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  1. Has anyone from the second batch of ordering got a shipping confirmation yet?
  2. Would anyone happen to know if silver Odyssey 2 joysticks will work on the console with the hardwired controllers with the red button if you open it up and plug it in? Or is there an adapter that is available that would make it work?
  3. Do you happen to get a dimmer for yours? The guy who makes them recommends it. Anyone happen to know an option that ships to Canada/USA for the AC Adapter required and a dimmer? "External 12V power supply with a 5.5 mm x 2.1mm connector, centre positive (not included)." This one is supposed to work, but I have no idea about these things and they don't ship to me. I know nothing of these things, unfortunately. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264443083194
  4. I have never heard of these UV overlays, they look fantastic. How much are they?
  5. Do I need the 32K expansion to enjoy gaming on it for the most part? I doubt the system has a "killer app", but will I be missing out on the better games not having the expansion? Are the factory joysticks good or is there a better option? Would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion on this system because I'm literally starting out with zero knowledge. I'm a total beginner with the TI-99/4A and aside from an old Vic 20 I had as a 5 year old (it busted), I don't really know/remember anything about classic computers. I plan to get the flash cart from The Brewing Academy and the system I purchased came with the voice synth module. I love old school games and have virtually every home cart/CD console ever made, so I know I'm gonna love it, but seeing as I am gonna get the flash cart anyways, I'm trying to avoid checking Youtube reviews/gameplay footage to be surprised when I load up my cart. I have bad luck with early 80s consoles functioning properly (75% of "tested" items I have bought from that era have arrived non functional, which is why I haven't dabbled into more computers), but I found this one in the wild with a return guarantee. I purchased the RCA cord and it looks and functions immaculately, so I've already developed a soft spot for the system, despite not even having tried out the one game it came with (Jawbreaker II), and a stack of about 15 manuals that were included in the original box with the console. Thanks in advance, would love to hear any useful tidbits about the system and what it has to offer.
  6. Thanks guys, I bought one from a guy in Canada and it is FANTASTIC. Wow! The system works like a charm and the picture is gorgeous.
  7. I just bought a TI-99/4A and know little about the system. Does anyone have a link to the cheapest, most convenient RF cable for it? The one I bought has no cable but looks to be in mint. I'm away from home and it is hard to find info on cables and whatnot on my phone vs. Laptop and would like to get a cable ordered ASAP. Is there an easy to find composite option? I can return it within a month but I bought it 2 hours from where I live so I gotta get my butt on it! Do these things generally work/hold up well? Thanks in advance! Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Where are you folks finding which number you are in the queue? I pre-ordered yesterday but I don't see a specific number.
  9. Does anyone here know anything about memory cards? I got the bright idea to load my PS Classic to the brim with a 400 gb microsd card only to learn that USB readers won't accept that large of size (or so the seller told me). Does anyone know if this is true? I guess I'll throw it in my phone if it won't work. It's currently coming in the mail, so I can't really do any tests myself yet and am curious.
  10. Where is everyone else getting them? I never find the right format and I've tried a dozen places. EDIT: Tried another and this one is an img file.
  11. Where are you guys finding bin/cue files to add to this system? I can only find ISO or EMCR (or something like that). Mine is coming in the mail today, got it dirt cheap!
  12. I managed to find one of these for only 39.99, but the Freeze 64 C64 Mini rom hacks link no longer works. Does anyone know where I can download that set now?
  13. Did you get it cut at Home Hardware?
  14. Yeah, I figured you'd think molestation was a joke. Nothing suprising, I no longer have anything left to say. Cheers.
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