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  1. I liked that he visited this place one last time on his final day. Its like he still kept that passion going to the very end. RIP Drac.
  2. He did a lot of good for the 7800 homebrew scene, thus will be sorely missed.
  3. I am always saddened whenever anyone on this board is ill or passes. Everyone here IS the community and everyone is important to it. I said a prayer for him, may he rest in peace.
  4. It is tiny, so it is a bit cramped. It is playable. I played for a few minutes until the battery died (had been on display all day.) The screen is vibrant and the sound, especially the bass and noise, is surprisingly good for the size.
  5. Great news! Any update on this project?
  6. Thanks for all the help, especially the very helpful Stella debugger tutorial. I read it, and then practice using it by fixing all the inconsistent playfield data. Well most of it at least. The broken D, N with a hole in it, and Siamese AE seem having something to have to do with the missing pf2 data that the playfield editor didn't include. Unfortunately I was working on it for so long that it got very late so I wasn't able to check the last S and date. EDIT: Also thanks to everyone else who was very patient and helped me. I'm still learning the ropes so i'm sorry if I inadvertently frustrated you with my noobie problems. 😶
  7. As a kid I could not afford a disk-drive, so to make the loading times more enjoyable I did create copies of my games on tape with music on the left channel It is very easy to do.
  8. I would not mind doing Shovel Knight for ColecoVision Was awesome meeting Sean at the PAX East 2019
  9. Hey there, Glad to see some interest in Ozmoo, which I co-wrote. Ozmoo is open source and may be ported freely. We will be happy to answer any questions that may arise too. I admit Ozmoo and its build system are a bit complex. When considering tools to write your own Z-code games to be run on an 8-bit computer, performance is an issue. Any non-trivial game created in Inform 7 will be painfully slow on a typical 8-bit machine. A real-world game, if it can even run on an 8-bit machine, may take several minutes to process each command. This is due to the way Inform 7 was designed and developed, where performance on machines slower than say 1 GHz wasn't really considered. Inform 6 is fast enough, as a language. However, it comes with a quite powerful standard library, which has become more and more complex over the years. A game compiled with library 6/2 may be quite fast, but a game compiled with library 6/12 will most likely feel sluggish. However, so many bugs have been fixed in later versions, that it would be painful to use the oldest versions. Also, z3 games require a smaller interpreter and may therefore be a better fit for 8-bit machines than z5, but the Inform 6 library can't be used to build z3 games. ZIL is probably the best option right now. It's fast and powerful. As for the syntax, it may take some time to get used to. There's an active and friendly group on Facebook called ZIL - Zork Implementation Language, where you can get all the help you need to get started. Also, the ZIL source code for all Infocom games was published a while ago, so there's lots of code to learn from. We are currently working on a replacement library for Inform 6, which has performance on 8-bit machines as its main design goal. We're aiming for a parser which feels on par with Zork I, while keeping the code small and fast. Also, we're planning to allow authors to build z3 games using this library. //Fredrik
  10. Saw this on the facebook page last night and am extremely interested in this. Sorry I missed this thread for so long as this is something that fascinates me.
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