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  1. Aaaaand the very first comment after the video posted on Atariage Facebook.....OH JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN......😜😂😂😂😂
  2. The forum does not revolve around you and your every whim. It is a community, you can participate or not. Delete everything posted with your account, like your comments, threads etc, disrupt the forums and everyone else's replies and comments that interacted with you just wiped away? What is even your reasoning for wanting such actions taken? It's the same when a member starts a thread, they get the response they were looking for (or sometimes not) and then request to have the thread closed WHY? Just move on and let others continue with the thread as they see fit. Can't keep restructuring the entire forums for each member.
  3. Untrue, there are bargains to be had for all sorts of reasons from seller lack of understanding what they have exactly to just wanting it to sell quickly etc. NOW sure that is in the minority of items but it still does and can happen. OF COURSE if one sees a rare yet incredibly low priced item from a seller who was very new OR with a lot of negative feedback well, sure best to avoid but low priced on a rare item in and of itself is not necessarily an indication of anything, we see people all the time who won rare low priced items all the time, which many times I am very jealous of 😜.............................
  4. I AM SO LUCKY ! Best thing that ever happened to me. 😎


    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Did you grow an extra penis? Oh, the image only shows up if people visit your profile page.

    2. Shawn
    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer



  5. Shortly after it came out I admit I was really intrigued by Microsoft's XBOX. This was at a time that I was struggling to get by and living in Toronto Canada in a shared accommodation so no chance I was going to own one but of course that did not stop my natural curiosity, reading news about it, reading magazines in downtown coffee shops etc. I was all for Microsoft entering a market dominated by Sony and Nintendo. I liked the idea that it was very much PC architecture and a built in Hard Drive as standard? WOW! Luckily a roommate ended buying one, a cool laid back fellow who allowed me to borrow it while he was at work OR away for any period of time. Funny thing he had the game everyone seemed to be going crazy over, HALO, it was interesting but not being a huge FPS gamer I was much more interested in the other title personally, SILENT HILL 21 Being a HUGE Survival Horror fan as well as having loved the original game on Playstation I was amazed how this sequel looked. So that was my early exposure to the XBOX and I wanted one. Funny enough I got my first one about 10 years ago and at some point I got a 2nd one, a modded one with upgraded hard drive full of emulators and the ability to boot backups. I really enjoyed games on it, even several I originally played on Playstation 2 as they had some graphical upgrades in many cases so it was a great way to re-experience those titles. Even today it is a great little emulation machine as well a great way to experience many classic titles. As things improved for me over time I rarely was on the cutting edge of console tech, I would say mostly after Playstation and Dreamcast I would always be at least a generation behind obtaining consoles and games which was fine as it was all new to me and I have a PC for the odd modern title I need or want to play.
  6. Wow another hyped article on a trash clickbait site that knows zero of what is really happening.
  7. 😎 Pat has proven he has too much ego, he does not seem to be the slightest bit aware of Tommy's contributions in gaming and music soundtracks etc because he is self absorbed. This is not his first bad take but he always doubles down on his bad takes. In past he has insulted gamers as well as his audience. This is what I observed over time and the more I observed the less I like Pat. Him and Ian circle jerk each other all through a podcast, he does little research and then runs with whatever he takes away and is never willing to listen to reason or even consider he might have gotten something wrong and now with him and Tommy you know it is personal, this is why even positive news or misinformation about the Amico does not matter to him, he will still ridicule it. Everytime I see mention of AMICO in a Pat and Ian video I instinctively think "Ah damn HERE WE GO" because I KNOW he will not be objective or fair (why start now?) In short, fuck Pat and his legion of sheep.
  8. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving dinner today. Our first Turducken bacon wrapped with Italian sausage stuffing, cream corn.




    1. BigO


      So that's a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with sausage, and the whole thing wrapped in bacon?


      That sounds like something to be thankful for.

    2. ClassicGMR


      Canada... why do we let you be a country?? 🤣



    3. HDN


      Stuffing is the greatest thing created by humans

  9. Nope, CPU's and GPU's can run safely max temps 95c / 203f, that is core temp. Though honestly I doubt this is the case, the recent tear down showing both liquid metal thermal paste and a HUGE fan to dissipate heat. Anyway, I would not put too much stock in that site for console info 🙄
  10. No, threads are not just deleted so yes you need to just accept it and ignore it. If you cannot, well, you are not going to enjoy interacting in most forums.
  11. Very nice. My ONLY Intellivision products are also an INTVII console the Intellivoice module and a few games including most of the Intellivoice one. My console is not in as nice a shape as yours but not too bad. My only other Intellivision experience was from in store demos back in the day and that is all. My window for adding to my collection has long passed so I must be satisfied with what I currently have, I DID hope for a long time to eventually get either an original Intellivision or one of the comparable INTV System III (also called the Super Pro System) as I liked the idea of the larger and more original looking system though I was aware of the short comings you mentioned (non-removable controllers and hard wired AC cord) something still attracted me to the idea of an original larger model though it never happened. Would also love a System changer to use 2600 carts on, again not really needed since have so many options to play 2600 carts but then again I have the ColecoVision expansion module so the system changer would be nice to compare. I DID wonder sometimes though, the INTVII controllers are not of the same feel or quality of the originals BUT they do have the advantage of being easily removable compared to the hard wired originals, I thought it might be cool, though beyond my capability if it might be possible to mod original hard wired controllers into removable controllers usable on my INTVII, I am sure it is for people more skilled than myself, I wonder if many have attempted this? OR similarly molded an original style Intellivision hard wired consoles to use removable controllers? No doubt somebody has an intellivision console with all the best features and none of the negative traits of either console.
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