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  1. We are excited to announce the arrival of several new Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari 8-bit homebrew games to the store for pre-ordering! We were aiming to have these available several months ago, but everything's moving a bit slowly this year. All the boxes, manuals, and labels for these games have been ordered, and we anticipate having everything in January. Once all the printed materials arrive, we will promptly get all pre-orders shipped. Without further ado, here are the games! Click on any of the images to jump straight to that game: Here's a list of the games: Avalanche (2600) Cannonhead Clash (2600) Dare Devil (2600) Deepstone Catacomb (2600) Hugohunt (2600) Ms. Galactopus (2600) Ninjish Guy in Low-Res World (2600) Panic! Rooms (2600) Robot City (2600) The End (2600) Tower of Rubble (2600) Venture Reloaded (2600) Zoo Keeper (2600) Magical Fairy Force (5200) Dragon's Cache (7800) Adventure II XE (400/800/XL/XE) Scramble (400/800/XL/XE) You can also browse our latest releases here. If you have any questions about the games or the pre-order process, please send us a message!
  2. Almost done Ill color the background and shade the characters
  3. Hi, I'm looking for volunteers who would like to beta test a new Atari 2600 game which I'm working on. I cannot provide details about the game here, but it's an action-puzzle style game (think Boulder Dash, Lode Runner, Sokoban, Lemmings, etc.) The game engine itself is pretty stable, but most of the levels are untested. That's where you come in 🙂 What you'll need: Some free time. Preferably a Harmony cart for testing on an actual Atari 2600 or Atari 7800. Being persistent in learning game rules and solving puzzles. What you'll get: Access to a private AtariAge club with early, pre-release ROMs of the game. The joy of participating on a really cool project. A chance to have your feedback actually influence the development of a game (to some extent!). And of course, my eternal gratitude 🙂 If you are interested, just reply to this topic or send me a private message. I'd appreciate if only those seriously interested in actual testing request it. Cheers, Dion
  4. Zoo Keeper is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1237
  5. One does not just obtain a Concerto. The Concerto selects you when the time is right. Wait to be chosen.
  6. The Concerto Brotherhood is very selective. For those of you hitting refresh over and over again, here are some suggestions: Think only pure and worthy thoughts. The Brotherhood is listening. Focus your chi into your 7800. Go full Miyagi on that thing. Sacrifice a copy of 7800 Karateka to the 8-bit gods. Ball peen hammer works best. (If you burn it you won't hear the end of complaints about the smoke from your family. Trust me) Deleting a Karateka rom doesn't count for anything, because we've all done that before. Good luck!
  7. Sure, if you angle it right it’ll reflect the TV.
  8. Dragon's Cache has been announced for pre-order at the AtariAge store! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1238 I was waiting until Albert officially announced this latest set of releases, but barring any odd last-second fix I'm considering the game complete
  9. Dragon's Cache is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1238
  10. Hi, everyone! Attached is a NTSC fixed version of Blinky's Scary School. Not so long ago, I attached another NTSC fixed version I got form the 90s, but it had some bugs, specially when it had more than 2 software sprites, it runs slower. It has the following features: 1. Optimized the player drawing routine, so it consumes less machine cycles. That way, it runs smoother. 2. Adjusted the color pallete from PAL to NTSC. Now, wherever setup you use, the game adjusts the colors as near as possible. 3. Timing adjusted for NTSC to PAL. Now, the game plays the music according as was originally designed, as well as the animation speed. My objective was to reproduce the experience as near as possible the coders designed their game, for NTSC users. Hope you like it. Any feedback is welcomed. Cheers! Blinky's Scary School v5 english compressed.xex
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    What do computer designers have for lunch? Micro-Chips!
  12. This is a paperweight! Super rare and cost less (at least for me, it did).
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    In celebration of the holidays and the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, I decided to do a Pac-Tree. Mostly DIY ornaments, including balls, PAC people, garland and "star."
  14. In the words of Jack Skellington ... Looks like Santa stopped by tonight. 🎄
  15. I'm starting the pre-order list for the Dragonfly SD cartridge. Technical Specifications Dragonfly supports .a78 files (with header) in sizes 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 48k without banking and 64k, 128k, 144k, 256k, 272k , 512k, 528k , 1024k with banking, up to 16kB RAM at address $4000 and POKEY at $4000 and $0450 addresses. Also supports Absolute and Activision. In developer mode, you can also upload .bin files. With the Pokey Max chip it is possible to operate Dual Pokey and Covox. With the YM module it is possible to operate the Yamaha YM2151 chip. I have more information in the instructions: Manual.pdf Two housing colors are available: burgundy and purple: The photo is dark, but it renders colors reasonably well. The cartridge is modular in design and can be configured upon purchase. The basic module does not contain the Pokey chip or the YM module, the set includes an SD card and a power cable for the console. As additional modules, you can buy the Pokey Max chip, the Yamaha YM2151 module and an additional power cable for people with a modified power socket in the console. Due to various standards and the increase in shipping costs, I sell the cartridge without a power supply. View of the PCB with the Pokey Max and YM2151 module installed, as well as an optional power cable: Costs: - Dragonfly basic version (without Pokey and YM2151), the set includes a memory card and a cartridge-console cable - 350PLN / $95 - As an additional option, Pokey Max - 160PLN / $43 - As an additional option YM2151 module - 100PLN / $27 - As an additional option, a cable with a 5.5/2.1mm plug (for people who converted the console power supply to a socket in this standard) - 20 PLN / $5 -Shipping 25PLN / $6.5 PayPal payment or bank transfer Please report any questions, comments and problems in the "technical thread", please write here only for the purchase. 🙂 Pre-order List: 1. gambler172 -sent - RR174973117PL 2. Muddyfunster - sent - RR174973050PL 3. Synthopalooza - sent - RR432107358PL 4. sramirez2008 - sent - RR433524179PL 5. GoldLeader - sent - RR433524151PL 6. larryleffaovell - sent - RR433524148PL 7. TyrionXavier - sent - RR430446971PL 8. hizzy - sent - RR433525112PL 9. oakcitycomics - sent - RR432107463PL 10. chicgamer - sent - RR433524182PL 11. fultonbot - sent - RR433524196PL 12. cjherr - sent - RR433524165PL 13. CrossBow - sent - RR433527039PL 14. joeatari1 - sent - RR433527073PL 15. Tidus79001- sent - RR433527008PL 16. haightc - sent - RR432107256PL 17. Fierodoug5- sent - RR433526991PL 18. Dauber - sent - RR433527060PL 19. fragsinatra420 - sent - RR433527056PL 20. zezba9000 - sent - RR432107242PL 21. 7800- sent - RR433526988PL 22. Cyprian - sent - InPost 630552699100784015147167 23. Gray Defender - sent - RR433527042PL 24. MrZarniwoop - sent - RR433527025PL 25 Gandor- sent - RR433527011PL 26 darryl1970 - sent - RR432107260PL 27 Kaboomer - sent - RR432107273PL 28 hyrulebr - sent - RR432107335PL 29 Eagle - sent - RR432107300PL 30 theoakwoody - sent - RR432107327PL 31 Lectronimo - sent - RR432107313PL 32 Stephen - sent - RR432107295PL 33 CPUWIZ - sent - RR432107344PL 34 doug0909 - sent - RR432107525PL 35 GrenMag - sent - RR432107503PL 36 Yellowman - sent - RR432107450PL 37 Turbo Laser Lynx - sent - RR432107429PL 38 SenorRossie - sent - RR432107432PL 39 juansolo - sent - RR432107494PL 40 Fadest - sent - RR432107477PL 41 playsoft - sent - RR432107446PL 42 Umberto 43 Sikor - sent - InPost 630552289102137018689253 44 TrekMD - sent - RR432107415PL 45 GoldenWheels - sent - RR432107485PL 46 ataristi - sent - RR432107534PL 47 PacManPlus - sent - RR432109376PL 48 rocketmonkey101 - sent - RR432109305PL 49 Swami - sent - RR432109291PL 50 Zaxxon-hh - sent - RR432109288PL 51 Special Teams - sent - RR432109230PL 52 Shaggy the Atarian - 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RR431325095PL 236 slackerwithin 237 vintage_gamer 238 Danny Zepeda Montaño - sent - RR431325135PL 239 Rob_Otrron 240 zoggins -sent - RR431325115PL 241 Jorge Rodriguez - sent - RR462452369PL 242 Gunstar 243 Spancho 244 ColecoGamer On this page you can track the shipment, after sending the package, the tracking will appear next to each nickname: https://emonitoring.poczta-polska.pl/?lang=en Unfortunately, for most countries, the tracking will stop at WER Warszawa, you have to look for a further route from a carrier in your country.
  16. Hi, Let me present a short film about Polish utilities for Atari 8-bit. I can bet you don't know some of them. I hope it's the right forum. If not I would kindly ask administrator to move my post to the right one. Getting to the point... *** Do you know what software was used to compose music or edit texts decades ago? Or perhaps do you prefer assembly programming? As a bonus, amazing songs played on an 8 bit computer, some in stereo! *** Overview of Polish utility programs for 8-bit Atari (in particular 800XE/800XL/65XE/130XE). The first part of the film discusses music creation and text editing software, the second one is useful for advanced users, especially for developers. The following titles are presented: Avalon Music Composer (LK Avalon), Chaos Music Composer (LK Avalon + a modified version prepared by Bartosz Kalinowski using the nickname Bartman from the Shadows group), Theta Music Composer (Marcin Lewandowski), Automat Perkusyjny (Drum Machine) (LK Avalon), Panther (LK Avalon), Quick Assembler (LK Avalon), Bug Hunter (LK Avalon), XL Friend (LK Avalon), Watson II (LK Avalon). In addition, the film presents excerpts from the games soundtrack: Fred (LK Avalon), Misja (Mission) (LK Avalon), Hans Kloss (LK Avalon), Upiór (Phantom) (LK Avalon) and excerpts of demo songs included with the Theta Music Composer program: Outsider and Fanatic (by Tomasz Majewski using the nickname Mayonez from the Cobra group). P.S. What would you say about Atari displaying holographic images or two monitors connected to Atari?
  17. Game Idea.. not sure it has been done... "Animals On Skis" You pick your choice of animal to hit the slopes. Use character traits for what you would imagine that animal would look like while skiing. Example a giraffe could open it's legs bull legged style to go over short trees but has to duck when trees are a tad taller so he don't hit his head. Rhinos would be like a rhino it a china shop. Watch that horn buddy!! You get the gist. I can think of many funny ways and things to do with Animals On Skiis! TJ
  18. I now have all the boxes and they look great! I'll post some photos later. Manuals and labels have been ordered, and as soon as I have them I'll get these pre-orders shipped. Will be spending a lot of time this week building the games so they are ready to go once I have all the printed materials. ..Al
  19. Amico is a closed system. The only way to get unauthorized games on it is if it's hacked/cracked. Having said that pretty much all Amico games are programmed by independent developers. A smaller, manageable game library with quality control will be one of the selling points of amico.
  20. Well Dare Devil is now available in the store and I have to say, @Albert has done a great job bringing not just Dare Devil but a great line up of homebrews to the store this year. I'd like to say a big "thankyou" to all the folks who tested Dare Devil and provided feedback and helped me to polish it and squish bugs. I'd also like to thank the folks that make the tools and addons that empower folks like me to make homebrew games and those who give up their time to help and answer questions - this often goes over looked so thanks to you guys too!. Thanks in no particular order : @batari - for the fantastic Batari Basic. @mksmith - for ADS & TIA Tracker support. @SpiceWare - for the SFX driver support. @Atariboy2600 - the fantastic box and label art. @RevEng - super title screen kernel. @RushJet1 - the perfect title tune + the many folks who tested and provided some feedback or help. Thanks!
  21. But can moms watch Netflix on it? CHECKMATE!
  22. Venture Reloaded is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1236
  23. Robot City is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1233
  24. Avalanche is now available to purchase in the AtariAge Store. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1226
  25. Well, being fair, ... Terrible though it is...It's still better than the VCS! (And your ticket wasn't 300 bucks!)
  26. How is it different? Have you used one? It's a piss-poor PC. Yeah, aesthetically, it's not bad. But good looks don't make up for the fact that it's underpowered, overpriced, and the product of a company that doesn't give a rat's ass about its 'customers' or history. Here's the thing: HP doesn't try to tug the nostalgia heartstrings to sell their PCs while completely perverting their own history (of which they are surprisingly ignorant) for financial gain. HP just sells no-bones-about-it low-end computers, which is far more honest than Fauxtari can ever manage.
  27. VAST Meetup in Dec 2020 was a success with 100% member participation. Looks like @sparkdrummer had to trim that damn beard for a tighter Covid mask fit. Makes one wonder just how Lee gets away with it?
  28. While I obviously agree with all of this, I think with the product's defenders we really don't have to look much further - based solely on their own words and deeds - that as long as it has the Atari logo and comes from the company who represents the Atari IP/branding today, that's all that ultimately matters. That in and of itself explains all the other stuff about the product's "why?," "value," or anything else of substance that tends to matter to other people. I really don't see anything wrong with that as long as we're all honest about it. I know I'm guilty of more than my fair share of irrational, emotionally-minded purchases. Honestly, the mentality from some with the VCS is not that far removed from rabid defenders of the Atari Jaguar, which is not that far removed from rabid defenders of a person's platform of choice (regardless of whether that platform decision was a conscious decision or it was all they had access to). It just a matter of degrees and level of rabidity.
  29. It doesn't bother you that this is a product coming to us from a company that regularly lies to their customers and doesn't pay their contractors, but it bothers lots of others. We're all Atari fans here and hate seeing these grifters run the name into the ground, but I've noticed that VCS fans aren't bothered by it at all. Guess it's pointless to argue that point any further. But that's a big reason a lot of us find this worthy of "hating" (more like mocking, having fun with it), since you asked. Why it will flop gets at the heart of why there's not going to be a lot of "cool" homebrew projects for it. There's nothing unique about this to be able to do something interesting with it. There are far more interesting things still going on for every Atari system listed at the top of this forum than we'll see on the VCS. Why, because everything you can do on the VCS you can do on any computer released over the past 10 years. Why this is so hard to understand, I don't know. As for games, at least Atari announced something new for it recently, although it's also going to be available for PC/PS4/XB1 so who gives a crap that it will be on the VCS unless you have a VCS and need a reason to justify the purchase:
  30. It's where all the action was in the later half of the 80s, The C64 got virtually every game released in that time frame. If we were lucky, it came to Atari. for the 8-bit systems, usually the best version of the game was on the system it was originally programmed on. Porting it to the other systems usually meant sacrificing color or resolution or sound/music quality. Each of the 8-bits had their strengths and weaknesses. A game written on Atari with large color palettte/GTIA shading was probably not going to look as good on Apple or C64. A C64 game using lots of multi-colored sprites would be a challenge porting to Atari, etc. Since most of the game development in the later 80s was done on a C64, it was going to end up with the best version.
  31. Dragonfly can do Yamaha and Dual Pokey, Concerto cannot. Concerto has on TV menu and also supports 2600 binaries, dragonfly does not. Dragonfly can only do 7800 binaries and has it's own on cart lcd screen instead. Different bankswitching methods are supported on each but all the ones that matter are supported on both. Dragonfly has a pass though power cable, Concerto doesn't need such a thing. The Dragonfly is literally what the XM wanted to be except it takes SD cards instead of cartridges. Concerto is the Harmony cart for the 7800. Dragonfly is more expensive if you get the Yamaha and Dual Pokey. Both are great, the Dragonfly has features that would "future proof" if folks get right into the Yamaha sound inclusion but I doubt many will if the Dragonfly remains the only way to enjoy such a thing. Same goes for Dual Pokey, IIRC, but I have no idea if it's possible to use a PokeyMAX with dual pokey software on a Concerto or not. Single Pokey on the Concerto from the understand I have about it. Hope this block of text helps get your caught up.
  32. Well I've got the title screen, but it's progress!
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    Women are like Internet domain names, the good ones are already taken.
  34. Ninjish Guy in Low-Res World is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1231
  35. The last time I bought a crappy overpriced SLOW PC, I bought it because: 1- I wanted some kind of pc right away 2- I wanted something that would work out of the box (didn't want to assemble a bunch of pieces and add software) 3- I didn't want to spend more money on something better, I just wanted whatever cost the least. 4- when I went to the store, it was there on the shelf. Ataribrick fails on all 4 counts. All it has is dat logo. (my cheapo pc was probably a Walmart black friday thing, so it probably didn't have a dat logo, but that's the one thing I didn't care about)
  36. Only played a few games this week, but I feel that they were all good games. Atari 2600 Demon Attack -20 Minutes I always enjoy playing this game, I like that fact that the shooting mechanism starts out slow, then speeds up as the game progresses. I also played this on the Activision Anthology for the PS2, which I highly recommend for the game selection and soundtrack. For some reason with Atari 2600, more than any other system, I like to turn off the sound effects and turn up some of my personal music collection. NES Super Mario 3 -20 Minutes There's not much to be said that hasn't been said already about this game. I remember standing in line at Toys R Us that wrapped around the store with my mom when I was a kid to purchase this great game. I think this is my favorite Mario game, although I really enjoyed Super Mario World and Super Mario 64. Dreamcast San Francisco Rush 2049 -20 Minutes I really enjoyed playing this game because it has a fun twist to it. When your car goes airborne, you can open up wings on the car to fly through the air for a brief period. I think that makes the game a little different than other driving games and I would definitely recommend it.
  37. So you're making the case of "Compared to other boring things, it's less boring?" Am I getting that right? I think a key point is, people don't buy PCs to have fun, at least, not super-low-end ones, which is what the VcS is. People buy them for basic PC functionality, and frivolous cases or logos aren't likely to be a big draw. Sure, it'll sell 10-20k to nostalgic fans, but it won't be able to create a viable product line. On the other hand, people DO buy consoles to have fun, and it's been well established how the VCS is failing to be a console. The system is failing to do anything except maybe be a paperweight.
  38. I have opened a new thread with a pre-order list, please keep the current thread technical support. I am adding two attachments, the first is the full user manual, the second is the FTDI drivers and the software for transferring files via the USB cable. Manual.pdf Terminal.zip
  39. I think it's safe to say everyone who would be lured in by Mount Fuji has already backed this thing. Remember, its been 27 or so years since Atari released anything of relevance in terms of consoles. They didn't exactly end on a stellar note like Sega did with Dreamcast. I think comparing the VCS to a budget PC is a terrible idea. A budget PC let's you do things like surf the net, create documents, and run other programs. While all of that may be possible with the VCS, why? You'd have to spend extra money on a keyboard and mouse, as well as extra storage. I'm not seeing the savings here. Most of the games Atari is touting for the VCS can be purchased on Steam or Google Play, so that's not a selling point. Also, budget PC's are actually available NOW. No need to go to Walmart's website or Gamestop. Aside from the sheer obnoxiousness of certain VCS supporters, and Atari's shady business practices, that's the biggest problem for this system. It's a solution in search of a problem.
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