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  1. The other thing with CRT and old consoles is there is absolutely no issues with lag. Plus they are eminently repairable. I have two that are playing up. I know a couple of guys who are gurus and imma pick their brains and learn up on repairing them 🙂
  2. Fantastic! Other than the spinner being on the wrong side 😄
  3. Nice one eightbit! I have about 8 CRTs all stored away for now but we are moving into our new house in a couple of months so I'll be sure to set up the 68 cm again 🙂
  4. I thought they had canned the servers years ago?
  5. They are getting tantalisingly close to their goal https://ideas.lego.com/projects/45489933-12a2-4de8-9d36-32916d7f697d?fbclid=IwAR0rJEtpOj-sEvpSSi9dCGhSVjrQOglDlK9LsxlaHkOdkEHarbWLXv7OKgE This isn't like a kickstarter. Basically if they get to 5000 votes then LEGO will produce a limited run kit. How cool would that be? If you think it would be cool- VOTE!
  6. Yes but as we know people put any old price on things on ebay. What will things REALLY sell for? If at all? In a zombie apocalypse you can't eat Jaguar consoles
  7. Yep. I think what is going to burst the bubble is covid.
  8. I had two just to play doom but once I realised how buggy two linked up together was, I sold one
  9. Does anyone know the range of the pots in the paddles? I'm toying with the idea of making some
  10. Yeah I've spread myself too thin. Building an ultralight, about to get a house built too. No time or money to enjoy my other hobbies :D. But with a lack of funds means I'm dusting off my old consoles. Have my 2600 hooked up at the moment. Going to give Raiden on the jaguar a damn good thrashing in the next few days
  11. on a side note. congrats on finding some SMS controllers! They seem to be quite rare now and no one seems to make aftermarket controllers because the aftermarket megadrive controllers work fine on an SMS.
  12. Damn, that would have been hard to do! I can't imagine how I would go getting rid of all or most of my systems (all the rest are consoles), but I have decided lately that if I were to keep one system, it would be the C64 for much the same reasons. I haven't touched ANY of my systems lately due to other expensive distractions, but hopefully soon
  13. Looks good but I am finding that 'internet' shirts really don't hold up like old fashioned shirts do nowadays. For instance, other than the black fabric having faded somewhat, my 20 year old Alice In Chains T-shirt looks newer than most of my shirts that are less than a year old! That's the pro and con of the modern guys. It's not traditional silk screen, but but because of that you can get any design printed with just a vector image or what have you...
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