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  1. Thanks for everyone's comments - I started this thread with the above note because I knew some people tend to get juvenile about comparisons and that has unfortunately been true even here. Overall however I found most people's comments useful. There is no way to settle the debate and in the end I have leaned towards getting an xbox first but will likely end up owning all three. Tanks!
  2. For those on a one-event-per-year budget, Phillyclassic or CGE 2003? Which is larger and what is the main difference between the events? Thanks!
  3. http://www.vickysjokes.com/funny/pong.asp
  4. I just received $120 of carts from bcprs1, including Commando which I have wanted for ages - very reputable seller!
  5. This is the message I just received from him for an item that is over a month in the waiting: Hello, This is an automated message sent to you from the email box of James Redd ([email protected]). If you are receiving this, it means that you still have unanswered email sent to James' mailbox that he has not yet seen or had a chance to reply to yet. James is currently away visiting friends and relatives for the Thanksgiving Holiday. He sometimes gets hundreds of emails a day, but tries very hard to answer all of the ones that have questions or inquiries. He should be back within a few days or less, and there is also the possibility that he may be able to log-on and answer at least some emails during that time from another location. Due to circumstances beyond his control, there have been recent problems with certain deliveries of product from Ebay auctions being late in arriving to some customers. This is NOT the normal mode of operation, and please be assured that if your order was one of these that James has been working VERY hard to try to find out where it is or what the status of it currently is so that you can receive it as soon as possible. James tried to get as many late orders shipped out as he could before leaving for a few days for Thanksgiving, and yours may be one of these, so it may be in shipment to you right at this moment or may even arrive to you before he gets back. If the reason for your email is that your product has not yet arrived, please rest assured that James' policy (on file with Ebay) is to issue a complete 100% refund to the customer in the event that a shipment is lost. No one whatsoever will be out their money or their product, and if you will check his FEEDBACK on Ebay and the DATES you will see that customers ARE currently receiving their items! Please do not leave bad feedback at this point, as James truly could not help some of the delayed deliveries and sincerely apologises for them. (There are always users who leave negative comments at the least little thing or without checking first however). James wishes you and your family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY as well, and once again apologises if you are one of the customers whose order has been late or delayed so far. Thanks Very Much, (automated message on behalf of): James Redd
  6. I see I did my part to bid the price up - oh well. FYI - I have been waiting over a month for a cart from this seller - he previously delivered on another auction but will keep you posted.
  7. Thanks for the heads up and recommendations. I bought several of the games - always makes me feel better to make an AA member RICH!
  8. I have both systems. In a nutshell, the CV has a more eclectic game library, but the 5200 has a better base of solid arcade classics. The CV contollers are very awkward but generally work. The 5200 controllers are superior for gameplay, but have obvious reliability problems. This is not a big deal because you can buy rebuilt sticks or wico sticks, and I would strongly urge Atari collectors to not be put off by the 5200 contollers or you will miss out on an otherwise great system and great game library. When deciding CV or 5200, the obvious answer for a true classic game fan is: both!
  9. I got a 5200 trackball and it isn't working properly. The cursor will move left/right, but not up/down. I looked inside and cleaned the ball and rollers, but no results. The plug looks worn and I may have to replace it if all the leads are not making contact. Any advice for doing reapirs or getting parts for the famous 5200 trackball? thanks
  10. I am preparing to buy a new system (no I am not abandoning my 26/52/78/800XL/CV collection!). I am interested in hearing OBJECTIVE comments from those who have tried both (i.e. not from owners justifying their decision to buy one or the other, as we all tend to want to believe our purchase is better - remember arguing with Intellivision kids) - your thoughts?
  11. Anyone have a site link handy for colecovision manuals? thanks
  12. I have seen multicarts for other Atari systems but never one for the 7800. Is there one, and where can one get it? If not, in view of the scarcity of some 7800 games, any reason why nobody has done one yet?
  13. Lee - I see your home page shows you have a lot of stuff for sale. Will you be bringing most to the show or would you prefer people to contact you in advance with their requests - cheers
  14. liquid - thanks for the advice - I checked out the site and it offers very detailed and fair reviews. I look forward to completion of the reviews so I don't have to read: "Oops! Caught me with my pants down!!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!"
  15. There is much debate about which games are best & worst for the 7800. I have seem some sporadic ratings in sites, but nothing comprehensive. Is anyone aware of a site that reliably and comprehensively rates all the games for the 7800? Preferably the ratings should be based on user input. As a game player first and collector second, how good a game plays is the biggest factor in my wanting to acquire it.
  16. Hmm.. thanks for teasing us with all the Commando info. Now all I need is a copy to try it out - anyone.. anyone...? BTW, on an unrelated issue, as someone who has been collecting carts for 20 yrs. I must admit to having some difficulty adjusting the the "jr. Atari fan" designation. Cheers!
  17. Does anyone know if the NES lightgun can be fairly easily modified to work on a 7800? If yes, anyone have any instructions for the alteration? tanks
  18. FYI - don't know if this has been mentioned yet but this is the title of a NEW book out by Steven Kent. It is an excellent book, full of info and anecdotes, and very comprehensive. It gives a chronology of the entire scene, from pre-Pong to Atari/Intellivisin/Coleco to the Nintendo vs. Sega wars and right up to the present day. I strongly recommend it those classic gamers who are interested in all the behind-the scenes goings on in the classic game history.
  19. Lee - thanks for the heads up. It sounds like the NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts Expo. on March 16th will be a great event for classic gamers of all types and I will be there. I encourage everyone to put the word out to all classic gamers (esp. 7800 fans). And by the way, have them bring along there extra copies of Commando and Alien Brigade will ya? I have a 100+ Atari cat collection but have along way to go...
  20. quote: Originally posted by Lee Krueger: You are in luck!!! Yes, there is a great place... next month in fact. Come attend the NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts Expo. on March 16th. See http://nwcge.org for details. There will be ALOT for sale and trade at the show. Everything from Pong to modern systems. Personally, I have a bunch of Atari 2600/7800 stuff I will be selling and trading. In addition, there will be copies of 7800 Klax (prototype) and Sentinal (NTSC version) for sale. A new Atari 2600 game will make its' debut as well. A high score contest for X3V0LuX will be held through out the day. The winner will take the first copy home with him. BTW: If you live in the greater Pacific NW area, you will want to join the NWCGE mailing/discussion list. It is spam free and you can increase your sphere of contacts through there. Besides, they are all a great bunch of folks. I have gotten many things through my NW friends at NWCGE. Please email me or the other organizers if you have any questions. Hope to see you there, -Lee http://nwcge.org
  21. Any suggestions for places that sell 26/78 carts in the Vancouver/Seattle area. much thanks
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