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  1. Or just get a two way switcher and hook up your Jag and 2600 to that...
  2. In general the shipping is pretty high. I received two paperbacks from the us (to Australia) recently and the shipping was more than the books! At the moment shipping has also gone up in price because there are virtually no passenger flights now. A lot of freight hitches a ride with those planes. If you're lucky and find what you want on Amazon then there's no difference because Amazon have their own fleet.
  3. Not so much change of mind, but I have my various consoles in a 8 place IKEA cube thing. Problem is the 4 switch woody doesn't fit. But a junior would so I may start sniffing around
  4. Weve now moved into our new house. Games room is nearly set up.have my fav 68cm set up with some PC speakers for that bit extra. We also found our old VHS recorder and some tapes including Unbreakable. That will be fun watching them on a CRT 🙂
  5. No console I've played is 'the worst' . They all have excellent games that skilled programmers utilised the strong points of. Some may not have a large number of games in total, like the Jaguar and Neo Geo Pocket but that's not due to the hardware itself since both of those consoles have some excellent games on them. I have heard there is no redeeming feature of the Game.com console but I haven't played it 😄
  6. They didn't make it to Australia. The first I knew of them was playing one at the Game On exhibition in Brisbane around 2005. It had Tempest running and it was great. Bought one a year or so later.
  7. The other thing with CRT and old consoles is there is absolutely no issues with lag. Plus they are eminently repairable. I have two that are playing up. I know a couple of guys who are gurus and imma pick their brains and learn up on repairing them 🙂
  8. Fantastic! Other than the spinner being on the wrong side 😄
  9. Nice one eightbit! I have about 8 CRTs all stored away for now but we are moving into our new house in a couple of months so I'll be sure to set up the 68 cm again 🙂
  10. I thought they had canned the servers years ago?
  11. They are getting tantalisingly close to their goal https://ideas.lego.com/projects/45489933-12a2-4de8-9d36-32916d7f697d?fbclid=IwAR0rJEtpOj-sEvpSSi9dCGhSVjrQOglDlK9LsxlaHkOdkEHarbWLXv7OKgE This isn't like a kickstarter. Basically if they get to 5000 votes then LEGO will produce a limited run kit. How cool would that be? If you think it would be cool- VOTE!
  12. Yes but as we know people put any old price on things on ebay. What will things REALLY sell for? If at all? In a zombie apocalypse you can't eat Jaguar consoles
  13. Yep. I think what is going to burst the bubble is covid.
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