to catch as many fish as you can in the provided time given before weigh in. The deeper you snag a fish the more they're worth in weight. However bigger fish are stronger and more forceful making it no easy task to land them in your boat. You must land the fish into your boat in order to receive the weight points. There is an audio notification of three beeps when you have 20 seconds left of the round. Achieving an score of 1,800 or greater will allow accesses of level two, while a score of 3,600 or greater will grant access to level three. Your time will replenish for another 4min round when achieving these scores. If you have a fish hooked and hit the edge of the screen he will escape from the hook. Pro Tip: There is rumors of a big ol' lunker lurking around the depths but very rarely pops his head out. If you see him and have the chance to snag him, go for it, he's worth his weight. Although he will put up a decent fight, so be prepared, it wont be easy. Controls and Statusbars: Joystick fire = Reels in lure Reset = Return to the title screen Left/Right = Directional Right Difficulty Switch = Reel sound Statusbar Left = Force/Tension Statusbar Right = Timer Title Screen: Simple animated titlescreen to set the mood. Main Game: Start bringing in those fish and see what high score you can achieve. Weigh In: This game over screen shows the weight of Bass caught during the tournament. Your angler will be proud to show of his catch. Downloads: Latest: Bass Fishing Tournament 20191111.bin License: License.txt Special Thanks: @Albert - For granting permissions to me on this thread and this awesome site. @ZeroPage Homebrew Team and James - For featuring my game on his Twitch stream and highly valued Quality Assurance testing. @mksmith- For the excellent Atari Dev Studio extension for the Visual Studio Code IDE. @jwierer- For the good ol' Visual batari Basic IDE. @batari - For batari Basic and all contributions to Atari Age. @RevEng - For the continued support and updates of both batari Basic and 7800BASIC (which id like to delve into oneday). @Random Terrain - For the comprehensive and usefull documentation of batari Basic. @Arenafoot - For possibly the most extensive catalog of 2600 Homebrew on the internet. Homebrew Community - Without everyone's efforts Homebrew wouldn't be where it's at today. AA Community - For this great community of kind members. If i have left anyone out you know who you are and thanks! -Anthony
  15. Just starting a new thread now that the Phoenix has started shipping. I will be updating this post with more information. -Up to date cores attached (Uploaded older stable CV version) (Make sure when you download and copy onto the sd card that the file name doesn't change and that it doesn't append any (1) or anything like that.) CORE02.PHX CORE01.PHX Github pages for the Colecovision and 2600 cores have been setup below. You should now be able to report bugs in the corresponding repositories. https://github.com/CollectorVision Check the know issues here: https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision/issues The 2600 Source has been published and we are working on getting the cv source ready.
  16. Some folks have asked about the status of the hardware and software from Marc, so I figured it would be good to post it here. I purchased the rights to the SID Master from Marc and will be doing a new run of the boards later this year or in early 2020. Like all things I work on, I will try to keep the boards available for as long as the community exists. I also bought the rights to all of his TI software programs. I will be making the cartridges available again once I have done another run of the boards he and I designed for them and I will keep them available indefinitely.
  17. One of my greatest deals last time on Ebay, was this ATARI 800 (see pictures) Sold as: "Powers on, no other testing performed. Sold for parts or repair." Without any more details (e.g. Memory configuration etc.), very risky, to buy a pig in a poke! But: Fixed Price: 49,95USD 😲! So I couldn´t resist and hit the "Buy now" button as hard as possible 😉! Yesterday, after a long trip, finally arrived.... The housing in top condition, no breaks or damages! Asap connected to my TV and powered on and "voilá"! It works well! Full memory configuration (48k) and all keys from the keyboard response like the first day! In short: I am absolutely happy with it 😍! andY
  18. @WAVE 1 GAMES dude, you've been taking the same example code, over and over again, recycling it for a never-ending train of shovel-ware, and you're charging people for it. Let's dispense with the kettle calling. -Thom
  19. I think it will take a very long time, once their denial sets in. The most vocal of them have now gone from "investors" to "true believers." Both financially and emotionally, they're heavily invested in the illusion of "that Ataribox?", especially after all this time digging in and making excuses and hurling ridicule at the "haters" and "nonbelievers." If they were ever to reassess the past, too much would collapse, so they'll stubbornly resist and keep their heads in the sand no matter what happens. "Atari" could ship them a carton of Ramen noodles with an apology scrawled on a Post-it-Note, and they'll never say a word about it, because they'd rather lose every penny than admit publicly that they were so spectacularly wrong, or that the "haters" were right all along.
  20. Dude. You're doing those wall-of-text random ramblings again.
  21. I don't think he's actually an idiot. Or a con artist. He just has absolutely no idea how to run Atari. He has no understanding of the video game industry, nor apparently any real interest in learning about it. So he's not an idiot. He's just completely and willfully clueless when it comes to video games. There's a difference.
  22. SainT, I'm also willing to help, as I've done a couple projects with custom PCBs and surface mount parts. Feel free to send me a PM or email if you'd like to chat further.
  23. Congratulations to everyone, and I encourage everyone to put something together for next year and keep this alive. Obviously I was disappointed to come last but my original intention was just to get something in to support the contest, the final version of Block on Legs is a much more playable than the abbuc one - I just ran out of time. I'm forcing myself to keep playing and tweaking the levels to make them a bit easier but as there are now 20 it's a bit of a pain in the butt. Hope to release the game soon!
  24. I wanted a small antic text with lines above&below so made this: antic4lines.fnt
  25. If it took two years to reach this point, a fully finished fun to play game will NOT happen in 2 months. The final 10% takes 90% of the time for most projects.
  26. I got my Phoenix last saturday Toby told me we're still on track to ship the units at the end of October He is working non-stop to make sure everyone in the first batch get their unit as soon as possible Meanwhile, here is the original CV console, the CV Flashback and the Phoenix so you can compare the size
  27. 18 of the scum that were infesting the Intellivision Enclave.
  28. As you know, I won't be there this year. 😞 ...but the podcast will, in the form of episode 37. I'm busy editing / producing it now. Shooting for a Friday afternoon release. We have a pre-PRGE segment, so it would really suck to have the episode come out after the expo. But if that DOES happen, let's collectively blame Rick Reynolds.
  29. At no point did anything about this project ever look awesome or promising.
  30. Hey, what happens north of the wall, STAYS north of the wall! 😄
  31. game features are in and being tested and tweaked. Awaiting sound and FX
  32. Never give up! Never surrender!
  33. Here are some of the set up before we got started. We have a lighted side and a dimmed side. On the dimmed side is one of my consoles connected to a projector, set up for general game-play or whatever, and anyone can bring their set up over and connect to the projector if they want. There are also two other tables in the projector side for use if someone wants to do that. (I like working in the dark, but I do not want to be separated from my peeps.)
  34. Thank-you, that’s much appreciated! I really do try and make a solid product. I’ve been stepping back a little and just letting my brain work the last few days. I find solutions just happen if I give it time, weirdly sometimes the less I think the quicker the solution comes. I’ve come up with a much more sensible workflow for production which spreads the workload for everything quite evenly across everyone involved. Gives more of the initial testing to the fab, casing and 2nd pass QC to the reseller and finally latest firmware update to the end user. All of this without, I think, compromising on security in terms of cloning etc. So easier for everyone involved (well, one more step for the end user!) and also means I can license people to make my hardware easily, requiring them to have no real technical experience to do to. Just final test and sell.
  35. Dude, we're not Atari or Intellivision We're a VERY small company assembling everything by hands These things takes time to make
  36. as somebody said during the week end: "it's no longer because of the games, it's because of the people". Thank you everybody for everything
  37. Update: http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test14.zip http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test14-src.zip Monochrome colors are now brightened when color is present, based on linear blending of the peak signals (clamped y-c and y+c). Monochrome modes now work with high artifacting. Luma/chroma filters and PAL blending are disabled, so this shows the raw chroma signal instead. Fixed a double-init issue in the audio code that was slowing down startup. Fixed representative color table UI not updating properly in monochrome modes. Fixed a crash with SoundBoard at $D600 or $D700 when either the ANTIC display list or playfield was pointed at SoundBoard's hardware registers.
  38. Buy the cart, when it comes out and support the author? Screw Prosystem.
  39. They were cutting it pretty close, but while I couldn't use my own extension cord, they did supply their own and ran it from nearby floor socket that I wasn't allowed to use by myself. Boom:
  40. So it's an Intellivision but not the Intellivision. (I can't believe I'm having this conversation).
  41. Actually, that's from the spinoff, The Brak Show
  42. Thanks for the compliments. With today's knowledge and equipment, it wasn't all that hard anymore. This is how you do it: Put a SaveKey (or AtariVox) into the right port of your Atari 2600 Start a cart (e.g. Harmony) with my RAM based dumper program (especially tailored to the PP bankswitching) loaded Hot swap the cart with the PP cart (since my program is running in RAM, it will continue to work) Press fire (this dumps the ROM onto the SaveKey) Attach a 2600-daptor II flashed with the AtariVox firmware to your Windows PC Attach the SaveKey to the 2600-daptor Use the EEPROM utility from the same page to download the SaveKey content onto your computer Finally convert the downloaded data into a working ROM Release! So no rocket science. With the right, currently easily available hard- and software everybody can dump a cart. And for the other steps I can help.
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