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    <-----Papa No Worries by. Jason Caraway 5/2/2017 Isn't it a big stretch and yawn The unyielding tarmac I am laying on The subtle moment that a chorus died Before the stalest of realities subside Isn't it a huffed out eye-roll yet The width of knots in a starving muse's net That his drunken teeter be mistaken lull to be consumed in foamy arms along the hull Isn't it the tamest little thing Vibrations from a dome glass prison ring And that the concave barrier does list to emit the loudest song from a heart clenched fist Here is a song I wrote that my daughter Elise loves. Today is her birthday. Sweet sixteen! J Caraway Acoustic Demo.mp3 Have a day
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    Haven't posted here in quite a while, since I haven't anything worthwhile to show. My real job has been very busy lately, and I've also been devoting a lot of time to a PC game project so RealSports Curling was back-burnered for a bit. I have some interesting things put together now that should help move development along. The big thing I got going was collision detection on the rocks. This isn't perfect yet, but it's there and it seems to work. It's very simplistic at this point, right now a collision just halts the moving rock and transfers all of its momentum to the rock it strikes. The physics will come later, for now just having the logic functioning is good enough. With collision in place, I was able to implement the front hogline boundary. Rocks that don't pass the hogline are now removed from play, unless they strike a rock beyond the line. This is a fairly obscure curling rule that I wanted to make sure I got right, but I needed collision detection before I could implement it. The next thing I want to pull off the scoring algorithm. This is a bit of a pain to test, because I need to be able to set up a variety of rock configurations to make sure the right thing happens. To this end, I've developed a neat little system that lets me pre-place any number of rocks so that I can now test all kinds of things, not just scoring. Here you can see the rock location tables that I've spun up, which allow me to create setups like the one shown in the emulator window. Also, MAME is quietly compiling in the background. The rock display at the bottom gets a little screwed up when I do this, but that's OK since I'm just debugging. This capability should speed my work along, and hopefully I'll have a functional scoring algorithm put together soon.
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