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  1. Thanks saint, but i've registered on both and never heard anything back.
  2. Just as an aside Albert/Saint are the units manufactured in the UK ? If so, could UK users buy from AA but they could be shipped direct in the UK ? This way you get the revenue without all the customs hassle.
  3. I too would love to get one, but it seems they can't be had in the UK. Which is a shame cos I live in the next county from retrohq ( which in the UK means < 30 miles ) 😔
  4. Hi, First up thanks for JagStudio, been going through the examples and seeing what differences and gotcha's i'd come across converting from BCX. Anyhoo, the gridsprite demo is awesome. I'd been mucking around with tile based maps for my manicminer but was having real problems with sprite position to tile and never got it quite right but this demo has put me right. I think i found a mistake in the .bas though, i think line 123 should be : sprite[2].y=(sprite_y)<<16 this then allows the sprite to move to sprite to the top row of the map. Once again thanks for all the effort.
  5. Well, a few moons ago i reduced my collection and cleared out all my Jag Stuff ( consoles, CD and games ) and got a good price at the time. Anyhoo, with the advent of JagStudio and coming across a skunkboard i found tucked away in a box of Sinclair Spectrum stuff I thought i might get me another jag ( plus i got an urge for tempest and wolfenstein tbh ) However i've noticed a few on the bay that are modded for 50/60hz ( some of which are fixed at 60hz ) is there a reason to avoid these ? other than speed is there any downside to having a unit fixed at 60hz here in the uk ? Also, I really dont remember buying this skunkboard, I think it's a Tursi original, but i've never used it and again would there be any issue using it with a 60hz fixed jag ? and how can i tell which version i have ? As always, your expertise is appreciated. cheers
  6. Ahh but the one thing about HMRC is once your on there radar they never forget and they have a very flexible interpretation on statute of limitations as laid down in law. As long as they bring the case within two years of finding out about an issue, and they may for example find out about a problem 50 years after it first occured, they can apply fines and taxes based on all transactions in the previous 50 years. I know of a local company who used a wrong tariff no. for imports ( only a digit wrong ) and got a hefty back dated bill ( a fair few zero's ) and a full audit to ascertain if it was a deliberate error or genuine mistake. Almost put them out of business. And yes you are right HMRC cannot enforce UK law in another country, but you'd be suprised on how revenue and customs in various countries get along and help each other out especially when tracking down large scale fraud.
  7. Lets be fair taxes have always been applied to imports, when the UK were in the EU the seller added taxes at their local rate, and those taxes were collected in their local jurisdiction and then reclaimed by your respective government. I'll also note that shipping as a gift has the potential to get you a hefty tax bill and either you or the seller a potential fine and criminal proceedings for lying to an official ( in writing no less ) - but this has always been the case. To be honest, it's not the tax that really bothers me, it's the extra handling and paperwork charges that really get my goat, because from what i can see, carriers are doing little that justifies ( in some cases ) hefty charges that they are applying which is then further bumping up the VAT cost to the end user, who unlike them is most likely not VAT registered and unable to recover that cost. I'd be interested in knowing what the tax is and how its applied to items imported in the US ? Do Federal, state and county get a slice or do they apply their own unless it 'slips through'
  8. Their is a good chance that later in the year the US & UK may do a trade deal, fingers crossed. Also the UK has applied to join the CPTPP, which is also something the US was going to join, but President Trump put the brakes on it, so maybe that may also change ( i also hear rumblings that China wanted to join ). I assume Albert that you could always get UK orders of the gamedrive shipped direct from here in the UK anyway ? and then also offer digital only versions to avoid all this in the short term.
  9. Has this not always been the case with goods from the US ? I don't remember the EU having a free trade agreement with US that made imports VAT exempt and I know for a fact that my company has always paid VAT and handling on imports from the US and that nothing has changed in that regard. Perhaps i'm missing something ? Is this more a case that HMRC and Customs have got a bee in their bonnet and are picking everything up now whereas before they turned a blind eye as most low value items were imported as 'gifts' or 'samples' - i know that's how my airgun compressor was sent from china to 'avoid' duties and VATand the seller was quite clear that if found out a hefty tax bill may turn up at a later date.
  10. I always liked it tbh. Once you mastered the crappy controls
  11. I'm no expert with RB+ but I can say this, if you want to code a game for the JAG then RB+ is the simplest, quickest way to get one made. Just because your coding in basic doesn't mean the final compilled code is slow either, it's just a way of making complicated things easier for the layman to understand. Sure your not going to make a real super optimised 3d masterpiece, but then who has the time anyway. But it sure is the simplest way to get going PERIOD - you can be up and coding in under ten minutes on windows. And if you spend some time going through the example projects and some of the pinned post's on this forum then you can knock up something simple and playable in under an hour. As has been shown by others already, the more you use it the more you find out and the more feature rich your games can become. The hardest part to making something professional imho is the artwork and audio, and for that you need someone with a different skillset to a coder. So download it and try it over the christmas period ( 12 days of codemas ), you'll be suprised by what you can turn out.
  12. Thanks tonma, i'll have a looki when i get home later. I have a feelling my loadclut statement is wrong.
  13. Anyone got a working example or a working rapinit.s using 8bpp images ? I have no problem using 4bpp but as soon as i create one in paint and save it as 8bpp I get a load of crap on the screen. I've tried changing the rapinit.s by hand and using OMF's excellent tool, but still cant get it working. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  14. I think i was sold on initial false promise cos I got my first jag new with Tempest 2K, AVP and Wolfenstein, at the time no other titles for the jag came close to matching the quality.
  15. Godzilla and co destroying japan, obviously.
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