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  1. we should consider how many 2nd places are collected by one title only when we have a draw on the number of 1st places votes so.. game A get 1 first place game B get 3 second places game A win game A get 1 first and 1 second place game B get 1 first place and 1 third place game A win
  2. I dont agree with multiple votes to the same title
  3. can we link google forms to be visible here? otherwise it's like running the vote outside AA
  4. I also like a lot aardvark but I have voted for my defender of the crown... as far as I know we can only choose 1 vote or open multiple vote, meaning not top 3 or similar... since there are so many titles every year, I also agree we can add the vote for best publisher
  5. I have discussed with ZeroPage about running the goty, but still devoted to AA 🙂
  6. the WINNER!!! thanks to all supporters several years in development and management for a great achievement!
  7. ghostbusters producer asked not to partecipate to goty, the reason is the acrimony towards his previous productions.. why is it so important to have ghostbusters listed?
  8. the (non) final found in sword&serpents is the most important inspiration that lead me to discuss the basis for a maze game, and of corse I was since years awaiting for the chance to have a dragon as major character in some game... the work Kai is doing is exceeding my best whishes... this is a nosense for this platform.... but of corse you need to like knights and dragons!!
  9. I couldnt try quo vadis neither ghost so I have no opinion
  10. one month before ending. Quo vadis is a big surprise
  11. what is missing apart ghostbusters?
  12. we can add a best publisher vote, since publisher propose several game in the same year.... but in general to add many categories is more and more difficult because people do not own all the games, maybe you buy only the one you like and vote for that and are not in the position to evaluate if the music in another release is worth the award
  13. as requested by the programmer is not in the list, I obviously do not agree with this choice but I respect his request
  14. I see this on the intellivision revolution store
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