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  1. @woobman made me do it. Perhaps he can further elaborate on this peculiar concoction.
  2. So I finally went to the dentist for some work that was long overdue because of the pandemic. While the dental office I went to had recently been "updated" and remodeled, my appointment was scheduled in one of the rooms that had NOT been fully "updated" yet. I'm sitting there waiting between steps in the procedure and looking around, bored, and then I look up in a corner of the room and realize it still has an old-school Sony Trinitron CRT television hanging from the ceiling. I started thinking, hey, that would be a great retro-gaming TV ! So after the procedure, I asked the dentist what his plan was for that Sony TV. And he said, "you want it?, you can have it... in fact I have two of them (another in the next room just like it)". Not bad, two matching 20" Sony KV-20FS12 televisions! Both work great and have nice pictures with composite inputs on the back and the front. No svideo though.
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    Told the GF I was gonna break out the paddles; She said Cool!, put on something slinky, got on the bed, gave me a seductive look...And wondered why I was just playing Kaboom!
  4. With Tommy and the Intellivision team releasing the terrific cover artwork for Moon Patrol... hey, I was excited to add it to the imaginary game box series! I know that the game cases and format are going to be a bit different to this but making the designs just keeps my enthusiasm going in the run-up to launch :-).
  5. Just wanted to give a brief update on my progress. I expect to have most of the games finished by the end of this week, and to have them all completed (including some extra games for these orders I still need to build) by the end of next week. This means having the games in finished, boxed form (nearly all of them are boxed, so they are going to take a ton of space!) and ready to ship. After that it will take about a week to get them all shipped. I will start posting photos of the games towards the end of this week. And I will continue to post updates every couple of days from this point forward. ..Al
  6. Lots to catch up on! Been slammed like crazy working on the big E3 video presentation. Can't wait for everyone to see it! I'll be back to answer questions and join in on the conversations over the next few days. In the meantime... Check out the cover art piece for our Moon Patrol physical product! I can't wait to show people our approach to physical game products. It's a unique idea with a LOT of really cool benefits that haven't really been done before. More info and a big reveal coming later this year.
  7. With Play date's presentation just around the corner..... The Amico has it's own crank. And a screen... I know Tommy said the controllers can't do games on their own. If the Amico could transmit Data in real time over to the controller.. I wonder if it could do some little games like the above? Also.. I have full control over this forum at all it's minions. I mean Shills!! Tommy works for me. -insert evil laugh- After looking at another @CurlyQ masterpiece, I realized something: If the control disc is easily replaceable, a crank like that would make for a very intuitive fishing game. Amico Fishing Derby any one? Thank you @CurlyQ !!!!!
  8. Having used it way more than anyone else on the planet, it is probably not surprising that tmop69 would discover a bug in the compiler. This is a tricky one that almost never manifests itself. This only happens when you are using IF THEN ELSE and have a GOSUB in the program line. If low byte of the line number is 134 then the code generated by the compiler is faulty. So any line number with a combination of N*256+134 such as 134, 390, 646, etc. could cause trouble. I believe this has been fixed in a way that will not cause other unexpected bugs to appear. I will post the revised version once tmop69 has verified that it is actually fixed.
  9. New compiled game: - Miner - Gold Raush. Find all the gold in the mine. ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 322. [GAME] Miner - Gold Raush (1984)(Pieter Coates)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  10. Mine arrived today Haven’t had a chance to play yet tho
  11. I don’t think so but they should include the dock at the 179$ price ! Looks quirky but cool and I’m a sucker for new tech so I’ll probably get it !
  12. Here in a zip file is a collection of TIF images scanned from what seems to be a very rare user group magazine - definitely one for someone to add to the wht archive collection: San Fernando Valley Times Number 45, December 1989. This magazine is mostly written by Ken Gilliland (Notung Software) with a page added by Ray Kazmer. The photographs are not too great- back in the day photocopying machines reproduced images in pure monochrome with no greys/grays. I've done what I can. In the list of board members is one Bernard Falkin. Possibly not a widely known name in the community- but Bernard was one of only TWO American TI users who found their way to my home (although two Brits who visited are now US residents). He took video of me using my TI (what happened to that? I know he showed it to Ray Kazmer...) s SanFernandoValley_Times_No45_Dec89.zip
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    SSI's Pool of Radiance on PC
  14. Atari Flashback NEXUS V.0.8.0 (FULL VERSION) CODENAME: Sue Per Sea-Sandy Cyst Seedy NEXUSv8.rar
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    Just got my first 13” crt television since I was a kid (With wood grain!). Can’t wait to hook the Atari up to it, but I threw my back out lol, can barely walk or sit up. Might be a few days.
  16. Here's an example that uses rand and unrand as described previously to generate an 8x8 world of 64 screens without having to use variables to track what type of screen is in what position. I also track whether each screen has been visited, and an eye icon shows at the bottom of the screen if the current screen has been previously visited (using the 6lives minikernel to display the icon). Bad graphics aside, I think this is more or less what you were going for? A couple of issues with this version: The screen type at each coordinate will vary from game to game, although it will remain the same throughout the same game. This may or may not be what you want. To make it consistent for every game, you can seed the random number generator with a specific number. If you use the rand function for anything else, it throws off the pattern with the rooms. This can be avoided by using a separate rand function, and a different rand variable that does not conflict with the built-in bB one. I'll update this demo to show how this can be done, as I imagine most games will want to make use of the rand function for more than just generating screens. Note: Not a WIP game for tracking purposes; just a code demo. openworld.bas openworld.bas.bin
  17. LOL, I thought this was some sort of child lock. blocking disc use until Mom removes it! Actually, That looks like it would work! Imagine you are playing Shark Shark and I am messing with you.... Playing Fishing Derby!
  18. Here's the summary for Week 22, running from May 31 - June 6. We logged 3112 minutes of eligible play, playing 85 games on a total of 23 systems. Top 10: 1. Whip Rush (Genesis) - 220 min. 2. Hyper Lode Runner (Game Boy) - 181 min. (#8) 3. Final Fantasy V (SNES) - 180 min. (#1) 4. Aldynes (SuperGrafx) - 158 min. 5. Earthquake (TRS-80 MC-10) - 139 min. 6. An Adventure in Jerusalem (TRS-80 MC-10) - 114 min. 7. reBOOTed (Atari Jaguar) - 90 min. 8. Out of This World (Genesis) - 89 min. 9. King of Dragons, The (Arcade) - 87 min. 10. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 85 min. (#3) Pre-NES top 10: 1. Earthquake (TRS-80 MC-10) - 139 min. 2. An Adventure in Jerusalem (TRS-80 MC-10) - 114 min. 3. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 85 min. (PN#1) 4. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 75 min. 5. Dig Dug (Arcade) - 49 min. 6. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 47 min. (PN#3) 7. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 44 min. (PN#6) 8. End, The (Atari 2600) - 43 min. 9. Blackjack (Atari 2600) - 36 min. 10. Millipede (Arcade) - 30 min. (PN#7) Top 10 systems: 1. Atari 2600 (391) (#2) 2. Genesis (385) (#5) 3. Game Gear (335) 4. Arcade (316) (#3) 5. TRS-80 MC-10 (253) 6. Game Boy (201) (#4) 7. SuperGrafx (193) 8. SNES (180) (#1) 9. Neo Geo AES/MVS (152) 10. Atari 8-bit (109) The 1990 shooter Whip Rush becomes the most played game in a week with relatively many games and times shared evenly across them. Hyper Lode Runner is one minute ahed of Final Fantasy V for second and third places. On the pre-NES list, something quite unusual happens as it is headed by not one but two MC-10 games: Earthquake ahead of the Adventure in Jerusalem, with trusty old Solar Fox in third place, almost 30 minutes behind. While the Atari 2600 doesn't get any individual titles this week, as a team effort it takes #1 on the systems list, 6 minutes ahead of the Genesis and the other 21 systems present this week. No new entries to the 1000, 5000 or 10000 Minute Clubs, but the tracker hits 100K minutes for the season.
  19. Unrelated to Amico but some might find this interesting
  20. Ok, probably World premiere will be 19.06 on "Gramy na Gazie" channel on youtube and on retronagazie.eu website. Stay tuned.
  21. This is an insanely good idea. Imagine how great it would feel holding one of the side buttons and then releasing it to cast.
  22. Fuck yes, time to make impossible sounds then! I got my version halfway done already, based directly on the Amiga version, and will attempt to get as many things as possible to sound cool with it, as well as my own little twist (such as the Distortion 2 harmony in the background, or filter effects simulating an overdriven guitar, etc) For now I know my vibrato sounds very wrong, lol, it's kinda hard to make a progressively wider vibrato without proper effect commands in RMT. 4 channels, 50hz, this is what I am going to use there, and optionally reducing to 3 channels removing the extra stuff is very easy too.
  23. I'd say yes. That's why I created the rmt in the first place Let's call it a challenge, instead of compo or contest. Four weeks, starting this saturday. Showing progress is optional. Then release at the last day, and have us all be surprised You do not have to use the example rmt file. As long as a (stock?) Atari makes some noise that resembles Xenon Track 1, everything is allowed IMHO.
  24. When I got home today, there was a package...my CollectorVision Experience Club box! I was pleasantly surprised with the contents! Thank you!
  25. Lucky pickup today! I missed out on the Limited Run pre-order for a physical copy of Doom 64 on the Switch back in October of last year, but Best Buy just got in a handful of copies and I managed to snag one!
  26. The artwork for these physical releases looks fantastic! Remember the lame artwork for the early Sega Master System Games? I do--I grew up with it!
  27. This is my favorite so far. You could probably sell posters of these boxes in the website store. What's great is, unlike the 70's and 80's, this time around the game graphics will look like the cover art.
  28. Really enjoying seeing this box art love this hand drawn works so rare in things now. So it got me wondering are your digital releases going to have art like this for maybe the cover image before the game preview runs?
  29. I’m super pro excited about this upgrade coming out soon.
  30. I wish I could say I liked them, and given the tech of the time, they make a lot of logical sense. My big beef with the three you mention are actually the disc, the analog stick and the coleco nubbin. I never found number pads a real negative I guess...they did their job at the time. Just seems like such a dead end design (which I think is backed up by how NO controller has them now...of course if you count the buttons a on a modern controller, you could easily assign each a number and call your aunt in Peoria if it was a phone....)
  31. Week 22 Top games 1. Flowers: Les quatre saisons (Switch) - 1939 min. (#3) 2. MLB The Show 21 (Xbox Series X) - 1474 min. (#1) 3. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Xbox One) - 876 min. (#2) 4. Solasta: Crown of the Magister (PC) - 833 min. (#4) 5. Suikoden 3 (PS2) - 450 min. (#6) 6. Beat Saber (Oculus Quest) - 314 min. (#7) 7. Walking Dead, The: Michonne (Xbox One) - 236 min. 8. Monster Train (Xbox One) - 168 min. 9. Pokémon Ultra Sun (3DS) - 160 min. 10. Doom Classic II (Switch) - 155 min. (#5) Top systems 1. Switch - 2336 min. (#3) 2. Xbox One - 1579 min. (#2) 3. Xbox Series X - 1474 min. (#1) 4. PC - 930 min. (#4) 5. Browser based - 520 min. 6. PS2 - 450 min. (#5) 7. Oculus Quest - 314 min. (#6) 8. 3DS - 240 min. (#7) 9. PS4 - 97 min. 10. GBA - 90 min. (#10) Total 8086 minutes and 40 different games on 11 different systems. Due to emergency fire duty, MLB The Show '21 lost its #1 place after six consecutive weeks. Instead the flower girls (hmm... not the right way to describe them) take the title by a margin of 7.75 hours. For similar reasons, the Switch moves up two spots from last week and becomes the most played system by a margin of a little over 12.5 hours. Also this week has 10 participants, new season record! Speaking of old processors, Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest moves into 30K land this week with a total of 30286 minutes. Take care of eachother and we'll tune in again next week!
  32. Apologies for the late post this week, life has been kinda hectic lately and I somehow managed to completely forget to do my tracker posts yesterday! Much less playtime than usual this past week on account of the real life stuff (my mom is in hospice and doesn't have long) so I just kinda distracted myself a little here and there with some arcade and Neo Geo games. I played a fair number of new games I had never tried before this past week, and my favorites ended up being The King of Dragons arcade game and Garou: Mark of the Wolves for the Neo Geo MVS/AES. I played though and beat both of them and had a pretty great time! The King of Dragons felt a lot like Capcom's later D&D arcade games, but a bit simpler and more fast paced. I tried all the characters and the elf ended up being my favorite, due to their ability to perform long range attacks and move quickly at the cost of taking a lot more damage than the other characters if they do get hit. Thank goodness for having a free play arcade machine and unlimited credits! As far as my other favorite game of the week went, I have no idea why I waited so long to try Garou: Mark of the Wolves, but now that I have I totally get why this fighting game is so beloved by many! The cast of characters are all wonderfully vibrant and expressive, and the gameplay is top notch fun that's really accessible to newcomers but deep and well balanced with a lot of subtle nuances for fighting game veterans to master. The character sprite animations and pixel art backgrounds are also some of the finest I've ever laid eyes in any era of gaming, right up there with The Last Blade 2. I think I'll be coming back to play Mark of the Wolves many, many more times in the future. Ineligible Doom II [Classic] (Nintendo Switch) - 155 minutes Arcade Dig Dug - 49 minutes Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom - 17 minutes Gyruss - 15 minutes The King of Dragons - 87 minutes Ms. Pac-Man - 24 minutes Ms. Pac-Man (Speed-Up Hack) - 10 minutes Street Fighter II': Champion Edition - 16 minutes Twin Cobra - 33 minutes Neo Geo MVS/AES Garou: Mark of the Wolves - 42 minutes The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest - 39 minutes The Last Blade - 18 minutes The Last Blade 2 - 46 minutes SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos - 7 minutes Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat II - 10 minutes Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - 66 minutes Total Video Game Play Time This Week 649 minutes (10 hours 49 minutes) [494 minutes eligible] Individual System Play Times This Week Arcade: 266 minutes Nintendo Switch: 155 minutes Neo Geo MVS/AES: 152 minutes Sega Genesis: 76 minutes
  33. My parents had a widescreen Sony Triniton, it was a tank of a thing, from memory it even had seperate RGB inputs with seperate sync. When they replaced it, I had to lug it outside to the kerb (all 90kgs of arkwardness). Just as I was about to lug it into the car, some kid on a skateboard came up and asked if he could have it. I said yep, and he put it on his skateboard and pushed it up the road. I tell you what, he scored a good set that day. Lucky I was in the giving mood.
  34. Ok, here is the unprotected copy of QS-Ramdisk I somehow cobbled together many years ago. If memory serves me the ramdisk is DSKX. Hope it works for you QS-RAMDISK.dsk
  35. Jim contacted me by email as this seems to be a board that I have built. I would ask anyone who has problems with F18As that I have built to get in touch with me for support instead of asking Matthew Haggerty. I don't have a diagnosis for this board yet, but I'll probably send out a replacement board and look at the faulty one once it is returned to me. -Hans
  36. and you can hang them from your ceiling
  37. @Irgendwer posted source code for the sample routine he used in Disc O' Pop.
  38. Unless you bought it...
  39. A few things: Not only does VR01 need to be >F0 (not >70), but you need to be sure you write that byte to >83D4 before you write it to VR01. With >70, you are telling the VDP it has only 4 KiB of VRAM instead of 16 KiB (>F0). You need to write VR08 – VR14 before you write VR00 – VR07, just in case you do not have an 80-column-capable VDP. Not sure it matters, but I think I would set VR12 the same as VR07. (I think it matters for the EVPC card). It does not matter for Text or Text80 modes, but you have VR06 (Sprite Descriptor Table) set to >00 for SDT at >0000 (same as screen location). I usually set that to >01 for SDT at >0800, the default for Graphics mode. Not sure any of these , except possibly #1, are your problem, but thought you would like to know. ...lee
  40. I loved the Sega Master System. I had a lot of favorites on there. Especially Zillion, My Hero and The Ninja. I haven't played Zillion or My Hero in years, but I can still hear the music in if I think about them.
  41. Xbox Series X MLB The Show 21: 1,474 minutes iOS Pop! Blitz: 56 minutes Lower totals than anticipated this week. I would have logged several hours on MLB The Show Saturday night, but after 4+ years, I had my first structure fire to fight (just a volunteer). That kept me occupied for nearly all of Saturday afternoon & evening, and most of Sunday. A few more hours of MLB on Sunday, plus the standard PUBG Sunday evening private matches with my boys was nixed thanks to an internet outage in my town that was just resolved this afternoon. Hoping things return to normal this week. 😀
  42. I don't know, maybe. My friend wants to offer them fully assembled with his 3D printed cases, which is fine with me. Not sure how much demand there would be but I guess we can find out. I do want to revise the board to shrink it a bit and make it a little easier to assemble - the footprint for the transistor is the default from EasyEDA's library, but the legs are a bit too close together for quick soldering. So those changes, plus maybe a locator pin hole or two, are definitely going to happen. But in any case, once it's done enough that I never want to mess with it again, I'll post the Gerbers somewhere for those who insist on DIY.
  43. PC Monster Train 87 XOne Lonely Mountains Downhill 87 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 876 Monster Train 168 Trine: Enchanted Edition 57 Unruly Heroes 29 Walking Dead, The: Michonne 236 Wheel of Fortune 78 Xenocrisis 48 Last Monday was a holiday so that gave me a chance to get a little more variety than I probably would have otherwise. I started and finished TWD: Michonne. I liked that one similar to how I enjoyed playing TWD: A New Frontier last week. It seems that the appropriate amount of time has passed to allow me to enjoy The Walking Dead again. Mass Effect Legendary continues to entertain. I'm still surprised at how much patience I have with a story and characters that I've already spent MANY hours with. I guess the recent theme for me is that "you can go back again" because both of these are things I thought I had enough of a several years ago. Monster Train . . . it's good. I haven't decided if I like it better than Slay the Spire. There is a different sort of finality to the play sessions with MT. I usually don't find myself wanting to binge it. One run is enough.
  44. Arcade Millipede 30 Pong 4 Atari 2600 3d Tic Tac Toe 21 Blackjack 36 River Raid 15
  45. Haha well, it was BFE Idaho, and by "we had a 7800 but I never saw an NES" I don't mean they were everywhere or anything. We had one store, a Woolworth's, and it carried....one 2600, one 7800, and a handful of discounted games for each? That was it. It didn't get any NES stuff for a few years, probably because it was a discount store. So it's definitely not a magic Tramiel-free land where 7800 flowed like milk and honey like some deluded folks have said they remember. It was just the cheapo console at the only cheapo store we had in our town. I assume the NES didn't come to us because it was still selling at full price for its first couple years.
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