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  1. Does anyone here know anything about memory cards? I got the bright idea to load my PS Classic to the brim with a 400 gb microsd card only to learn that USB readers won't accept that large of size (or so the seller told me). Does anyone know if this is true? I guess I'll throw it in my phone if it won't work. It's currently coming in the mail, so I can't really do any tests myself yet and am curious.
  2. Where is everyone else getting them? I never find the right format and I've tried a dozen places. EDIT: Tried another and this one is an img file.
  3. Where are you guys finding bin/cue files to add to this system? I can only find ISO or EMCR (or something like that). Mine is coming in the mail today, got it dirt cheap!
  4. I managed to find one of these for only 39.99, but the Freeze 64 C64 Mini rom hacks link no longer works. Does anyone know where I can download that set now?
  5. Did you get it cut at Home Hardware?
  6. Yeah, I figured you'd think molestation was a joke. Nothing suprising, I no longer have anything left to say. Cheers.
  7. I'm sorry you thought John Cena was a retard. Maybe now that I taught you he is one of the nicest humans on the planet and has nothing to do with your ridiculous agenda, YOU PLACED DOWN, you'll grow a brain.
  8. Yeah, keep going back when you were 8... the world has changed, How many PS4/Xbox One games have you beat in the last year? Do you actually know anything about modern gaming?
  9. I merely support the man you insulted as a punk who is in the Guinness World Record book for granting wishes to dying children and made the happiest moments in their lives before they breathed their last breaths worthwhile, John Cena, a man you shit on, is actually a humanitarian, but you chose to make fun of his profession and dismiss his world record. Just saying.
  10. John Cena has more make-a-wish contributions than anyone else in living history, stupid. Learn to read. It's actually fact. Guinness World Record. Doesn't matter what you play Nintendo... how about read? L-E-A-R-N http://nypost.com/2015/07/11/john-cena-is-the-worlds-biggest-make-a-wish-superstar/ Back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up, bitch
  11. I can assure you, John Cena doesn't give a fuck about that shit. He has granted more "Make a Wishes" in his life by almost double than your stupid ass plays Nintendo. Just "being real". Like Guiness World Record shit.
  12. John Cena wouldn't own a fucking Nintendo system, he is so intelligent he knows Mandarin. You think he gives a fuck? Give me a break. 20-40 great games is launch window to us who actually PLAY GAMES. This is why Nintendo fanboys are fools
  13. My concern precisely. I don't want a Kirby game drawing lines to keep him running on a touch screen, etc... I want games that can function in the home and abroad, which is already gonna be tough given the motion gimmicks they're insisting on including, too. And when this system is only gonna get 20-40 worthwhile games tops in its lifespan, it's a huge concern if 50% of them take the touch screen route and limit home console play. I have very little trust in Nintendo given its history the last 5 years. With support likely going to be at a standstill unless it explodes, I would hate if the system is 20% motion, 20% touch, 20% regular controls, 20% Pro controller, 5% other accessories, etc and becoming a system that is a jack of all trades, master of none and once again, no one in the public knows what in the blue hell it is like the Wii U. With enough titles to go around, that would be a godsend of a console, but we know with Nintendo that won't happen. So, I get worried when I have to wonder if the new Star Fox game is gonna be touch/motion/regular/etc. I mean, lest we forget, we're not even given a real d-pad on the actual Switch for a NSMB game. If you look at it from this perspective, there's a possibility this system won't get anything right. ----------- <“Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose,” Nintendo officials told Polygon> Sounded to me like the system would play every game on either screen you chose. As a home console predominant gamer, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to lose, say the latest Metroid game because some goof at Nintendo thinks controlling Samus with a stylus is a good idea for some reason. I understand the appeal of and absolutely love touch screen games, but I was supposing Nintendo was putting something in play, ala Project Scorpio Vs. original Xbox One, that the bases are always covered for all parties. I had a comfort level in that which has now dropped, sadly, much like many things about the Switch because of Nintendo not telling us anything. The old adage of it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. It's kind of like when I bought a Cabela's hunting game for Wii U... then get it home and it doesn't work with the Pro controller. It's frustrating enough just in that small instance, now magnify that by throwing more potential control schemes in the mix. I expected a standard, I guess that was too much to ask from Nintendo. But they wouldn't and still don't say shit, so a few days before launch I'm confused. The average idiot isn't forward thinking enough to see this, but he will when he buys a game that doesn't work the way he expected it to.
  14. You're all missing the point... but such is the life of the Nintendo fanboy.
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