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  1. The BIG REVEAL that anyone with two brain cells would have totally seen coming. Seriously, the amount of people that fall for such things and grasp on to nonsense (Dreamcast 2 is "announced" at least once a year since it stopped be available at retail) amazes me, common sense is never applied ever, just the mentality that "I WISH THIS WERE REAL SO I WILL BELEIVE IT" 🙄😛 I've no doubt even though this video is from 2017 that many fell for it.
  2. Well then you are recalling it wrong 🤷‍♂️ they came included as standard for a reason, with nothing in the slot you will not get a image on the screen. I mean, unless you were replacing it with the exspansion pack you likely did not give it much thought.
  3. Yes, yes all the techinical details, terminates the memory bus 😆 END RESULT SAME = HE NEEDS IT IN ORDER FOR THE N64 TO FUNCTION. The OP wondered why his games did not detect Exspansion module which is what he THOUGHT he had, in the end he understood that in fact he had a jumper pack. As you will see in his post #10 he was pleased with the answers given. Try not to be too shocked that sometimes we try not to confuse the person further and simple give them enough info for them to point them in the direction to buy what they require. 😉
  4. Glad there is this EMULATION section otherwise I'd have no idea where to post this 😏 I did this earlier today and the waves of nostalgia just brought me right back to when I was younger, in many way happier and the fascination and excitement that I would feel just enjoying some C64 slideshows, music demos etc, this would continue later on a bigger level once I upgraded to a Commodore AMIGA but still, it was all just so much fun. Specifically what I did earlier was watch a slideshow demo disk playing c64 tunes in FS-UAE AMIGA EMULATOR ON MY 2011 MacBook Pro running LINUX MINT. Because hell yeah! 😀 Now, I have the C64 and Amiga Forever packages by Cloanto on my much more powerful desktop, but I had been itching to try some AMIGA emulation on the an old Macbook Pro I found months ago, I had recently decided to throw Linux Mint on it as MacOS was getting pretty dated on it and it has been GREAT. After a couple days of researching, trial and error I finally got FS-UAE installed on it, transferred some Amiga disks (.ADF files) over and as a test this was the first thing I did with it. hearing the disk loading sounds and seeing it de-crunch the programs and immediately start playing the musical slideshow was probably the most fun I've had so far with this old Macbook. Part of me was more satisfied doing it all in this way then simply loading up the far simpler AMIGA FOREVER interface on my Desktop, it amuses me that I am enjoying C64 sight's and sounds in an AMIGA emulator on a Macbook running Linux because I am just a big nerd like that. Anyone do things like this simply because they can? Go about it in maybe a less straight forward way and enjoy it more? Has emulation helped you enjoy a platform or games or operating systems that you just might not be able to enjoy otherwise today due to lack of original hardware / software or perhaps financial or space restrictions? Share any stories of emulation that bring you joy. Myself I am so thankful that the emulation of AMIGA that I laughed and scoffed at back in the day continued to grow and improve to the point I can simulate a setup I could have never dreamed of owning back in the day let alone today, I am thankful for it.
  5. Those type of switcher will always produce snow and grain with older systems of the Coleco Gemini era (ColecoVision, 2600 etc) as the signal does not fully support the auto switching built into those types. IF your original manual switch type is producing grain you should just try with a RF to coaxial adaptor, they bypass the need for the Game switch and connect the cord directly to TV input. Does the Coleco Gemini have a channel select switch on back? Make sure it is set to the same channel you are attemting to tune it to as well. Example RF TV Coaxial F Plug Female Adapter https://www.amazon.com/RFAdapter-Connector-Convertor-Commodore-Colecovision/dp/B07VWQF6WS/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_i=B07VWQF6WS&psc=1
  6. Just a quiet late Sunday night on forums and social media 😎😉 with my dragon and gargoyle for company.

  7. Pretty simple really, a cheaper option for those sitting on the fence or undecided, the cheaper option might be the deciding factor for people as they can still play the same games, less storage but for some people that might be already into PS5 or PC gaming it's cheap enough to compliment their other platforms. For that price, it is an impressively small and powerful option, add developer mode and it opens it up to running emulation of many platforms proving to be even more "backwards compatible" for the PLAYSTATION generation of platforms then even the PS5. Options are always a good thing. 😉 Right now it is also an option for many considering getting into PC gaming but not willing to suck up the ridiculous current costs of a good graphics card, a nice alternative until things settle down, you can get the series S for so much less than JUST a GPU.
  8. By this I hope you mean an RF cable, at the very least you should know that is not a composite output and will require either an RF switchbox and not the Nintendo type but one with a slider or a RF to coaxial adaptor to a television that can tune to the channel it is set to output on. I am not assuming you don't know this, just been experience that many especially those who just end up with this type of stuff do not. Just don't want you plugging it in and thinking it is not working because you get fuzzy signal or none at all. Welcome to pre-NES consoles! For reference -
  9. 🍺Cheers! 


    1. GoldLeader


      You're making me thirsty.

    2. GoldLeader



  10. Has there ever been a CLOCKWORK ORANGE based videogame? If not WE NEED IT! Not sure what genre, RPG? SURVIVAL HORROR? How about in VR? Think of the glorious possibilities! 😆😛 OK maybe its just me that wants this.....🤷‍♂️

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Probably too rapey.

    3. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      It should obviously be a beat´em up. :)

    4. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      One of my favorite movies of all time.  Would be a great beat em up game with some driving combat and urban exploration thrown in.  Maybe a few prison levels?  Yeah the sexual violence would probably have to go....but still...it should have a game.  I mean the Warriors got one; and Clockwork Orange is a much better movie. 

  11. Life is funny, I recently posted about finding a nice BLUE KONAMI JUSTIFIER GUN FOR SUPER NINTENDO in my collection storage but disappointed to find it was only for one game Lethal Enforcers, my curiosity got me, sure I can just load the game on my Everdrive but wondered if I had an original cart. After going back and double checking I can confirm I don’t have one, I DO have this game however….yep you guessed it, I don’t have a Super Scope because of course I don’t 🤷‍♂️😆


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    2. fdurso224


      Sooooo many great memories with that cartridge growing up Rob. I sure miss my Super Scope 6 cart that I played hours on end with my Super Scope....Oh man! Now I have to go off Ebay and buy me a copy now. :)


      Thanks Rob, this made my day. :thumbsup:



    3. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      I have Lethal Enforcers, but not the Justifier. It is a real shame too, because my 5 year old nephew is borrowing my SNES, and Lethal Enforcers would be one of the few SNES games simple enough that he would really enjoy it.

    4. Lord Mushroom

      Lord Mushroom

      On the other hand, they don´t have a CRT TV, so the Justifier would be useless. We do have a CRT TV here, though.

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