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  1. I have quite a few friends here maybe your not one but I am ok with that, it goes back to 2003 Sorry to edit for Grammar boy I meant You are or You're works too right?
  2. Thanks ill get on it highly valued grammar police
  3. I now have one person on Ignore for good reasons, however I value all ur positive feedback and help!!!!!
  4. You mean like the one when you say I should ask properly lol, yeah that was nice manners lol!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Not to be rude I think I was pretty clear it's not my fault some people are too slow to understand, whoever those people are!!!!! I was very clear
  6. Simple Terms is it a car placement that is done by certain resets and or crashes etc? Is it a perfect no skid no crash run?? Is it both ??? or non of the above???? and than the question is HOW????
  7. Lot's of unknowns if we had the answers this would not be all over the map that is common sense!!!! I can tell you that the point of this post is in hopes, that someone who has skills in programming and code as I do as a gamer breaks into it to find out!!!!!!!!
  8. A perfect RUN means this no touching the curb and no crashes, start to end!!!!!!!!
  9. It also appears the game figures you out because I have seen 2 patterns that seem to happen in a run but, also a 3rd random, where cars swerve at will
  10. No I heard it's more than a perfect run and TRUST ME it's not something you can just do, I can't even do it, let alone come close to no skids, I got 1-2 skids, one time NO skids crashed at the end, if it were so doable everyone of my caliber and others would have!!!!!!!!! I been told there is a placing trick but, I cannot confirm, has to do with resets!!!!!!!!!!
  11. This is the deal no confusion so many thought the max score was 60,910, for years and to this day ONLY one has done this feat!!!!! Frank Cardulla did a score of 60,960 he will not come public how he did it, and the ref of course that verified it is long gone!!!!!!!!!!! The arcade has secrets too but this is way different!!!!! So there is a car placement where if YOU have a perfect run no off road or crashes, give you enough to get another pass of a car and an additional 50 points. I have seen posts that some think 61,010 is possible, which I do not think it is and entrust 60,960 is perfect, IF I knew code enough and how to check games, trust me I would have!!!!!!!
  12. Call brad they should be able to fix it you can try wd40 as well
  13. Just an extra yellow car is all there may be 2 but everyone thinks it's 1 clearly it's there considering the score was done but nobody seems to know how whoever figures this out, will get big props from me, a spot on my radio show and of course a thank you for helping me get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yeah there is a car u can pass or position to get an extra 50 points
  15. I know someone in here knows the secret sadly one person that so called did it, won't show his video, others like Todd Rogers claim he did it but, no info.... I would value any help in solving the mystery, I just want to know what to do and get it done!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. With a recent issue of my international orders I wanted to be sure no other issues would occur like this and I was shocked this is the ONLY cart I made had this issue!!!!!!!!! I sold 30 Endless Snows overseas 0 issues 7 Checked Inn's 1 issue 11 PIgs 0 issues So I re programmed the rom for PAL use with some help of a good buddy of mine If you are interested in a PAL version and or overseas the cost will be 46.00 cart and manual gloss manual and label if us as always 31.00 Will update Website soon thanks for all your orders
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