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  1. Good point about the games and records before WWII and Television etc....
  2. The difference is Idiots like Jace and Walter and others NEVER ran a fair sport type organization, with money TV etc, had they done that properly, it would have been fine, unlike MLB etc Twingalaxies used favortism and bias in games and events, instead of doing ALL-AROUND gaming like other sports. Even if you say well it's not a sport and shouldn't be considered, well many do and work hard for their accomplishments, had some of us really knew that it never would have gotten where it could have and should have, many of us never would have played. I never minded working and always have very hard all my life but, it would have been nice for real gamers unlike the puppets to get paid and events etc, like for an example stars do at conventions, many of us had looks, skills and history to bring to the table, the problem was,many of us were hidden for their own agenda's it was never equal or done correctly..... Sadly it will prob never be done right!!!
  3. Twingalaxies is also planning on yanking all scores before the video adjudication system too, IF that happens it's all over!!!! The fact is doing the right thing on two players, allowing others that have been proven cheaters for years in private archived forums that are about to be released makes no sense. I will say this the problem is the owner is a man child and several who get on their knees are well protected at his service, and sadly he don't care about the real players, he milked Rogers for the hype because they had no traffic and the same with Mitchell and just recently the same with me. The difference is nearing 40 knowing the money and promises will never be delivered, it was like if your gonna ban someone for 6 months over something 3rd party that cannot even be proved, than what does it say about you? So after a 6 month ban I basically said enough, I still play set records it don't change the facts and Guinness wants nothing to do with Twingalaxies or Jace Hall, this is why David Hawksett was hired. Next they will probably Target RTM, unlike Billy, Walter, Joel and Todd, RTM admits he is not innocent. Wiebe is being made out to be a saint when in fact he is not in the least, the man cheated too, so it's all a mess!!!! In recent events I had 2 scores removed not for cheating but because I am no longer on Twitch the videos I sent were gone, mind you they are the SAME videos on Youtube lol, so because Mr. Clean wants our videos directly uploaded for gain and hits, we get a score booted if we don't...... Crazy huh? Yet Rodrigo Lopez admitted and was caught for cheating by refs, Patterson was, and so many others.... What really does upset me are my cowardly friends using riding Walter, Joel, Billy and Todd at events for publicity, I did it when I thought they were great people and somebodies THAN. Yet Richie, my co host josh, Mike Sroka and others still do, utterly gross...
  4. Glad to see Rogers and Mitchell gone but it does not fix others losses over the years!!!!!!!!! It also is not fixing the losers and wannabees there now either!!!!!!!!
  5. My Pink panther cart ? Prob not depends I paid like 50 for it and have no clue on the value
  6. My 7800 don't play Pink Panther go figure!!!
  7. I am sorry you are having this experience, remember you can always get an exchange and IF that does not solve the issue than it is a system issue, my Sean Kelly Cart don't play well on my 7800 and some 2600s. Endless Snow, Checked Inn and Pigs in the castle were all International sellers and did well, contact the person who sold you the repo directly, ill reach out as well!!!!
  8. I worked with him he does GREAT work but has a horrible attitude and very bad customer service, my system he modded had issues and I asked him kindly to address, instead he wanted money and then decided not to fix it... I did not pay again but it's wrong!!!
  9. And P.S. Mods do your job too, this makes AA look so bad!!!!
  10. I am now gonna enjoy Easter with my family you all try to have a better blessed day.......
  11. Someone just sent a pic of you to me give me a break, lol you couldn't run a block and you claim you would speak down to my face lol!!!!!!! Go take your viagra and other pills!!!!! You people crack me up
  12. I heard all that before and trust you need to watch who you speak to in such manner, idc if your 100lbs or 300, I don't care if your a Marine, a Wrestler and most likely a pillow biter.. I mean you are funny though... But keep going keep on keeping on 45 year old man with nothing better to do on a holiday, you must have a very simple sad life...
  13. What is really sad we have not one, two but at least 3 of you in ur 40s acting like ur in your teens, trolling my post to get a rise out of me. It's sad I feel sorry for you all and will pray for you, like seriously.
  14. Anyone here who trusts anything Cat Despira says who is under FBI investigation is a complete moron. and clearly a liberal snowflake...... I don't hide you homely people don't show ur faces I do, you talk tough hiding, I love to see it in person. I am not a person of violence but if someone likes, they can try I feel sorry for them
  15. LOL I never threatened anyone and you don't know me and it's better you don't IF lol
  16. Soon this will be the most popular thread on all of AA
  17. I am more relevant and a bigger gamer and collector than most people, so no I won't leave!!!!!
  18. I am pretty welcome here by quite a few, so I am not concerned with what you think or a few flies do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Joust 7800 Galaga 7800 Donkey Kong 7800 Ball Blazer 7800 Midnight Mutants 7800 One on ONE 7800 RS Baseball 7800 Lasercade CGE limited 2600 Athletic World NES could be a 5 screw could not STILL has Woolworth sticker on it Halloween 2 FROST- SOLD Halloween 3 Frost - SOLD Freddy VS. Micheal Frost updated list as of April 1st 2018 11:18 am PST.
  20. Really they didn't ok ?????? are you sure?????? Halloween 2 and 3 Sold by themselves Midnight mutants will be next
  21. Ho I ma rrosy etl em erhphser htat orf ay If someone would like to make a fair offer, and not start a quarrel and just perhaps apply their impulse to a negotiation in a professional and fair manner, via email, or phone. I would be more than happy to further assist with such a potential transaction. I rgtauaetd llcoege nda gnelish asw ym seocnd bset busjcet......... and athm saw #1
  22. All I will say is this, others buy from me all the time and I could care less what anyone says or thinks here!!!!! It just proves the obsession towards me and sadly the no life factor on that persons end. Also I didn't come here to PSEEL rrocetcl ro ot utp rodws ni corecrt punctuation nor do I care lol I will also tell ya I machine gun post!! MGP= Just voice text with zero edits!!! Btw thanks for others who did PM and made great offers
  23. Great prices are called PM me and make offers not just gonna post here the prices
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