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  1. Jabbering on about first snowfall, decorations, secure PC disposal. 😛😉 Just off the top of my head, unplanned, decided to take video while I do my rounds out in the first real snowfall here this winter. Somehow I get onto the topic of PC security and secure disposal of computers. NOTE: a resident approaches near the end hence my change in attitude.
  2. Received this in my INBOX moments ago. More BS and delay tactics I suspect 🤔🙄😆 https://mailchi.mp/atari/atari-vcs-here-come-the-games-36581?e=d39baf12da Atari Speaks: Q&A with our Chief Operating Officer Hello Backers, Fans, and Followers! As the Atari VCS teams travel to and from our partner factories in China, working overtime to finalize the many pre-production tasks, we wanted to take a moment to share an update from Atari VCS Chief Operating Officer Michael Arzt. The Atari VCS communications team asked Michael to personally address a number of questions from the community about the status of the Atari VCS project. This official Q&A provides a glimpse into exactly where we are in the development process, what Indiegogo backers can expect from the first wave of products shipping exclusively to them, what the full retail launch in 2020 will bring, and the company's broader vision for the Atari VCS. Michael also shares some exclusive first images of the Atari VCS pre-production test units coming off the assembly line! Head over to the Atari VCS Developer Blog on Medium to read the Q&A with COO Michael Arzt and get the inside story. You can find all the previous Atari VCS Developer Blog posts here. Thanks again for your ongoing support! Happy Thanksgiving! ⁠— The Atari VCS Team
  3. As with most things it is usually this simple answer which I notice seems to apply to things more and more :
  4. NOPE, look closer, you cannot play the more advanced ColecoVision games on atari, if you have Venture cartridge that works on 2600 it is just the COLECO branded game FOR the Atari 2600, it is NOT a Colecovision cartridge it is just that Venture appeared on both systems. 😆
  5. Happy Holloweenie !😎🦇🎃👻 

  6. Yep feedback and your current location would help. Currently you are just a stranger to this community looking to sell stuff.
  7. Wafer my ass.......

    1. carlsson


      Chocolate wafer?

    2. save2600


      Talking about VCS Pac-Man?   🤣

    3. Grig


      Wafer thin my ass!

  8. Thanks for the info / update, I was unaware of that other thread or what had transpired, that said it only reinforces my opinion of these types that come by ONLY to try and sell big items without any prior history and lack of feedback / references, BUYER BEWARE always, so glad the buyer was refunded. 😠
  9. That or he unloaded it since and could not be bothered to update. EITHER WAY I cannot stand those fly-by-night types who's only purpose of signing up to AA is to unload something and disappear. 😛🙄
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