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    Ohhh, I'll have to log in this evening and take a look!
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    @Mazzspeed will probably blow the doors off everyone in this game! -JP
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    ST Nationals a Drag racing game is up - not sure how to play this.. anything I did with my car slowed it down, so I assume you have to be a gear head to understand how various changes to the car make it better. Bikerbob
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    Ok DDST added. I really like this game. I suppose I could play it on Dark Force. Which I do. I have ver. 1.2 which I am very sure is older than DFs version. Interesting that it only gives me the option of ST graphics. Also added Nationals ST a drag racing game. Which works but errors on exit. Not sure why. I left it up. I am hoping it's a local issue.
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    Is it ok to post Bulletins about the BBS here? in this TOPIC.. seems like it would be a good place. So, for those that have found the WRESTLING game. J at the main menu gets you to the DOORS - at the moment the only DOOR that works is the WRESTLING game. You are asked for your NAME when you login to the game. The game does not check that name to see if its valid.. it just checks if it finds it? or not? SO if you put the wrong name in.. it will think your new. OR if you put someone elses name in you can take control of their wrestler. Short sighted, but its how it works. SO pick a name that only you know.. remember it.. then name your wrestler. Next time logging on.. if you put that correct name in.. it will find your wrestler, EACH NAME can have 1 wrestler.. SO.. you could have multi wrestlers, if each time you go in the game.. you put a different NAME in. GOT IT? Bikerbob
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    Thanks for posting those. I actually like looking at old articles, adverts, etc,... I think I'm getting old. Pretty soon I'll be regaling everyone with thoughts about the good 'ole days...
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    Huh, just found this post. Interesting info there, thanks for that!
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    We finally have a telnetable AMIS BBS thanks to user, AMIS! Thanks, AMIS! The BBS is called Fuji Amis. As its name implies, it will run on the new Fujinet device. Telnet to amis86.ddns.net:9000 to check it out. You can also get your own copy of Fuji Amis from the SysOp. -JP
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