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    HOKEY demo

    I made a quick video of a standard HOKEY playing Commando. Sorry about the video quality, this is recorded on a phone with one hand while I try to handle the controller with the other hand. On boot it plays a jingle that's hard-coded into HOKEY memory to let you know it's there and working, which I may leave that in as a signature (though it could be disabled.) Sorry, these are not for sale yet, but will be released this year! IMG_2166.mp4 There will be multiple versions of HOKEY and prices are expected to start at $10. All allow new sound drivers to be uploaded, such as the upcoming driver for GCC's Minnie chip, and possibly other FM synthesis chips, and support for PCM and ADPCM playback via a ring buffer for seamless playback even during heavy Maria DMA (no IRQs needed!) For $10 you get the basic HOKEY, which is a single POKEY and ability to add (likely) one additional sound driver (or, possibly dual POKEY.) For a little more you get the standard HOKEY, which has more memory that should allow for dual POKEY and more sound drivers on the same chip. For the ultimate experience, for slightly more, there is the advanced HOKEY. This uses faster, more powerful hardware that should support quad POKEY, dozens of sound drivers, plus many waveforms, digital samples, and more. Also, the advanced HOKEY uses a DAC chipset for a CD player, so you can get CD-quality stereo sound if you want it. A standard 3.5mm stereo jack can be used for output.
  2. I'm pleased to announce the release of the version 4.0 firmware update for U1MB, Incognito, SIDE2, SIDE3, 1088XEL, and 1088XLD. The update includes a redesigned SIDE loader, and completely redesigned BIOS plugins with support for SIDE3, Sophia 2, and PokeyMAX. Also newly introduced is support for an NTSC colour palette in VBXE (loaded transparently when the machine is turned on). User documentation has also been comprehensively updated, with sections covering the new SIDE3 loader and Incognito. Most excitingly, Incognito is now capable of supporting firmware plugins, subject to release of a CPLD JED update which I have been testing for Candle. The SIDE3 loader is now capable of native PDM (FujiConvert) playback as well (see the manual for discussion of all new features). https://atari8.co.uk/ultimate-1mb-firmware-update-4-0-released/ Since I spent the entirety of Saturday preparing and uploading all this stuff (after spending the previous day moving my website and work emails), I'll forego further disucssion for the moment, and hopefully answer any questions as we go on. I will probably make a video showing a topical overview of what's been released as well. All ROMs inlclude the newly released SpartaDOS X 4.49e; I thought we might as well get in sync with the SIDE3 ROM, which uses this version by default. Meanwhile, SpartaDOS 3.x, Bewe-DOS and RealDOS users can find RTC drivers for U1MB and SIDE3 on the APT toolkit disk. I would not be surprised if I screwed something up while preparing the files here, so if anything looks anomalous, please let me know. Likewise, please use this thread to discuss any installation or usability issues. The menus in the setup menu and loader are quite different now (many controls are 'modal' to facilitate interactive facilities via callbacks), but this actually makes things like setting the clock quite a bit easier. Feedback from testers of pre-release versions (indeed, some variation of this firmware has found its way onto all U1MB and Incognito machines which have been through my hands these past few months) has been positive, so hopefully the only work that remains to do will involve minor bug fixes. Meanwhile, now that this update is released, I hope to focus on ambitious new features in the SIDE3 loader, such as FAT write capability, more media playback support, and auto-mounting media. Update (060621) Thanks to Doug_in_NC on Discord for immediately spotting that I'd broken joystick trigger handling in main BIOS 4.02 for U1MB and Incognito. Fixed in 4.03, so please head over to the firmware section and update (U1MB/1088 users may update the 'FIRMWARE.ROM' file, and Incognito users need flash only 'IBIOS.ROM'). Blog post: https://atari8.co.uk/u1mb-and-incognito-firmware-4-0-bug-fix/ The 'complete' ROM images also have the update (disregard file creation date). SIDE3 Loader Update (230621) For those who already updated their SIDE3 loader or are yet to do so, please be sure to download version 0.40, which fixes MegaCart, Sic! and AtariMax 1Mbit/8Mbit emulation bugs. https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/side3/
  3. Overflow 2021 is the latest assembly language game release from the Anschuetz/Weisgerber/Anschuetz team. This month, we are releasing this game as both an 8-bit .xex file as well as an Atari 5200 .rom file! Overflow is a fun and addictive game where you play the role of a plumber and try to hold back 10 horizontal pipes full of liquids flowing toward a central vertical pipe by throwing plungers at the approaching liquid. Joystick up and down moves the plumber up and down the ladder. Joystick left and right throws the plungers left or right. Additional instructions are on the score screen of the game. The music is from the Atari arcade game Toobin. The original BASIC Overflow game was published in the July 1985 edition of Antic. The game was extremely efficiently written by John Weisgberber and made use of some tricks to reuse the same screen memory for each row of pipes. The game was initially sent to Compute!. Compute! rejected the game without explanation, so we sent it to Antic. I have attached the original rejection letters from Compute! and Antic. The Antic rejection said that the game was too difficult, so we made it a little easier and resubmitted and it was accepted. I have also attached a scan of the original published page. We hope you like this one! Eric and Robert Anschuetz John Weisgerber =============================================================================== The following description of the gameplay was written by the A/W/A Team to be submitted to a computer magazine along with the game. In Overflow, you’re a plumber trapped in the central conduit of a network of pipes. Water is advancing relentlessly toward you through the secondary pipes. If the water gets far enough, it will flood the main pipe, drowning you and ending your game. This is a situation you (as a devout plumber) obviously want to avoid. Luckily, you can temporarily reverse the flow of water in a pipe by hurling your plunger down the pipe at the onrushing column of water. Scoring is based on the fact that when the plunger makes contact, in addition to making the water recede, you earn ten points. Controlling the flow of water is simply a matter of moving up and down in the main pipe and throwing your plunger down the pipes closest to the point of overflowing. Unfortunately, even if you manage to gain control of the situation, at five-hundred points the width of the main pipe doubles, making your job all the more difficult. Movement is controlled from a stick in port one. To move up and down in the central pipe, push the stick forward and back. To throw your plunger, push the stick left and right. The following gameplay instructions for Overflow were published in Antic Magazine. Dear Miss Goodmanners: Is there a correct way to stem a rising tide of bathroom back-ups while entertaining distinguished guests in my 49-room mansion? Concerned Dear Concerned: Miss Goodmanners prefers the term water closet... Sadly, overflow problems are part of our modern age and must be dealt with firmly and quickly. Miss Goodmanners would never commit the faux pas of embarrassing guests during a sumptuous banquet by confronting them with a mass of raw sewage. Miss Goodmanners would award you credit for decisively hurling your plumber's helper at each of the overflowing water closets, while tactfully running between pipelines without scaring the guests. Of course, sewage problems tend to get worse as a party wears on-especially if guests discover that the duck pate has disagreed with them. With apologies to our favorite etiquette columnist, this program uses players for the plumber, plunger and central pipe. All vertical motion is produced using a string printed at the correct place in memory. The main graphics mode is ANTIC 5. An unusual technique here is the use of basically the same memory address for every line of the playfield graphics. Each line has its own LMS and the high byte on every one is set to the same page. The water is moved back and forth by incrementing the low byte on each LMS. The increment for each line is held in a one-dimensional array. If a column of sewage is hit by the plunger, the increment's sign is simply reversed. Overflow 2021.xex Overflow 2021.rom
  4. It's out! Pick your version (from the first post) 9 levels demo. -The focus for this release was on the attract mode & cutscenes which are now fully reenabled! (some assets may possibly not be final) TIX, our favourite overstretched artist drew all the princess/vizier frames required for the cutscenes! Miker added a bunch more tunes for the attract mode! -Added a bunch of cart versions for faster loading and a SD disk version for maximum compatibility with stock hardware. -Fixed an old bug where the game would freeze if the prince landed on the edge of a floor tile. -NTSC should be as stable as PAL now. The next version should be final!
  5. Tyger Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? Opening verse of 'The Tyger', William Blake 1794 40 colours drpeter_Tyger.xex
  6. Looking for an affordable and fun new game for your Atari Jaguar? SIMONE is a brand new Jaguar CD homebrew game released in 2021, the first official release by RISC Games. Dust off that Jaguar CD of yours and fire up those thumbs and brains for some memory testing, colorful pattern sequencing fun in this 64-bit memory game - a quick and challenging game everyone in the family will enjoy! Simone is only $5.99 plus shipping. You will also receive a FREE BONUS with your purchase of Simone for the Atari Jaguar CD: JagSwag™ Pack #1, which includes the following: (1 Jaguar logo sticker, 1 DO+THE+MATH sticker and 1 Jaguar "Pouncing" sticker - all 3 are holographic stickers) *Limit 1 game per person, currently shipping within the U.S. only. (International orders to be available by a 3rd party distributor in coming weeks) Only 64-copies available at this time with more to be available in the future. Proceeds from Simone will be used to purchase supplies for my current Jaguar game project: Zilch - a 6MB photo-realistic, voice-animated character dice game. I'm also excited to have the 2nd JagSwag pack ready for inclusion with Zilch. As a result of having more shipping space, far cooler and fun items will be included! More details to be revealed upon release. To order your copy of Simone for the Jaguar CD and additional details, please use the following eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324659730960 Hope you enjoy this fun little release until the bigger games are completed and ready!
  7. Thanks for the information. As a result, both publishing parties have been contacted by AtariAge's lawyers. The goal is to have the Mouse's cheese taken away, and for Astro Blaster (a pinball game) to have its balls taken away. They'll then combine the two resources and produce and sell a game in the AtariAge store called "Cheese Balls", which will financially compensate all those who've suffered any mental anxiety as a result of the deception. All funds will afterwards be distributed over a 50 year period in increments of 25 cents per year, to be paid via Chuck E. Cheese arcade tokens; or those affected will optionally be able to receive one bag of cheese ball snacks per year for the remainder of their existence.
  8. Lots to catch up on! Been slammed like crazy working on the big E3 video presentation. Can't wait for everyone to see it! I'll be back to answer questions and join in on the conversations over the next few days. In the meantime... Check out the cover art piece for our Moon Patrol physical product! I can't wait to show people our approach to physical game products. It's a unique idea with a LOT of really cool benefits that haven't really been done before. More info and a big reveal coming later this year.
  9. 3 channels sample tracker - Yerzmyey this is the quality of POKEY's music yerz.atr yerz.mp3
  10. Time for another update! A bit later than I wanted, but have been focusing on building games! First, I now have all the pre-order 2600, 5200, and 7800 games tested and labeled. I have roughly 25 more Atari 8-bit games to make (some pre-order, some older), and about 40 Jaguar games to build, and will be working on those later today (the 8-bit games I'll definitely finish today, the Jaguar EPROMs have been programmed and I will solder those today, probably assemble/test/label tomorrow). Second, all the boxes have been glued and assembled, now they are just waiting for assembly of the games and manuals into the boxes. Will be working on that tomorrow, should go pretty quickly now that the boxes are finished and the games are labeled! These are going to take a huge amount of space once assembled, so I'll need to spend some time tomorrow morning clearing off shelves before I begin! Other tasks that remain include printing the parchment envelopes for Adventure II XE, Goo Goning another two bins of carts, finishing up the extra games for these orders (which will take a day), building 20 or so AtariVoxes, and a few other miscellaneous tasks. Very close now! Here are some photos... This first photo shows how many drawers I'm now using for these games. The check marks represent games that have been labeled (all of them!) Here are some of the cartridges, in no particular order: These represent just half the drawers with finished games in them, and this does not include any of the extra games for these orders (probably another 200 or so carts!) And here area all the glued and folded boxes! That's all for now, time to solder some Atari 8-bit boards! ..Al
  11. Whilst sat thinking about what the new Amico game boxes may be like, I updated my previous case design for a game that I'm excited for... Night Stalker! It's the second title in the imaginary Action Range :-).
  12. arcade hunchback video.mp4
  13. Here's a batch of approximately 160 Atari 2600 carts drying after I used Goo Gone to clean the exterior of the carts (in particular, the two label surfaces to remove any label residue to ensure they are nice and smooth). Half of these have already been used to build games, the remainder today, and there are many more carts elsewhere. ..Al
  14. Recent trip picking up donations for the National Videogame Museum yielded this Demo Unit from Imagic with 12 selectable games which was used at CES. Never saw one before and thought others would enjoy seeing as well.
  15. Here's the latest shell for the Galaxy Purple Amico! The new darker silver is AWESOME! What do you think??
  16. I'm not quite ready to share the binary yet, but Space Raiders is a game I started two weeks ago. I was thinking I could use it as the basis for a set of beginner tutorials on 7800 Basic. It started ballooning, and now and it is about 70% complete. I played with pallet manipulation to get some fades and with animated sprites to simulate scaling. Also, all levels formations are created with bits from random numbers copied from the right side to the left so the formations look symmetrical. I'm fairly certain this will be my actual first "finished" 7800 homebrew, and I still might do the tutorials if there is any interest. My other idea is to add this game to "Last Stand" and "Into The Void" and make a multi-game "space game pack" or even something like Gorf (Forf/Vorf?). Here is a video: Space Raiders Atari 7800 Homebrew 2021 - YouTube again, binaries soon, but not until I work-out power-ups, proper leveling, pokey music and high score support and decide if I'm going to create a boss-battle or not.
  17. It's been a few days since I've posted an update, so wanted to do so now, as I will be spending nearly all of my time this weekend working on these games.. This week I've mostly been working on the extra games for these pre-orders (that is, additional games ordered with the pre-order games), as well as prepping even more cartridges. At this point I do have the majority of games assembled, many labeled, and should have all the pre-order games labeled and boxed by the end of the weekend. After that it will be just finishing up the extra games, and there aren't a ton of those (at least compared to the pre-order games themselves), so that won't take more than a day or two going into next week. I am also working on games for "regular" orders as well, as I need to get those shipped next week. Here are some more carts that have been prepped for all these 2600 games.. Still have a few more rounds to do, but that'll be coming to an end soon. Stack of 2600 carts after I finished cleaning them with Goo Gone. This is a bit over 90 carts. Behind these carts is a large, HEPA air filter so I don't have to smell those fumes (I also use this same air cleaner when soldering so I'm not inhaling solder fumes). Also helps the carts dry, as it's pulling in a lot of air. The above carts after I put them out in front a fan to dry: Some boards I was soldering during the week.. 5200 games (and a handful of ColecoVision games): Some 2600 4K games: Currently testing all the pre-order 2600 games that need to be labeled. After this is done, it will be a cartridge labeling frenzy. Tomorrow I'll assemble all these games into boxes, with manuals and posters for those games that have them. Not sure how long that's going to take, but it's a pretty mindless process so I can stream a show or movie(s) while doing it.. I set this up in another room to make it easier to go through these a bin of carts at a time. And one last photo, here are some of the extra games I've soldered that will be assembled into boards, tested, and labeled over the next few days. This weekend, though, focused mainly on finishing the pre-order games, but still doing some work on these as well to push them along.. From left to right, 7800, 2600, and 5200 boards. Goal is still to start shipping these orders next week. I'm excited to reach the finish line! That's all for now, may post some more photos tomorrow. ..Al
  18. One last thing before I go on vacation... Wouldn't This Be Something?™ 🥰😍😋
  19. Map 128x128, view range=24, char mode. Too short music
  20. Or more to the point: Working with the programmer and a graphic artist to get a box, label, and manual designed, proofread and made print-ready (this can take months... so be prepared to wait). Dealing with printers (yes, plural) to get those items printed to a consistent and professional quality (this can also take months... patience is a virtue!) (It's also expensive.) Obtaining cartridge shells (either new or used). Be prepared to spend more money, and wait some more. If using used shells, prepping them by removing the old labels and cleaning them to look like new again, and discarding the dozens that people sold you that were unusable. Obtaining the circuit boards and other necessary components to build the games. (More money. More waiting.) By the way, you don't yet know it will only be 10 carts. So you'd better order whatever you think you *might* need. Soldering the components to one of the boards. Loading the game onto the circuit board (having acquired the necessary hardware/software to do so in the first place, of course). Testing the game on a variety of oddball console variations to make sure it works. Working with the programmer to fix the issues that have cropped up. More testing! Yelling at the printers to fix their stupid mistakes and reprint whatever they screwed up. Keeping all of AtariAge running while this is going on. Prepping the store entry for the game, including photos, screenshots, descriptions and videos. Keeping track of the orders that have come in (fortunately, we're only talking 10 carts here). Making sure you have everything needed for all 10 carts. Yelling at the printers some more (note: for the sake of brevity we'll limit this to only three times, but that's laughably optimistic). Answering emails, forum posts and PMs from the 10 people wondering where their games are. Soldering the rest of the components onto the circuit boards. Loading the game onto all of the circuit boards. Testing every single one of them. Fixing the ones that don't work. You're still keeping AtariAge running, right? Assembling the carts, applying the labels, folding the boxes, adding any extras such as flyers, buttons, stickers, etc. (I just made this one line because it can't be all that hard. ) Making sure you have enough shipping materials for all 10 orders. Packing all 10 orders, making sure you didn't miss anything, and getting everyone's address correct. Don't forget postage! Driving them to the post office and shipping them. What could be easier? It's only 10 carts.
  21. It's been a while. http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test35.zip http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test35-src.7z Debugger: Add 'dbx' command to display an expression as a block of bytes (useful for decoding memory through an expression); fixed focus issue with address box and actually implemented history drop-down. XEP80: Fixed fill EOL command using $1B instead of $9B. R-Time 8: Fixed bug where debugger reads could change device state. Happy 810: Fixed a bug with RAM mirroring; added some firmware image detection. Modem: Fix for an infinite loop on an attempt to hang up with unread data after the remote side had already shut down its side of the connection; don't wait for received data to drain if remote closes while modem is still ringing. Thanks to Triads for helping me track these down and getting me the memory dump that showed what was happening. Cassette: Fixed toggle buttons in Tape Control not showing their state in dark mode; added /tapepos switch; fixed broken load progress bar when loading CAS files (this was hard to see, except for a huge tape in debug builds). 5200: Block bogus Shift/Ctrl button states which were leaking through. Release script rewritten in Python -- log is much cleaner, program is now version stamped for test builds with test# and build number, .exe is auto-checked for Windows 7 compatibility, and 100% less batch file. Source archive format switched from .zip to .7z (7-zip) for much better compression. Binary releases will continue to be .zip for now. Now, just to warn -- there may be some bugs lurking in tape support, because I did a major rewrite of it to support this: This tape image is from An Introduction To Programming, which is one of the Atari-published educational tapes that has a program-controlled speech track. Above you can see the end of the standard 600 baud, 128-byte blocks containing the BASIC program, followed by the pulses used by that program to sync the visuals against the audio. The Tape Editor is intended to support two main use cases: being able to make small edits to a tape image for diagnostic purposes, and as a debugging aid. To support this, the tape image code was written to have a proper piece table to support copy/paste and undo/redo. To be clear, it's not recommended that you actually try to save tapes out of this editor for a couple of reasons: there is no tape format that saves all of the information from Altirra's internal tape format, and the editor is missing some critical functions like being able to remark blocks as decoded data for the CAS format. Thus, you can't really make useful CAS files with this yet, and roundtripping through a wave file is not guaranteed for data (and will lose audio). The intent is to be able to debug turbo tapes with this, though, so I'll be adding some more functionality to it. I don't expect it to be a primary tool for authoring tapes, though, as a specialized tool like Turgen System is more appropriate for that.
  22. Today we remember all those who lost their lives while serving their country. Some were friends. Some were family. Most were people that we will never know. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten. When the call to serve was issued, they answered.
  23. DODGER.zip Zip file contains a small manual, EA5 files and XB Fiad file. Guide Roger the Dodger over a busy road, climb the spider infested wall, and swim the river to get to the flashing arrows. Game has funny music and animations. Give it a whirl and you'll like it. Some notes about the game; You get an extra life every 1000 points There's a time limit of 30 seconds to get to an Arrow. The closer the timer gets to zero , the faster the arrows flash. Roger can be surprisingly speedy along the road but he's slower in the water! Traffic & monsters increase in speed as well as number , the more levels you reach. You can wrap around the screen. Title screen has "attract" screen if you wait a few moments. The game was written using Harry Wilhelm's XB256 and the Compiler. Try it , it's fantastic!
  24. I'm looking forward to seeing what form the Amico physical games take and, inspired by the excellent new artwork released by Intellivision for the upcoming Biplanes game, I had fun designing a game case.
  25. Wanted to share a WIP vanilla 4k game with a raycasting engine capable of ~25fps/8 colors. No extra RAM, DPC+, bus stuffing or other cheats, does not even bank switch. Could have been a launch title in 1977 on a 2732. Lots of work needed on the maps / pal colors but there is enough working to give you an idea. I still have 33 bytes left for features... lmk is there is interest in a production version or a writeup as to how it works. cheers btw: If you figure out how to play and get to the end you will likely be only the second human to do so...... runes_of_moria_pal.rom runes_of_moria.rom
  26. Was browsing through my local regional brews at the grocery store today and came across this!!!! I am not an IPA fan at all, but had to pick it up for display in the game room!
  27. Hi there folks, I'm working since 2 weeks on a network game for Atari 8 bit computers. Basically it's a battleships game for up to 6 players. First you place ships on your territory and then you attack the oponnent's area. When you hit something it's displayed on your screen. The main engine is more or less ready, now I have to rewrite the server code because UDP transmission sometimes doesn't deliver all the data, and it's crucial that every player gets all the packages, so I'm switching to TCP. The gameplay starts at 2:00. The game will be submitted to ABBUC software contest 2021.
  28. Yo! I know that I'm so far behind on everything in here. Probably 10 pages at this point! I'll catch up. I'm probably hours behind! Just been an absolutely crazy week as I'm sure you can imagine. And, me & my wife planned a little cabin vacation around the timing of E3 so I'm not sure how much time I'll have while I'm on the road. Although... I'm typically up 3 or 4 hours earlier than her so maybe I'll be able to sneak in some quality AA time! In the meantime... wanted to share this article I just saw and have been sharing on social media. We've been getting an incredibly positive reaction from the media, retailers and new fans since our E3 showcase! And from a lot of folks who never knew about us or had casually heard about us. Make sure to check out the hundreds upon hundreds of new and positive comments on our YouTube video of the presentation. Really incredible! And only 1% of the folks who watched it (over 30,000 views at this writing) downvoted it. Here's a great article and example of what people are saying. The article states... "The Amico is arguably the most interesting announcement to come out of E3 this year, but it is a welcome one since it is the perfect device for people to easily share their love of gaming with those around them." https://www.cgmagonline.com/2021/06/14/intellivision-amico/
  29. 17 points
    Told the GF I was gonna break out the paddles; She said Cool!, put on something slinky, got on the bed, gave me a seductive look...And wondered why I was just playing Kaboom!
  30. You mean this? This panel will be ready to assemble once the chips for it arrive (may take some time, thanks to the chip shortage!) But if all goes to plan (and parts suppliers are truthful with their lead times) these will be widely available this year.
  31. I would like to present a prototype of the library for SFX support (possibility of integration with RMT and CMC but also as an independent engine) http://xxl.atari.pl/sfx-engine/ here is an example of an injection into the RMT code: below running various SFX with a few games (Alley Cat, Dropzone, Bruce Lee, Donkey Kong, etc.) - PRESS "1" for action and an example of SFX definitions: sfxBL1 ; death .HE 86 54 A2 ; rept audc .HE 44 A6 48 A8 4A AA .HE 8A 00 4A .HE AA 4A AA 48 A8 46 A4 42 A2 42 .HE 00 01 sfxBL2 ; yawning .HE 02 B0 C2 .HE 04 B0 C4 .HE 03 B0 C6 .HE 0B AA C8 .HE 02 AA C6 .HE 02 AA C4 .HE 03 AD C4 .HE 01 AD C2 .HE 03 B0 C2 .HE 00 01 sfxBL3 ; respawn .HE CE 1E A2 ; rept audf .HE 0F 0C 1C 10 09 19 11 06 16 13 04 12 13 03 sound_engine1.obx sound_engine-dk.obx sound_engine_df.obx sound_engine-dc.obx sound_engine.obx sound_engine-bl.obx sound_engine_dog.obx sound_engine_cat.obx
  32. Just wanted to give a brief update on my progress. I expect to have most of the games finished by the end of this week, and to have them all completed (including some extra games for these orders I still need to build) by the end of next week. This means having the games in finished, boxed form (nearly all of them are boxed, so they are going to take a ton of space!) and ready to ship. After that it will take about a week to get them all shipped. I will start posting photos of the games towards the end of this week. And I will continue to post updates every couple of days from this point forward. ..Al
  33. After some testing of the 48K+Axlon version by fellow @1200XL M.U.L.E. and @luckybuck, the attached disks now contain all three binaries from the original disk. As a small bonus, a driver for the CX85 numerical keyboard is automatically loaded. Thanks to @CharlieChaplin for posting his "CX85 library". Syncalc supports these memory configurations with three separate binaries on its disk: any Atari with 48K RAM plus available Axlon memory for up to 245K. 130XE version which uses 128K RAM. special 52K version for 400s and 800s with 4K RAM at $C000. This version crashes if the machine also has Axlon memory installed. Unfortunately Syncalc replaces some memory areas which are used by DOS with own code. Therefore the binaries work only with the exact versions of DOS 2.0 which are on the disks. Most patching is done by the XEX files during loading. After patching DOS lacks these features: NOTE, POINT, burst mode and write DOS. While adding the remaining two binaries today, I found out that the DOS patches even vary between the three binaries, because they make calls back into Syncalc. If you want to check the patches yourself then go to this post where I have added the source code of the original DOS and the version patched for the 48K binary. Some discussions about CX85 can be found in this thread. 90K single and 180K double density disks: Syncalc1985-SD-v1.atr Syncalc1985-DD-v1.atr
  34. Look who won the auction. @AtariSociety Happy B-Day TJ.
  35. After more than three years since the last release, I finally managed to catch up with Farb's torrent and upload all my stuff including cracking documentation to archive.org at https://archive.org/details/@cs_stuttgart As promised, I now publish the full archive of ATRs here. The attached archive contains 941 cracked images (identified by [cr CSS]) and their "collateral" files (B-sides etc.). No passcodes this time, because neither did I track them, nor did I want to do an exhaustive search over everything to find them. If you want to play a game which needs a passcode, then please go to the title's page on archive.org, where you will find the codes either inside the cracking documentation or as a separate attached file. The archive also contains images of disks which appear protected (bad tracks etc.) but do not check for the protection and a few images which are unprotected but part of Farb's ZIP-file for a protected title. As always: Have fun - and let me know if something does not work (well). CSS-Cracks-20210526.zip CSS-Cracks-Protection.csv.txt CSS-Cracks-Explanation.txt Full list of images: List of publishers included:
  36. We've been a while with no news but this week we have added all the required artwork, music, sounds, missions, etc... and will be going to BETA-1 and letting some people go at it as a completed game! It's bug-crunching and tuning time! Whoohoo! As a teaser, here's what the game's main menu and mission selection screens look and sound like now. As you can see, we've come a long way!
  37. Hey guys, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it is still in development, but not very actively. I haven't worked on it since November, but I do have hope of finishing soon. I did let an individual play test back in November and received some good feedback. The game is fairly difficult as it is now so there will be some tweaking of various aspects on certain screens. Most everything is complete gamewise except for some colors on a couple of screens needs tweaking and the last two screens need some animation and collision detection fixes. We've also included an infinite lives feature in the title screen for now. There is also a flesh/green option for the Yamo, although I need to pick a better PAL color for it. To keep memory low the Tix sprites and traditional sprites will be separate builds. Address spaces have been changed so this should be loadable from DOS as there were a few complaints about Eel Ecurb. There is still no music and no intro screen yet. Fantomas nor I want to compose the music, so volunteers would be appreciated. Although music may push this over 48K(Probably not). Some screen shots are attached some PAL some NTSC, so people can get an idea. Thanks for your patience. Ute.
  38. I was one of the 4 original AMY team members and wrote the 8051 code to control the AMY TTL prototype (500 chips!). The chip was way ahead of it's time. It was a wonderful group and experience. ~Tom Zimmerman
  39. It's $30 per year or $50 for two years. This nets you a longer post edit window, more space for your private messages, the "Subscriber" badge, a 5% discount in the AtariAge Store, and other benefits. I won't hide any important functionality behind subscriptions. They do help cover the considerable expense in running AtariAge (about $500 a month), so they are greatly appreciated. I haven't really pushed them very hard, but I should probably make them more visible and a bit easier to find. I just don't want to bash people over the head with them. ..Al
  40. Here's a photo showing all the boxes for the games waiting to go out, except the new Jaguar games (that haven't already gone out) as those boxes were glued by the printer. These boxes have all had double-sided tape applied to one of the box flaps. Next step is to go through all these to remove the backing on the tape and then "glue" the two long flaps together. Doing this in advance will make the process of assembling the games (cartridge, manual, box insert, and poster) into the boxes once I'm ready to do that (next week!) much faster. These are going to take a TON of space, so I'm clearing off a bunch of shelving to make room for them. The red boxes in the back of the bin on the right are for Zoo Keeper. The orange boxes behind "The End" are for Deepstone Catacomb. By end of day today I will have all the pre-order games assembled except for Zoo Keeper. Most of tomorrow will be spent testing and labeling all the 2600 pre-order games that have been built. All the extra games for orders will be built next week. ..Al
  41. Hi ho, update via Marcel de Gier from our Dutch friends: They finally were able to get in contact with Berry today, he was in hospital and somehow handicapped for some time now, and his handy is broken since then. Berry promised to tell about as soon as possible. Sounds like it will take some more time, but stay tuned 🥰 xXx
  42. Had this idea after seeing an Amico press shot a few months back...I'm not too good at this image-editing thing, but I hope you folks like it. Happy Pride Month!
  43. Match the jewels to clear the lines. What level can you get to? Pillars-COL-1.00.zip
  44. 15 points
    I had the strangest dream that I got a million Likes. Check out my YouTube channel where I describe the dream!
  45. I've just written to Sue (his wife) and passed on our heartfelt condolences..
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