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  1. I’d love to see a release of Steel Talons. I’m sure it would work well with a pro controller and would be feasible graphically, maybe using the same “engine” as Iron Soldier.
  2. 9BD9612B-6E51-4CB6-A81A-6D8A8A2CF9DB.MOV Havent gotten past level 4, but it came to a surprise to me all that was going on on screen, as there are no videos of gameplay beyond level 3. I had to play some farewell guitar riffs for my imminent demise.
  3. What an awesome game. Not much discussion on it and Im curious if anyone has completed it. Got my personal best using the SuperTwin 78.
  4. Ordered. And thanks for the upload Al, solidified my decision.
  5. Just wanted to give a shout out to Jesse at the ITC laboratory! Jesse did a fantastic job to my system and I highly recommend him for his skilled work and professionalism in keeping me updated and informed every step of the way. Thanks again sir👍🏻 Even the little ones are having a blast.
  6. Thanks for all the helpful feedback, really helped in my decision.
  7. It would seem less cumbersome for a game like Radar Lock as well. I ordered a twin. My plan is to make it look like an oversized euro 7800 controller
  8. Hey guys, anyone here have an Edladdin controller? Im interested in the super twin 78 for my all purpose needs. How is everyones experience with them, and how was the transaction with Mr. Kelly?
  9. Im completely late to this game, but is this game at all available still? I just started collecting for the 2600/7800 mid 2018, and stumbled on this games awesome artwork. Hate when this happens.
  10. Hey fellas thanks for the reply. Since I first posted, my collection had stacked up! I ended up picking up a 36 Sony CRTV for the office and have been having a blast playing on that! The collection has absolutely blown up . Ive since gotten some European remotes and a light gun. Big items Im looking for now is ninja golf and fatal run. I have a copy of moto rodeo in the mail now from Venezuela. Life is good
  11. Looking to buy fatal run for Atari 7800
  12. Anyone have a copy of fatal run they would be willing to sell?
  13. Got mine in a few days ago, first controller only has issues with the Z button requiring a hard press. Unfortunately the second controller malfunctions on me and was unusable. Starwander showed some great response time however and will be send a replacement for that one. Thanks again for doing this. I can FINALLY. Play some Atari Karts and Primal Rahe with my son!!!
  14. Hey guys, Im new to this side of he forum being a long time Jag owner and wanted to finally enjoy some 2600 and 7800 titles. Its great being able to collect again at affordable prices. This system was released when games were just becoming relevant to me and it took me years to wonder about these machines with their weird numerically numbered machines. But I found several games new in box at a local game shop and was even hooked up by the dealer for three free games due to them being Atari. They even had a WICO controller that I use to play Solaris with. And there a a couple of games I am wondering if anyone wants to sell; in particular, the games Crossbow, Alien Brigade and ninja golf. Only thing I need now is a MOD by Crossbow the man and I am set. I look forward to inquiring with you guys in future posts into this great machine. .
  15. Thank you all for the help, I've been quickly building my library up, it is really refreshing being able to collect again for a system and not have to pay an arm and a leg for descent licensed games.
  16. Ok I figured. Thank you. Anyone have any recommendations for anyone on the forums that does modding for members by commission ?
  17. Greetings guys. Im mostly familiar with the Jaguar but have invested in a 7800 model. I originally was going to invest in a Retron 77 but have decided to invest in the real hardware instead due to the retron unable to support some games and most other controllers. I saw this listing and was interested but have not heard of any HDMI modded systems and wanted your feed back. If anything similar to this post has been listed in the past, my apologies up front. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132521381571
  18. Well I ordered one on my birthday before this happened. Hope everything turns out ok.
  19. Late to the game but excited about this system. Will this play Star Raiders or Solaris? Or do I need to wait for the bugs to be fixed?
  20. I bit the bullet in 08 for around 200.00. Thats before I had a family🤑
  21. https://www.ebay.com/i/253748456959 😑 I really dont mind reproductions, but this price is ridiculous. At least they titled it correctly.
  22. Sorry for the delay fellas, it works as normal without the extension cord. My pro is still good to go👍🏻
  23. I am actually, I will try it without the cord when I get back from work.
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