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  1. larek


  2. Atari & Dualshock4 with the (S)NESctrl and 8Bitdo Retro Receiver interface. I'm sorry, but only in Polish.
  3. @Philsan Displaying the code is a secret Maybe you have to try to press a key? Only which one? @venom4728a The game is only in the PAL version.
  4. Matej, Write to the e-mail address provided in the first post. Remember the word "ATARI" in the subject of the message.
  5. Dear Friends! Now you can place your orders for the boxed version of the Laura game cartridge. Price for without a shipment cost is €25 or 100 PLN per copy. You can find the rules of ordering below. I understand that they can seem quite strict, but at a limited number of cartridges I think it will be fair for all. Everyone who would like to buy a boxed version of the game is gently asked to send a declaration to following email: poczta(at)arsoft.netstrefa.pl Attention! A mailbox has anti-spam filter applied, which won’t accept a message without the word “ATARI” in the subject. So please remember to put it, because messages without it will not get to me and order will not be accepted. Orders sent another way than described above will be ignored. Due to the limited number of cartridges, there is a rule – first come, first served and only one copy per purchaser. Within a message please put all data sufficient for shipment, which will be performed using Post. Personal collection is not provided. The entire cost with shipment within Poland is 115 PLN. It is a price for 1 copy + shipment + solid packaging. The entire cost with shipment to other EU countries (shipment outside of EU are not provided) is €40. It is a price for 1 copy + shipment + solid packaging. The exception is Slovakia and Czech Republic, when entire cost is €33.75 or 135 PLN. It is a price for 1 copy + shipment + solid packaging. I do not send multiple copies in one parcel. As a response you will get information how to proceed with payment if it is available, or – unfortunately - if it is out of stock. Payments in PLN will be collected via Polish bank account. Payments in € will be collected via PayPal or Irish bank account. I assumed a rule of accepting orders only by one channel, because thanks to that I can control the order of incoming declarations. I do not negotiate price, terms of shipment or punctuality and way of payments. Just to remind, file version of the game is entirely free and it is available at the web page Laura. Please remember that all copies of the game are now my private property and I’m selling it due to closing my personal collection. It is a hobby – not a business! Regards Arkadiusz Lubaszka larek
  6. Sorry, one more patch. Link to version 1.0.2: http://arsoft.netstrefa.pl/pliki_laura/Instalator_LK_102.zip
  7. Link to version 1.0.1 LK: http://arsoft.netstrefa.pl/pliki_laura/Instalator_LK_101.zip
  8. Adam, tak wiem, napisałem do administratora AtariAge prośbę o poprawienie posta, bo sam go edytować nie mam jak.
  9. Hi! Long wait, but English version of the game is now available. For creating a game in English we can thank: Bartłomiej Wieczorkowski Nir Dary Toshiba-3 Paweł Kuczmański Download: http://arsoft.netstrefa.pl/laura.htm#pliki Have fun larek
  10. Works on the English version of the game lead Wieczór, which says that it is almost finished.
  11. Hi. On the Laura's home page there are links to all levels. Clicking on the image will move the video to YouTube. There you can see how to go through the game. Best regards, Arkadiusz Lubaszka PS. Translated by Google. https://youtu.be/QOeStx2gMZs
  12. Hello! Thanks to the translation of Karolina Sochacka there is already a German language version of the game. Download: http://arsoft.netstrefa.pl/laura.htm#pliki English version will be available shortly.
  13. At the beginning I'm sorry, but I do not know English and I use the Google Translator. I have trouble with the emulator and obtainable size of the image. Switching from emulator window to full screen (Alt + Enter) and run the emulator directly to the full-screen works very well. The size of the image is always the same. The problem occurs when you enable emulation VBXE. Then the inclusion of the emulator in full screen gives you the big picture normal, but puts it in the box by Alt + Enter, and return to full screen also by Alt + Enter displays the reduced screen. To fix this, you need the full screen mode to close the emulator and run it again. Link to the video, which we can observe this strange behavior emulator: https://youtu.be/i3BHzCw6Hoc Do not know if this is a matter of bad emulator settings, but whether this is a mistake. I hope that the Google translator to translate all good Regards, larek
  14. Not yet known whether the creation of the English version of the game on the cartridge. If he was to be released, it will certainly be information on AtariAge. (Translated from Polish by Google)
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