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  1. thanks and, more in general.... this is a community initiative to have fun and help commodorian people show their creativity efforts: we are not looking for business, we are not willing to publish amiga or c64 games under commodore brand! so just be friend all togheter 🙂
  2. about prices for the jam, apart the tablet we are considering other stuff like software licenses.. suggestions are welcome, this is still under definition
  3. the IP owneship will be retained by the creator. In case an interesting IP come out, we will be pleased to discuss with the creator about a port, but the ownership of IP submitted to the jam wil not be transferred I add this info in itch.io thanks
  4. thanks for comment music can be for c64 as well and yes no assets (graphic, music) copied from unlicensed games
  5. we decided to go for an itch.io Jam submission, and here the info https://itch.io/jam/commodore-jam-generation
  6. thanks for your post: it is of high interest for many reason, because the point of view of a real commodorian must be considered in order to imagine new products. quick answers: You own the factory? yes The tablet is designed by you? yes what actual connection it has to the old Commodore? well, it's android, it's a product for the actual market... More, the management in commodore inc is all made up of Commodorians, and therefore lovers of original philophosy. This does not mean anything concrete, you might say... but if you combine the passion for commodore with the professionalism of engineers and business managers, something good may be seen. the group is made up of several legal and registered companies that have been operating for years in the e-learning and IT sector. this is not the place to give legal information about it, and only part of those people are now allocated to the commodore business, but it is not about single people selling commodore branded t-shirts. we know that these things exist and we patiently try to make it clear that we are not involved with these kinds of people. thec64, which also does not have the Commodore brand because they do not have the legal right to use it, is retrogaming, and that's fine as it is: it helps the community to develop new hombrews, and we are happy that it does, but a medium sized company cannot live on retrogaming, it must produce tablets, desktops and invest in products that will work for the current market. As a commodorian, what kind of products would you be seeing? a new commodore computer today, must use windows or linux, it is impossible to make a new proprietary OS which then would not have SW. Likewise, it has no commercial convenience to produce peripherals for the original c64 and amiga computers, but when some kickstarter tries doing so, we are happy to share his project on social networks ... What modern product could represent commodore as it originally was in your opinion?
  7. this is not the case. Commodore inc is part of a bigger group of 100+ employees on IT services. We can consider commodore inc as a startup at the moment; the tablet is not rebranded, it's made in a proprietary factory (of corse China anyway) and will not be the only hw product of corse. Emerging on the ICT market today is difficult and takes time, but the initiatives and products will be documented on the social pages (especially FB at the moment)
  8. thanks for those info... the kickstarter I did not know... in fact, I see lot of confusion.. only working hard and step by step will help people differentiate the news... it will take some time
  9. yes Commodore engineering would like to partecipate but not in person, I wonder if we can send a short video o a flier
  10. interesting article, that I did not know. Commodore inc is not connected to the Pet, you may find fresh news in FB looking for Commodore Engineering (I know... another commodore name... but this is legally trademarketed) 🙂
  11. it is not this one, it's a new one and there will be a explanatory web site next month
  12. commodore.inc in not connected to pet phones. also, of corse this is not "my company", I work there updates about (real) people working at commodore are visible in the linkedin page: commodore industries
  13. We discussed the Amiga brand status, and for now we need to wait the (long) legal process between amiga and hyperion. We are not involved in that
  14. I understand all of your points. This post is intended to start sharing info about the Game Jam, not for showing the company around. If you are interested on info about the "actual" commodore you find Commodore engineering (not other old names) in linkedin and FB 🙂, where we started adding some exposure. fo the game jam, we plan to have a specific website that I will share if anyone is interested in partecipating thanks
  15. quick update: games will be allowed on any language or engine (scorpion for Amiga is suggested but not mandatory) no porting of original unlicensed games (focus on new ideas or eventually clones)
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