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  1. there is not a web site available at the moment.... hopefully there will be a new one in the future
  2. this is not any of my contents nor related to me, the website is expired
  3. I remember using the super action joystick for the first and only time on... c64!! playing fort apocalypse !!
  4. this is just my point of view, and I see reading around that my point of view is peculiar, but I did like a lot the original controller, and I gonna like the new one for the same reason. While teh action buttons are not very much ergonimic, I found the disc wonderful.... I love the overlays.. I never undestood the hate against intv controller...
  5. thanks for clarifing this point once for all, it has been debated for years in this forum!
  6. I gladly remember when Activison was an innovator... good times.... let's try to revive this flavour 🙂 pitfall can be a hit, while I see river raid more difficult to be refreshed in a modern way.. good titles... I'm also a huge fan of h.e.r.o.
  7. maybe better not the big names want to reiterate the ips forever looking at players as money cows. I hope to see new ideas and games to be focused on players not on licenses and hidden tricks to make you pay for play.... I don't want to say that EA and Activision and similar should not land on amico, but if they don't... wheel good for us! Tommy do you aim to see EA developing for Amico?
  8. thanks for the good support
  9. ok, maybe the best is to quit this community, since this is the kind of post I read. I wish the best with your life, DZ
  10. I cannot help feeling you are against almost everything in every thread...
  11. thanks to all when you think would be good to start collecting nomination for the next goty 2019? I do not want to open too soon a thread, but we already have titles that say hello there
  12. quick comments from my side: my 2 preferred games were Miner and Dkj, I voted for Miner. Im surprised for only 1 vote to meteors, also steamroller deserve more attention because is a funny game...
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