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  1. I am aware however my spare funds for hobby pretty much came to a halt after a span of unemployment and now with what little income I do have I really cannot justify it. Perhaps at a later date if I ever get around to some sales or trades of my collection though 😛
  2. It's funny to me now being a huge NES and SuperNES fan back in the day that I never owned any type of Nintendo handheld until getting my first, a RED Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP model I think about 3 years after it launched! I never had much interest in handhelds before then and literally got it to keep my entertained during over night Security shifts that mostly consisted on sitting on a barren lot. Even my most played games The SIMS on it which again was not something that interested me typically on other platforms but was an awesome time waster for me. The Sims Bustin' Out was my jam. These days I also have a Phat original Mario Edition NDS which sadly, has these dark spots on the top screen, they appear dark on a bright image and light on a dark image, I have NO IDEA how they developed 🙁 I took out my Phat NDS a few weeks ago just to see something, the battery was STILL holding a little charge but I was shocked honestly, because I even kept it in a nice branded case, when it booted up you see these 3 highlighted DOTS on the screen? I was like WTF? That was disappointing being the only NDS I have. Also, I have THIS one, a really nice GREEN Gameboy Pocket, green is my favorite color so I love it, which I got a a few years ago, I honestly forget the details on how I acquired it, and a few odds and ends. Never had an original DMG or a Gameboy COLOR. Never had any until the GBA SP I mentioned. Since the top screen is screwed on my NDS, it's not unplayable but just annoys me so I'd likely go back playing on the SP if it came down to it! That thing is still 100% ! But yeah, it is surprising I NEVER once owned a original classic Gameboy considering how much I was into Nintendo previously. I really like it and makes up for not ever having an original imho.
  3. For myself I can only say having played the first two original Zelda games as they were released back in the day that YES I was totally thrown off and somewhat disappointed when I first began playing Zelda II but I persevered and soon, though I had my frustrations did find I was enjoying it and I completed it which felt like an accomplishment that I certainly appreciated, I definitely came to love the game on it's own. It certainly was not what I expected but that turned out to not be a bad thing. As well though, it was a time when every game purchase was exciting and an adventure which is why long before that I had the same experiences with E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark on my Atari 2600. I was excited for them right from the start, I read the instructions straight through, enjoyed the games frustrations and all and had a great sense of accomplishment upon completing them. Great times, great memories and I definitely was a better player player in my youth.
  4. THIS - it's THE reason I keep a couple on hand even though I have no VHS collection or tapes left 😜 RF input, even have a splitter to select between several classic systems before going into the VCR tuner, output to composite on a tiny 14' color TV LOOKS GREAT !
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  6. I don't own one and my comments were strictly PC related which is what it is. You only have TWO slots and so you would want two 8 gb SODIMM DDR4 modules. You will want to use both slots as Ryzen chips work best with memory in Dual Channel config which just means you want to fill up both slots totaling your desired amount as opposed to say using a single 16 gb module in one slot. Basically, it is the modern RAM used in LAPTOPS as opposed to a typical Desktop. That said a quick GOOGLE search of - atari vcs recommended ram - gave me THIS result right at the top (Googling can be magic with the right search terms for just about anything 😜 ) and the very FIRST result entry is right of the AtariVCS support page 😉 CLICK THIS LINK FOR ATARI VCS RECOMMENDED RAM INFO As stated in the link above - Always mount the RAM in pairs, so to achieve the maximum capacity of 32GB you would add two 16GB modules. Please note, SODIMM DDR4 RAM is a different format than RAM used in desktop computers. Desktop memory will not fit in the Atari VCS. * Time and effort -- Installing RAM in your Atari VCS is an advanced project and requires extreme care to ensure that you do not damage your VCS during the installation process. Installing the RAM itself is easy, but accessing it is much more difficult as the RAM is located on the bottom of the motherboard. To reach it you will need to remove the heat shield and unscrew the motherboard from the chassis. Both written and video installation guides are available to guide you through the process. You may find this task to be challenging if you do not have experience assembling or upgrading computers. Do not attempt the upgrade if you have any uncertainty about the project. Atari is not responsible for any damage you do to your device. AS FOR SPEED, YOU WANT NO LESS THAN 2400Mhz but as demonstrated by ETA Prime in this video that processor will improve performance with faster speed ram such as the 3200Mhz that he has installed (See the 4 min 25 sec mark of the video) 😎 !!!! KEEP IN MIND YOU WILL ONLY GET 2400 Mhz Stick speeds even with faster RAM installed unless you set the speed higher in the BIOS settings. Highly advise you just watch the entire 12 min video as it is concise, detailed and informative Lastly, this person seems to be maintaining and regularly updating this blog as he learns more about upgrading the AtariVCS firsthand - https://doolin-digital.com/an-atari-vcs-hardware-lesson-upgrades-and-peripherals/
  7. OK that dude just kind of scared me...240p squad ! This well, somewhat amusing perhaps but pretty much sums up how I see most fans of the atariVCS, just blind loyalty and joy for the Atari logo but no substance or perhaps even reasoning behind it. 😛 Just another pointless "It's an ATARI and that is all that matters to me" video. 😜
  8. No, it's really NOT going to make much of a noticeable difference as it is still far below a dedicated GPU in both terms of memory AND Graphical power (IE: Bells and Whistles) as mentioned the biggest factors are the lack of dedicated quality GPU and it's just not even much of a CPU/APU in terms of speed or power. Again, beyond 16 gb you are just not going to notice much, bring it up to 16 gb, add an internal M.2 to load off of and those will be the biggest gains. This is general knowledge from a PC builder / gamer for many years now. You just cannot expect too much from that APU for big commercial retail games or even higher emulation expectations, it is simply the nature of the beast. You need only search and research the exact APU used in the AtariVCS and how it stacks up when comparing recommended specs for a given title.
  9. This was a classic game I played and was frustrated with many times on the Commodore AMIGA. Great game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D/Generation
  10. I have loved and used emulation in various formats pretty much since I started using computers, if I recall my first experience was emulating C64 on my Commodore AMIGA. Then when 16 bit emulators for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis appeared it seemed magical to play all those classics on PC. But now original PlayStation, Dreamcast, Wii are incredible running at higher resolutions then the original consoles could output natively is really cool imho. I have pretty much every popular console, computer, handheld (minus perhaps the current and last couple generations) but most of my collection is in storage at any given time it is a hassle pulling them out to play a game here and there so emulation is a great quick fix that is very convenient.
  11. Just a heads up to those enjoying STADIA on VCS or otherwise - Google is shutting down its Stadia game studios Industry veteran Jade Raymond is leaving Google as it focuses on third-party games. https://www.engadget.com/google-stadia-game-studios-shut-down-montreal-los-angeles-201811811.html
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