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  1. I know that one wouldn't last long! Now if I could sell the rest of the stuff... ;o) I also have a Dell Axim I need to take some pics of and post up if anyones interested.
  2. I've got a couple things I was looking to sell. cleaned up the thread, gonna add some here and there.. 2gb sd card, unopened. 5 shipped. Combat pen, unopened. 5 shipped. Zelda Phantom Hourglass DS case. 5 shipped. Just found a Card for AstroPop for Xbox Live. I can just send the code or mail the whole card, If you want me to mail the card... 5.50. Just send you the code 5.00 Usb Wireless N adapter (n/g/b) One of those micro sized ones that fit in your usb port. Great for Notebooks. Still in the packaging, with driver disc. Used and tested, I just don't need it. 7.50 shipped. I've got a copy of Tetris DS, cart only. China Knock-off. Works fine. I got it on ebay. 5.50 shipped. I have a Sprint LG Rumor Touch in purple complete with new battery and charger. This phone has a bad ESN number. If someone here wants this or can do something with it, It is in perfect shape and looks great. I know they got for a lot with clear ESN, but really don't know a lot about them with bad ones. I'd like to get about 20 shipped to recoup some of what I've lost on this so far. Also wanted to see if anyone had any interest in an emac, great shape... 1.25 ghz, 1g memory, i think 80 or 60 gig hard drive, airport card, cd burner, maybe dvd drive in it, gotta check.. original packing box, and all discs... As always, I'm open to offers and trades.
  3. edit. This was an accidental reply to myself.... Anywho, at least I'm not the only one not getting any points from them.
  4. I've played it about everyday that I've remembered to, and I've not won squat. The whole Xbox live rewards is pretty crappy, though. I had got a year membership, and they didn't give me any points for it, and it took them like 2 weeks to get back to me after I asked about it. Also all the other points have stipulations, it sucks if you have already got netflix or somet of the others because you can only get those points for new account or first doing it. Sorry for the rant.. but the only points I've gotten from them is the 20 survey points every month. I'm not bitter...
  5. contemplating all this contemplation.

  6. I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins.. and on XBLA, Duke Nukem 3D.
  7. Did a decent dize trade with him. All went well. Thanks!
  8. I reckon you can ship things over towards your way... Probably throw these up on ebay, if there's no interest...
  9. Traded. Thanks all for the messages. Edit with prices... Going to keep these up for a few days to see if i can get a bite, if not, I'll toss em on ebay.. I figure 25 shipped on Quest for Quintana Roo for Colecovision, and 80 shipped for Bounty Bob. Current wants are: Genesis- moonwalker, kid chameleon, midnight resistence snes-mario world, maybe allstars and world 32x system and games lynx system and games game gear lot mostly cash.. ;oP Looking to sell these two items... they are cart only and in condition as pictured. I am open to trade and cash. Just let me know your offer. I may also have an extra Lost Luggage f/2600, I just have to check the rest of my carts first.
  10. that's great... here's some more... more fake boxes...
  11. Sorry for bumping a semi-ancient thread.. however, I was wondering if anyone had some of these mosfet laying around and if I could get 1 or 2 so I could fix a lynx I have that has this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Brad
  12. I always appreciate a friendly bump. ;o) It's not a bad game, it's done pretty cool. I really enjoy most of the games that were a part of it. I'm just trimming some of the fat in my collection.. and trying to get rid of my dupes on the others... Brad
  13. Sold everything but Indy, put it up on ebay... Indiana Jones and Ebay Crusaders of the Lost Bid: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320646402794 I have some games for sale. Nintendo DS: 9 shipped Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings If you don't like a price, make an offer or trade. I'm always looking for random stuff.. 7800, DS, Jaguar, just whatever...
  14. Fixed that for you, C64 version is kinda sucky I like the c64 better, but everybody has their own opinions. The 800 version is a little different, it's cool, there's just something about the c64 version I like.
  15. To chime in on the original topic... I do think sound is a big deal on any system. It doesn't have to sound like a full orchestra, but any part of the video gaming experience that makes it more immersive and allows you to get more "in the zone" of the game is important. I think back to Wolfenstein 3D on PC, and how'd I'd nearly jump out of my skin when I'd hear "Achtung!"... I used to (and still do) enjoy firing up Double Dunk or Squeeze Box on 2600 and hearing the intro tunes. The theme to on c64 is one of the best of all time. At that end of the day, the audio is another tool that helps us enter and enjoy the worlds of the games we play. At the very least it should not detract from the game's quality and or take us out of it, and at the best it should help us enjoy the experience.
  16. Another bump for purduecrum. Good to deal with. Got my games and they work great. Thanks man. *edited to fix misspelling.
  17. Got two 7800 games off of him. Good price, fast shipping, and great to deal with. (and it helped me get two games I needed. ;o) I recommend him to anyone wondering if they want to deal with him.
  18. I understand your frustration, but you're doing what you can. Keep up the good work, and no worries. I don't mind waiting for quality. Thanks for the work you've been doing and keep doing and have a good Christmas. Regards, Brad
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