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  1. On my own I really like playing 1080, wave race and pilot wings. With friends it's gotta be Mario kart or Goldeneye 🙂
  2. Get Tempest if the price is still reasonable. And Raiden.
  3. I had two so I could play doom. But it didn't take long to realise the link up is to gimped to enjoy the game so I sold one.
  4. This looks like a good deal. Looks the part, not TOO pricey. hopefully built properly. Anyone have any experience? https://www.keelog.com/power-supply/
  5. This is a genuine cart, not a repro. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114959648907
  6. I like Ruiner. I like the theme, and the music. Devil's Crush on the megadrive is another level I must admit. It's one of my favourite games on that console.
  7. Super Russian Roulette! http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=154751.0
  8. Sadly I haven't been playing Atari much lately. Mostly Shenmue on the Dreamcast and Walking Dead on xbox360. However I did this so there's that I was showing some friends my games room. I have a 68cm CRT on one wall for everything up to the Dreamcast. On the opposite wall an LCD screen for xbox onwards. since there a lot more "CRT" consoles in my collection, i figured the couch can face in that direction and LCD stuff i would just sit on the floor with my back against the back of the couch. Which works ok. So I was showing my friends the setup and I said I might modify a couch one day so that it tilts so that the backrest becomes the base therefore ending up facing the other way. Until my friends wife asked why I don't put the whole couch on some sort of lazy suzan. Of course! That was months ago. I tend to let ideas mellow for ages. That way they get simpler and simpler. Yesterday I headed to the hardware store with a really simple idea. I just had to buy some castors. At the store I found a little three castored thing for moving objects around and my idea suddenly became even simpler again! Basically I just removed the centre leg off the couch, reused the coach bolt from the leg and screwed the castors to the couch base with a wooden locating dowel underneath. Then that sits on a few bits of wood with some foam rubber sandwiched in there. The idea being that with no weight on it, the remaining four legs of the couch are pretty much free of the carpet. I can swivel the couch around and when you sit on it, you compress the foam so that all legs are on the carpet again And waddaya know? It works! Today I fine tuned it by removing the cheap arsed things that pass for glides on the bottom of the legs with proper ones. The originals are a tiny bit of plastic with a nail. One of them fell apart even before I started this project. If the plastic comes off leaving a nail behind I'd hate to see what happens to the carpet! And I'd hate to see what my partner would do to me! The new glides screw on. Got a pack of eight. four for the legs, and the other four I put on the castor base to stop it trying to move around when swivelling the couch. I installed those upside down to give it more of an edge to grip the carpet.
  9. Or just get a two way switcher and hook up your Jag and 2600 to that...
  10. In general the shipping is pretty high. I received two paperbacks from the us (to Australia) recently and the shipping was more than the books! At the moment shipping has also gone up in price because there are virtually no passenger flights now. A lot of freight hitches a ride with those planes. If you're lucky and find what you want on Amazon then there's no difference because Amazon have their own fleet.
  11. Not so much change of mind, but I have my various consoles in a 8 place IKEA cube thing. Problem is the 4 switch woody doesn't fit. But a junior would so I may start sniffing around
  12. Weve now moved into our new house. Games room is nearly set up.have my fav 68cm set up with some PC speakers for that bit extra. We also found our old VHS recorder and some tapes including Unbreakable. That will be fun watching them on a CRT 🙂
  13. No console I've played is 'the worst' . They all have excellent games that skilled programmers utilised the strong points of. Some may not have a large number of games in total, like the Jaguar and Neo Geo Pocket but that's not due to the hardware itself since both of those consoles have some excellent games on them. I have heard there is no redeeming feature of the Game.com console but I haven't played it 😄
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