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    I tried looking up lighters on eBay and all they had was 11,349 matches!
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    A clean house is a sign of a broken computer.
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    Smoking can kill you, and too much bacon will kill you... but if you smoke bacon, you can cure it!
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    Today, Nov. 26, is the birthday of Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts! Happy birthday!
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    Hear about the guy that changed his user name to "Benefits"? He said, "Next time someone adds me, it will say, 'You are now friends with Benefits!'"
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    Just won a complete copy of Super Asteroids Missile Command on eBay for $107. Pretty much the last original Lynx title I needed and a terrific game. Stoked!
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    What to calculators and country music have in common? They are both made by Texas Instruments! Special thanks to Svengoolie for this one!
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    Whoa! A blast from the past I saw today. A Dodge/Plymouth Colt Vista. Anybody remember this car?
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    Bright red packaging covered in Super Mario characters and Nintendo logos? Good job, Amazon - you just invented the world's first high-visibility thief-attracting shipping boxes, right before Christmas. Thanks! Will next year's boxes also strobe in order to make them easier to spot?
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    Finally purchased a Soldering station for Christmas this year. UAV mod here I come!
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    You know what I like? The insert coin "Bong" sound that Atari Games used on their arcade titles. How many games had it for gamers to input coins or tokens into the slot for them to hear?
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    Haven't watched AVGN in probably 10 years now and was watching Mike Matei on a live stream. Is it just me or is the whole [email protected] - fvck and all the rest lingo getting old and childish? I mean yeah it was kinda funny back when the whole AVGN thing started. But watching a guy my age sitting there live streaming games winging about everything cursing like a teenager is just cringy and hard to watch. Half of it just sounds like he's putting it on and faked anyway. Really drops the content quality as there is many better non cursing you tubers these days. Im just thinking the whole "angry gamer" thing has ran it's course...
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    Insurance called. They decided to total my car. Oh well, a real shame I had to go ahead and buy the Nissan 370Z I was looking at. Sad!
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    Might finally play M.U.L.E. for the first time this weekend.
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    Just converted 2 tubs of blue frosting into brown frosting.
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    WHEEEEE!!!!!! The Fastload cartridge I made works!!!
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    Survival advice: don't be your own worst enemy.
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    Tonight on Svengoolie: The thing from another world. Kids, the TV is mine at 8 PM!
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    https://coffeeordie.com/vulcan-on-a-prius/ Edit: seriously people, you'll actually regret it if you don't visit this site no matter who or what you are.
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    Recently got 65,000 on Video Pinball for the Atari 2600. First play on that game in a long while.
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    Hi all! I just bought a heavy sixer and thought this would be a cool forum to join. So, I'm new here and just wanted to say hello!
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    YouTube - The Adequate Gamer: Stay Frosty 1 & 2 (Atari 2600) - Christmas Video Games
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    Heh. I just saw that a local retro game reseller had differentiated Black Friday deals last week: Commodore 10% off Nintendo & Sega 20% off Atari & Intellivision 30% off Videopac 40% off PlayStation2 50% off
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    CHRISTMAS ATARI I just love Christmas hacks and homebrews. My Christmas Atari collection is growing.
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    Too many new games, even for a 4-day-weekend. Between Dreamcast/Atomiswave, Evercade, Switch, and another NT Mini to sort out. Good problems to have.
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    Just as a reminder, everything in the universe will be discontinued, and then re-released with an HDMI port added to it.
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    Countdown started in the AA Store I see. :D What's this cool looking Adventure game though, and is it for the A8 or 7800?
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    Got two CX-26 Joysticks back from my friend who fully refurbed them for me, new orange paint on the bezel, clicky joystick mod. Nice to see these get some love when they often just get tossed.
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    Just dropped my shrimp linguini on the floor. I'm off to Burger King now for an inferior lunch.
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    It's the little things... I'm scheduled to go in for a partial knee replacement soon. I had the same procedure on my other knee earlier this year. When adding the event to my Outlook calendar, it struck me as funny when I noted the "make recurring" option.
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    It's a 13b powered, RE Amemiya modified Mazda Chantez. How awesome is that!
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    Sears names of Atari 2600 games: Space Fun, Tank Maze, Vanilla Plus, Race Thingy, Baseball Man, Cube Chase, Deluxe Wine Tasting . . .
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    I played Root Beer Tapper on Colecovision today. Geez! This level lags because the background animates. It would be wiser to not animate the background and the gameplay won't suffer.
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    Crazy new record set for the price of a video game. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/super-mario-bros-3-rare-auction-record-153722543.html
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    Well that's a new one. I just had an update downloaded to my Sony television remote control. I have no idea what it consisted of, and am only left questioning why a remote control needs an update.
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    Just got my first ice slip of the season out of the way. Winter is officially here.
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    Awaiting a UAV-modded system to give a whirl with my RetroTINK-2X Pro after I finish grading my students' finals! And once I finish selling off the remainder of my library I'll never touch again I can finally splurge on some AA homebrews! Should be a pretty alright holiday. 🙏
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    A couple of days ago I tried to start back up on Channel F development to get something "moving" on the screen. I failed miserably and sulked. I think I could make music keyboard program though, it just wont have anything on screen change.
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    I hiked up and down the 4 mile trail at Yosemite yesterday. I didn't go all the way up to Glacier Point; I turned back at Union Point, but still, god my legs are sore. 6 mile round trip up and down a steep and somewhat icy mountain, by the way.
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    Romain Grosjean He must have had all the top notch guardian angels with him.
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    Getting my Gottlieb Haunted House tomorrow. Going to move it up out of someone's basement and down into mine. Pray for my back.
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    When Fred Flintstone puts out the cat during the Flintstones closing credits, the cat then goes back into the house through the window, then puts Fred out. Why does Fred not go back in the same way?!
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    I went for coffee this morning and right behind me on line was someone wearing a thick goose down jacket...with shorts and sandals.
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    Happy Thanksgiving, welcome Black Friday.
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    Well, that was Thanksgiving...here we go...
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    Hello All you can find a new video of captain harlynx in real lynx played by my son as beta tester on. watch & Enjoy!
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    Just bought Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition for Xbox on sale. I hear it's like a Diablo Lite like game... Here I go.
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    Master.com shutting down. They offered forums, a website search engine, a directory, & other services you could use to create your very-own version of Yahoo.
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