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  1. Thanks, that's much appreciated! I often think the open way I deal with things is a double edged sword, but it's just the way I am. It's nice to engage with people and try and explain at least a bit of what's going on in the background -- it helps a lot with motivation, as working entirely solo can be challenging in many ways. I can understand people wanting more updates / communication. You're talking about people who are at the fringes of retro gaming here and don't know anything about the reality of small scale devices like these. They just see something for sale and expect the same service as ordering from Amazon prime. People are people, not ideal, but at least I can understand them. The bit I really don't understand are those who actively try and destroy things. It seems it's partially from a competition point of view (in terms of Ralf from 0711), however I don't quite understand this, as shoddily modified consoles, old games and cheap peripherals are hardly what I'd call direct competition to something like a new game cartridge. In fact a new cartridge would drive sales of old hardware as it increases interest in the devices. What it seems to come down to here is a deep psychological issue, which I can't even begin to understand. I'm a decent person and quite literally cannot understand what drives the mentally ill, and have no desire to find out. All I can hope is that those who continue with this toxic attitude long enough will get noticed, and they will get what's coming to them. Oddly his website is now down as I went to see what he is currently pedaling, no idea if this is somehow related to his attitude toward the community, but I can only hope so. And bizarrely all the ranting he's doing against AtariAge about things like FCC / CE and everything else, he is also entirely foul of. He doesn't seem to realise that by modifying a console, you actually invalidate any existing FCC / CE certification, even if the dodgy Chinese HDMI upscaler you are using has a fake CE sticker on it. It's what is known as CE + CE != CE. In real terms, trying to apply FCC or CE certification to a game cartridge which plugs into an ancient console which itself no longer passes modern CE or FCC standards is not possible. If the console could not pass certification, a device which plugs into it cannot either. It's just hypocritical scaremongering from the mentally ill. But, yes, bring on Karma. My name isn't Earl, but if it helps Karma function, I can change my name.
  2. How long will they be of any value? The surge of interest is us 40-50 year olds with a bit of spare cash trying to buy the stuff they had/ couldn't afford back in their teens. Like classic MGs, once the people that can relate to them start to shuffle off the mortal coil the market crashes. I say stick an incognito in it and play some games. What use is it in a box? Is it even working anymore? Schrödinger's Atari 😁
  3. My 800 looks great, but I hear some slight noise on playback when I stick it on the record turntable, so I feel fine about installing Incognito. Phew!
  4. Gravitic Mines update time!
  5. I'll just leave this here *whistles innocently*:
  6. Have you considered making Impossible Burgertime for the vegan crowd? You'll just have to ramp down the cruelty to the pickles and replace the egg with a sustainably sourced avocado.
  7. We have an update! 1) Fred gave Wozniak a Speaker Hat. 2) The AtariVCS is mentioned only one time in passing, most of the time is spent talking about organizing e-sports, the speaker hat, and Star Wars. 3) Fred's holiday gift guide attached below.
  8. Had a nice surprise waiting for me at the mail box after a week of business travel:
  9. Intellivision European president Hans Ippisch announces today that Intellivision is sponsoring Deutscher Entwicklerpreis on 12/11/19 in Germany! It is the annual German game developers awards and celebration. Hans has been the host/MC of this event in the past. We are happy and proud to be a part of celebrating amazing developers from around the world.
  10. 👩‍💻 ATTENTION PLEASE : We have a statement ! MARIA is completed and on sale. 😁 Thanks to all the people who bought it !
  11. I am always amazed at people who REALLY go all in for the super-negativity on the internet. I often think they must not have any sense of themselves, do they read what they've written and have any self reflection? I had a look at that German gentleman's website and most of what I read was just slagging off AtariAge. Why? To what end? How much of his time does he devote to writing about something he hates? Then that other guy moans about not getting a personal singing telegram with twice daily updates. This is such a niche product, if your interested enough to want one surely you would want to look at this thread a bit more often and hey, maybe engage in some positive community building or at least follow Saint on Twitter. Frankly I think Saint should be commended for his frequent updates here and openness regarding his own health. He has no obligation to tell us all about his health but talking about things like this can help himself and others re:work/life balance. Compare and contrast Saint's updates on progress on several projects over the last 3 years with NotReallyAtari on the Ataribox over about the same 3 years. Saint wins easily. Keep yer chin up mate, you are making a lot of people very happy, as for the negative super-creeps, Karma is a bitch!
  12. Well, I took the UnoCart out of the shell to check it physically, and it works perfectly now. I guess there was some issue with the shell preventing it from seating properly. There's a small black 'tag' that has fallen off - not sure where it belonged, don't really care to check. It works bare, I'm happy to use it bare. On another note, we are back at home - the house survived. The fire stopped about 100 m from our yard, so we were very lucky. There were about 11 houses lost, and 12,000+ hectares burned. You yanks will need to get with the times, boys, and figure that out in acres if you don't know how big that is!
  13. I took a look at the screenshots of Super Cobra, linked from your post. I can tell you some details about the development of that game if you're interested. I was one of the programmers.
  14. Dug the box out of the attic. It's Robot Rubble that I have both styles. I haven't tried assembling the cart.
  15. Here are pictures of all the controllers and plug & play devices I'm giving away. The "Xbox / PS2" looking controllers are all USB controllers. One XBox controller claimed by RickR One XBox controller claimed by DragonWarrior Sony controller claimed by DragonWarrior Boomerang controller claimed by lwizardl Top right claimed by GrandPuuBaa The "Pacman" shaped controller has A/V and power jacks on the back. (claimed by NinjaWarrior) The "mouse" looking thing with buttons on top is not a mouse...it was salvaged from one of the kids learning computers. You could probably make a one-handed joystick out of it. No cord...for spare parts only. The "Capcom" NES controller was designed for Nintendo Mahjong games. It uses the proprietary 15-pin famicom expansion port claimed by DamCanadian These are "Golden Tee" plug & play Golf games. The one on the right is for spare parts only. The Atari trackballs are all un-tested. I cleaned the rollers, but no guarantees. These two do have cords, wrapped around the base underneath. One claimed by lwizardl Other one claimed by SinisterMoon The Atari trackballs are all un-tested. I cleaned the rollers, but no guarantees. Trackball with triangular buttons claimed by RickR Trackball with red base claimed by SinisterMoon Trackball with red base claimed by DragonGrafx-16 The white "Atari" arcade controller was designed for the original iPad, using its propriety connector. One claimed by KeeperofLindblum (Both claimed by S.BAZ) One claimed by RickR (Claimed by mmbe) (Claimed by mmbe) No cord...for spare parts only. No cord...for spare parts only. No cord...for spare parts only. No cord...for spare parts only. The black joystick with 2 buttons on either side used to be a Space Invaders plug & play controller. For spare parts only. (claimed by chicGamer) (Claimed by Sethbramwell)
  16. Then you could be proud of himher, in an era where most kids have no idea of the difference between WiFi and 3G/4G/5G (and don't know the difference between those except that "It's faster"!) have no notion of what is a file system, and I mean what is a file, and what is a folder, and how to access it outside of the "open file" option in whatever app/software they use. If my kid would learn how to bypass my router security, then I'd say "Alright, you deserve it"
  17. http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/ASG/Chips/AMY/index.html
  18. Yow! The anticipation of Secret Santa distribution is got me on pins and needles like a kid waiting for sunrise on Christmas morning. I thought I'd channel a little of that energy especially since it was a slow closing at work tonight. So... Here's a list of Christmas games that I wish I could play, but can't because they don't exist. I thought I should share so we could all play them at least, in our dreams... 1. Sinistar of Bethlehem 2. Little Defender Boy, The 3. Star Wars: Life Day 4. Tron Saves Christmas 5. Jingle Joust 6. Sim Office Christmas Party 7. Chase the Santawagon 8. Yuletide Tempest 9. Kid Nikilas Radical Santa 10. Santa Mangia
  19. But those aren't just any ordinary speaker hats... they're "New wireless bluetooth audio cap large volume stereo headphones music call speaker hats". Iron-on Atari patch not included. Typical though. Selling $10 worth of junk for $129.99. Which should put the actual cost of the Ataribox at about... $20.
  20. Atari 2600 - Asteroids - 15 minutes Atari 7800 - Pac-Man Collection - 60 minutes Both games played on my console just for fun!
  21. How many could they *possibly* have sold, especially at the full $129 asking price? They go on sale for "only" $99 once in a while, which is still ridiculous.
  22. Exactly. I heard Carrington Vanston make the same point on an episode of the Retro-Computing Roundtable a few months ago. Once our cohort is gone or too decrepit to enjoy our stuff in 20 - 30 more years, it will all revert to the status of "useless junk" that most people treated it as between the early 90's and mid-Aughts, when it was dirt cheap at yard sales and eBay. The "demand" for these items will be limited to a veritable handful in the occasional tech or gaming history museum.
  23. PC Divinity: Original Sin 2 (741 min) XB1 Borderlands 2 (154 min) The Outer Worlds (828 min) Finished Divinity. Oof, that final fight was a tough one. I also passed on one side quest because it was so ridiculous. But an excellent game, I want to try running a 1 PC "Lone Wolf" game in the future. Continued my co-op game of BL2, looks like BL3 is on sale this Black Friday, so I may get it then. Into the Outer Worlds finally, and it's exactly what I was hoping for. Obsidian definitely took Fallout New Vegas and made an awesome "part 2" with a new IP. Highly recommended!
  24. Certainly 800's aren't super common but they're not *that* rare. I've found two locally here in the Nashville suburbs over the last 4 years, each for a whopping $50, both with a couple common carts, one in-box, the other with a 410. You just have to be patient and ignore eBay's Buy It Now fervor.
  25. I can't possibly feel bad for people like him. He's a masochist that seems to get off on being ignored by his heros at "Atari." If I had a dollar for every time he was thoroughly ignored after grovelling for "real big news" or token info or Atari's "big partner" I'd have enough money to buy the company from Fred. Seriously, screw these kind of people. They choose to stay in these kind of abusive relationships. Let them reap what they sow.
  26. It was a really great week for gaming this past week, with quite a bit of time logged playing games from the 16-bit era. All the Super Nintendo games were played on the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, but I did score a real physical copy of Virtua Racing for the Genesis this past week and have had a ton of fun playing it! I also picked up a brand new in box Genesis Megafire controller, which made controlling Virtua Racing smooth as silk. Sega 32X Virtua Racing Deluxe - 7 minutes Sega Genesis Virtua Racing - 257 minutes Super Nintendo (Played on Super Nintendo Classic Edition) Contra III: The Alien Wars - 59 minutes Star Fox - 195 minutes Star Fox 2 - 56 minutes Super Castlevania IV - 219 minutes Super Mario Kart - 26 minutes Total Video Game Play Time This Week 819 minutes (13 hours 39 minutes) [819 minutes eligible] Individual System Play Times This Week Super Nintendo: 555 minutes Sega Genesis: 257 minutes Sega 32X: 7 minutes
  27. Tune in tonight if you want to hear about anything except the Atari VCS: One poor backer has high expectations for CheddarEsports' journalistic intrepidness:
  28. i hate the way they made the chef on the Switch Burger Time..they do that all the time when they update a game..they take away the charm of original character..especially in Boulder Dash
  29. Another day, another update. Changes: tank AI now depends on game selected (less targeted at player in lower games) speed increases with each cleared sector (we have a game now) a 2nd player can control the tanks and overrule their AI (this might be fun, not sure) some fixes As always, any feedback is welcome. Especially game balance and difficulty (ramp up) are interesting. Robot_City_20191111.zip
  30. The shirts look great,and I really love the golden ticket too ! I just got my e-mail that #165 has shipped for those of you wondering how close yours is to showing up.👍
  31. I confirm, I did shipped all the colecovision club!
  32. I believe he's behind http://www.0711spiele.de/ and the eBay shop with the same name. Avoid and recommend anyone to avoid I would say.
  33. Whats next after Slayer Edition, tackling World Peace? Dont think anyone thought Jag Doom would get this kind of update and such so maybe there is a chance
  34. I have been playing around with a Galaga clone. It's on hold for now but when I come back to it next year I will look at the expanding formation. That will be the make or break point for me, if I can do something acceptable I will go ahead with it otherwise I will move onto something else. My aim is to try and do something along the lines of the NES version since I think that is also using playfield for the formation (although it has lots of hardware sprites, too many in a row will flicker). The NES has the advantage that it has more characters available and it isn't spending huge amounts of CPU time drawing software sprites, so I won't be able to match it but hopefully I can do something in a similar vein. Attached is where I'm currently at, pressing 1 or 2 switches between single and double ship. test5200.bin
  35. Or how about a version of Burgertime that is gluten-free? 😝 🤣
  36. This is the largest MINI MEMORY image I could create. 123 PAGES! 480k RAM = >7B000 = 503808 bytes. 480k Banked Minimem.zip
  37. The lunker isn't an Easter egg, he just appears randomly for the chance of big points. One Easter egg was found on ZeroPageHomebrew stream, the other is very hard to find but i want to keep it that way as a mystery till someone stumbles across it. As for releasing the game on cart im not entirely sure how the process works. I guess it's a factor of interest and whether @Albert is interested in publishing the game under AA. I would be all for it and would love to see my game make a release on cartridge. I believe it would also require additional hardware from AA for the DPC+ features. My license prohibits the use of commercial sale to stop ebay sellers from flashing the ROM image and selling without my permission. The only way it would see a release in physical form, is though AA so it's not entirely up to me. I would be more then happy to have the game sold through AA. I would also need help from one or more of the great artist we have here for box art/manuals ect. Hopefully it will make a release though 👍
  38. Yo', EasyFlash man. EasyFlash. EasyFlash, 'yo.
  39. Max is very delusional and I stopped feeling bad for them.
  40. No modern gaming in my household once again this week, though we still got a pretty good chuck of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis time logged for the classic gaming tracker. I am planning on picking up a copy of New Super Lucky's Tale for the Switch this coming week though, so I should have some modern gaming time to contribute next time around.
  41. It would be nice if we could make unlimited copies of Defender of the Crown and satisfy all current demand and have a simple to use website to order from as well. Unfortunately, the only materials that I could bring back to Thailand were all in two suitcases. IntvMike saw how much 'stuff' goes into making hundreds of copies of a game, let alone other titles. Rather than delaying the release of Defender of the Crown and working on a website, we made the choice to do ordering through email. No, it isn't ideal, but it allows the game to ship before Christmas. We aren't just trying to be 'difficult'. Elektronite manufacturing and distribution is now totally 1 person for everything. Also, materials need to be brought or shipped to Thailand. So, please be patient. Everyone has different skill sets and making websites is not one of mine. It isn't a day or two job for me. I appreciate your understanding and support.
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