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  1. Hi there, if a copy is left, please add me to the list. Many thanks Oliver
  2. Hi there, please add me to the reservation list, one copy of the game, if still available sn 110 or 160. Thanks, pusco
  3. Hi there, I missed this release. :-( Will there be another run and if the answer is 'yes', how can I get on the list of orders? Thanks in advance, Oliver
  4. Hi there, Piggy Bank is already sold out? Too bad... Please count me in for the next run. Thanks! Oliver
  5. Hallo, für alle, die Intellivision sammeln: Ich bringe mal ein paar Video Out Mods mit, die es z.B. hier zu sehen gibt: http://www.intellivisionworld.com/English/News/2007_01.asp http://www.beeslife.com/video_mod/video_mod.php Außerdem noch originalgetreue Reproduktionen der Spieleverpackungen für seltene Spiele (Spiker!, Congo Bongo u.a.), die werden hier beschrieben: http://www.beeslife.com/intvgames/boxes/boxes.php Außerdem noch eine Verpackung für die MTE-201, die es so nie gegeben hat! (die Verpackung) Wer Interesse hat, einfach anmailen! Schönen Gruß, pusco
  6. Hi Eduardo, please count me in for your expansion board, too. Thanks, Oliver
  7. Hi there, I describe in the following message how to obtain the Intellivision composite video out mod, which, in my opinion, every serious Intellivision collector needs. Since the gain of picture quality with this mod is awesome and also the connection to displays without an built-in tv tuner (like projectors or computer monitors with video input) is possible, I think every collector should have it. Additionally, the quality of the RF modulator decays when time passes by, so after 25 or more years, a composite video out can be some kind of "fountain of youth" for your Intellivision. Since building the mod is rather diffcult for people who are not experienced in reading a circuit diagram and soldering small parts together, I decided to build the mods using a custom PCB. I make them available for self-installation and as a full installation service. Service and addresses for dispatch are located in Germany and in the U.S. You can find pictures of the PCB here: http://www.oliver-puschatzki.de/INTYvidout...Anschluesse.jpg http://www.oliver-puschatzki.de/INTYvidout...e_bestueckt.jpg http://www.oliver-puschatzki.de/INTYvidout..._bestueckt1.jpg http://www.oliver-puschatzki.de/INTYvidout...unbestueckt.jpg The mod works with any Intellivision console, but has been tested on an Intellivision I (PAL) and an Intellivision II (NTSC): There are two options for you to choose from: Option a) Composite Video Out mod incl. the board with all parts in place, incl. all cables soldered to the PCB and two RCA connectors (cable lenght and RCA connector fit either the Intellivision I and II), incl. shipping costs within the US. (letter post): 26,- US$ Option b) Composite Video Out mod incl. the board with all parts in place, incl. all cables soldered to the PCB and two RCA connectors (cable length and RCA connectors fit either the Intellivision I and II), incl. installation of the board in your console, which has to be shipped to an address in Grand Rapids, Michigan. An experienced technician will modify your console there and send it back to you. "Base" price excl. s&h of the console back to your address: 43,- US$ Both, option a) and b) are available with three RCA connectors (video, audio left, audio right) and can be used with "pseudo stereo" sound. Please keep in mind that the Intellivision consoles offer mono sound only, but it is possible to connect two RCA connectors to the mod in order to use a standard RCA cable for the audio connection. You will not have real stereo output with this mod! The price for a additional RCA connector concerning option a) is slightly higher, but you will have to add a few $ more if you choose installation service (option b) ). Please ask if you are interested but personally I recommend to use a Y-cable connection for the sound connection instead, the result is just the same and it is easier to accomplish. All boards were assembled with the greatest possible care and they all have been tested prior to shipping. Please note that I can not be held responsible for any damage of your console when you choose do-it-yourself installation. I provide a Step-by-Step guide which can be downloaded here: http://www.oliver-puschatzki.de/INTYvidout...%20INTV%20I.pdf http://www.oliver-puschatzki.de/INTYvidout...20INTV%20II.pdf The guides are not completely finished yet but should give you a good impression whether you can do the modification yourself or not. At this time, I have prepared thirty PCBs (and therefore thirty completed mods) to sell. Regarding availability of the mod in Europe: EU prices are: Option a) 20,- € plus shipping (1,44 € within Germany), depending on your location Option b) 35,- € plus shipping of the console back to the owner (8,7 € max. within Germany), depending on your location I can also offer modded PAL (Intellivision I, only EU) consoles (with fully tested functionality of the whole system) which let you save on s&h (because it is only one-way). Shipping costs of these consoles will be slightly less than 20,- € within the EU. Please ask for availability of modded consoles. Disclaimer: I produce these mods on a private basis to make this great item (originally developped by the INTV hardware specialists Joe Zbiciak and Tim Lindner) available to the "broad public". Due to the help of David Harley and Cliff Field, I can offer the mod and installation service in the U.S. Please feel free to send me your comments: [email protected]! ( I know, it does not protect me from being spammed, but please delete any 'X' from this email address in order to send me your message.) Best regards, Oliver
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