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  1. Well, no matter how I explain it you are clearly going to continue to project your own feeling so 🤷‍♂️😆 Interpret it in whatever manner that you feel good about. Currently, I am altering some things in the Windows 11 installation media so it no longer reports the hardware is not compatible, so I can install and test it on an old Sony Vaio Laptop, you know, because I hate it so much. 😜
  2. Sure, it requires a registry tweak, I would not expect MS to include a setting to revert back to an older start menu anymore than I would expect them to include a simple toggle to go back to Window Millennium or Vista 🤷‍♂️ but at least it is doable, literally just a couple clicks on a prepared .reg file to either restore or remove the Windows 10 Start menu but at least it is an option. Well, despite having used Linux (endless distros over the years and several installed currently on some older laptops I have about), MacOS and various classic OS through my lifetime I just don't relate to your views, never really had problems or complaints with the OS and use Windows by choice as my main desktop and laptop OS with the rest just things to dabble and play with, I am not forced to use Windows these days but I choose to. About the only time I would have considered myself forced to user Windows was when I was into the AMIGA and Workbench OS and believe me I was quite happy in that environment and stuck with it far longer than I probably should have, even during the early Windows era, no Windows 3.1, no 95 or 98 or even Windows 98SE, reluctantly and pretty much screaming and kicking I finally moved over to Windows out of necessity for work, compatibility with friends / families and colleagues etc. Finally over were my years of trying to explain Amiga/Workbench to anyone and everyone who just didn't "get it", as a Canadian it was even more obscure a platform here than in the U.S. and just shifting my use of it to the realm of hobby and fun pastime while I would use Windows for all my "real" computing needs and work etc. As much as I missed AMIGA/WORKBENCH and you know, fun and personality I didn't complain or whine or bitch and moan I just adapted, learned, figured out how to make Windows more to my liking and get on with it. But hate it? Eh, I hate the fact that Commodore perhaps blew their marketing and handling of what they had and mismanaged everything. Windows is king of home OS, at least as market share would prove, its the OS I know inside and out and have learned to bend to my will and honestly, with all the tweaks and customizing I've basically upgraded it to Ferrari status so much so that even using the same version of Windows on any other computer but my own, even hardware several levels of power specifications beyond mine just seems painful, slow, sluggish and quite frankly unorganized. If that is the type of thing others feel when using whatever version of Windows then I guess I can see what they are crying about but for myself, I don't waste time crying, I just do something about it and figure it out I guess 😉
  3. There is just no pleasing everyone, ever, period 🙄 anyway, still it is quite customizable so don't like something then just change it. I like it overall but already activated and customized 11 in VMware. I don't use apps to alter of "fix" windows UI, instead I changed a registry entry to put the "old" 10 start menu back as well aligned the Taskbar icons back to the far left and enabled dark mode. That was just the first 15 minutes of playing around with it 😛
  4. Just an image captured with the Logitech Webcam at 2:30 am, however, this was using Windows 11 Leaked version running in VMware 😜😎


  5. Installed the recently "leaked" 🙄 Windows 11 and running it in VMware. Ran a Windows 10 activation script to activate it and that worked fine. Weird stuff.🤷‍♂️




    1. x=usr(1536)


      "These go to eleven."

    2. SlidellMan


      So much for Windows 10 being the ultimate version of Windows...

    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Already got it looking and behaving more the way I prefer.


  6. It should be noted fyi that a previously unreleased and unlicensed ISO has surfaced for the Sega CD called Super Strike Trilogy . 😏 Those awesome Electronics Arts series (Desert Strike / Jungle Strike / Urban Strike ) and since the Sega CD does not have any form of copy protection one need only download the ISO in Bin/Cue format, burn it to CD-r and boot that baby up. For obvious reasons I will not link it here but a simple Google search will lead you a source pretty quickly 😉 These were great 16 bit games for the Sega Genesis so having all 3 on a single CD is pretty nice imho. DESCRIPTION: Super Strike Trilogy is a Compilation video game published by Electronic Arts released on 1995 for the SEGA CD. A prototype leaked in 2017. Never released. Includes 3 games in 1: Desert Strike Jungle Strike Urban Strike
  7. Ah OK, forget my previous post, I searched these EXACT thing on Amazon . com and think this is exactly what you ordered? Which as I suspected is pretty much the same as the other listing. Sorry but this confirms it, that is JUST a Jumper Pack and nothing else, which explains the low price listed. The actual 4MB Exspansion as needed for DK64 would cost much more whether original or 3rd party. https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Memory-Jumper-Nintendo-Console/dp/B07KPHNN74/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=N64+Expansion+Oack%2C+Replacement+Memory+Jumper+Pak+Pack+for+Nintendo+64+N64+Game+Console&qid=1623311160&sr=8-1 WHAT YOU GOT : What you NEED to play DK64 and other titles that require the extra memory : Sadly the proper 4MB Ram Expansion paks (1st or 3rd party) tend to go for stupid high prices 🙁
  8. Yes as MockyLock suggests you need the actual Expansion pack that actually expands the N64 memory for certain titles like DK64, the black topped jumper pack is literally nothing more than a bridge as the console will not play any games with it. If you definitely are using the Expansion pack then I am not sure what the issue is. Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak https://gamerant.com/nintendo-64-expansion-pack-things-you-never-knew/
  9. Looks like crap tbh. I mean it could be cool but execution leaves something to be desired.
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