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    Pics of games that are currently in my collection, I'm boring like that. If you see A game you like or played back in the 80's leave a comment. approximately 90% of these games were found in the wild. These are the results of a year or two searching. Most of the games are fairly common but there's a few rarities in there. Everybody should do this for insurance reasons.
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    Hi, All boxes shown here in this gallery are available for purchase. A box is EURO 14.00. They are digitally printed and the boxes for 2600 and 7800 come with cartridge holders. They are shipped assembled and unfolded in a robust parcel. Shipping Options: - Airmail Letter Worldwide EURO 4.00 up to 6 boxes (robust box, no tracking, no insurance, runtime from Germany to USA 5 to 10 working days) EURO 8.00 up to 14 boxes (robust box, no tracking, no insurance, runtime from Germany to USA 5 to 10 working days) - Parcel within Germay EURO 6.00 up to 5kg (robust box, tracking, insurance, runtime 1 to 3 working days) - Parcel to EU EURO 17.00 up to 5kg (robust box, tracking, insurance, runtime 3 to 7 working days) - Parcel to North America EURO 37.00 up to 5kg (robust box, tracking, insurance, runtime 7 to 21 working days) If you have any questions just drop me a PM. Best, Marc.
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    I received my NOS (new old stock) Texas Instruments PEB (Peripheral Expansion Box) model PHP-1200 today. This is like taking a step back in time. For 31 years (give or take,) this PEB has been sitting in near stasis. (I say "near" because the inside of the lid has rusted a little.) It was built, boxed, closed up, shipped to the Dhein's TruValue Hardware store in Waterloo, IA, and has sat there until being retrieved and shipped to me. So far as it knows, it was closed up in the TI factory in Lubbock, TX, and opened up in my office in Florida. This is like reaching back in time. It is pristine, just like it left the factory yesterday. This is a great feeling.
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    I live in Germany in an area called "Odenwald". In this Album you'll find snapshots from my walks around here.
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    This is where all of the screenshots are gonna be placed. But why did I do this? I like looking at several frames to study for references when drawing. That, and I have way too much time on my hands. I have no life. So enjoy all of the 500-ish something frames on here. 😅 (I'll probably have to make more galleries to continue uploading since the maxium upload for a gallery is 50MB.)
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    Imported from Germany, this PC1 has been slowly restored and expanded.
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    My Game Room, Mark III
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