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  1. I don't see ONLIVE going belly up any time soon. They just released the cloud desktop on the iPad and soon for androidl...which along with this google thing is going to be huge. I really think they are set to be a fairly big player in the next gen. But, we shall see.
  2. ALT TECH The Looming Cloud-Streaming Game Wars: OnLive Partners with Google TV http://techland.time.com/2012/01/12/the-looming-cloud-streaming-game-wars-onlive-partners-with-google-tv/#ixzz1jIiTXESx Forget “what’s in your wallet,” what’s in your TV? If you’re looking to pick up one of these newfangled Google TV-based televisions, make that OnLive, the cloud-streaming game service that lets you play high-end video games over the Internet without worrying about platforms, downloads, installs, or system specs. The news comes in the wake of LG’s big announcement at CES that it’s partnering with OnLive competitor Gaikai to bring streaming games content — not the full smorgasbord, but an LG-selected number — to its Smart TV lineup later this year. Like OnLive, Gaikai lets you stream high-end PC games providing you have a 3 Mbit/s (5 Mbit/s recommended) connection. You play the games using a USB gamepad that connects directly to the TV.
  3. I would have guessed much harder drugs than that. Maybe, only the Gamestop Corporate honchos get to enjoy the really hard, mind altering, stuff. Actually...that makes the most sense.
  4. First off Tough, that is an awesome profile pic. Secondly, I hoped for better, but I kind of saw this coming. For a the same price you can get a great touch screen phone or Kindle Fire tablet. Add another hundred bucks and you got a nice lower end android tablet. With games like Shadowgun, the games on Tablets are starting to compete. The Vita is going to struggle and along with the 3Ds, will be the last of its kind.
  5. Do game companies have the right to control how we choose to play our games? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8omr-IA-R8 Should we allow them such power?
  6. I got a Samsung Galaxy and universal controller and its a joy. But it does need a consistant and solid wifi signal to work well.
  7. Hard to disagree with that sentiment. This French company is about as responsible for anything that went into the original Battlezone as I do. It sickens me every time they go to court to protect "their" intellectual property.
  8. Here is my channel's review of a truly solid Couch Gaming accessory... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZu1lGqkY-U Highly recommended!
  9. Well I finally got this game. The PC version to be exact, and does ROCK! It has so many classic game elements that I feel like I have been playing it for years. Yet at the same time, the very concept of the game, makes it all very fun and fresh. All in all a very solid and fun game.
  10. Yeah, I love ONLIVE. But, I cannot in good conscience recommend it for anyone with an ISP that has obligatory Bandwidth caps.
  11. The 3DS version is a platformer. The other versions are Gauntlet style hack n slashers with no jumping.
  12. What can I say, I'm a fool in love. ;p I can certainly see some nice benefits to digital downloads. The convenience factor, the lower cost of publishing that makes projects possible that otherwise wouldn't of been (Such as the vast majority of the XBLA library), the lower hardware cost for PC gamers with something such as the OnLive model, etc. I've embraced digital gaming (I've easily spent $500 on it over the past few years, and probably much more if I carefully started adding things up) and it certainly has its place. But that doesn't mean we can't also be cognizant of the many pitfalls it also has, especially in an all digital future like many feel like we're facing. That's basically been why I've been so talkative in this thread. It's a very mixed future we're facing in an all digital future, particularly for the classic gamers of the future. But, see, I never disagreed that the future is a very mixed bag. I am not 100% thrilled where things are going. But, if we must head in that direction, I've gone a head and thrown in my lot early.
  13. What can I say, I'm a fool in love. ;p
  14. Of course I'm assuming that if we go to an all streaming model. Short of a leak from inside the company or hacking your way into their servers, there's going to be no way for us to ever get a game that was only made available for streaming. It's a pretty safe assumption to make if you have some understanding of how something like OnLive actually works. You still seem to be under the mistaken impression that a service like OnLive is distributing more than just a video stream into the homes of gamers. No I'm not. But, I also don't see an all encompassing cloud future. I think the majority will be streaming services. But, there will always be a small amount of downloadable material available for those that want it, If not, the Cloud will provide us with services that have classic games collections and modern games collections and whatever else we want to play. And when games start to get older they will be shunted over to the classic games area or older games area. Much like ONLIVE does for several older games that have been out for a while. They move them over to the playpack and those who have the playpack for 10 dollars a month can play them unlimited as we please. And chances are if we already bought the game, we either got it so cheap or have had it so long, when it moves into the playpack, nobody cares. So even if everything goes Cloud (and I'm OK with that) there will still be older games available. The fear people have with Cloud gaming is that the game will one day vanish from the service. There has been NO indication that this is true and even if it does happen to one or two games here and there, it certainly won't happen to them all. So yes, I know that the games live on ONLINE's servers and I play them long distance from my controller to their server and back with NOTHING happening locally on my hard drive and now downloading on my end. And it will make piracy virtually impossible (which is a selling point actually, because I'd rather play games legally). But, I don't see any of that as negative. Older games will be available, just not gathering dust in people hordes (collections) they will be available to anyone who wants to play them on the cloud. Not that I have anything at all against collectors, I have already said I have a big collection of classic consoles (especially Sega stuff). Many of my friends are collectors. But, at the same time being able to game on ANY supported device I choose and virtually anywhere with the recent phone and tablet apps available, and not having to wory about constantly upgrading a computer to play games on (which I can't do anyway, with a Laptop), not to mention the ridiculously cheap prices I get my games for now, TRUMPS any and all concerns I have for "owning" my games. Which, I still believe is a load of crap in modern and future gaming. Anyone who thinks you own a modern game or game that is likely to come out anytime soon, because you have it on a disk is utterly delusional. Don't believe me...try playing a recent multiplayer game used without an "online Passcode", or any recent Ubisoft PC game without an always connected internet connection. Try to play the same copy of a playstation 3 game on more than 2 PS3s. Those things I mentioned are RAPIDLY becoming the norm and standard of the game industry. Sony just announced that if you want to play the games you BOUGHT on the PSP on your Vita, you'll be paying a fee to re-download them (if you register them ahead of time). Yeah, people sure do own their old PSP games on those shiny UMD disks. But, you say, I'll just keep playing them on my PSP and not worry about it. Yeah, until the no longer in production PSP breaks down. And even if that doesn't bother you, who the hell wants to carry around more than ONE handheld when traveling?\ A future in the cloud might seem unappealing to some people. But, I find a future of this crap even more repulsive.
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