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  1. Thanks. I already miss it actually. Yeah, it's something how things have drastically changed through the years. I always found the game interesting. Perhaps not as challenging as the TG16 original nor as flashy but still unique and fun.
  2. Aright. Thanks for the well wishes. You'll get one eventually. I know the feeling of "like I don't have enough already". It seems like it's never enough. Usually, to me anyway. 🙂
  3. As far as I know there are no fees at all with F&F Paypal transactions. Fair enough though on the insurance situation. So I will change that accordingly. In case you didn't notice, the game is currently priced at your aforementioned under $700 point. I'm sure you noticed that several sold on ebay for over that too. Of course at the $750 on ebay the seller would retain around $650 after ebay's exorbitant fees and assorted BS. What I really want is not to be forced to part with my belongings and all of this unjust, nightmarish garbage in my life currently to go away. Since that's not going to happen I'm stuck doing what I'm doing.
  4. Oh well, that's disappointing. Thanks for the info though. Probably end up doing just that. Too damn tired at the moment to much of anything tonight.
  5. I never have been a member of any of them. Mostly AtariAge with some brief stuff on Digital Press and RF Generation several years back. Joining one now would probably look like someone popping in and trying to pull a scam. This is the only video game forum that I've been an active member for several years. Just have been scarce as of late.
  6. Now $350. Had one person interested but then never heard back so if nothing else in a few days I'm stuck with ebay. I'd much rather someone on here got it.
  7. Thought for sure there would be some interest. I've cut $100 off. Unfortunately if still no interest then it's off to ebay in a few days.
  8. As I mentioned in the NES Bonk thread, an unforeseen medical related issue is forcing me to part with some items out of my collection. What I have here is complete APF MP1000 system along with 7 games, listed below. APF MP1000 System and all games work. Keypad buttons on both controllers work but sometimes don't register every time they're pressed or "double print". Probably a bit of cleaning inside of them would fix this. I'm too afraid to take any of it apart for fear of ruining something. Original power supply sounds like it has a small piece of plastic rattling around inside when shaken. Catena MG1001 Hangman/Tic Tac Toe/Doodle MG1003 Bowling/Micro Match MG1004 looks to have has a piece of masking tape on the front label at some point Brickdon/Shooting Gallery MG1005 small label damage front/end/back Baseball MG1006 Blackjack MG1007 UFO/Sea Monsters/Break It Down/Rebuild/Shoot (with variations) MG1010 labels slightly faded/dingy Asking $400 REDUCED to $350 for everything. Payment by either Paypal or a Postal Money Order. I've removed the F&F request on consideration to a lack of any insurance on the buyers part as pointed out by one commenter.
  9. Due to an unexpected health related situation I find that I need to part with some of my rare items to generate much needed funds. I've always said I wouldn't ever part with anything but I guess one of life's important lessons is never say never. So, I'm offering, probably the rarest item I own, an original copy of Bonk's Adventure for the NES. I've taken and attached several pictures below, both inside and out along with some screen shots. Asking $750. REDUCED to $650 Sold to jesusc. I'd rather avoid fleabay if at all possible. If this still garners no interest than I guess I'm forced to put it on there. 🙁 Payment by either Paypal or Postal Money Order. I've removed the F&F request on consideration to a lack of any insurance on the buyers part as pointed out by one commenter. It's been a while since I've frequented the forums and it's unfortunate that this situation is what's heralded my return. I'll be posting some other items on here as well.
  10. 20,130 Bonus: Han Solo's Cantina Shoot Out. Welcome to the hive of scum and villainy. You control Han Solo as he faces off against a wide assortment of enemies from domineering Imperial Storm troopers, arrogant Rodians , inebriated Arcona, treacherous Kubaz, aggressive Dug, marauding Klatooinians and more. Achieve a score of 1,000,000 and take a Polaroid of your score and send it in to receive this awesome T-shirt.
  11. Sky Diver (Game 3) - 88 SpitFire Attack - 39,950 Bermuda Triangle - 11,350 Thunderground - 215,760
  12. Frankenstein's Monster - 3,600 Halloween - 22,950
  13. Love this game on every platform I've played it on. 141,655
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