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  1. another solution for adding colour without actually adding colour. In the print design trade we would call this "duotone" transitioning from the light tones of one colour thru to the dark tones of another. i quite like this effect tbh.
  2. I know I should not post anything here or not welcome by certain(s)... But here's my 2cents and just about half a hour wasting so no problem: by TIX with logo more on top.xex Technical notes: -> Logo title letters moved a bit up so PFs can have DLIs to be different colours than he and she under); -> Image is in Antic4 charmode (yellow/blue are PF3); -> Sword can now be coloured by PMGs (none is used untill now); The title logo letters could and should be remaked to look better. Probably something more can also be improved... Thanks. Going out to do other things. 👍
  3. will this convert? Note this is not mine it's Rune's i have just stripped it down a bit to enable it to maybe conform to a8. apologies to rune for the solid logo as i didnt have yours in bits to mess with. I am doing this only because this is far and away the best looking composition in this thread for a different title screen.
  4. Weird coincidence.. I tried a different arm position a couple of months ago, needs more work on the lettering and background, but I have no intention to finish this, just a quick job to see how it looks.. <-
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    Hahaha. Garfield outsmarting Jon.
  6. I've tracked down the issue with the two-tone technique, it has to do with a fix that I made for 1.79MHz timers in two-tone mode not having the proper extra two cycle delay. I'm guessing the specific problem has to do with the interaction between two-tone mode and 16-bit linked timers. So I can say that the issue is confirmed, but I'd have to dig more into what's going on in the actual hardware since the fix won't be as simple as reverting the change that triggered it.
  7. I mean, couldn't be much worse than ol' Chesnais, right?
  8. Alright, my thumb needs a rest now. I love to play Space Battle on the hardest level, so I went straight to level 5 tonight. It’s insane and almost impossible not to die, but fun as hell. As for Space Armada, once the entire screen is invisible, I’m toast. Here’s the best I could do for now… Space Battle - 5:6 Space Armada - 26,680
  9. Naw, don't buy into anything that idiot says, couple years back he claimed to have "DESIGNED A RETRO CONSOLE", all he does is import cheap Chinese handhelds and consoles and slaps his name and logo on them and marks them up ridiculous amounts to sell to his fans here is at it again recently. 🙄 He is just a scammer using his fans to make himself richer. Don't believe anything out of his mouth. 😆
  10. My copy had the exceptionally good timing of arriving today, my birthday! Will be making time to enjoy it this evening. I too have just barely tried the game in emulation to wait for the real deal. Postmark was the 9th... nine days is perfectly reasonable international shipping time, especially for only US$7.
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    Garfield's coffee nightmare.
  12. Emerald Vette. 48 colors. EmeraldVette.xex
  13. I have repaired a few retro systems bought untested from ebay, but this one was just stupid. Part one of the video is opening the box and doing some initial cleaning. Video part 1. I am the idiot that bought this battery acid damaged atari 800xl It's been about 3 weeks and I made lots of progress on the case and keyboard, but the mobo needs a lot of work to clean and remove the corroded components.
  14. So the fact it doesn't work has been professionally confirmed, at least. CIO FAT driver is almost done, exhaustive testing notwithstanding. Three file channels, read/write FAT12/16/32 support, relative POINT/NOTE, burst IO, subdirectories and get current path/CHDIR XIO commands supported. I finally re-implemented BASIC auto-load today and am now able to play with files via the interpreter, which makes testing easier. Screenshots just show loading/saving of programs in Altirra BASIC, a directory listing and CHDIR via XIO (it would be very cool if interpreters would issue standard SDX-compatible XIO commands for CHDIR and such, but I understand space constraints often prevent this).
  15. Like the 1st one much more. Yes and have to agree with Emkay though isn't less times I did that logo title letters should not be behind so will move them later. PMGs are used to colour (2grays on the sword that I just started) and think also can have shining colours stars: Even that isn't and allmost will not be I'll end it soon, maybe for tomorrow... P.s.- Also title logo letters also look better single white colour.
  16. So does this mean that the VCS2 is available right now on alibaba?
  17. It sounds like the display mode you're asking for isn't actually supported. Direct3D 11 has a bad habit of 'fixing' the display mode if it doesn't match exactly, which results in the stretch-o-vision that you describe. If your monitor has an on-screen-display, you can check it to see if Windows is actually switching to the right display resolution. When the display mode match fails, Windows just picks a random other resolution without the program knowing, and this causing broken displays. The display mode fuzzy-match logic is different between D3D9 and D3D11 and it sounds like only the D3D9 version is successfully matching. I'd like to try to resolve this because the intent is to eventually switch to D3D11 as the default. As a side note, I just found a bug where if you have hardware screen effects enabled (bloom) then D3D9 will not successfully switch to exclusive full-screen mode. This will be fixed in the next test release. This has already long been the case, for any emulator that isn't running full-screen in Mode 13h. A 240-line tall display is tiny on any display that can run Windows, and even if the display can be switched that low, the display scaling on a modern display isn't very controllable or representative of old displays. Using GPU hardware acceleration for this stretch is critical these days since even a modern CPU will struggle to do software stretching up to FHD+ at 60 fps. And that's before taking into account extras like gamma-correct scanlines. What's becoming increasingly common is the realization that point-sampling, i.e. this: isn't "retro", it just looks like #$&*. Same with bilinear, which is a blurry mess. Which is why Altirra defaults to sharp bilinear instead, which looks sharper than bilinear without scaling everything unevenly. CRT emulation is also getting popular, but is a lot harder to get looking good across the board and is also a lot more complex and heavy to render. (Altirra's default rendering with bloom enabled takes 3ms/frame on an integrated GPU at 2560x1440, and that's with half precision optimizations and not doing that much.)
  18. Posting the source code for both tunes ... and the exe for the second one. Specifically, AUDCTL=$60 or $61 with two-tone mode engaged. The 1.79 two tone mode is overlaid on either a 15 or 64 khz base clock. Also posting my note table for both modes as a reference should you want to test. Area 3 (aka title) uses 64khz clock, while Area 4 uses 15 khz. exo-area3.xex exo-title.asm exo-title.s exo-title4.asm exo-title4.s exo-title4.xex pokey notes - skctl.xlsx
  19. FRIDAY AUGUST 20 @ 12PM PT / 3PM ET EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK AT rubyQ! Join us LIVE Friday Aug 20 on the ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch livestream 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT! https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/ We have an EXCLUSIVE new look at the almost completed rubyQ for the Atari 2600 from @Silvio Mogno on Friday's ZPH! This incredibly polished port for the VCS not only brings home all the action of this favourite 1982 arcade classic, he takes it way further with alternate gameplay modes and all new enemies and challenges! Silvio has really knocked it out of the park with this all new 2600 port of Q*Bert so you don't want to miss this! Game: rubyQ (Exclusive WIP Update) (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) Game Links and Upcoming ZeroPage Schedule: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/276956-zeropage-homebrew-twitch-stream/ (SET VIDEO TO 1080P60 FOR FULL QUALITY)
  20. Who? (Please, don't enlighten me... don't care!)
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    We've seen massive cars and cars with massive names. However, this one takes the cake when it comes to the best size to name ratio. So, here goes. Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Avanzato R, Twin Cam 12 Valve Turbo. I wonder what went through the blokes at Daihatsu's minds when they came up with that name.
  22. UPDATE: So we finally have the first five (5) SGM2 compatible games ready for manufacturing. Games are Bosconian, Warp&Warp, Tank Battalion, Sweet Acorn, and Xyzolog. All games require SGM1 minimum. They all offer three (3) tiers of support: 1) SGM1 - The basic tier 2) F18A/Phoenix - The medium tier, with generally improved graphics 3) SGM2 - The advanced tier, with improved graphics and sound Starting next week I will be demoing one game a week. I will show the 3 tiers in action, and explain the differences. Again, the important thing here is, one cartridge, 3 tiers. You can use your platform of choice. After those 5 games ship in September (and yes, there will be additional copies available), we have DKA coming in November also supporting SGM2 (Super Game Club members and 2016 pre-orders only). In early 2022 we have Pac-Man DX, and finally Moon Cresta, all supporting SGM2. In 2022 we will also be getting Time Pilot Arcade, Popeye Arcade, and Gradius Arcade as part of the new Super Game Club cycle. And a bunch of color line re-releases supporting SGM2 as well. Finally, later in 2022 we should have the SGM2 available. So stay tuned for updates starting next week.
  23. I would be more concerned if Soulja Boy bought Atari Age.
  24. Yet another update... Rebecca Heineman, author of Racing Destruction Set and Mindshadow for the Atari 8-bits will be joining us at the meet-up and will be happy to talk about her work which goes way beyond these two titles. Becky was the 1980 National Space Invaders Champion and has been developing games for over 35 years. The list of games she worked on is huge and though this list is probably incomplete, you can see some of her titles here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_Heineman#Games
  25. I remember playing Space Battle when I was a kid, but I don't think I ever owned it so I must have just rented it from the local video shop or something. I'll give it a try soon and see if it rings any bells! I'm not even going to try playing Bomb Squad - I tried reading the manual and it made no sense to me whatsoever! 🤯 Space Armada: 33,960
  26. It's running from an SD flash cart on real hardware.
  27. Speaking of mail, I just heard on radio about stories regarding mail delays. Someone had sent a Christmas card and the recipient called to thank him but said it had been enough if you sent me one Christmas greeting, not two. This made the sender curious and begun investigating. It turned out the post office had misplaced an entire sack of Christmas post one year, and found it in the warehouse the next year when they determined to deliver it...
  28. thank you! Yes, I found it on eBay. The final price was lower than you might expect because the game was kinda hidden in a lot and not well advertised
  29. I don't think there is a point in digging for such details...it really is a rabbit hole. And going too deep will make you look a bit obsessive and will aid their "it's a harassment" charge. Also, they will always be able to wiggle out from such hazy recollections, because "it's been so long" etc, and other people's recollections are also suspect to that. Plus, some of it seems to be actually true. I guess they did have a beer, visited and mainatined contacts, from what ST is saying. Of course JW puts an exaggerated spin on it all, but it's not something you can really challenge. Imo it's best to focus on some more important and tangible things, like the "Atari VP", their alleged portfolio and other work-related claims.
  30. Two complete playthroughs of The Chaos Engine (PAL + NTSC) using the new DPAD.... There isn't enough gratitude my thumb can express. Almost crippled myself last time I did this with the original DPAD.
  31. On the best looking title screen visualization you prepared 👍 I once thought (hoped) it's gonna be the one and stay... 😶
  32. Looks like in your source you're trying to define temp1, temp2, and temp3 variables, but those are already declared by 7800basic itself. Thus the mismatch complaints. Would be better to just call them as mytemp1, mytemp2, and mytemp3 etc so they don't step on the temp1-temp6 variables 7800basic defines.
  33. Does this mean the Atari VCS will be sold on his online store for ten times the MSRP?
  34. Apparently it was worth what you paid for it. 😜 No. Just.........no.
  35. My 2nd Space Battle Entry.... The Advanced Level is very fast on the strategy side... 😲 ADVANCED / DISC LEVEL - ALL CLEAR - 4:5 Note: There is a single yellow ship underneath the blue ship. You can kind of see the small yellow dot. 👍
  36. Nope, he sure didn't buy Atari. Can't believe a word he says. Mind you, his level of BS would fit right in with the current folks parading the corpse of Atari.
  37. Yes, to my knowledge, I don't think anyone has touched this particular setting before. It uses 1.79 mhz Distortion A with two-tone mode, which can be paired atop either the standard 64khz clock or 15khz. Two waveforms are available, the square wave is very ringy, and very close to the famous CSAVE tone (not the boop boop, but that high pitched whine). The other is a saw wave which is transposed up an octave. Certain frequencies must be placed in the first channel with each standard distortion A note in the second channel for it to play properly. Using 15 khz mode roughly puts the output down by almost 2 octaves, basically the same as in standard A distortion. The issue is that certain high notes in the range are not getting played in the new Altirra, or in PokeyMax, an ultrasonic pitched beep is being played instead. In the EXO Area 3 music, which uses both the CSAVE bell and the saw wave, the CSAVE bell plays just fine, but the saw wave drops out on the high notes.
  38. I think posting as you get it shows the best sportsmanship, although I have been burned in the past, haha, but ultimately I think it's in the best spirit of the game to do so. I like seeing all the high scores here, even if I don't get to play as much as I'd hope to.
  39. I suppose he was including Wolfenstein and omitting DOOM in his claim of being second ever FPS despite DOOM blatantly being out months before AvP. Or he's ignoring Wolfenstein and only counting DOOM. Or something like that. It makes me vexed, the constant little lies and embellishments that he uses to big up his own achievements. You just want to yell at him to shut the fuck up and tell the damn truth for once, let AvP stand on its own merits, it doesn't need to be supported by a neverending piss-stream of weak, fake accolades from the guy who did some of the 68k programming on it. Yeah I can find no 8-bit trace of him despite a good rummage, besides some magazine stuff. Makes you wonder how he walked into the job at Rebellion in the first place - was he even then claiming to have co-founded Graftgold and worked on 40 odd 8-bit titles? Wouldn't they have asked for proof?
  40. @Mauro Rodriguez Hi. You can prob tell we are all dying to see your conversions and the XEXs outputs so we can see them on real hardware or emulators. Any news on progress? 😉😁
  41. He couldn't be any WORSE at running Atari, right?
  42. FRIDAY AUGUST 20 @ 12PM PT / 3PM ET EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK AT rubyQ! Join us LIVE Friday Aug 20 on the ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch livestream 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT! https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/ We have an EXCLUSIVE new look at the almost completed rubyQ for the Atari 2600 from @Silvio Mogno on Friday's ZPH! This incredibly polished port for the VCS not only brings home all the action of this favourite 1982 arcade classic, he takes it way further with alternate gameplay modes and all new enemies and challenges! Silvio has really knocked it out of the park with this all new 2600 port of Q*Bert so you don't want to miss this! Game: rubyQ (Exclusive WIP Update) (LIVE @ 12PM PT | 3PM ET | 7PM GMT) Game Links and Upcoming ZeroPage Schedule: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/276956-zeropage-homebrew-twitch-stream/
  43. I don't care if it is August. I'm not falling for this April Fool's shit.
  44. So I was thinking--is it better to sit on a high score and post it at the end of the contest or post it as you get it? I think it's better to post it when you do it so people can congratulate you and you can drive competition! It also prevents you from failing to post a great Sharp Shot! score and NOT getting credit for it! Also, these are not great scores, but last week's Bomb Squad and Space Hawk were in first place for a while... My desk is messy so I cropped the photos. Space Battle - Level 1 : 3 Ships (Boy do I need to practice this game!) Space Armada - 15,860
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    Firefox is installing Updates. Please wait a few minutes and listen to your computer make whirring sounds. Soon nothing will work as it should.
  46. Note that this is a demo version, with only first two levels. On complete game it will be *really* harder to get a such big score.
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