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  1. I was writing something but Turbo Laser was faster and just read in my mind. So +1 on what he said As far as I'm concerned, I'm amazed by people who master the hardware but strangely enough, I have never been passionated with ASM myself. What I like is to create games, with cool ideas, nice gameplay, depth and fun, and I feel that the extra time needed to get that entirely with ASM is not worth the price. But I admire those who take this path! Ohh well this is probably why I ended up as a gameplay programmer and not an engine one ps: on a side note, it's kind of ironic but C++ is becoming even more complex than ASM nowaday ^^
  2. With the help of a friend, work is back on track ! Still at an early stage, don't know how animation will work.. but veery excited !! It's all drawn from scratch, very proud about the Fygar's expression
  3. I understand your point, but without a good knowledge of at least C language and old school gfx coding techniques, the learning curve for coding on lynx can be demotivating for new generations. A simple language with prefactored "Bricks" to build up a game can attract new people, that with time could want to learn more and try to code in C end maybe in ASM. I gave a fast look at bBasic, it has pre defined objects (not in the OOP meaning) for making basic things like displaying lives, score, sprites, etc. with only some parameter available to customize the game look. Something like the very first RADs for windows (that I hate 😅). Porting bBasic is not a good idea IMHO because too 2600 oriented, but taking a simple and open source BASIC and adding simple commands for such game primitives should not be difficult. I can't forget my first GFX coding on C64, using Simon's Basic 🥰
  4. can we see the board with your changes done? it's possible the diode is dead or the wrong type... with nothing else on the sio line you can leave it out to test your sdrive.... I don't like the wires covering other pads and even laying down sometime screw holes or the area near via , planes near pads can have scratches or nicks... try to only solder the wire and the pad is belong on, clean up the rest and use a cell phone camera zoomed in to inspect for flakes and whiskers.... clean them up if you see them
  5. There are these, not really homebrew I guess...
  6. I don't think that would help. The Atgames one are more expandable, and you have SD support and other features missing here. later -1
  7. The C64 version was not Mark Jones finest work 😁 Slow, no in-game music, akward controls, poor collision detection, ugly sprites etc. The Atari ST version suffered from poor animation, jerky scrolling and bizzarely both player sprites in 2 player mode were indentical which lead to a lot of confusion 😂
  8. This one of my All time favorite Titles! I even Own the Real Patch 😊 This Game Stops at 1 Million Points, when this happens the score is displayed as 6 exclamation marks ! ! ! ! ! ! H.E.R.O. 1BB : ROLLAGE!
  9. Rain of terror has pretty good packaging https://atariage.com/forums/topic/265358-collectors-box-edition-of-rain-of-terror-with-joystick-support/#comments
  10. Here's the 22 Japanese games known : 9400 Supiidouei/Rannabauto/Angou Kaidoku 9403 Armored Encounter/Sub Chase 9404 Bowling / Basketball 9407 Match Maker/Logix/Buzzword 9408 Beesubooru 9410 Konpyuutaa Gorufu (Computer Golf) 9413 Purei Sansuu Geemu 9414 Invaders from Hyperspace 9415 Thunderball (Super Pinball) 9416 Showdown in 2100 AD 9417 War of Nerves (Robotto Gundan Geemu) 9420 Hockey / Soccer 9421 Ribaashii 9422 Volleyball 9423 Electronic Table Soccer (Japan) 9425 Pachinko (Japan) 9426 Casino Slot Machine (Japan) 9428 Alien Invaders?Plus (Japan) 9430 Nazo no UFO 9432 Itazura Monkii Geemu 9436 Freedom Fighters 9437 Gorudo Rasshu / Pick Axe Pete!
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