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  1. City Market, afaik, is on Dort Hwy. Is this the one you're talking about?
  2. I edited my original post, but for my first few months back in MI we were going to live in Lapeer. I planned on commuting to Downriver, but has anyone gone to any of the flea markets in the Flint area? Specifically City Market? I can tell from craigslist ads that one specific vendor that has an amazing setup, just not for video games.
  3. If I do Taylortown I'll be there all 5 days, open to close. It's a business, and you can definitely tell the people who just want to do it as a hobby. In the past I've based my prices by half.com and amazon for loose stuff, and ebay for complete games or real rarities. That being said though, if amazon has a game for $20, and ebay auctions are ending around $18, I'm probably selling at $15. The vendors that sell loose games and sell for the complete price or the highest possible price are just absolutely baffling to me. The main reason I'm inquiring here is to see if vendors at Taylortown are that far in outer space with pricing, or whether they tend to stick close to reality.
  4. Also, @Chris Leach, I have developed an appreciation for Dixieland drama. It's like watching a train wreck, you just can't pull yours eye away. I have seen some hiliarious Jerry Springer-esque stuff. Message me with stories about those kids. I think they moved out, but I cannot get enough of ridiculous stories from that place .
  5. I was already leaning heavily towards Taylortown. From a business perspective, being open 5 days is glorious. Any specific information about the vendors there would be greatly appreciated, such as which ones have the best stuff, best prices, worst stuff, worst prices.....you catch my drift. I can accept credit cards, I have a facebook page where I take pictures of most of the stuff coming in, I email people when requests come in, I have a friend running a similar business at Dixieland so we'll constantly be trading with each other to get the exact right stock, so in general, I feel like I am doing this the right way. I don't have thousands of games to start back up with, and I know some people at Taylortown have a lot. I just don't really know about the quality.
  6. Apologies to the moderators if I'm in the wrong spot. Kind of a weird post to make in general... I've worked flea markets in the Detroit area for years, most recently at Dixieland in Waterford, selling stuff like video games, magic cards, dvd's, and so on. I recently moved to New Orleans, and in a few week I'll be back in the Detroit area for good. I'm looking to setup downriver, most likely at Taylortown Trade Center, Gibraltar Taylor, or the Weekend Pickers place in Lincoln Park. I've mainly posted on Digital Press in the past, but those members have been amazing to me, so in general, I'll reply to this later with a heads up of where I'm at. However, at the moment, I'm just looking for reviews of these buildings in general. I want to hear about what kind of vendors these buildings have, what kind of selection they have, prices, and so on. I would love to hear stories about how "this vendor always prices too low" or "this vendor always prices too high". Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have a very small window of time between when I arrive in MI, and when I'll actually be setting up shop and opening at one of these places. Please pm me with anything! *****Edit: I did end up opening at Taylortown this past weekend. If you walk in the main entrance, I am in the far right corner. Only a few hundred games at the moment, but lots of complete NES, SNES, and Gameboy stuff. Prices should be 10-30% lower than pricecharting.com. Also selling around 1000+ dvd's, 300k Magic: the Gathering cards, and I'm sure I'll be picking up tons more randomness soon. I'll be there this Friday-Sunday. Not much to see yet, but come say hi if you're local!
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