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  1. I would like to present my first program which I wrote using MadPascal. gr9Lab is an application designed for image processing on 8-bit Atari computer. The program is still under development but it contains almost all functionalities planned so far. I tested the application under Altirra and I cannot guarantee that it works on a real hardware. The current version should properly work with 64kB of memory. Below you can find the link to the YouTube video. It is possible to work with two images in GR9 mode with resolution of 80x192 pixels at the same time. The program has ability to process the whole images or within a selected rectangular area of interest (ROI). The program can be controlled by joystick or the keyboard: by pressing 1 and 2 keys you can switch the view between two images. by pressing Tab/Shift Tab keys you can go to the next/previous menu item or other GUI control. by pressing Return key you can activate highlighted menu item or other GUI control. by pressing Esc key you can go to the main menu. The list of features available in the current version contains as follows. gr9Lab menu New - clears content of the image. Load - loads image from a file in GR9 format (80x192 pixels). Save - saves image to file in GR9 format (80x192 pixels). Exit - closes the application. Copy - copies image content from the other one. Show/Hide selection - turns on/off selection (ROI). Process menu Flip horizontal - performs mirror of the image in horizontal direction. Flip vertical - performs mirror of the image in vertical direction. Rotate 180 - rotates the image by 180 degrees. Brightness/Contrast - adjusts brightness and contrast of the image. Histogram - calculates and shows a histogram of the image. Histogram equalize - performs histogram equalizaion on the image. Inverse - applies inversion of pixels intensity. Threshold - performs thresholding operation, pixels replaced by black if are darker than parameter or replaced by white otherwise. Add noise - applies random modification of pixels intensity. Filter menu Box filter - applies average filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Gaussian blur - applies Gaussian blur filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Sharpen - performes sharpening operation using filter of 3x3 pixels. Laplace edges - enhances edges on the image by Laplace filter of 3x3 pixels. Emboss - generates relief effect on the image by using filter of 3x3 pixels. Dilate filter - applies morphological dilate filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Erode filter - applies morphological erode filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Opening filter - applies morphological opening filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Closing filter - applies morphological closing filter of 3x3 pixels on the image. Math menu Set - fill the image by a selected intensity. Add - increases pixels intensity by selected value. Subtract - decrease pixels intensity by selected value. Difference - calculates absolute difference between pixels intensity and selected value. Multiply - multiplies pixels intensity by selected value. Divide - divides pixels intensity by selected value. Log - calculates logarithm values from pixels intensity. Exp - calculates exponent values from pixels intensity. Sqr - calculates power of 2 from pixels intensity. Sqrt - calculates square root from pixels intensity. Not - calculates bitwise negation of pixels intensity. Or - calculates bitwise sum of pixels intensity and selected value. And - calculates bitwise product of pixels intensity and selected value. Xor - calculates bitwise exclusive disjunction of pixels intensity and selected value. Minimum - calulates minimum value from pixels intensity and selected value. Maximum - calulates maximum value from pixels intensity and selected value. Blender menu Add - calculates addition between corresponding pixels of two images. Subtract - calculates subraction between corresponding pixels of two images. Difference - calculates absolute difference between corresponding pixels of two images. Multiply - calculates multiplication between corresponding pixels of two images. Divide - calculates division between corresponding pixels of two images. Average - calculates average value between corresponding pixels of two images. Or - calculates bitwise sum between corresponding pixels of two images. And - calculates bitwise product between corresponding pixels of two images. Xor - calculates bitwise exclusive disjunction between corresponding pixels of two images. Minimum - calculates minimum from corresponding pixels of two images. Maximum - calculates maximum from corresponding pixels of two images. My plan for further improvements of the program contains at least the following items: using extended memory for storing more than 2 images. introduction of undo operation. improvements of load/save operations - better error handling, introduction of file explorer. showing the name of visible image and information if the image has been modified and is unsaved. introduction the screen with help and settings (I have some ideas for settings). support of Atari 800 (currently I have problem with proper keyboard handling by ReadKey function). solve a problem with computer crash after aplication is closed. You can download the disc image or standalone executable and play with the application freely. I would be grateful for your comments. gr9Lab_WIP1.atr gr9Lab_WIP1.xex
  2. Hi ! Here is a small video with part of gameplay from "They are many". Game is kind of real time strategy with gathering resources, building stuff, moving units around, and trying to resist incoming zombie attacks that grow in strength over time. I haven't managed to squeeze in every planed thing into it before deadline but I hope it's enough to show games such as this are totally possible on A8. We need more games like this imho. Coderz please consider building much more complex worlds and game mechanics. Cheers ! PopMilo ps. There's only one sfx (shoot) in game, so please put on some atmospheric music in your room before playing the game
  3. I am the one who had the unfortunate responsibility of breaking the news to the public after hearing it from his wife. I am still in shock at the loss of my friend. Yes it was his heart though an autopsy is not going to be done because of Covid restrictions.I’ve posted about the funeral arrangements on the Atari Museum Facebook group. I’m going to be working with his wife at some point in the near future to bring some order into the sad chaos that has arisen from his sudden departure. That includes going through the voluminous Atari museum archive, all the projects he was working on for people, any business related things, and so on. It’s quite the undertaking but it has to be done. And I want to make sure I do everything possible to preserve his legacy and what he was trying to accomplish, and what I was fortunate enough to be a part of for sometime now.
  4. Hijacking this thread back to myself, I will take the occasion of Keith Robinson's 65th birthday today to announce the next title from Blue Sky Rangers. Release date probably in November (I was kind of hoping to be able to hit the abandoned 10/10/20 Amico date, but it is not going to happen). I will announce a second title at that time.
  5. http://matosimi.websupport.sk/atari/2020/08/detonationix-abbuc-swc-2020-entry/
  6. Reposting here. I am the one who had the unfortunate responsibility of breaking the news to the public after hearing it from his wife. I am still in shock at the loss of my friend. Yes it was his heart though an autopsy is not going to be done because of Covid restrictions.I’ve posted about the funeral arrangements on the Atari Museum Facebook group. I’m going to be working with his wife at some point in the near future to bring some order into the sad chaos that has arisen from his sudden departure. That includes going through the voluminous Atari museum archive, all the projects he was working on for people, any business related things, and so on. It’s quite the undertaking but it has to be done. And I want to make sure I do everything possible to preserve his legacy and what he was trying to accomplish, and what I was fortunate enough to be a part of for sometime now. Regarding the XM, I was not involved directly with that but I will be including that in the list of things I have to be going through and seeing what I could do to keep moving it forward. I do know that any and all money went towards the tooling for the cases early on, so he anybody else brought in was basically doing their work for nothing all this time out of the pure love for it and to see it finished. So anybody I can try and work with to finish this up would have to be working on it out of that same respect, and possible future sales. But none of this is my expertise, my work on Curt’s projects has always been in software, waiting, graphic arts and marketing. Right now everything is just under lockdown and completely in stasis and safe, while the family deals with his upcoming funeral and immediate aftermath of his sudden death.
  7. Hello Friends !! Attached you will find my second homebrew game for the Atari 2600... STRATOVOX 2600 It is a port of the 1980 Taito arcade game Stratovox also known as Speak and Rescue. The object of this game is to shoot UFOs attempting to kidnap astronauts that appear on the right side of the screen. If all astronauts are kidnapped, the game is over. Use the joystick to move your spaceship left or right and press the button to fire. You have to destroy 12 UFOs to complete the first level. On the second level, you have to destroy 15 UFOs, then 18, 21, 24 and so on. At the end of each level, you will receive 100 bonus points for each astronaut not kidnapped. Also novice players will receive an extra astronaut without exceeding the maximum of 10 astronauts in the screen at once. You start the game with 3 spaceships. Reach 5,000 points to receive an extra spaceship. Yellow UFOs score 50 points and Red UFOs score 100 points. UFOs carrying an astronaut score random points from 300 to 1,000 depending on their color and speed. There are 36 levels in this game. Levels 1 to 4 are the easiest levels, the real action starts in level 5. This game does not have voices like the arcade but I am planning to add some using Atarivox+ or SAM. If you find any bug please let me know. Enjoy !! Carlos RaymanC Stratovox_2600_NTSC_RC1.bin Stratovox_2600_PAL60_RC1.bin
  8. I am now able to repeat all of the loading errors. A day spent with my scope was able to pinpoint an excessively slow slew rate on one of the signals. A POKEY makes the slew rate even slower. In Harmony Encore mode, the slew rate is very fast, and this is probably why Concerto works perfectly as an Encore. When viewing the waveforms, CH1 (top on the scope screen) is the waveform that the 7800 sees, while CH2 is basically what I wanted it to see. You can see the slew rate is very slow and apparently it is slow enough to corrupt loads. So here is the before waveform and integrity results: Here are the results after changing a part: The slew rate is much faster, the signal looks tons better and the 7800 agrees! I haven't made any other changes to this Concerto. I am sending this one to Mitch to try out.
  9. Good news: I was able to repeat some of the integrity errors with Mitch's console by configuring my Concerto like the ones out there. I have a good idea about the cause now and will post up a new test BIOS once I have it error-free.
  10. IMO simplicity is the way to go just like the other t-shirts in the Amico Store. If you start cramming it full of stuff it's gonna lose it's appeal. Here's a couple to get the ball rolling...
  11. Today I’m announcing my new project, @Atari8BitBot. It's a twitter bot: tweet it code in Atari BASIC, or Turbo-BASIC XL, or Logo, or PILOT, or assembly language. It’ll run your program in an emulator and tweet you back with it a video of it running. Documentation at https://atari8bitbot.com Have fun, Kay
  12. Huge honor for Intellivision to be nominated and a finalist for "Best Consumer Technology Innovation" Award at the 2020 High Tech Awards this year!
  13. This thread is closed for now, due to Curt's passing and time for some grievance has passed. Marty, feel free to start a new thread, when pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
  14. Today former president Keith Robinson would have turned 65 years old. Keith kept the Intellivision dream alive for over 20 years as president and first started working on Intellivision in 1981! He is sadly missed by the many people who knew him and worked with him. Here's a really nice video that one of our supporters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia made and released today in honor of Keith's birthday.
  15. Hi. Here is a new game that I've been developing slowly a puzzle game where everything is deadly!
  16. Soon. Trial batch, there will be corrections yet. Please do not look at the pins - I have to automate their insertion, so far I only checked the correctness of the socket and the injection mold.
  17. Being on a team of a WWI sim developer, it's definitely not an easy road to face. We've been at our game Wings Over Flanders Fields for 10+ years and faced our own challenges. One if them being hammered by a Russian software company that tried to take our ideas and designs our from under us in thier game Rise of Flight. What saved us is our dedication and campaign engine. Our graphics are dated compared to sims like DCS and Flight Simulator, but our game is massive and if you're into WWI aviation history it's loaded to the hilt! It's even fun to just fly the old biplanes without the combat aspect. Indie development has a lot of challenges and the hope is always that you're picked up by a big name like Ubisoft, or Blizzard...but even if you don't, a lot of great games have been made by the pure enthusiasm of these small teams like ours. We are a team of seven spread all over the world from USA to South Africa, Finland, UK, Canada and Australia. Might as well plug the game here... http://www.overflandersfields.com/index.html Here's some of my artwork in the game and how in depth we go to get it right. All of this takes a lot of time and work...so sometimes you can't be in it for a fast buck if you're making a career out of it. Most devs like me do this as a side job. To bet on it as a primary is very difficult. Long nights and busy days off to get all this done ... But it's worth it when you see your artwork on the shelf of a magazine rack... Lol. That's me in all my bald glory holding PC Pilot in a store at LHR! Hahaha.
  18. The gaming world seems more chaotic to me now, more than ever. Huge companies like Sony and Microsoft can't seem to get pre-orders for game consoles to go smoothly, even with the help of giant retailers like Walmart and Amazon (and sometimes, at the detriment of their help). I will say, I pre-ordered two Amicos with zero problems at all. I could in fact pre-order another one right now without issue... maybe I should... no, two is enough for now. Yes, I'm sure volume is the big differentiator here, but I will say that my experience with Intellivision has been a wonderful experience compared to what some are going through trying to get a new PS5. I'm also a bit surprised that so many people are rushing to order Xbox Series X or PS5 when they still don't know very much about them. Nobody, outside of their respective companies, has seen them. Or played them. Aside from the highly polished videos of their games, what do those games actually look like? What does the UI look like? Contrast that to Amico where Tommy shows off the system, the controller, and the ideas behind the console every chance he gets. We've even had a demo of one of the games that we've been able to play on our phones for months now. I may have not played an Amico yet, but I'm so intimately familiar with so much of the console, that it feels like I have. I feel confident when I put my money down on one to purchase it. But the problem is bigger than that. Maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe @RetroAdvisoryBoard's video had an impact on me, but these gigantic games coming out really do seem like they're bringing the entire industry down. Not just that, but this push to make games as a service with offerings such as Xbox Game Pass or PS Now are not only diminishing the value of games, but changing the fundamental way we view, purchase, and consume these products. Games are no longer the treasured gift they once were, but a disposable commodity that gets but a moment's notice before being discarded. Netflix was once a great value when it was the only streaming service in town, but then came Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, CBS, NBC, HBO... and so on. How long until there are a dozen gaming services all asking for a monthly payment of $9.99 to give you access to 500 games that you will never play?? Again, maybe it's my experience talking, but I really like the way Intellivision is going. You buy a game, you own the game. And the game you bought is the full game. No DLC, no extra content to buy, no microtransactions. It's focusing on quality over quantity. Yes, you can have 1000 games in your store, but if 80% of them are crap, what's the point? I recently had to go through a number of games on my PS4 to delete some, and as I played a bunch I had downloaded but never touched, I was amazed at how much garbage there was out there. Even big AAA games were not worth playing. I really look forward to console that offers focused content that doesn't take me 40 hours of my life to experience, while constantly bombarding with the feeling that I need to download the next offering I got from a subscription. I'm worried about the way video games are headed, and I really hope Amico is everything it says it will be.
  19. Yo... Anybody else here sell all their Jag stuff because they needed money thinking "oh I'll just buy it back someday" then you see all these freaking sweeeeeeeeet homebrew games being made for it and your like "Oh wow, okay, time to get a Jaguar system again" so you look on Ebay and an untested system costs you like a testicle and you're like "damn, I mean, I could maybe afford it right now but damn, seriously???" ...so you procrastinate for a few months and then they cost like even MORE which you didn't think was even possible but then like ever MORE freaking sweet homebrew games get released and you don't even have god damn llamatron yet so you're like "WTF?? MAN???" So now you seriously consider buying a horribly overpriced system that you can't really afford and could easily red screen on you in a week just to play Robotron with llamas (worth it...?) but you really don't see any other option and figure you would ask the crew if maybe something is happening behind the scenes that you are completely oblivious to because you have been offline for a few years living in a cave...you know like maybe Parrotface Mike is using those molds he bought to make some aftermarket systems or something (that dude still around?) Or maybe they are making a retron Jaguar system that probably wouldn't play homebrews anyways so I would just get my hopes up for nothing and by that time Jag systems will probably be so sought after I will have to buy a timeshare Jag or own a few shares in an openly traded jag system or something... Then an idea strikes...maybe just buy the games? I mean, who has time to play games anyways, they would look great on the shelf and I can just flip through a manual now and then or look at the box art? No, thats frakking stupid...then the anger sets in... You hate to make it political but its a known FACT the billionaire 1%'ers are hooking up 16-32 jags to play BSG while the rest of us are fighting just for one. Rumor has it Bill Gates himself has a Jag in every room of his mansion, even the bathroom! Yup, he is playing half assed unfinished games of Protector SE while he dumps and the rest of us are here suffering with no jags at all.... I don't know, this happen to anyone else here? Just curious....
  20. We're proud to announce the addition of three new Atari Jaguar games to the AtariAge Store, Last Strike, reBOOTed, and Brawn and Brains! We've also re-issued an older Jaguar title, Xenon 2, with an updated box and label, as well as a completely new manual! Pre-order these games today, and we'll have them shipped to you in October. Here's a brief description of each of the new games: Last Strike: Last Strike is a fun shooter with both horizontal and vertical scrolling levels. You must defeat the enemies you encounter while traversing each level, rescuing any stranded humans you encounter along the way. And you'll want to rescue the humans, as you earn credits that you can later use in the shop to upgrade your ship! Some of the upgrades include the Megabomb, Twin Shot, Rear Shot, Shield, Extra Life, and Speedup. At the end of each level, you'll encounter an enemy boss that you must destroy in order to proceed to the next level! reBOOTed: From space, to the open highway, to the sea. The worlds of Reboot return in a multi-game cartridge that will make your head spin and TV explode with hours of fun! These landmark, thoroughly updated classics, can now be easily enjoyed in one cartridge! reBOOTed is a collection of seven Jaguar games on a single 6MB cartridge! The games featured in this multipack have all been given an update with new graphics, music and other additions such as Pro Controller support and cartridge saves. Some of these titles have previously never had a physical release, while others were only available on Jaguar CD or in extremely limited runs due to production costs. Brawn and Brains: Brawn and Brains is a collection of three unique Atari Jaguar games, each from a different Jaguar developer. This collection features Dragonkeep (Lawrence Staveley), Tiles (Rik Day), and Do the Same (Matmook/Jagware). This is the first release of these games in cartridge form, offered in an economical release with cartridge and manual. Each of the games is described in more detail below. You can find the above Jaguar games and more in the AtariAge Store. If you have any questions, please ask below! ..Al
  21. Its been quite a while since I did an update on this project. First of all let me assure you that it's definitely alive and kicking, now having made it to a production ready design. Version 1.1 is the culmination of what was learned from two previous iterations. The biggest problem I had to overcome was incessant video noise issues. But after several redesigns the 576NUC+ has achieved clean, noise and jail bar free video. To that end V1.1 has succeeded, and now rivals what can be seen in a UAV equipped system. Each board revision got it's own unique color. And each one meant an investment of $160-180 (not counting Atari VSLI). The first 'ALPHA' version had absolutely terrible video quality, and also due to the way the power supply was implemented did not reliably turn ON. The 2nd 'BETA' version was not much better with it's initial video quality, although it did confirm what was really at fault, and with a lot of modifying finally achieved what I was looking for. The 3rd 'PRE-PRODUCTION' attempt implemented what was learned in the 'BETA' unit, and really shined this time around, with all issues eliminated and required changes in place. 576NUCplus_schema_9-17-2020.pdf And for the first time ever, I went with a yellow solder mask and black silk screen. Stay tuned for more to come... FujiNet Inside and custom 3D printed cases.
  22. Check out a press release that our manufacturer put out today: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ark-electronics-awarded-intellivision-entertainment-amico-gaming-system-manufacturing-contract-301132224.html Ark is an amazing super high profile manufacturer in China (with offices in Irvine, CA as well). They worked on the PS2, PS3, PS4 & PS5 as well as the Nintendo Wii! They built the controller boards. So if you've ever used a PlayStation or Wii controller... you've held their work in your hand. We've had the deal in place since last fall and our team spent a week with them and their factory folks (including me) last December. Absolutely fantastic folks and partners who really believe in the vision and are really dedicated to making sure Amico is a huge success.
  23. Hi Tommy, If nobody has said so before, then I'll do it now: Thank you for bringing the Intellivision back to life. As someone who grew up during the "Atari Age," seeing the classic Intellivision games renewed is beyond my wildest dreams. I'm looking forward to finally getting my founder's edition in April. Yeah, the launch date been extended out several months but figuratively I've been waiting **several years** for the Amico. Besides, now that I'm no longer the kid sitting in front of the TV with an Atari/Intellivision/Colecovision controller, I have a stack of work until April that will keep me preoccupied 😅 Here's a little feedback for your marketing team: Because the Amico is working hard to portraying itself as a "couch co-op" console, some people on social media are unaware of the fact that its games also have a one player mode. This issue could cause gamers who are single people, introverts, and the like to buy from Amico's competition. I'm a fan of your console, and I want that demographic to know the joys of Amico. Don't get me wrong, companionship can be great but some gamers enjoy "alone time." I know that you're a busy man, so thank you for taking the time to read my feedback. April is gonna be great!
  24. The macOS emulator for Atari 8-bit computers has been updated to version 5.3.0. Among the many changes and improvements, the most notable one is the update of the emulator core, using Atari800 4.2. The last core update happened more than eight years ago. The UI has also new features that the users were longing for so much time, like continuous scaling of Atari display by simply dragging the window resize handle. You don't have to choose between 2x, 3x or 4x anymore! This is the full changelog: Add continuous scaling of Atari display by simply dragging the window resize handle. Added ability to set scaling to integer values only, still by dragging the window resize handle. Changed Fullscreen to use true MacOS Fullscreen, with seperate workspace. This elimiinates the need for a Fullscreen GUI, since the normal Mac windows and dialogs work in Fullscreen now. Added option to maintain Atari screen aspect ratio in fullsize Added 80 column card selection pull down to Media Center Add Touch Bar contatining special Atari keys for use on laptops with Touch Bars Integrated features from atari800 emulator core, version 4.2, including: Support for new ROM types Added support for AltirraOS 400/800, AltirraOS XL, Altirra 5200 BIOS and Altirra BASIC. This means the emulator will now work out of the box without external ROMs Many core emulator fixes around Pokey, ANTI, GTIA, PIA, and CPU. Removed built-in Basic for 400/800 type machines for more accurate emulation, and removed separate OS A/OS B machine types. Bugs Fixed: Fixed copy/paste in Debug Monitor and Sector Editor. Removed Drawer from Monitor/GUI Debugger which is deprecated by Apple and was not working in Fullscreen. For now, Debug GUI is always visible, another solution may be available in the next release. Fixed issue with Rename in Disk Editor that was introduced in 5.1.0. Link: Atari800MacX on Github From: https://vintageisthenewold.com/new-atari800macx-5-3-0-includes-atari800-4-2-core-update/
  25. I've posted this before, but it seemed appropriate to post it here again today ... I'm so glad that Keith and the others took the trouble to record this. Here's hoping that the Amico version can successfully recapture the magic!
  26. No, not a prototype as in some found cartridge from the last century. A modern prototype I've been working on in a modern game engine to work out game mechanics before porting to the 7800. Now, that said, I probably didn't save any time on this particular game by writing it first in a modern game engine. That is because I spent most of my time deciphering and porting the 2600 River Raid code, and didn't actually do a ton of work to mod this into a co-op game. Oh well, maybe it will pay off in some other way. Anyhow, back to the game. Like I just hinted at, this is a mod as well as a remastering, of River Raid into a 2-player couch co-op game. I kept the play as close as possible to the 2600 version because, well, it was an awesome game given the specs of the system. Anything after that didn't really seem like an improvement in game play. In my opinion, some games should be left as is and only remastered. Of course, I didn't leave River Raid as is by modding it for 2 players but, well, I needed another motive for doing fan work on a game I don't have rights to. Basically, I built the game I wanted when I was 12. I don't want to start repeating everything I put on the game's itch.io page so I'll leave it at that for now. I'll post more behind-the-scenes stuff in a devlog on that page as well... soon. https://juanitogan.itch.io/river-raid-squadron Enjoy, Matt
  27. This year is my first time at the competition. Hope you like my 'little' game. Here is a first impression: The game detects if your ATARI has NTSC or PAL and if it runs with 50 or 60 Hz and adapts color and music speed. 60 Hz machines will have some less graphics at start (PM additions), but everything can be toggled on there, too (SELECT at DICE/SELL/VIEW menu). You have 25 complete different levels with different money aims (+ can adjust the aim at your own). Get rich as fast as possible and then get first to start, when aim is reached. Coding the game took about 3 months and about every day endless testing Many thanks to @miker for great music and some sfx work and @_The Doctor__ for NTSC testing. ... and St. Dorndorf for uDOS.
  28. Hello dear friends, I decided to present here my ABBUC entry, because rules of this program might be vague for some of the people. It's simply a tree growth simulator in which we can influecne the shape of the tree. It has only 4kb size and it took me a week to write this. This is not a typical game, rather experimental project, because you can't win or lose. The tree grows until the certain point, and then you can "admire" its form. There are couple factors that one can change: SUN- direction of the sun rays, which influences the direction of new branches and sub-branches. WIND- the direction of the wind that influences the skew of branches. Branches tend to change their direction gradually. CUT- cutting the branches, once you cut the branch it stops growing, but the subbranches keep growing still. Those factors can be changed multiple times at any given moment. Other options are: STOP: stopping the growth just to "admire" the shape or to have a little break. PLAY: restarting the growth at normal speed FAST: starting the growth at maximum available speed (could be interesting for users with more CPU power) I had fun making it and I hope you will have fun playing it as well
  29. ANNOUNCEMENT! The Intellivision Amico All Access podcast is moving to a new day of the week. Sundays at 5pm PST This starts this weekend! New Bat time same Bat channel
  30. So I mentioned here the other day I was trying to think of a story about Curt. Rather than talking about something with Flashback/Flashback 2, or talking about a game show or trade event, I thought I would tell something that involved Curt do something I so rarely saw in him.....getting upset. Those who knew him are familiar with how happy he was when he was in his element. This is not one of those times....although it did not stay pissed for too long. I was at his home on a Saturday in early January, 2002. We were working on one of his many projects. Honestly, I can't recall what we were doing. My first recollection was that we were working on his 7800 High Score Cart project, but the dates don't line up. Regardless, I have long forgotten what it was we were doing and it really doesn’t matter for the story. Anyway, we had a day of failure after failure. He finally got frustrated, threw his hands up in the air and said “I have had enough. Have you seen ‘Lord of the Rings’ yet? I haven’t. Let’s go.” Now, everyone who knew Curt knows that once he sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him, so it was clear I had no choice in the matter. We checked the movie times & hopped in my car and drove to a nearby theater. The theater was full since the movie had only been out for a few weeks and was a massive hit. Despite this, we managed to find two seats together with a decent viewing angle. The movie starts, and everything is quiet in the theater….for about 15 minutes. We found out, quickly, that the couple in front of us were intimately familiar with the Tolkien books. How we found this out is that just before something important would happen on the theater screen, one would lean over to the other and say something along the lines of “Oh, this must be where Gandalf goes to Isengard” or “This is where Legolas kills the cave troll.” Keep in mind, the theatrical release of this movie is 3 hours long and this went on every 10 minutes for the first 2 1/2 hours of the movie. Since the theater was so full, there was no way to get away from these people to other seats. Curt finally had enough & was visibly upset. That was interesting to see because there was little that made him upset about anything. These two morons revealing everything was ruining the movie for us, and no doubt, for everyone else in earshot. When a quiet moment presented itself with about 30 minutes of time left, Curt says to me "Watch this" & leaned forward in his chair and said to that couple “Oh, this must be where the water is spilled on Gizmo and he starts spawning mogwai.” This is a reference to one of his favorite movies, “Gremlins.” After the initial snickering between us, I leaned forward and said “I’ll bet this is where Rodney Dangerfield says he can see whip marks in his steak where the jockey was hitting it.” This refers to one of my favorite movies, “Caddyshack.” Curt leaned forward again with a “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” reference and says “The scene with Spicoli wrecking the Camaro is coming up.” Needless to say, the couple were starting to get the hint….until one last person chimed in. There was a college-aged couple on my right that were clearly on a date and equally annoyed by constant warnings of plot points about to occur. The guy looks like a linebacker. He leans forward and says “Oh, I’ll bet this is where you realize the hints that have been dropped are trying to imply you should shut the hell up so we can watch the movie without your commentary.” Everyone in earshot of that noisy couple burst out laughing followed by high fives between us and that college couple next to me. Needless to say, the talkative morons sheepishly cowered out of the theater when the movie was over. Curt was still pissed that the movie got ruined, but he did take some pleasure in knowing that those people would probably never do that again in a theater.
  31. Sigh. Curt's last status update on the XM was that the hardware was complete, the developer BIOS was complete, the consumer BIOS was close to complete and was in testing. He was working on the manual. I think we need to give the XM questions a rest for a little while. Mitch
  32. New improved version first of all thank the friends @TIX and @playsoft for all the help and their time to improve this version. changes in general : some graphics were changed for example the numbers of the score corrected on the bonus screen that the diamonds should disappear when the music ends. and a great ending was added!!!, if you read well an ending passing level 9.😎 Montezuma's Redux.xex
  33. Raising a glass to Curt tonight, and listening with amusement to him ranting about modern Atari shenanigans, and talk about his various projects including XM. Rest well, Curt. 🍺
  34. Inellivision Amico comes in 3rd to the XBox Series X and Games Pass Cloud Streaming at GamesCom - not bad for a console "no one cares about" (says some people 🙄)
  35. I am probably going to ramble here in my grief. You have been warned. I have not been active here in many years. I am sure Curt probably talked about some or all of what I am about to say. When Curt brought me on the Engineering team, I had known him for 10 years. I had just gotten divorced and was operating like a rudderless ship. I will always be thankful for Curt bringing me on and giving me something to focus on to help ease the situation. I wish I could offer some input on FB2+, but I had left Legacy Engineering in 2007 when I was appointed to the Board of Directors at the American Classic Arcade Museum. FB2+ came three years later. Post FB2, there were a few things that were examined. Flashback Portable was working in breadboard form. Curt and I were sending some (bad) hand-drawn sketches to each other of how the unit should look. I know he posted the photo of the plastic mockup here at some point. Here is an interesting thing about Flashback Portable.... There was some talk of selling this unit outside of the traditional channel at stores of the era like The Learning Tree and The Discovery Store. The idea was to build a different SKU that would package Flashback Portable with educational materials to teach people how to make their own games. Coding would be on a PC and transmission of your game code would be over USB. Sadly, this idea went nowhere. While Curt was making progress on Portable, Atari had contracted/licensed with a company called PixelPlay to bring some of Atari's arcade library to cable and satellite TV boxes. Atari wanted Legacy Engineering to work with the PixelPlay crew to make the games look and feel as close as possible to the original source, so Curt put me on that project. PixelPlay had a management office in NYC and an office with programmers in Tel-Aviv. I found creative ways to do this work between home and NYC at the same time as my "real" job for about six months. Honestly, I have no idea what ever ended up happening with the final code. It may not have been used. The key problem is that the cable remote was used as your controller and with the exception of one Canadian Bell & Howell satellite box, all of the boxes that were being used only allowed one keypress at a time. No moving and firing. No diagonal movement. After that, I did some work with Curt developing proof of concept cabinets for a company that wanted to build home bartop arcade games based around licenses from SNK and Konami. We built the cabinets at Curt's home since he was much better equipped for woodshop work. We did this over two weekends in January with no heat in his garage. The plan was to, eventually, design an ASIC board for running the games, but for proof-of-concept, we went with Mini-ITX motherboards running an emulator. These looked fantastic when they were done and they were sent off to retailers like Target, Best Buy, Wal*Mart, etc. for evaluation. Everyone passed on them. I think the core problem here was size, weight and cost. In 2007, the world was still on CRTs, so to build these units around 15 or 17 inch CRTs created logistical issues for storing/transporting and having the games on shelves. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was that this did not make it to market. Think about that period of time.... Over the years in the 80s/90s, Atari had quietly been swallowing up the rights to multiple companies that had gone under. They already had APX. MicroProse & Accolade were swallowed up at various points. This opened up a whole world of game possibilities for FB3 since Atari owned so many gems of the 8-bit library. I know the thing that Curt was trying to get across is that people are only going to buy Centipede so many times, so FB3 had to be different. I still have my notes from those days on my server and I went back to refresh my memory tonight. We were looking at games like Getaway!, Caverns of Mars, Star Raiders, Fight Night, etc. Atari had no idea what they owned. Curt told me that at one of his meetings at Atari, their people were shocked.....SHOCKED.....to know what they owned. They had no clue. The phrase "We own that?" was uttered multiple times. Curt produced the proof. Despite this, Curt's vision for FB3 never happened. Curt was a wonderful person. More so than many people will know. He always approached these projects based on what the gamer would want....hence stuff like the cart port solder points on FB2. I am grateful to have known him and worked for him.
  36. How absolutely horrific. I feel so bad for his family. His wife works at a hospital in NYC and they have a school age daughter. They just lost their pup of 15 years this past July and now they lost a father and husband. We lost a great pillar of the community. Rest In Peace, Curt. May his loved ones find peace and comfort during this difficult time.
  37. Nice tribute to Keith Robinson (made from Rubik cubes) at the National Videogame Museum (Frisco Texas) Intellivision (Facebook) Twitter:
  38. You should have seen some of the vile and disgusting crap we deleted from the comments. I guess folks think it's funny to try and bully and intimidate women while being anonymous. So funny that the second we talk about "family" it triggers a few lonely elitist hardcores with no kids to call Cara and others vile names. There are some extremely toxic stalkers who are trying everything in their power to destroy Amico. But just like in love, happiness, success and life... they will once again lose.
  39. Couldn’t that question be asked in a week or two, after the body is cold and in the ground and his wife and young daughter have had at least a week or two to grieve?
  40. You guys know me better than that at this point don't you? Been working on getting the license with WB for over a year. The design I have is based entirely on the original movie. Basically, everything you see in the movie... from trying to get Augustus out of the chocolate river pipe to the crazy Wonkatania boat ride, navigating Charlie & Uncle Joe away from the fan and bubbles with Fizzy Lifting Drink, having to create the perfect Everylasting Gobstopper, to a guitar hero-ish type music mini-games with all the Oompa Loompa segments! I actually designed the entire game about 30 years ago and was going to do it on the Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo! But 2 years ago I did a lot of redesign specifically for the Amico controller and now it's even more unique and amazing!! Going to be one of my pet projects for sure. Christmas 2021 would be perfect, although it may take a little longer for this one to create... so maybe Easter of 2022. That would be a cool release date! So I guess, what I should really be saying here is... Wouldn't That Be Something?™ 🥰
  41. Ok, that other small project turned out to be bigger than expected. Instead of doing a quick FastBasic version of space invaders I ended up learning assembler properly and doing a decent conversion. There's still some work to do on invaders but once finished I'm going to get back to this. Given that I now have a good grasp of assembler I'm going to turn this into a major platformer project in assember instead of quicker arcade style game in FastBasic. This means it's going to take some time, if it's done for next years ABBUC i'll be surprised. I've had to adjust the graphics of the main character a bit to facilitate verticle movement, here's a little gif I worked on this morning.
  42. Yo!, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I believe it's fair to say that I take the time to respond to everyone as well, and that by doing so with people who may have different opinions or likes/dislikes doesn't mean that it should be perceived as criticism. It's just expressing our opinions to one another and someone doesn't need to be right or wrong. I answer questions simply for people to understand WHY we chose to do things the way we do. More times than naught (and I'm saying you are doing this) when people have a different point of view than I do and I try explaining the reason why... I'll be attacked for "not being able to take criticism". That's not it at all. I'm just explaining why we do things the way we do and why we believe what we believe. With that in mind, let me explain a little more about our approach to graphics. When you say a LOT of similar "projects like this" have failed, can you tell me the ones that have 40 full time employees worldwide, 5 offices around the world, 50+ developers working on games, major distribution in almost every big box retailer in North America & Europe, a focus on co-op and family, in house full-time engineering team, over 600+ years industry experience on the executive team, etc. My point being, I don't actually think you've seen projects like ours. The closest one may be Ouya, but they were crowdfunded (i.e. didn't need to rely on "real" retail at first), didn't have worldwide offices, didn't have a full-time in house engineering team, weren't paying the kind of money we are for developers, no family focus, didn't have many exclusive games and certainly didn't have the years of winning track records and industry experience that our team has, didn't have the appropriate market research and focus group testing that we have, etc. (I could go on). Atari? One employee, a rented PR company, crowdfunded, no in-store distribution, no family focus, very little to none developers working on exclusive games, etc. Honestly... those "other" folks and projects aren't even in the same ballpark. And no offense, but I completely REJECT your advice that we might fail. In regards to Switch. There are way more awful looking games on Switch than will ever be on Amico. I don't feel comfortable calling any of them out as there are a lot of indie developers making things for the Switch an it would be unfair of me to pick on them. Just go to the "bargain" part of the e-shop and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. But that isn't really a good counter-point to your thought because most people will never see those games or even know they exist. I just wanted to point out that there are a lot more that are a lot worse that appear on the Switch. My counter-point would be this. If 3 billion people love Rock 'n Roll music and 200 million people like Jazz, why would my rock band want to put out a jazz album? You mentioned that a lot of the games look like mobile apps and because of that, it isn't going to convince someone to get an Amico. In fact though... its one of the reasons they will! The graphics are not complex, yes, they may be "simple"... but that's the point. People sometimes equate graphics to the power and success of a machine. That isn't the case. Mobile is popular and dominates partly BECAUSE of the simplicity and convenience of the gameplay and graphics. What people HATE is the micro-transactions, the controls and the inability to play with one another. We take all of that away. Throw in a focus on group play and all family friendly content with games at an extremely affordable price... that is Amico. Space Inversion 2 looks nothing like any Amico game you've seen. Not even close. All our of games are more impressive graphically than that. I would agree that the "average consumer" wouldn't pay $250 for Space Inversion 2. But that isn't what we're offering. And what about Tetris? One of the biggest selling video games of all time. Graphics don't matter to the average person. It's the uniqueness and simplicity of gameplay, good quality and value that the "average consumer" cares about. We will be offering that. Generic won't... but our value proposition and simplicity will. You keep referring to the Switch. 3 billion gamers... 60 million Switches. That's 2% of all people that play video games are playing on Switch. Why would we be scared or not try to offer something different and unique than something that only has 2% of the total market share? And how about PlayStation vs. XBOX? Should one of them not exist because they do something similar? There are currently only 5 major choices for gaming (there are more but I'm talking about the overwhelming majority). PC, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation and mobile. Should people only be able to buy and drive 5 different types of cars? Should they only be allowed to watch 5 different genres of movies or listen to 5 different types of music? We offer something very different than the Switch and there are enough interested people in the world playing where both can exist. Now, if there were only 70 million gamers and 60 million of them had switch... then that is another story. It would be MUCH more difficult. Look at Sony & Microsoft! Remember... 200 million hardcore gamers and Sony did the following numbers: PS2 - 155 million units PS4 - 110 million units (and counting) PS - 102 million units PS3 - 87 million units They absolutely DOMINATE home console gaming over the past 25 years. Yet Xbox still exists and is still very successful. Your point is again well taken... and again... done on purpose to attract a wider audience. You personally love the look of Cloudy Mountain and (I'm assuming) Night Stalker, Skiing, maybe Breakout, etc. You're clearly a retro gamer (you mentioned attending PRGE many times). So we have multiple games that ARE appealing to you graphically. And you may not fall into our target market audience (I don't know if you're married and/or have kids in your household, etc.). And while you personally love the look of Cloudy Mountain and Night Stalker... casuals, non-gamers, mom's, etc. HATE it! Too much going on, too complicated, etc. So you see us doing games like Cornhole, Spades, Farkle, Blank Slate and many many more which are appealing to our demographic. And kids between the ages of 3 - 10 don't really care about graphics at all. Fact. One only has to watch a kid play Minecraft or Roblox to know that. And the younger kids (3 - 7) don't even have a history to compare graphics to. So anything you put in front of them is acceptable as long as they understand it and are having fun. I'm positive you're going to HATE our Sesame Street graphics... I can tell you that they look NOTHING like Cloudy Mountain or Night Stalker. And that's okay. The good news is that the games (as a retro gamer) that you are interested in... you like! And that's the point. We don't want all of our games to look like Cloudy Mountain and Night Stalker because if our only appeal is going to be to retro gamers... we'll eventually fail. And that isn't our intention and it isn't our target market. It absolutely does, and as I've shown... the overwhelming majority seem to like the graphic style of that particular game. It's sometimes hard to have these types of back and forths over typing because some of my answers may come off as being combative or not taking criticism. Again... NOT my intention. This is one of the reasons I do so many video interviews. So everyone can hear and see the nuances of what I'm saying and how I'm saying it. I don't think you are saying things to be negative at all! We are just 2 folks having a conversation and I'm explaining the reasons why we are approaching things the way we are. You may still completely disagree with everything I stated and said... and that's fine. But just because other people are excited about what we're doing doesn't mean I'm too inclined to see the positives and gloss over criticism. Especially when the overwhelming majority of people who are our target audience absolutely LOVE our product, value proposition, uniqueness, focus on family friendly content and cooperative play. We may have a difference of opinion regarding the style of graphics for every game and who our target market is. I don't disrespect your opinion... I merely disagree with it... just like you may disagree with mine. And if you don't agree with my counterpoints... I wouldn't say that you can't take constructive criticism. So please don't do that same to me. I would just say that we may have a different point of view. I truly hope our interaction doesn't piss you off or make you not want to engage with me or the folks in this forum any more. I DO like the discussions (for or against) which is why I just took the time to answer you. If I didn't care and was in my own little bubble of positivity... then the last thing I would do would be to put myself out there as much as I do, to do as many interviews and answer as many questions. Would be very easy for me to ignore the criticisms... but instead... I face them head on and give my thoughts and opinions on each one. I'm not perfect, I'm not going to get everything right. We will continue to make mistakes and fall down... but we will ALWAYS get up, hopefully learn and be able to adjust. And that's the BIG difference between us and those others you've seen fail in the past. Thanks for the conversation. Please feel free to keep in going.
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