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    Garfield loves his toast.
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    Now a Ghost n Goblins port... Atari 7800 homebrew scene is on fire!!
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    For @OldSchoolRetroGamer, Inspired by Rob to have a cup of Coffee and reading a Garfield strip regarding it.
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    I have my cell phone number set to 867-5309 in the company directory for obvious reasons. Someone just sent me a message saying "I tried to call you at 8675309 but didn't get and answer." OMFG.
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    One of the strangest Garfield strips for me. How did Garfield and Odie get this far in the rural part of the country? How did his food dish get in the middle of nowhere? Who put food in the dish?
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    Leave it to Odie to do something like this.
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    Just replaced both joycons in my wife's Switch Lite. $15 kit and an hour. Easy peasy!
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    Whoa! What was in Garfield and Jon's Coffee.
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    View from our back balcony window at present 7:46 am - 32f / 0c
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    Time to play some INCREDIBLE WIZARD on the ASTROCADE 😎😎😎
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    No escaping pain You belong to me Clinging on to life By the skin o' my teeth 🤘
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    Checking the mail is so stupid when you get no mail. Why can't they just put a slip of paper that says "You got no mail today." on it when they deliver it?
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    You are hereby invited to the wedding of Zelda and Zork. Dress code is zebra and the ceremony will be broadcast on Zoom.
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    Bought an Arcade 1UP MK II cabinet on Tuesday. I received it today, two days earlier than expected! I assembled that sucker in about an hour and a half with my older daughter helping. This thing is really cool and looks great in my newly renovated basement!
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    Snow outside, blah, I'll stay here drinking coffee 😛
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    I keep getting timed out on this site. It says my browser is fine and that there is a host error. All other sites I visited worked just fine.
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    I saw a werewolf drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s His hair was perfect
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    Everybody have fun tonight. Come on everybody Shang Tsung tonight!
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    Today's Status Update is brought to you buy the (not thought of in a long time) song Walk the Dinosaur. In 1987 it had at least 6 fans, I mean I figure the band liked it and probably a few of their girlfriends. And by the movie from 1988, Johnny Be Good, because I was just thinking how I never think about it...Other movies I never saw include Maniac Cop and The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking also from 1988...And did you watch Spenser: For Hire in 1985? I know I sure don't remember whether I did or not.
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    Fact #1: You say meat is delicious. Fact #2: You are made of meat. Fact #3: You are delicious.
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    Does anyone know where I can find a USPS price chart for first class shipping? I need it for games I plan to post here later. \\//
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    Just came home from Ollie's with one of those Giant Pacman Joystick deals from Arcade 1up. They are $59.99 there while supplies last and they are going quick!
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    Really envy aboot guys who can write a game. Wish i had the brains to do it. Brain needs some timing done. WAAAY to retarded. 😛
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    Supposedly Adele no longer says "Hello" because everyone would just make a joke about it so she would only say "Hi".
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    You hear strange things at night. There is an owl around somewhere hooting a lot periodically.
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    "I'm not talking bout the linen, and I don't wanna change your lights.."
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    Happy December everyone, be sure to leave out milk and cookies for santa or Jello shots and Bicardi Dark if you're an adult. There's no booze in the arctic after all.
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    A few times over the past year I have gotten a pop-up that says Firefox has crashed, but nothing happened to my Firefox browser.
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    Just finished designing Level 3 of Zombies and Skeletons in the program STRUCKD. (see screenshots by clicking profile) Posted it on ios. Dunno if androud, ios and windows are connected to the same server. Was quite a lot of work with this one…
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    Too much internet today. Never be able to look at my Gateway 2000 PCs quite the same way again. Read that Waitt bonked Maxwell. Eeeek!!
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    Chipsonsteroids shared it's latest pic of their prototype cart of Neotris MVS. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/223548-the-official-neo-geo-thread/?do=findComment&comment=4961723
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    In case of alien attack: Break glass. Inside is a copy of ELO. otherwise, we're screwed.
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    Some kid who goes to the same hagwon that I go to was tested positive for COVID. School immediately made me go home and I’m required to have a swab stabbed up my nostril again. Good thing I’m vaccinated I guess, although I probably won’t be allowed to go to school until I’m confirmed negative.
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    Did you know only the rooster gets the best piece of chicken!
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    Some guy leaked out of a local bar and barfed. Then walked all over the street proclaiming it was the biggest loogie the world had ever seen. Somehow that got me thinking about the ones I smear on the underside of my desk. They usually stick for some 3-4 years before becoming so dried and shrunken and flakey that they drop off.
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    I've collated links to some of my Atari work into a FB group... https://www.facebook.com/groups/drboo/
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    The history of the miniKORG: Fun fact: Korg is short for Keio Organ. I wonder if the miniKorg is part of Korg's Legacy Collection?
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    Amazing Neo-Geo prototype discovered. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/223548-the-official-neo-geo-thread/?do=findComment&comment=4959794
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    "In before the lock!!!!!!!!!" >You can no longer post status updates. "Aww, beans!!!!"
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    Quick 12 second video on the Neo-Geo thread of a gamers journey on starting to develop a title for the Neo-Geo on post #28,249. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/223548-the-official-neo-geo-thread/page/1130/#comments
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    England 20 Latvia 0 - Not rugby, women's football. Spain have scored 43 times in 5 games without conceding a goal. The gulf in class between teams in the women's game is incredible.
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