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  1. not all pawn shops are that bad. yeah, sure most are, but a friend of mine runs one. at at his shop, ps1 games are $5, ps2 games $15, nes $1, atari 2600/7800 $.50, dreamcast $13, and N64 $10. i know they are the exception. i just wanted you to know some aren't bad.
  2. i just picked up space shuttle at a goodwill for 99 cents. box, overlays, and all instructions, all mint too. i haven't played it yet, i've been reading the book, yes i read instructions. the question i have is, is the game any fun or just a waste of time.
  3. i've been really into both chip's challenge, and crystle mines lately. i am on like level 20 or so on each, and it came to me that i should be writing down the pass codes for future referance. i was wondering if anyone knows of a web site that has them? jawa
  4. the adapter that comes with the lynx is output of:9vdc 1amp and the center of the connector is +. so as long as yours is 9 volt outputyou should be ok. with the output of yours being only 300mA the worst thing that would happen is you could overheat the transformer in the adapter, but it would not hurt the lynx. jawa
  5. i finally found a heavy sixer. i never understood why it was called a heavy sixer untill i got ahold of one. the question i have is i brought it home, and plugged it in and the picture was awfull. i messed with cleaning the connectors, and then flipped the tv to channel 4, and wham! it worked great. are all the heavy sixers set to channel 4? thanks, jawa
  6. jawa

    Stuck on an Island

    i would take psx with syphon filter.
  7. i don't know the answer to your question, but what 7800 games are they?
  8. i like any of them with woodgrain
  9. jawa

    crazy MOM

    ok crazy MOM [ 06-16-2001: Message edited by: Alex ]
  10. it was not the backlight that did it, it is the intense drain the both lynx I and II have. anything that will drain 6 AA's in 2-4 hours can do that to any battery. you need to give the batteries a break after an hour. 90% of the batteries are fine, it's that 10% of them that it can happen to. i had an old game boy I do that, i was plying for like 2.5 hours, and "POP" it scared the hell out of me. i pulled out the batteries, and one was sizzling. but it happened only once,and it did not hurt the G.B. i've never had it happen in either of my lynxs. don't let that change your view of the lynxI i like it better, i have both of them, and i like the lynxI better, i think it looks cooler, it's about an inch longer, but thinner than the lynxII so to me it is more comfortable to hold. and the volume can but turned up higher too.
  11. what type of symtoms do you have? cause they are easy to fix/work on. people here can help you out. or you can goto atari7800.com a couple of the guys there fix them. jawa
  12. jawa

    best joysticks?

    i've converted all kinds of controls to atari. the best are nintendo joypads, or i have a "sega genesis arcade stick" that i converted to 7800, and covered with woodgrain, it rules, and it can sit in your lap while you play.
  13. id love to see many many games some of those are: space invaders ms.pac-man haunted house frogger missle command yars revenge activision ice hockey empire strikes back galaga or galaxian centipede enduro pole pos. robot tank copper command river raid sea quest
  14. jawa

    crazy MOM

    boy, you are a crazy MOM. who's mom are you anyway?
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