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  1. hello rev do the league of light and robot rubble have any bug fix or change in the rom? any change in the game make it a nominee
  2. actual list - aardwark (intvrev) - anthropomorfic force (elektronite) - Blix/Chocolate Mine (Midnight Blue International) - Deep Pockets (Blue Sky Rangers) - def. of crown (elektronite) - fubar (intvrev) - king of mountains Pockets (Blue Sky Rangers) - league of light (intvrev) - melody runner (intvrev) - ninja odyssey (elektronite) - quo vadis (IH) - robot rubble (intvrev) - spiker (Blue Sky Rangers) - tnt cowboy (elektronite) anything else released in cart during 2019?
  3. I love this game so much! but mostly the c64 version Oils well
  4. fair enough, but still open to other opinions.... for now we can say all 5 or none of them
  5. in my opinion this is not enough to be nominated for the goty.... what the people think?
  6. league of light and robot rubble do they have new boxes, or new manuals or improvements?
  7. I did like that a lot anyway, I would appreciate on intv
  8. Maria is scheduled for january 2020 so it will be considered for next year there are several games surfaced in facebook but I have no clue which one is a final release and available in cartridge... rev can you update your list? thanks
  9. time to resume what titles are out this year, those are so many I need some help not to make mistakes :-) - fubar (Midnight Blue International,) - Blix/Chocolate Mine (Midnight Blue International,) - Deep Pockets (Blue Sky Rangers) - king of mountains Pockets (Blue Sky Rangers) - spiker (Blue Sky Rangers) - def. of crown (elektronite) - anthropomorfic force (elektronite) - ninja odyssey (elektronite) - tnt cowboy (elektronite) - melody runner (intvrev) what else?
  10. 10. this rule can limit certain types of games, such as adventures ... Im not a fan of this choice...
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