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  1. proud for the victory!!! I personally did not vote becasue Involved by Tale of Dragons, but vote would have be for Cosmic Avenger
  2. Being asked to add Maria to the list of games, we do restart the vote here, moving to 15 Feb to closing date
  3. stated aht maria has shipped in 2020, we add that about the reissues, I say that as for any other goty, the same game cannot partecipate 2 times to the goty... so let me know if I will restart the vote to add maria.... maybe some people do not agree... since there is time, lets take 3-4 days for comments and decide
  4. A tale of Dragons and Swords > Battlestar Galactica Space Battle >
  5. yes, few strong titles.... I followed rick dynamite dev since 2005.... people do not associate it to intv, but it's a wonderful porting
  6. vprette


  7. vprette


  8. Some footage Shark Shark 2 > Rick Dynamite > Cosmic Avenger >
  9. none care about cosmic avenger... 😞 I will vote later but cosmic is my preferred because I like shooters
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