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    Hello, all. Happy to be here!
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    Back from an annoying work trip, but won the rental lottery. Got upgraded from compact to Camaro SS convertible--first muscle car I've driven.
  3. Another week... another TON of really exciting info and plateaus to share! First up... As a lot of you may already be aware, GameStop started promoting Amico in their retail stores! And this is just the beginning as we're still 8 months from launch! Here are the posters that are being put up all over the United States in thousands of GameStop retail outlets: And here is a 15 second video that is being broadcast in GameStop locations: And here are print and digital ads that thousands of stores have and millions of people receive via e-mail. Right in there with the biggest entertainment franchise in history (Pokemon) and side by side to Playstation 5, Xbox & Nintendo. Starting to get real enough for folks? p.s. It says Gamestop EXCLUSIVE on there.
  4. On the good news front it sounds like Intellivision & Amazon are preparing for something much larger than just 'yet another place to buy the standard Amicos'. They probably both want to wait and make a big splash about it.
  5. I agree. We should exchange usernames, if they're not the same as the ones we use on here, so we can follow and compete with each other. That would be fun. An extension of hanging out in here. I'm going to stick with RREDDWARFF, that's my Steam and Xbox username as well. If you all care to message me what they will be I'd be happy to make a list to share.
  6. Tommy talked about “friends leaderboards” on an interview yesterday which is an awesome idea ! I’m not very interested in global leaderboards. I love local leaderboards and friends leaderboards sound fantastic ! I like to know who I am beating and that way we can compete with friends and family that are not in our household !! 😜
  7. My "most equipped" Atari has Rapidus, i.e. 32 MB RAM. What I have to choose?
  8. For those of us wanting the true experience, maybe someone could make a ROM of the red screen of death and the Jag CD with the "?" on the disc as well. This way those who want to experience what it's like and never actually owned a Jag CD or any cart other than the GD can do so Then you can choose each from the GD menu and see what it looks like!
  9. This is kind of pointless but it was an exercise in learning 7800 programming and a chance to dig into how the Atari robot demo worked (basically loads of graphics data). Thanks to @TIX for the new graphics, @Fragmare for the NES TMNT POKEY music. @dmsc for the LZSS compressor/POKEY player and @rensoup for RMT2LZSS. You can take control of a robot by moving the joystick left or right, port #1 for the Atari robot, port #2 for his lady friend. Pressing the trigger will change their respective colour, pressing select will change the road colour. Edit: to get audio on Concerto I padded it out to a 144K supergame cartridge. werobots.a78 we_sg.a78
  10. I’m totally game when the feature hits. You’ll all be able to see just how casual of a gammer I really am. Will just need to keep my wife (Amico Club Moon Patrol contest winner) off the list as to not advertise how much she schools me on Amico. 🎓🎮 😁
  11. I missed this. So are you saying Tommy said we will be able to customize the leaderboards we see with only the people we choose? "Wouldn't that be something!"
  12. Before I start, I will say that I have never quite fully agreed with the tone of this thread. The general idea is good and it makes some solid points but leaves a bit to be desired. However, I never could be bothered to really expand my own thoughts of what was really meant here. This also isn't a full expression of the thoughts. Non-programmer idea peddlers and classic hardware don't mix well. If anything, I'd say they should bother the phone app programmers or something and leave us alone. One point with this post is that ideas are not only cheap, when we're talking about the 2600, they are also almost always useless. The reason is that your typical peddler does not understand the technical limits of the 2600 and what it takes to work around them as best as possible to find a compromise, and further does not seem to understand the value of their contribution compared to the value of the work it takes to realize anything remotely similar to it. Most if the ideas that come from this fundamental lack of understanding and totally miss the mark. I wouldn't even know where to begin to explain the many ways that they simply will not work. Also, I will be frank in saying that a glut of half-baked, poorly-executed ideas from a place of basic ignorance can actually be detrimental. In 1981, a friend and I had what we believed to be a great idea for a video game. We spent an afternoon drafting up the idea and we were going to package it all up in a manila envelope and send it to Atari. As the dumb kids we were, we actually believed that our idea could potentially give us a payday. We never did send the idea in, and in a way it's good that we didn't. The idea was this video game called Paperboy. When the real thing came out in 1985, I was pretty shocked at the coincidence. But, it would have been pretty difficult to convince me of the coincidence if I had actually sent the idea in, even though the Paperboy game that Atari actually released was a thousand times better than my concept, as I remember it. In the meantime, I was becoming aware of my ignorance as I had learned to program BASIC and was learning assembly. In 1985 I was working on a game idea with my brother that we planned to program ourselves in 6502 assembly language. However, we didn't get much further than some graphics on the screen. The project was abandoned because we were basically novices at assembly and the game was bit too much for us at the time. By then, though, we did appreciate the sort of effort it does take to actually make such a game. In around 2005ish, before this thread went up, I actually found those old design documents from 20 years before and was working to adapt the game idea to the 2600. Then something very surprising happened. You were wondering how these bad ideas can be deterimental? Well, a non-programmer idea peddler made a post on AtariAge. He described a vaguely similar game to mine, with the same title! The fact that his idea was very poorly executed with horrid MS Paint graphics that would never be possible on a 2600 mattered a lot less than the fact that if I created my own game with a similar concept and the same title I had come up with years before, this peddler would assume I stole his idea and I could never prove otherwise. I felt I had little choice but to abandon my own game idea on the spot and never looked back. My game would never be created because of this idea peddler. What I came to realize is that many ideas actually are quite similar. It would be ignorant to think that I am the only one who thought of a Paperboy video game, or that my poorly-thought-out and ignorant drawings of the game concept that I was going to send to Atari were of any value whatsoever, to anyone. I wonder if Atari was nice about it and sent out a letter thanking kids for ideas. Never mind these ideas are from a place of ignorance and are not likely to be useful in any way. I wonder if anyone there even bothered to look at the flood of ideas? And for that matter, I wonder what Atari did with the countless, unsolicited, low-quality game ideas that kids must have actually sent them back then. If I had to guess, I will bet that exactly zero of them were ever used. I suppose, in the unlikely even that Atari ever found itself with a glut of programmers that needed more to do, and was inexplicably lacking in game ideas, I guess they could have gone through all the submissions they must have gotten to search for the lone baby in the ocean full of bathwater. But for this to work, it seems it would be best to create a forum for unsolicited game ideas, and preface it with the requirement that the idea peddler should not expect anything at all out of the deal, then I suppose we have no problem. But, things don't work like that. So many people think their ideas are like gold, or that those of us who actually create things need (or are searching for) more to do.
  13. Aquarius Draw: The Super Bloxel Update! Some exciting new features just released for Aquarius Draw! Full summary below, but it includes a comprehensive bloxel mode (2x2, 2x3, glyph placement with rotation and mirroring, freehand drawing, image import for automated bloxelization). Also includes an undo/redo (CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y) and some technical advances like ability to copy-paste from one open instance to another. But mostly bloxel things. Brand new bloxel design mode (press F9 or click the large character preview to toggle bloxel mode). One-click insert any of the preset character glyphs into your scenes as supersized bloxels, which can then be customized to your liking. Rotate the bloxel characters in four directions or mirror horizontally, vertically or a combination of any of these options before placing. One-click toggle between 2x2 or 2x3 insertion mode (2x3 has the benefit of keeping the foreground/background colors distinct for easy recoloring or programmatic operations). Freehand draw and erase mode for 2x2 and 2x3, just select your preference, click the paintbrush and doodle away! Combine freehand art with preset glyphs as you wish. Bloxel image converter - Drag any image you have into the character preview (or use the image browse button) and it will churn out a chunky bloxel alternative. Works on all image types (based on transparency or brightness). This is a lot of fun especially porting over old Game Boy screens and similar. 25-level undo and redo. This works for most operations and will undo the last alteration via CTRL+Z, or redo via CTRL + Y. Enhanced selection tool. Now you can highlight an area of the screen, right-click and select "Copy Aquarius Tile Data to Clipboard" or CTRL+C, then in another Aquarius window you can CTRL+V to get a selection, move it where you'd like and MIDDLE-CLICK (or CTRL+V again) to paste it. A lot of bug fixes and random adjustments. And with that, I am officially calling this a "gold / stable" release full of imaginative possibilities. https://aquarius.mattpilz.com/draw/
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    Do you ever just stop and think, "Gee, do I miss the Radio Shack of the 80s and early 90s"? I do. It was a hollowed out zombie of its former self at the end, but still.
  15. This 7800 version looks nicer than the arcade ! I wish I owned a 7800.
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    I had a dream last night where I installed Windows XP on a 286 in my elementary school and it slowed to a crawl. I had to scramble to find a windows 3.1 install disk to fix it before the teacher came over and found out.
  17. That’s what I understood ! Might not be at launch though.
  18. Quick note (I guess I've, uh, just kinda taken over this thread...sorry...compulsive...) Well, it'll be beaten, but I got the TG High Score for game 1 this morning, 98,600!!! Certainly, I know there are people here who can beat that, but still pretty proud-if you had told me three days ago(before I played this version...)that I'd be competing for a top score, I'd have said you were joking, but dang...!!! OK, back to game 2 with you Guys, lets see if I can improve!!!
  19. Progress update. The new firmware is basically complete, although it's helpful that I'm privately deploying it on a number of machines I'm working on here, and cleaning up bugs along the way. The user manual and technical documentation updates are done, but one final hurdle is presented by the Incognito CLPD update (JED) which provides access to plugins (which have now grown from 1KB to 2KB in size on the U1MB; the same 2KB plugins are available on the Incognito once the new JED is applied). This JED was also intended to provide VBXE compatibility on Incognito 800s, although I have been unable to get the FX core to work on mine. I can live without it, though; plugin support is the most crucial part from my perspective, and there are a couple of other useful enhancements (the ability to recall the loader via JMP($0A), EXTSEL mode selection, etc). However, when I applied this CPLD update to the customer Incognito 800 currently on my desk (which works perfectly with the previous JED), the machine went completely haywire. Clearly there is a little more work to do on the CPLD update, but once those problems are resolved, I guess we can roll everything out. PS: the Incognito firmware update works just fine with old and new JEDs alike, but it's hardly worth having the new features available to the new JED if said CPLD update is not yet sufficiently well tested to release.
  20. It depends. Are you looking to trade a Gemini for a Jaguar, perhaps?
  21. I think, it was the same impulse that triggered me, wasn´t it? German customs very subtle checked the box: 😂 But the content survived and is working, only needs a little cleaning. The communication with the seller in Egypt was very nice, and he mentioned that he might probably have more Atari stuff. But he is not an Atari person himself. I think I´ll ask for what else he has to offer, maybe there are some items, that were specifically for that market. But now I need to turn some of my arabic friends here in Germany into Atari users.
  22. You're most welcome. The key is to not let anyone know when you're going to do it. Lol
  23. Screenshot from Jackie Brown.
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  25. Looks pretty cool! I always wanted one of those nearby, but looks like that's not happening any time soon...To say the least. But Micro Center, that might make a good Amico retailer. They've already got a "Retro Gaming" section set up recently (though that's currently filled with Raspberry Pi and home arcade kits).
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    I bought an N64 in 2009 for $25 w, hookups, joysticks and memory. Then bought about 20+ games for $2 each*. Just got an Everdrive (cheapo). So I pulled it out for the second time. How do you guys hook yours up? ATM I'm going S-Video to HDMI (which looks great for Genesis) but it looks crummy. I've been meaning to get a Retro Tink Pro 2X (or equivalent), anyone tried the Super 64? *Damn, but times have changed! In 2014, I also sold an N64 to a girl I worked with for $25 with Zelda and joystick, hookups etc.
  27. Version 51, very minor fixes. The tiny bit of hair showing up before you start the game has been removed. It gives the nose a much cleaner look I think. Also, the game does not change color right after you press the reset switch, instead it waits for a few seconds before it changes colors. nosehair51.bin
  28. Here's Hocus Pocus by Frank Cohen! This preliminary version of The Scrolls of Abadon brought to you by John Hardie again with permission from the original author!
  29. Oh man. I'll miss those debilitating "negotiations" in the parking garage with Lathe and CMart! But it gives my body another year to heal!
  30. Hello Do you want to see what the Lynx could do? Captain Harlynx, new release https://atarigamer.com/news/1jyq1polj40
  31. I contacted Barb on Etsy and had a response. Sounds like there may be more available in a few months. I purchased an 800 cover from her back in 2018. "Hi Perry! Thank you for your email and sorry I was slow to respond. We live in a suburb of Dallas and we have been having ice, snow, sleet, now power, etc.! My embroidery machine needed repair, took it in on December 17th, it needs a part which is on back order and I won't be getting it back until the beginning of March at his point! I do not make the 1200XL but I do make the 400, check my listings on eBay around the middle of March, I hope to have my inventory stocked well again! Take care! Barb"
  32. IMO you shouldn't give up your iconic score font.
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    My Atari 2600 called to me last night, and I answered...
  34. I already submitted early so I don't forget. I actually completed it. Might eventually do some more refinement but glad I was able to complete the project. I even looked at boot hill again briefly. Thanks for hosting the contest.
  35. Still haven't found pre-orders on Amazon. Any idea when those will begin to show up? Thanks for keeping us in the loop Tommy!
  36. Here is what your 3 Crystal Challenge Pic should look like. Vocelli Bonus: 8195 (3 Crystal Challenge) Notice I did NOT go into the cave but I did get that 3rd crystal!
  37. I found an photo image of one more cartridge by aDawliah on Instagram: الصيّاد al-Sayyād or The Hunter. Reaching out to the Instagram account owner in hope that they still have the cartridge, they mentioned to me that both this one and the other cartridge: الكلمة الخفية were both sold to a customer in Canada. If this customer is you, please share a bin image of these cartridges 🤗
  38. My younger daughter - Liliana, 4 years old - 42305 pts.
  39. 1088K actually - most 1 Meg upgrades are that amount on top of a 64K stock. ed - in fact I should say 1600K since my U1Meg equipped 800XL also has VBXE Also have a RAM 320XL PBI plugin and 64K internal 600XL.
  40. I'll take the opposite approach... Hear ye! Hear ye! Anyone who dresses as a clown next PRGE will have a free meal on me! 🤡🤡
  41. I should add, that you can take the PI side update, without the eprom. It will just equate to no change in functionality.
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    "That's no moon.....it's a space station"
  43. This one was kind of fun. I can definitely see shades of Jackal here.
  44. Krikz Everdrives have not made other classic console games cheaper.
  45. Popeye-24,200, 2 Skill This is actually the kind of game I could, theoretically, dramatically improve on. Not even beginning to say I am GOING to(the stairs just piss me off, 'specially on the boat), but compared to say, Demon Attack or Atlantis, where my "top out" point is probably exactly where it will always be, lol, I can quickly "get better" on this one. Very much better than I expected(this was only my second attempt at the game)-not familiar with the arcade version at all, but almost "a lot" of time on it on the 5200, one of the few games I really remember playing a lot as a kid(Thanks, Brent, wherever you are!), and I had a run on it a couple years ago as an Adult, really, it has slightly better graphics than this, but other than the stupid stairs(which I assume I'll get better at, again, only my second game...), the gameplay on this version seems just as good, really! Blows the 2600 version away, and the O2 version is so sad I just look at it as a different game altogether and enjoy it for what it is. "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, I live in a garbage can"... (can't get that out of my head, haha, figured I'd try to screw with others with it...)
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