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    Here is a quick update on my Atari 2600 Star Castle port: Awesome new sprites supplied by Nathan Basic sound effects - will improve in future versions Stars in the background 2 bullets on-screen Ring segments turn to dots after 1 hit (disable using Left difficulty switch) Bullets wrap around the screen edges This version uses a new bankswitching type, so you will need to upgrade to Stella 3.5.5 to make it work. It doesn't work on the Harmony cart yet - but it will soon. I haven't included the source this time as it is a mess, but I will post the source to future releases. Chris starkernel8.bin
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    Well, It feels like ages since I wrote anything here... so what have we been up to? Well, we've released HMS Raptor - and I've been cleaning the source code up to get ready to ship with the RAPTOR library. We've re-worked Kobayashi Maru to v1.1 (FINAL! - even the titlescreen says so!) ready to be sent off to the pressing factory, and then turned into available to buy boxes. We've converted Rebooteroids from a ROM cased cart format to a CD-ROM application. This means we'll be able to ship it on CD instead of carts when it's ready. It also means we get CD-Audio music! Yay! We started work (and have progressed nicely) on another large-scale project which I'll be showing to a few people on Monday at the South Australian game developers gathering (A good excuse to go to a pub!) We're adding the final touches to another RAPTOR example game which I think you'll all enjoy (and I have to extend a huge thank you to Mr PacMan Plus for his assistance) We've sketched out the groundwork for ULS2.0, which will allow more flexibility for making homebrew CD's, such as a menu system for multiple binaries, changing the splash logo, etc. So, as you can see, all is happy and busy in Jaguar land. We hope to have another thing for you to play really soon. 2012 is looking to be great
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